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Found 75 results

  1. Hey guys, i'm contemplating whether to renew one of my company's BMW 523i F10 Highline. Below are some of the mods/upgrade i'm intending to do if i eventually get the car. Assuming the car is in 100% stock condition, i'd like some advice on the dos & don't from fellow tiong chia hia dis. 19" M sports Rims (What is the best tyre profile?) Shock Absorbers/Suspensions LCI Headlights ( The squarish headlights instead of the stock round ones.) Keyless Entry + Electronic Push Button (Not sure whether it comes with it?) M Sports Steering Wheel Chip tuning (Increase Torque/Bhp. Understand from some friends need to change Air Intake or something like that.) Quad Exhaust (LTA Friendly?) Interior change to Maroon (Any Idea where can find for this 10 Year Old Bimmer) Brembo Brake Kit (No idea what is 4 pot or 6 pot and which is sufficient) Key FOB (Any idea if can use the latest gen G Series Keys to Sync on an F10 Key?) Upgrade on display I'm also intending to do my own servicing + changing of filters. Need some advice on the type of EO and Filters for better performance.
  2. Has anyone tried renewing hdb season parking today? I keep getting errors. Don't think it's due to my cc - tried with 3 different cc also cannot go through, plus the error msg says sth like "contact merchant" Don't think i can just go down to a hdb office to renew rite? the website only mention online renewal method...
  3. Hi , My current ride CODE is ending on 30 September 2021 ( Registered 1 Oct 2011) . According to Certificate of Entitlement (COE) Renewal | Owning | OneMotoring (lta.gov.sg) I will loose the entire September month COE , since the renew start date will be on 1st September . Thanks .
  4. just received a renewal notice from ICA for my son's passport. question : is there any difference if i renew now (before expiry), or apply new when this pandemic is over ? i don't think we will be seeing the light at then end of the tunnel so soon also.
  5. As we know more people are renewing COE. My point is not about more people are renewing COE because COE are cheaper or it makes better sense to renew COE. My comparison is more than 10 years ago, we dont see that amount of COE revalidations. So why ? My own assumptions are as follows: 1. Price gap of new car price and renewing COE too big. 2. New car price has VES, 15 years ago there was no VES. 3. Parf is 50% of ARF now, last time was 55%, making it more expensive to write off PARF. 4. Higher dealer margin. For example, dealers make about $20k per car from a B to B car like altis, premium car even more. I dont see the same margin years ago. 5. income did not catch up with inflation , relatively, people becomes poorer against new car price ? So when all adds up, higher new car price against cheaper PARF making renewing COE an attractive option? Please share your thoughts. Once we have the answer, I will ask transport minister to plug the hole. Haha.
  6. MyCarMykar

    Loan for COE Renewal?

    Hi guys, just a quick question and discussion. Is it common to take up loan for COE renewal ? Well i understand that some may say words like "if you need to loan for COE renewal, you might be better off taking public transport" but well, just trying to find out here, afterall this is my father's car and he has retired and doesn't need the car anymore, thus everything is on me now. I googled for some financial institute that does loan for COE, cheapest i saw is 3.2% for 7 years repayment. Just wondering if you guys have other suggestions or recommendations. Feel free to comment bros. Sorry if this post is not suppose to be here, as you can see, newbie here
  7. If my coe expire on 30th april, can I wait the 2nd April coe bidding to finish and use this latest pqp?
  8. Hi gurus. Long story short. Early Dec: Offered renewal quote by insurance Mid Dec : Branch hit front windscreen. Windscreen replaced with no excess because I purchase the plan with "no windscreen excess." End Dec: Renewed Insurance. Cover note issued. Road Tax renew. 3 Jan: CSO called and tell me they will invalidate my motor insurance as my premium have now increase due to the windscreen replacement. No mention of increase in premium until 3 Jan. So now I have 2 qns. 1) Can they invalidate my insurance at this point?! I have written in to LTA and GIA to seek further clarification. 2) Wouldn't it make consumers a fool since we are then paying twice for windscreen? I pay more to get a plan with "no windscreen excess". Now that I replace my windscreen I have to pay a higher premium because my wind screen was replace. Then isnt I paying twice? Then why don't we all just buy the cheapest policy since ultimately we are still the suckers???
  9. Hi all, FDW passport due to renew any one know the best way to renew by ownself? online application? Not going through agency as it costs more.
  10. hi, my car due in 3 mths time and I want to keep my spare cash for other usage at the moment instead of 1 short pay up for 5 yrs renewal called up maybank and they said the 5yr loan for >10yrs car is only for new hire purchase, not for 5yr coe renewal any bros knew which company/bank can provide 5 yr coe renewal loan and are reliable ? Cheers ^^
  11. Hi: I checked on LTa web site for possible COE renewal for car that's is registered 2006. Based on moving average of 3 months, It shows only $17.8k....too good to be true. Ya? Can anyone can share further on this?
  12. Hi, I am asking the questions on behalf of my dad and I am a total noob in this area. Appreciate if anyone can shed some advice. Thanks. My Dad's ride is a OPC Latio sedan (4AT) whom COE will be expiring in Oct 2016. He took the 10 years loan and his car parf value is about 4.9K. Due to my mom's medical condition that required the car, he is looking into renewing his COE for another 5 years. The current condition of his car is tip top, mileage is super low as well. Qns: - If he get a COE renewal loan, how much cash he has to down? I am assuming that under the new MAS ruling, he will not be able to loan full amount. I read elsewhere that finance company is able to loan up to 80% while banks is about 60%? - Also, the loan prepayment period is max at 3 years for 5 years COE renewal? - Is the road tax and insurance going to cost the same regardless if his car is OPC or non OPC after renewing his coe? I read that it is more worthwhile to convert back to normal plate before renewing coe. Or is it more worthwhile for him to trade in to Tan Chong Motors and get a new OPC Almera?
  13. What’s the best car model or brand for coe renewal?
  14. $42,564(Oct) $41,994 (Nov) After the first round or second round of bidding in Nov, will the pqp be adjusted immediately? Because I may have the intention to buy PQP on the last week on November so will it increase given that there's a high chance COE will increase in the next round?
  15. Would like to find out if anyone who had done renewal this year, did your premium increased compared to last year? By increase, I mean all other factors remain the same, ie NCD & OFD. If increased, please state by how much, and which company is it. Mine was increased from $860 to $1040, and cited increase across the board from AIG. An increase of 20% lei... Thought the companies are already making $$ liao.
  16. Hi, I have a question pertaining to renewal of COE for commercial vehicle and the lifespan expiry date of the vehicle. Scenario : The commercial van's COE is expriing in Mar 2017 (van registered in Nov 1998, COE was renewed once in Mar 2007 for 10 years). The lifespan expiry date is Nov 2018. If I renew the COE in Mar 2017 by 5 years with the lifespan expiring in Nov 2018, it will mean that I must deregister the vehicle by Nov 2018. Question: 1. Can I renew the COE given that the lifespan expiry date is in Nov 2018? 2. In this case, does LTA refund back the unused portion of the COE to me upon deregistration? 3. Is it worthwhile to do so? The condition of the van is very good and it is a waste to scrap in Mar 2017. Appreciate feedback from fellow members here. I understand can call LTA hotline to check, but it is always good to hear out different opinions. Thanks !
  17. Cld not get any search thru' the search engine. 1st time owning OPC. Can check if the steps mentioned below is correct? 1) Get quotations & Renew insurance abt 2-wks before expiry (does insurance need any proof that car is OPC??) 2) When letter from LTA to renew rd tax arrive (is it abt 2-3wks before expiry??), arrange to hv OPC seal inspected by Vicom first. 3) After inspect seal by vicom, take the letter of the passed inspection to LTA to renew rd tax (need insurance policy/cover note to proof insurance been purchased??) Sori abt the noobie question above... but 1st time, and normal car not so much effort needed... Thank you..
  18. Anyone can share how you assessed your car when u decided to do Coe renewal for 5 or 10 years? As in how u know if the car still can last that longer?
  19. just received letter from LTA, asked me to do vehicle inspection before renew road tax by Aug. I bought a 2nd car last year in October and the car was inspected at LTA. I learned that vehicle from 3-10 years old only needs to do inspection every two years. Does the inspection whcih I did when purchaing the 2nd car count for what LTA requires for road tax renewal? do I need to do it again this year?
  20. Hi all, anyone know which financing firm do provide financing for COE renewal ? What;s the interest rate like and installment tenure ? Thanks.
  21. Is there any auto financing for COE renewal? If I cannot afford to pay my COE renewal is full, can I take up a loan. Are there any companies that offer such a loan?
  22. Astro

    Car Insurance Renewal Issue

    The story goes .... Was involved in an accident on the NS Highway, lucky for me the other vehicle is a SG car and I managed to claim from the other party. As usaul claim OD and workshop will counter claim from the other insurance manged to do so. Current insurance company over the phone said "zero percent liability on my part". Now my current insurance is due for renewal, to my surprise the renewal notice highlighted 20% NCD only (my NCD was 50% before the accident), called up the company and was told "do not worry, your NCD is being reinstated to 50% and we will forward to you a new copy of proposal". Was thinking might as well get another quote from other insurance comapny. Two of the companies that I approached told me that my NCD was 20% and not 50% as their centralised system linking all insurance comapnies do reflect so. Called back and my current insurance caompny replied that they will take some time for the system to be updated and the lady answering my call could be sure when and whether the other insurance company is able to see the update. Need some advise from those with similar experience. Do I take up the insurance offer from current company at a slight premier i.e. not the cheapest in the market and enjoy the 50% when the new proposal arrives OR get another quote from another insurance comapny at 20% NCD (according to them is that the 30% will be refunded if the system is refelected as such at a later date) Any advise. Thanks.
  23. Where do you usually get your insurance quote? Mine is expiring Oct 2012. Looking to learn more on best practice to source for lowest quote. I know we can call in direct.....some also offer service to get quotation from mutiple insurance company at once. Care to share your insurance sourcing?
  24. Ok......i also wana start one dumb ass car related true story also. My collegue recently ask me what will her male friend kena ? Offense : Failure to renew road tax and insurance coverage on time. Late for a solid 2 months until LTA call him up directly to ask why!!! Until that moment he still happily driving like normal. Follow closely by a registered letter to attend a court hearing in 2 weeks time. First time i heard of this kind of thing. Anybody knowns what will be the out come ? Will be invited to Changi Holiday Chalet or not har ?
  25. Hi guys, anyone have any experiences on renewing insurance after total loss ? I've claimed a total loss from my own insurance at about 70k. I'm looking to buy another car now, but my concerns are whether any insurance co will take me ? My previous policy was done in this manner. A has no valid driving license, A is the owner. B is named driver. C (which is me) driving the vehicle at that point of time, which is claiming total loss. If buying another car, will insurance for all A, B, C be affected ? Can A still be the owner ? Or probably no insurance co will accept ? Anyone has any experiences or great info to share ? Please advise, thanks in advance!