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  1. Drove pass around 9pm just now. Have no idea how the Mazda ended up in the wrong direction and so far up the road from the nearest junction. Initially thought it crashed through the center barrier but nope all intact. Most likely hit the cab first and continued all the way up to the bus stop hitting the double decker. (images SS from my car cam)
  2. Aston Martin DBX
  3. Atachi

    Unusual or rare cars

    Porsche 924 Carrera GT
  4. Yes. I’ve seen my fair share of such incidents at that junction (Near Bidadari estate). The traffic lights are just too close to one another. Cars trap in yellow box turning towards Braddell Rd, Vehicles beating red light like the video but from Upp Serangoon towards Nex direction.
  5. Not my photo received from WhatsApp. I believe that’s the “new” TP BMW 3er.
  6. Many motorists when turning out from this kind of road. Their focus is usually on the oncoming traffic to the right. Van driver should have check left/right before turning out and not turn while looking right. When crossing this kind of road it is safer to cross before the junction (right side of the van). Many non license holders don’t know the danger.
  7. Was here!
  8. Atachi

    2019 Mercedes Benz GLB (X247)

    Yeah. Someone mentioned Torque is > Hp in SG driving. There is only so much you can sprint before meeting the red light. With greater torque the “burst” of power and pull more shiok over here. 0-100 as provided by the manufacturers are a good gauge but take it with a grain of salt. The types of tyres, humidity, etc. Then there are some manufacturers that like to +/- secs off their 0-100 timings.
  9. Atachi

    Unusual or rare cars

    Mitsuoka Viewt
  10. Taycan will kenna Tekan.
  11. Atachi

    Unusual or rare cars

    Alphina D5 The real deal.
  12. Atachi

    Unusual or rare cars

    BMW 7 Series (E32) Brings back childhood memories.
  13. Hi Sp4wn. Read everything you typed. So sorry you had to go through all those troubles. I’m a Macan owner myself second batch 2014 and this year the new 2019 MY. I’m appalled by how this was handled. The Stuttgart I know would have changed the whole mirror no questions asked. The customer service I had with them is a total 180 of yours. Hope they will resolve this matter and get to the bottom of this.
  14. Atachi


    Unveiling at Paragon tomorrow 17 July, 7pm. Suntec is prob another event? Maybe current/prospective owners?