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  1. my optra 1.6A is 1.5 years old. I have this problem as mentioned above. any one experiencing the same. Tq
  2. Hi all, What to do when infected with Shingles? Saw doc today and diagnosed as herpes zoster; aka Shingles. i did a search on it on MCF and came out this thread http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...amp;hl=shingles Any more advices? What not to eat or drink? Can bathe? Doc gave a cream called Dravyr Cream Shingles is at ear area, the outer folds of the ear. Doc say if the infection goes to the eyes, can get blind..... geez... Should see TCM? or just use the Dravyr Cream? Doc never give MC.... how come no MC? i been wondering, and i forgot to ask for MC. Isn't Shingles infectious?
  3. When I accelerate my Lancer up to and beyond 80km/h, the "womming" noise can be heard from the front & seem to be from the engine compartment. When the speed reach 100km/h & beyond, the noise get louder. Can anyone enlighten me on what could be the problem with my car. Thanks
  4. I just sent my car for it's 10K servicing a few days ago. Today I just notice that when ever I applied my brakes, there's a very high pitched screeching sound that seem to come from my rear right brakes. This happens when I'm only gently applying the brakes. Is this goning to be a costly problem? I'm thinking maybe my brake pads are worned down (how come so fast? It's still a relatively new car How much might it cost to replace the brake pads if they are worn down?
  5. If I release my brake slowly and stop again esp at traffic lights, I can hear this creaking metallic sound coming from my rear, as if some hinges is not well oil. The brake is working well just the noise is annoying for a car that is quite new on the road. There is no noise if I release brake fully, it comes only if I didnt fuly release the brake pedal like in stop start situation. Any idea or similar exp anyone?
  6. Theres a 'Gong-gong' sound when pressing my brakes. back and font... I noticed a few days ago only... Hmm my car is quite new 6 mths and 10k only?(all stock) wat do you think is wrong?
  7. Hi All, Just need to check if the following scenario is normal (coz i never encounter this for my past 2 cars): After turning off the engine of my car, I walked out and hear a fan running.....then i opened my bonnet and the fan seems be from the radiator (the bigger one, if i m not wrong...coz carpark quite dark)! I tried to turn on the engine again n turn it off......but the fan is still running. I only managed to stop it after stepping on the accelator a few times. Is this normal?? or is there something wrong with my A5??
  8. This incident happened yesterday at Hougang St 61. One brainless Ah Lian crossing the road too engrossed talking to handphone when crossing the road without checking for oncoming vehicle. I hope that I have made her wake up her stupid idea and she has learnt the greatest lesson of her life! Enjoy the show and Pleaseeeeee do not use handphone when crossing the road.
  9. Hi all, I have a good laugh yesterday (Saturday) at Tesco TC! . My rear passenger seat glass was smashed in the late afternoon at the open car park near one of the entrance to Tesco. So are two other cars near me. My alarm was activated but by the time I reached my car, the glass was smashe. Nothing was stolen, GPS, Portable DVD player and things that are removable still incontact except a bag containing water bottles. Called up a friend in JB, immediately bring me to this shop: DR. CERMIN SDN. BHD. Lot 1084, Batu 9 1/2, Jalan Skudai, 81300, Johor. Tel: 07-5546257 H/p: 016-7661990 They're a specialist in all type of car windscreen and also ISO certified. Reached there at around 7:45pm and the job was done swee swee in an hour. The foreman was an ex-SIA Airplane Mechanic. Paid around RM300. So, in case you need to get your windscreen replaced quickly in JB during a weekend, give them a call. By the way, must say 1st that I have nothing to do with the shop. The foreman told me there is an obvious increase in such theft case lately, Thanks to the economic downturn. He also told me one of the shopping centre was reported to have 15 cars' windscreens smashed at one go recently. From this experience, I only have myself to be blamed for exposing my portable items. Must be getting complacent . Anyway, no more open car park for me in JB shopping centre liao. Will still go Tesco but look for a better parking lot. Good luck to all . Happy JB shopping . Regards,
  10. Recently I noticed that my car vibrate when the Air-Con Cut In. Any suggestion to eradicate this symptom?
  11. Wonder why no one brought in the ladas THey may be dated, but solidly built cars with simple engines, may have been a good proposition for a cheap opc with minimal maintenance IMHO still better than the china cars The Lada Nivas were well commended for its robustness and off road ability - able to withstand punishment I also find that the ladas have a some what muscular appeal to their design - poor man's range rover defender perhaps Also remembered a friend having a lada samara, the gears required brute force to shift but the engine note , and the way the car moves - feels like a chunk of brute force being propelled against the road, quite a nice feeling
  12. Traffic rule : when at the 2 lane roundabout, who has the right of way? the car in the inner lane or outer lane? what if a car in the inner lane was turning left,trying to exit the 2 lane roundabout, and hit a car who is traveling straight in the outer lane, which car is at fault?
  13. AS CNY is coming, AVA issue warning of buying Bak Kwa from MY. Nipah virus outbreak in MY was almost 10 years ago. if consumption of pork from MY is not safe, then many in MY would have been infected.I'm wondering why and when the ban will be lifted. IMO I think the garmen is trying to help local bak kwa vendor to make huge profit. (Price can increase daily as CNY come nearer, can go up to more than $40 per kg) in return they can collect more taxes from them. In time of inflation, the garmen should help to keep prices down and not help them profitering .Would like to hear from bros/sis your comment.
  14. Hi guys, need some advise on this issue: Last week i went back to TTS for my 10K servicing. After few days of driving, i then realised that i can feel the whole steering vibrating (juttering) when i apply my foot on the brakes while slowing down and stopping. Is this abnormal? Before servicing i didn't have this issue. what could have they done to my car?
  15. Hi, Recently, I notice I have this problem. Initially thought the sound is caused by tires in MCP, or from other vehicles... Everytime I started up my car from cold engine and starts to move off, I noticed there is sound : eeee sound when I apply or release brake pedal. But the funny part is that this happens when engine cold(morning) in the first two minutes after moving off...after which no sound liao Does anyone have any similar encounter b4? Any advise...should i bring to TCm for a check?
  16. Dear bros and lao jiaos, have having a problem that is driving me nuts. Basically, i am experiencing this knocking sound when i start my engine whe it is cold especially in the morning. I have went back to the mechanic and they have tightened the belt and lubricated the pulleys but problem persist and i think it is getting worst in terms of duration of the noise. It does goes away when the engine warms up but it comes back again once engine cools done. I have attached a short video clip which i have taken as it is hard for me to describe the sound. Help pls!! p/s: the attached clip is in 3gp format. For those who do not have a player, it can be downloaded here http://www.download.com/3GP-Player-2006/30...4-10613952.html knocking.3GP
  17. Hi VAG experts, Recently I have to drive up to Malaysia quite regularly, thus I have bought another car, a 2nd hand 2006 Passat 2.0 FSI for this purposes. In the D mode, while I have revving up the gears, I always feel a hard jerk (machiam gears throwing) for the following gears change i.e. 2 to 3 and 5 to 6. This also happens when I am engaging the R gear. However, when I used the S mode or manual shift to drive, there are none of such incidences. Any advice? Thanks, F_S
  18. My poor car cross about 50 speed humps a day, excluding speed regulating strips. This type of usage, how long can the shock absorbers last? Can last 10 years? I tried bouncing the car, but the suspension is too firm, I can hardly move it. My wife ill treat the car by crossing the humps at up to 60 km/h.
  19. Hi all, May I checked with those who have experienced this before? When my car go over a hump, there is a "clog" sound coming from the front. The car is about 3 yr old and only started this a few months back. I checked the suspension by pressing it down and let go, it is not bouncing.
  20. Hi bros/sis, Was thinking of shifting to a place within a km of a Pri Sch but all around are condos/bungalows and only a few HDB blocks. Spotted some 99-yr lease condo estates of less than 20 yrs but not sure whether they are still worth investing in. Hope to receive advice on when is a 99-yr lease condo considered 'too old' to invest in. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi everyone as above i believe many of us had heard its better to pump cold petrol early morning as petrol is more dense than when its hot....very logical right? But recently i started to pump petrol myself and i touch the metal part of the hose which connect to the nozzle and i can feel that its warm! i tried at another station and b4 i start pumping the metal part is cold and during pumping i again can feel the metal part is warm again So i suspect that petrol stations got some sort of equiment to warm the petrol and that in turn let them be more profitable by selling warm and less dense petrol to us What do u guys think? Maybe u guys can try pumping urself the next time and feel for urself?
  22. have been getting this irritating blank pop-up box when i click on any of the folder in the win explorer, anyone knows what is the problem. have tried virus scan and found nothing.
  23. Does anyone know when will receive the summon for bus lane offence/ Tio 2 weeks again at paya lebar , so far no LTA letter means i safe izzit? Any websit to check 7 confirm?
  24. A Lemon Car is defined as one with numerous defects/ technical problems since the first day of collecting it or one where you have to send in numerous times for repairs, either for the same problem or all different in a short span of time. So what do you do when you get a 'lemon'? Very limited unless you have lots and lots of $$$$. In Singapore, there are no laws to protect new car buyers from a lemon (like in the USA). If you want a replacement, you have to get your own lawyer to sue ($$$$$) or go to CASE for mediation (doesn't always work). The dealers/ manufacturer are at their liberty to give you whatever standard of quality car they have, and if you are unfortunate enough, you get a problematic car. In the US, if you get a lemon and it's proven that you have a lemon, you get a replacement car under the State law. It doesn't make any sense not to have this law here, as cars in Singapore are the most expensive in the world!!! So why is the government not helping? Well, you figure it out..."bad for business"? etc.....One of the answers. Isn't it time, we car buyers start to push for this law implementation? I've written to NMP Sin Boon Ann (no reply yet) and bring this up to CASE as well (they are trying too), but maybe we all should work together to achieve this! What are you thoughts/ comments?