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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all. This is a question I've been asked by a couple of you who are concerned about your upcoming holiday trip - whether you should postpone your trip or not. I'm aware there's another thread regarding flight cancellations but I'll start this one here to share more about my FIRST Bali trip and in particular UBUD! This will include itineraries and tour operators! But I'll update slowly as I've just returned to work and have emails and work to clear. We'll talk about the Changi Airport situation first. - I had a 5am flight. Took a Grab to the airport with my friend. Driver wore a mask, but was coughing! He was really friendly to help with our luggage though. Wished him well when we alighted. - Inside Terminal 1 (flight was Jetstar), about 50% (my estimation could be wrong) of the people wearing masks, this is comparatively higher to the heartlands where it's about 30%-40% wearing masks? - Auto-dispense Sanitizers (sensor type) readily available at the auto check-in counters. Everything was normal except we exceeded our 15kg sole check in luggage by 5kg (it was 20kg). Spent the next 30 mins trying to unpack and repack to 15kg. What a bummer. - Immigration, thermal scans. Few people sitting behind the thermal scanners/monitors watching you as you make your way towards immigration. For me, it was also my first time using the iris and facial ID for immigration clearance on my new passport. Times like these, it's also much more hygienic than thumbprint scan. After we cleared immigration, it was pretty much normal. Normal in the sense you can feel the seriousness in the air (virus scare) but at the same time, everything is normal but you take extra precautions. You see more people masking up, you see people using hand sanitizers proactively etc. 4am shops closed, nothing much to do. For me personally, I masked up just before boarding the plane. Flight to Bali was about 70% filled. You see empty seats here and there. Air crew didn't wear masks. Tough job. Huge respect to them! On the plane I refrained from touching anything onboard the plane other than the seat belts and the window shades when it got too sunny. I would sanitize my hands after each time. Used to like to go through the inflight magazines as well to kill time, didn't do it this time. What surprised me was the number of Caucasians wearing masks. In Singapore, you see lots of ang mohs tourists not masking up but in the airport, a good percentage of them actually masked up. It may or may not be effective against the virus but I guess we're just doing it for peace of mind, even if it's just a false sense of security. Whatever floats your boat you get what I mean? We're also handed a declaration form regarding the COVID-19. This is required by the Indonesian immigration. Basically to state if you've been to China for the past 14 days. Landing in Bali Never expected the Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport to be this big and modern! Again, thermal scans just before immigration, and also you have to hand in the COVID-19 declaration form, and in return you're given a COVID-19 paper. I see it as declaring us as COVID-19 free? Lol. The way I see it, the checks being done felt the same as Changi Airport. I don't see Singapore as being more stringent or anything like that. Heard immigration officers asking another Singaporean if she's been to China. Apparently she was there for a holiday in December but left in January 22nd or something like that. He asked her things like why were you there, etc. Think he cleared her in the end. So yeah that's about the experience at Changi, onboard the plane and Bali airport. Medications I bought for the trip I have sinus every morning and also I catch a cold quite easily on a flight. Didn't wanna be mistaken for having COVID-19 symptoms so I bought medications. - Afrin Nasal Spray ( I use at least 2 hours before the flight) - Zyrtec-R (Take 2 hours before flight) - Panadol Sinus Max - Panadol Cough & Cold - Berocca - VapoDrops (Just in case my sinus acts up mid flight) - Panadols - Kool Fever Cooling Gel Sheets for adults - Mozzie coils - Insect repellent - Mozzie patch - Ru Yi You (my middle name is lao sai queen) So I went on this trip fully aware Bali could already have infections. We all know Zero is impossible. But at the same time, already booked so it's a bit wasted if cancel right? Besides you can catch the virus in Singapore too. It's just a number game and to do with probability. You can only try to practice good hygiene as much as possible and as much as we can remember. Gonna continue with the Bali itinerary later. Back to work! TOTAL MASKS USED FOR THIS ENTIRE 5 DAYS TRIP - 2! (One for plane to Bali, one for plane ride back to SG)
  2. Hi all. Need some suggestions for planning Bali with some friends. I've googled reviews, blogs, youtube and even scanned through edmw but nth better than asking for the recommendations of MCFers, it's easier to digest. I've narrowed down to Ubud or Seminyak. I'm on the fence regarding these two locations. Ubud Further from the airport around 1 hr 20 mins by car Closer to nature Mount Batur Sunrise Hike (1 day tour with hotel pickup) Monkey Forest Seems closer to Bali Swing for phototaking Seminyak Closer to the airport around 30 mins by car Seems like a more upmarket beach location but without being too over the top like Kuta Closer to restaurants, shops, bars (Potato Head) No hotel pickup for Mount Batur Hike? Ideally it'll be great if we could fit in these two locations. Maybe 2D in Ubud, 3D in Seminyak or the other way round. Anyone done that before? Feasible or too exhausting and time consuming? Activities we're planning to do other than the ones on top includes a cooking class, river rafting, some water sports, snorkeling, and maybe just people watch at the bars. Transportation wise, other than a taxi from the airport to our hotel, we're cool with either renting a car (but I've heard about the jam), renting motorcycles, or even just leaving all the driving to the taxi driver. Heard places like Ubud does not allow the usage of Grab? Also, those who did the Mount Batur hike, what's the difficulty level? 💀 Welcome all suggestions, recommendations. Thanks in advance!
  3. RadX

    Bali Thieves

    This one really wipeout everything.. kitchen sink too heavy , else kanna wipeout too https://www.facebook.com/2168142533464353/posts/2550101985268404?sfns=mo
  4. HI, For those travelling to Bali and have query on travel claim, please see below notice sent by AIG. P/S: The below is only for info only. May varies between insurers. Please check with your insurer for more info. Important note for travellers to Bali On 23 September 2017, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel advisory which indicated that with the increased possibility of the eruption of Mount Agung, Singaporeans should defer non-essential travel to the affected areas at this juncture. With the advisory in mind, we would like to inform travellers to Bali that disruptions arising out of any volcanic activity in Mount Agung, including but not limited to the airspace closures in Bali, may not be covered unless your travel insurance policy was issued or travel insurance arrangements confirmed on or before 22 September 2017. Travellers who purchased or confirmed travel insurance cover on or after 23 September 2017 may not be covered as the event would not be considered ‘unforeseeable’, as the disruptions have been widely reported in the media from this date. Hence, we would like to advise our travel insurance policyholders who purchased or confirmed their travel arrangements on or before 22 September to check their respective policies for the wording relating to eligibility, cover entitlement and the type of expenses that can be claimed. As always, we will assess any claims for cover for trip cancellation and additional expenses incurred based on the individual circumstances, as well the terms and conditions of the policy. Please see the below for scenario examples. Per Trip Plan Policies purchased on or before 22 September 2017 1. Insured wishes to file for travel cancellation – It will not be a payable event as volcano has not erupted and does not satisfy terms and conditions for claim under Travel Cancellation Benefit. 2. Insured decides to cancel the policy – We will arrange for full refund of premium. 3. Insured is travelling on 5 October but the volcano erupts on 4 October – Insured can file in for Travel Cancellation and we will assess claims according to Travel Guard terms and conditions. Per Trip Plan Policies purchased on or after 23 September 2017 1. Insured wishes to file for travel cancellation – It will not be a payable event as MFA has already released the travel advisory and the potential of volcanic eruption is a known event which is excluded from coverage. Any other claims that are relating to the volcano eruption is excluded from coverage as well. 2. Insured decides to cancel the policy – We will arrange for full refund of premium. 3. Insured is travelling on 5 October but the volcano erupts on 4 October – It will not be a payable event as highlighted in point 1. Annual Plan Policies 1. Insured wishes to file for travel cancellation – If travel arrangements were confirmed on or before 22 September 2017, it will be a payable event. The event is not covered if the travel ticket to Bali is purchased on or after 23 September.
  5. British? if she did that in msia, she probably get another 180 days free stay and 180 months in USA
  6. Please help to suggest what is a must go and eat. No HP stuff please as its a family trip.
  7. dcb

    Makan in Bali

    Lunch at Waroeng Wahaha after checked in. Dinner at Rumours. Lunch at Ibu Oka. Dinner at SOHO.
  8. Donut

    Bali handicrafts.

    Hi folks, I was told since I was young, about buying bali local handicrafts, as not to buy them because they do contain spirits and will create havoc in the home. And I always remember this advice. I never buy any bali handicraft, especially those 'idols and ancient figurine. Lately, one of my colleague shared her experience abt this. Its up to you whether want to believe or not. She bought a nice painting from bali, this painting shows the traditional balinese dancers and costumes. She was happy with the purchase as it was nicely painted. The day she brought it home, she hang it in her bedroom. On that night, she slept. Middle of night, she heard a voice calling her "wake up, wake up". She woke up blur, wondering what's the voice. She open her eyes, looking at the painting. She literally saw the balinese dancers stepping out from the painting and start to dance the balinese dance in front of her. She described it like a 3D effect, that she saw the dancers slowly stepping out from the painting and started to move their arms and heads dancing, and she literally heard the balinese music being played at same time. She was damm freaked out and in shock. Too shocked to scream and didn't dare to move. It went on for awhile. She closed her eyes and started praying (she's a catholic). The next morning, she took down painting and quickly wrap it up and throw in her store room. She didn't know what to do with it. She didn't dare to throw away. She asked around ppl about her experience and bali ppl explained that these artists who are painting or carving these handicrafts to sell, these artists sell their soul to the devil, so that these products can be sold easily. They need the money. So when they sold their souls, funny spirits will go into these products. Up to you to believe or not. I still wont buy any of these stuff...... heard enough of such experiences since young.
  9. I will be on holiday in Bali, staying at Nikko Bali Resort & Spa Any interesting things to do there? Any place for photography? Can be street photography or landscape Any cheap massage? Any cheap shopping?
  10. 3 Deluxe Pool Terrace room from 30 July to 2 August 2011 - each room @ $100 per night Resort totally sold out by now. This is a new resort built in 2011. Only 4 km from city center and 30min from the airport. I booked each rooms a few weeks ago at S$188/night but I would like to change my holiday destination now. Interested please call/sms me at 9 111 0790
  11. Ehonda

    Suggestion for Bali

    Happy new year to all. Have already bought our (2 couple) air ticket to Bali (6 days) at May quite some time back and we have yet to come out our itinerary. Any suggestion where should we stay and what are the things we should do ( like white water rafting?) and any places we should visit? We intend to stay 3 days at near the seaside and another 3 days near to the nature, like ricefields or some way up in the mountain .. All suggestion are welcome. Thanks.
  12. Soya

    Bali - which hotel?

    Looking for a nice 5-star hotel at either Nusa Dua or Sanur area for a short getaway wif the family. Any recommendations or advise appreciated. Kum sia.
  13. Robo

    Myth of Bali

    Anyone heard or believes the myth of Bali. it was said that unmarried couples breaks up within 6mths after visiting Bali. http://roadtickle.com/10-urban-legends-staring-couples/
  14. Rexxxer


    Hi Guys Need your help to check if any one got good recommendation for resort stay or villa in Bali. I am going in mid nov. Not sure if you guys been there and have any accessible and nice place to stay in. Pls send me the link if possible. Thanks for help!
  15. Mockngbrd

    BMW Eco Drive 2010 in Bali

    Crosspost from BMW-SG and my own blogsite Following up on my drive of the X1 on local roads, we now head off to a nearby island called Bali for a special ECO Drive event focusing on the
  16. Ehonda

    Recommend driver in Bali

    Hi, Will be going Bali next month, anyone have any driver + tour guild to recommend? Also let me know the price you pay for and also most important, contact number or email if there is any? thanks in advance ..
  17. Jiannshan

    Phuket or Bali?

    Dear Bros and sisters, was thinking of planning a short trip and tot of these 2 destinations coz i haven been there b4. can anyone advice which place to go? wat are the decent n cheap hotels i can stay in? dun ask me go both coz i no time.. hahaaha! sorry for asking this question here coz this is the only forum i go to...
  18. Rexxxer

    Whr to stay in Bali

    Hi all, Any guys here can advice hotels stay in Bali, whr to visit? I trying to book but do not know if package or booking airticket is worthy?
  19. Accident just outside villa bali (direction from hort park towards PSA building), car unrecognizable. Road works (direction from PSA building towards hort park). Everyone is slowly down to see... careful if you are travelling there.
  20. Hi, anyone fly with LionAir from Singapore to Bali before? I am looking into the following 1) safety 2) reliable 3) flight punctuality Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  21. Ccjna

    Bali or Phuket Trip?

    Anybody been to Bali or Phuket recently? Can recommend which place is better? Intend to go for a 4D3N wif my frens during Dec 07. Pls advise on the hotel or resort to stay as well.
  22. Thug

    Bali...any lobang?

    I'm planning a short trip to Bali with my . Any bro got any lobang? I'm looking at villa for 3-5 days stay... Really need to relax abit... Thanks in Advance
  23. Oriki

    Bali Trip

    Hi all... I'm gg to bali next mth with my family. I had already went to malsingmaps and got a bali routable maps. but it dun seem to be updated. I can't find the Villa that I'm interested to book. Any1 got any updated Bali Map? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi, going there from this fri to sun...been to Bali before. This trip is more of just go there and LUA...staying at hard rock.. Any suggestions?