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Found 16 results

  1. As we know more people are renewing COE. My point is not about more people are renewing COE because COE are cheaper or it makes better sense to renew COE. My comparison is more than 10 years ago, we dont see that amount of COE revalidations. So why ? My own assumptions are as follows: 1. Price gap of new car price and renewing COE too big. 2. New car price has VES, 15 years ago there was no VES. 3. Parf is 50% of ARF now, last time was 55%, making it more expensive to write off PARF. 4. Higher dealer margin. For example, dealers make about $20k per car from a B to B car like altis, premium car even more. I dont see the same margin years ago. 5. income did not catch up with inflation , relatively, people becomes poorer against new car price ? So when all adds up, higher new car price against cheaper PARF making renewing COE an attractive option? Please share your thoughts. Once we have the answer, I will ask transport minister to plug the hole. Haha.
  2. Hi guys, I drive a 2007 Honda stream RSZ. First owner from new. Current mileage at 435700km. Coe ending nov17. I have kept up with all servicing and major parts replacement at all major service milestones. So far had replaced all 4 suspension 3 times, alternator once, radiator once, air-conditioning compressor once, air conditioning internal cooling coil once, steering rack once, drive shaft 2 times, linkages replaced every 120k I'm, ATF changed with engine oil every 12k. Currently using the car to drive Uber/grab for the last 2 years liao. Thought of changing to carens diesel but find the 3rd row really very squeeze and dun like the drive....but must admit the diesel torque is really impressive. Had already send the car for a color change respray in feb17 and also rewrap the interior leathers... What are your thoughts?
  3. Dear all, Would like to seek your advice on renewing my insurance for my vehicle. I was involved in a rear collision along Adam Road on 6 Mar 2015. Black Mitsubishi Lancer rear-ended me at about 80kmh. More details on that accident here: Front Cam: http://youtu.be/WlwiJBCN4aw Back Cam: http://youtu.be/I_EmiGzmBAA Vehicle is under a year old and I am insured under AIG. Have 0% NCD as this is my first vehicle. I decided to claim my own insurance and get Borneo Motors to file the claims for me and speed the procedure up. I am aware of the options of claiming under 3rd Party etc. But I am not interested in Crocodile workshops as I know their practice of inflating claims. More importantly, my vehicle is still under warranty and BM has stopped bringing the vehicle in (don't wish to void my warranty just for some accident). My insurance is up for renewal in end May, and I'm sure the case will still be pending then. While it's clear the case is 100% in my favour, I believe there will be insurance loading on me, while the case is pending. I accept that as it's the norm. So, my question. Once the case is settled and ruled 100% in my favour, what can I do to revise the rate of my insurance? Or do I renew my insurance for a shorter duration (is that even possible), accepting that that's the way the companies work? Happy to also hear that I don't have much choice but to pay more for the duration of insurance coverage, until I am cleared of any responsibility. Truth be told, I thought I was lucky to walk away unscathed after looking at the videos. Any advice appreciated. :)
  4. Schmi

    Renewing my car's paintwork

    Dear Friends: My car's paintwork needs to be renewed. There are small dents, scratches and marks all over. Where would be a good place to get it done? Thanks a lot for your advice.
  5. Are there any changes pertaining to the renewal of COE after the new MAS ruling? Seems like COE is heading downhill and that renewing of COE might be relatively cheap.
  6. Hi, I am renewing my insurance very soon. however, i realise that my premium given from my agent like no diff compare to previously policy ... now have 10% more NCD but same amount ... my friend told me that some insurance offer $50 NTUC voucher once owner renew with them. but will that add to our Insurance premium ??? cos i know some insurancer does not reflect the premium amount ... please advise thanks
  7. Aaron_soh80

    Anyone renewing COE now?

    Anyone renewing your COE now or scrap den buy new car?
  8. Currently still renewing using NETS only or we can use credit card to earn points already?
  9. Hi guys! Supposed a car is already a COE renewed car. And the current renewed COE lasts till 2013. If I renew another 10 years from now, do I get the balance 2 years plus COE rebated to me? And then I pay the new COE? Is it offsetted? Or is it just wiped out and I just pay the new 10 years.
  10. Mcf1

    Need help on renewing lease

    Appreciate some kind soul here could advice me regarding renewing the lease? My current tenant's lease due soon and they intent to renew the lease, but they do not want to involve any agent, the problem is I checked back the clause and it stated that any renew of lease will have to pay another commission to the same agent again. what should I do now? Thanks
  11. Hi all, What do you look for when renewing a motor insurance? a) Company reputation (only insure with the big boys) b) Cost (don't care much about company name) c) Customer service (What service do you need except when making claim?) d) Ease of renewal, no form filling, no administrative hassles. (some of them, want you fill up FORMS) e) Promotion (such as through card company or staff discounts and etc) Please feedback. Thank you very much. Regards,
  12. My car insurance its expiring soon. Any1 can help? Thanks.
  13. Hi Everyone I'm looking to renew my car insurance and also for my colleague's car. Anyone has lobang on who to look for and what info is required for the quotation? Thanks alot!
  14. Hi ppl, NTUC just sent me the renewal notice for 950 with 10% NCD. Should i continue with it? The car is registered under my mum's name but i am the one driving it. I'm 24. Its a toyota. Can anyone recommend a good insurance company where the excess is not too high and the claims process is not as bad named such as NTUC? Thanks.
  15. hi guys, i'm due to renew my car insurance. got this lobang from sgcarmart.com, they state can pay in 0% interest free installments. i requested a quotation from them and this is what they offered: AXA - SmartDrive Premium Workshop Premium : $662 Excess: $ 500 *based on 50% NCD, 0% safe driving discount, 20% premium workshop discount & 5% GST. AXA premium workshops scheme: 1. 20% off premium discount 2. Reduction of Basis Own Damage excess for insured & Named drivers as follows: 50% NCD : NIL Excess 0 - 40% NCD : Excess halved 3. Loss of Personal Effects following Accidents and Robbery in Singapore ($3,000 limit) 4. At the event of accident, no IDAC assessments, as AXA is an independent Insurance Company 5. Event of accident, it's MUST to go back to AXA authorize workshop i'm not too sure about (2) and (4) . does (2) mean if there is any claims, i do not need to pay the $500 excess anymore? and for (4), what does it mean by no IDAC assessments? overall, is this a reasonable quote? i'm comparing w my current premium with liberty which offered me $679 premium with $500 excess. thanks!
  16. Wats the penalty like cos a frd of mine rd tax lapsed for 2 mths liao,insuarance still have.