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  1. Atachi

    Watch Part V

    The prices for in demand models still very strong and I don’t see AD with stocks. 😆 Hopefully HK and China stock allocation will come to us. Let us dream.
  2. Pilots do have base pay but a bulk of their salary comes from their allowance etc when they fly .
  3. The Audi using Helium gas for his air conditioner? 😁
  4. All because we do not want to "offend" the Pharma companies here. Those on long term med in the long run can save a lot just by crossing the border.
  5. Atachi

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Porsche 914 / VW-Porsche 914
  6. If it was. I really hope they considered the consequences of naming other countries.
  7. What CCS mentioned, even thou blunt but it does have its merits. Hoarding and rushing to buy groceries when DORSCON Orange happened were really not necessary. Really kia su and ugly. Caused a snowball effect, majority of the people who were calm started fearing of losing joined the fray. Made international headlines (not as concern of our image as CCS) but more of the social disorder side of things. He is a MP but, in the end, he is still human, from his speech one can really feel he/they are trying very hard to resolve this difficult time. But while trying to connect to people on the ground in a relax manner, should refrained calling people idiotic let alone any country. Yes, there is no denying we are handling the situation much better than many other countries. Social media and forums will always have negativity/haters (they will be angry no matter what the govt did). However, once we start comparing with other countries and even name them, the consequences will be far greater. Just put yourself in their shoes, will you like what you hear? You think China will sit by and do nothing? They may not "teach" us a lesson outright just need to do another Terrex on us etc. Final point. The one who secretly recorded and leaked this closed-door session is the greatest culprit of the whole saga. Despite the words used were harsh, it was a matter of trust and CCS let it all out. So, to the person who recorded the session... What's the point behind the recording?
  8. Anyone seen the videos of the infected dropping on the streets? Take the videos with a pinch of salt as no official reports yet. Hopefully there are no cover ups. People dropping on the streets Local News Zao Bao Happend at Semei
  9. Atachi

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    BMW Alpina B4 Bi-Turbo Coupe 3.0
  10. That is a huge diff in sales from PI between Merc and BMW. The logo of the 3 pointed star is still more prestigious in the buyers eyes? Also in 2019 Merc have a lot more newer popular models, A class hatch/ sedan, GLC, C class..
  11. Above the law. Don't bother
  12. Atachi


    I’ve been using their leather care products and can say non of those gives the new car leather smell. But they do what they are suppose to do, provide good conditioning and shine.
  13. This is really disheartening. We have one of the best education system in the world (based on rankings etc.) But we are told that our workforce does not have the skill sets for certain jobs and yet we rely on certain country up north in South Asia to fill these jobs, I do not see those certain countries’ education being touted as the best.