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Found 10 results

  1. Has anyone experience hard shifting esp 1 - 2 when the transmission is cold during the morning. When it warm up, it then shift smoothly. It is normal?
  2. Hi VAG experts, Recently I have to drive up to Malaysia quite regularly, thus I have bought another car, a 2nd hand 2006 Passat 2.0 FSI for this purposes. In the D mode, while I have revving up the gears, I always feel a hard jerk (machiam gears throwing) for the following gears change i.e. 2 to 3 and 5 to 6. This also happens when I am engaging the R gear. However, when I used the S mode or manual shift to drive, there are none of such incidences. Any advice? Thanks, F_S
  3. Agentwilson

    Difficult to shift gears

    Hi Bros, got a qn to ask with regards to AT gear shifting. recently i find it difficult to shift gears during moving off from P. I press brake, then shift from P to D. sometimes it feels abit hard to shift to D. Dunwan to forcefully push to D. So i usually let go brake again, then press brake again, shift to D. Sometimes ok, sometimes not. Sometimes gotta repeat few times. Is it a pre-cursor to a serious problem? Or izzit some minor taiji? Thanks bros for any advice!
  4. Hi guys, Im been trying to search for a clan to join for Gears of war 2 in singapore. There doesn't seems to have much info in the internet with regards to singapore based clans. Primary i'm playing the horde mode in the public LIVE enviroment, but i only managed to reach 40 waves max. All it takes is one little mistake and i have to start all over again, so its very frustrating. I don't think im a very skilled player, in terms of killing rate, but im good in sniping and setting up defense. I played about 3 months now quite frequently, so i do have some experience. So if anyone is interested to join me in finishing 50 waves, or you already have a clan which i can join, please indicate your gamertag here. My gamertag is ITARC. regards, itarc
  5. Hi, I'm driving an auto Honda Civic (ES5). Is it ok to drop my gear to D3 from D often? For example, when I'm on a highway and filtering to exit, I'll not step on my brake but shift to D3 from D to let the engine brake kicks in. I usuall shift to D3 from D at round 70 - 85km/h. I understand that if we shift to D3, the gear will not go beyond 3rd gear. Same thing for 2 and 1; that is shift to 2 and 1, then the gear will stay at 2 and 1 respectively. At MSCP, I'll usually shift to gear 2 for going up and down some steep slopes. Any idea if this driving behavior is bad for my auto transmission? I know some will suggest just use brake, and let the gear system decide the best gear to use. But I feel that sometimes it's not safe to step on the brake, especially when you are negoitating a steep bend or when the road is wet. Any informative comments would be very much appreciated. Thanks and regards.
  6. Hi all, I've a question re: the standard method (ie. tp test standard) in parking/ moving off for auto cars. I'm asking on behalf of my wify who's taking her class 3A. What is the sequence required?? I'd think it shd be as follows, since i find it the safer method. Parking: Handbrake up --> put to P Moving off: Put to D --> Handbrake down But some instructors hv it as the other way round? Wud appreciate yr expert advice...
  7. Guys, just wondering, is there a pump in the auto transmission that pumps the ATF oil to the gears when you start your engine? Where does this oil go when the car is off? Like in the engine, there is one so that your engine is well lubricated from the start. And when the car is off, the oil goes to a sump. What about ATF oil?
  8. Hi guys, I have this problem in the morning whereby it's very hard for me to engage 2nd gear. I just changed my clutch about 2 months back. After the car warms up, the problem seems to disappear or alleviated. And at times I can here 'grek grek' sound while engaging 2nd gear which I assume to be the gears clashing. It's also very hard for me to downshift to 1st gear even though I'm travelling at super slow speed, say less than 10km/h. Practically have to be at a standstill before I can engage the first gear. I'm driving a B13 and the COE is expiring next year. Getting a new car next year and just want to make sure that the car can last me till then. (My mum wants to be sure that I can drive responsibly before getting me a new car, kekekeke me still schooling so bo lui) So can the car gurus out there help me make a diagnostic and the cost to rectify the problem. Thanks a million
  9. Pauly75ts

    4. Using the gears......

    Anticipate the road and the conditions; be in the right gear at the right time for good response. When stuck behind a slower vehicle be in the right ratio to overtake quickly - not necessarily your lowest available gear; you don't want to be caught having to shift cogs while passing. Don't hold on to low gears too long; you might sound as though you're going fast by always being on the redline but changing up can make the car better balanced on a twisty road and you'll often find you are going through bends quicker too. Avoid slowing the car on the gears (it unsettles the driven wheels);use the brakes - that's what they're for. Rgds Paul Yong