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  1. Need some advice on transfer of car ownership: Suppose i want to buy a second hand car (relatively new car, abt 1 or 2 years) directly from a owner, i know that we can make a trip to LTA to do the transfer, which is relatively easy. However, if the owner borrowed a car loan from a bank, how do i ensure that the car will not be towed away by the bank should the owner failed to pay the car loan. How does it work? I saw a few such cases in the newspaper before, and it is really a nightmare to find your newly bought car towed away.
  2. Past 6 months, most time I was working in oversea, so my car half year mileage only 1000km, but half year interval time servicing come, can I skip this servicing and wait another half year? Thanks a lot
  3. My place here just recently changed to automated parking system... previously car owners will paste the season parking on their car... so with this new automated parking system how to tell if you are season parking holder? Thru the IU?
  4. If my coe expire on 30th april, can I wait the 2nd April coe bidding to finish and use this latest pqp?
  5. Any bro and Sis familiar with procedures in polyclinic? How to see a doctor there? etc? I see from the time slots, seems that saturday for appointments only.... wah, Singaporean cannot get sick on weekends?
  6. Starting a thread for noob questions you always wanted to ask, but didn't dare to or didn't know how to. Let me start the ball rolling. Why does property appreciate? Does it not experience wear and tear like any other material possession? Is it because of demand vs supply and inflation?
  7. From Yahoo Sg: Jim bought some chocolates and gave half of it to Ken. Ken bought some sweets and gave half of it to Jim. Jim ate 12 sweets and Ken ate 18 chocolates. The ratio of Jim's sweets to chocolates became 1:7 and the ratio of Ken's sweets to chocolates became 1:4. How many sweets did Ken buy?" Ans: 68. Any kind souls to show me the steps to get the answer. I tried but failed. Haiz... really worry for my son next time.
  8. Hi everyone, I will be getting a used car from a dealer. What are the charge to get a brand new of vehicle registration number without going for bidding number. Planning to get a Honda Stream RSZ to extend for another 10 years of COE. Thank you
  9. Hi All I've got an insurance question to ask. My kid was hospitalised due to illness. Wife and I both working and both have hospitalisation coverage for family members provided by respective companies' insurance providers. Can we both make claims from our respective companies' insurers for the bill? eg I claim from my company's insurer and say there's still a shortfall, wife then claims from her company's insurer to make up the shortfall. This should be possible, right? Thanks
  10. ask for fun only, i saw 1 just now, with 2 bodyguard how many rolls royce in singapore? why so rare?
  11. 1. Does pps just make washing easier or it offer significant advantages? 2. Can frequent manual waxing achieve the same result as pps? 3. I understand frm one detailer, dust n dirt can penetrate wax and might damage the paint but not pps. 4. I understand frm one detailer waxing might damage clear coating whereas pps protect it. 5. I understand from my thread here ppl claim pps protect against fine scratches and swirl mark 6. The avg price of high end pps reach 800 to 1k. Is service available for remove and respray of clear coat.? If yes, what's the avg price. If similar, won't respray be
  12. E87 120d no spare wheel, question Hi Bought 120d as a daily, currently on winters but worried about no spare. I have seen e87 space savers advertised but looking in the boot - where the he'll do they go? Any help most welcome.
  13. off topic here bt anyone here online shop often from usa? looking to buy from amazon n other brands any suggestions on whats good, service, costs? i hear many using vpost or ezbuy to ship? thanks guys!!!
  14. I'm thinking of getting an MX5 next year but I don't know if it suits me. I'm 1.78m tall and pretty big cos I gym alot (into bodybuilding). Question --> Not compatible for my size? Will I look gay in it? James Lye drives one and he looks ok. He's pretty well built as well. Give me your honest opinion. Thanks.
  15. I am kind of curious since there are parents around here. What would you do if you find you child have a specific interest in something at a VERY EARLY age? Example, my 3 year kid is very into letters and numbers at a very early age but is super crappy at physical stuff like playing with balls, etc. If I concentrate on his strengths, I believe he might be someone special in terms of numerical and reading, ie way ahead of his age. However, I am not sure if that is the right path for him. Or should we concentrate on his weakness so he is more well rounded and "average".... ? The
  16. Just a quick check-in with your guys. I went to one of the shops listed on this thread today. The guy quoted me $80 to change my key to a flip key type. He said no need to cut new key, he can transfer the old key over. IS This possible ? Also, he said I needed to bring all my car keys (total I have 2 keys) and re-program all the keys at the same time. Does this make any sense ?
  17. After all our contributions and govt matching, can we get it back all in CASH after the child turns 12? not much info on this on the website leh
  18. @chryst you can own this thread! Open for you alrd! @tianmo @kdash @theoldjaffa come! haha.
  19. sorry if i post in the wrong folder. my stock rim offset is +41. the rim i am eyeing is +30. what is the consequences if i go for this rim? what can i do to overcome the potential problems? thanks.
  20. Hi people, just wanna ask a quick question. Do travel agencies help customers apply for the VISA only? Meaning we do not buy the tickets nor accommodation through them. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hey guys, I've been dying to know if the Nissan Qashqai comes with Satellite Nav or Reverse Camera (Like the murano) for the higher end model. Because 90K over, I think shld have the panoramic sunroof, better screen for the radio and stuffs, and controls on steering wheel. These are the last min questions before I head down to TC to book my qashqai. Please help! Thanks.
  22. Hi, Had a conflicting opinion with one of my friends and i hope someone with similar experience can clarify. This is the situation. *The round about is only 1 lane. not 2 or 3 lanes.* Car A is at the small road entering the round about. Car B is at the round about but at a distance away. Car A entered the round about (entire car in the lane) when Car B is approaching. Car B then cut in from the right to overtake Car A causing Car A to bang/"bua" the side door towards the rear bumper of Car B. Whose fault is it? IMO, it's car B. or 50-50. But a friend of mine insisted it's car A and th
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