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  1. Hi. Need advice from bros here. Intending to get a hiace for my work. However as need to fetch children, so I am thinking of getting a PC plate hiace, than maybe remove 2 or 3 rows of seat behind so than I can use the back to carry goods. Will this violate any ruling and will i get into trouble during the yearly inspection?
  2. Bad news for online shoppers.. http://www.straitstimes.com/business/economy/customers-might-have-to-pay-tax-on-goods-and-services-bought-online
  3. Hi guys, just a few sites for your reference with regards to fake ICE stuff.. this one is with reference to fake focals in our neighbours up north.. http://www.focal-fr.com/counterfeit.htm http://www.focal-fr.com/COUNTERFEITING/malaysia.htm
  4. Hi all, Make Singapore better place for EVERYTHING. Note for all bosses construction company: -please reduce your karaoke season, golf clubing to make your worker safety. no matter how, we all same human, regardless race, nationality, etc, right?
  5. Hi, I have a question pertaining to renewal of COE for commercial vehicle and the lifespan expiry date of the vehicle. Scenario : The commercial van's COE is expriing in Mar 2017 (van registered in Nov 1998, COE was renewed once in Mar 2007 for 10 years). The lifespan expiry date is Nov 2018. If I renew the COE in Mar 2017 by 5 years with the lifespan expiring in Nov 2018, it will mean that I must deregister the vehicle by Nov 2018. Question: 1. Can I renew the COE given that the lifespan expiry date is in Nov 2018? 2. In this case, does LTA refund back the unused portion of the COE to me upon deregistration? 3. Is it worthwhile to do so? The condition of the van is very good and it is a waste to scrap in Mar 2017. Appreciate feedback from fellow members here. I understand can call LTA hotline to check, but it is always good to hear out different opinions. Thanks !
  6. may i know is there a height limit of the goods for a 10FT lorry? iam looking to buy a open top lorry but the height of my goods is about 1.7m in pallet form but will not exceed the weight limit. is height a concern or only weight or both? thanks.
  7. Since the speed limit for goods vehicles had been revised to 70kmh, lane 2 became their "default" lane. Many had been using it like their Right of Lane. Driving at 70 or 80kmh like their Ah Kong's road. So on a 3 lane expressway Lane 2 & 3 kenah mekan be these goods vehicles. So car drivers will have to tread in and out of Lane 2 & 1. But as lane 1 is reserved for overtaking and emergency vehcile. that is a problem to live with. Lately, goods vehicles have migrated to using lane 1 as their "faster" lane. Wont be surprised to see Heavy vehicles also use lane 1 like their VIP lanes.
  8. Hi guys. Need some quick advice. Got a wedding anniversary coming up. Thinking of buying my wife something nice. Maybe a Bottega bag or something. Is it significantly cheaper at Changi airport ? Was thinking I could get it at dfs since I got a trip to hongkong later this month. If not then I just get from ion later
  9. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/five-injured-two-severely-multi-vehicle-pile-pie-2014082 > 14 vehicles now...
  10. just in case anyone going JB these 2 days and on the 8 and 9 feb, big heavy good vehicles will not be allowed on the roads in JB. but the smaller goods vehicles will still be there .... so it might help ease the jams a little bit.
  11. It's out of the question that we would normally use a sedan to carry four to five passengers altogether, probably with some goods in the trunk. However, this isn't the case this time. Instead of carrying passengers and 'some' goods, this sedan - which I think is a Hyundai Accent or Verna - was forced to carry a massive amount of goods. This sedan was seen being a carrier for massive goods last weekend on the Korean border, near Panmunjom, Paju. It was driven by a South Korean citizen trying to go back to his home country. As you can see from the images, the goods nearly covered all parts of the sedan. The goods even nearly, if not completely, covered the rear windshield. How was the driver supposed to see when he needed to reverse the car then? The driver was reported to be previously working in North Korea. However, as we know, the rising tension between the two countries has forced all workers from South Korea to return home. In total, there are 175 South Korean citizens that have been asked to leave North Korea. Most of those asked to leave previously worked in joint ventures of North and South Korea. Since they have to evacuate immediately, they have had to make do with whatever transport they can find. Well, it seems that the Hyundai in the image was just unlucky enough. However, it wasn't alone as there were also other sedans which received the very same fate. I wonder, though, if the suspensions of those sedans received any damage at all. You see, if the suspensions retain their good working conditions after reaching their destinations, these sedans might in fact be some of the strongest sedans automakers have ever built!
  12. Earlier this year in January, MINI announced its plans to revive the MINI Van and showcased the vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show. The car will be based on the MINI Clubman and the company called it the MINI Cargo. At that time, there were no photos or rendered images on how the car would look like. Just before the above mentioned auto show began, MINI showed images of the car and they also changed the name to the MINI Clubvan. Initially, the company stated that the MINI Clubvan will only be a concept and they have no immediate plans to put the vehicle into production. It is during auto exhibitions where many automakers gauge public reaction to a certain new offering before deciding whether it will go into production. In this case, MINI used the recent Geneva Motor Show to see how popular their MINI Clubvan was. And it appears that the public fully approves it and MINI will enter the Clubvan into production. The MINI Clubvan is hugely based on the Clubman
  13. having trouble with leather goods at home, moldy... with high humidity in singapore, how to prevent mold on leather goods? anyone has good solution?
  14. Tuesday July 19, 2011 Grand Iskandar taking shape NUSAJAYA: There is a sense of excitement in Iskandar Malaysia as key projects in this mammoth economic corridor take shape. One of this year's highlights will be the opening of the Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) in Kulai-jaya with Prime Minsiter Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak slated to attend the opening on Nov 11. Shoppers will be able to buy branded items at factory discounts of 25% and above for famous brands including Gucci, Prada, Coach, Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Esprit and Calvin Klein. Spectacular project : Abdul Ghani (right) looking at a model of the waterfront development during the Iskandar Malaysia Information Day recently. Looking on are Khazanah Nasional managing director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (second from right) and Kota Selat Tebrau chief executive officer Datuk Lim Kang Hoo (second from left) . (The JPO is a 50:50 joint venture between Genting Group and United States based Simon Property Group). Once completed, the gross built-up area of the JPO will be approximately 330,000 sq ft and is expected to bring in four million visitors in its first year of operations. Besides the JPO, a number of key road infrastructure works have been completed in this vast development which is three times the size of Singapore. Since the inception of Iskandar Malaysia in 2006, parts of the 2,217 sq km landscape which was once planted with rubber and oil palm is slowly changing with the opening of hospitals, universities, international schools, hotels, and logistics and manufacturing hubs. Some of the eight road projects have in fact been completed ahead of schedule, namely Jalan Yahya Awal Jalan Lingkaran Dalam Interchange and the Ulu Tiram Interchange. As for some of the development projects in Nusajaya, the Britain-based Newcastle Uni-versity Medicine Malaysia has been completed while construction of Marlborough College Iskandar is under way. The construction of Iskandar's Legoland Malaysia theme park, also in Nusajaya, is progressing well and is scheduled to open next year. Legoland will offer 40 interactive shows and rides along with 15,000 Lego models, including those of famous buildings. It will be the first of three planned theme parks in Iskandar Malaysia. Two lead players involved in the planning, implementation and funding of the project are Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and the Khazanah Nasional-driven Iskandar Investment Bhd. Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Ghani Othman, who is also co-chairman of IRDA, has been hands-on since the inception to ensure the smooth implementation of the projects by having briefings at his office in Nusajaya and at IRDA's headquarters in Danga Bay. Ghani has been aggressively promoting Iskandar during trips abroad. These efforts have been successful as to date, RM73.24bil of investment deals have been clinched including 41% from abroad.
  15. Hello Everyone I have heard that in europe we can get luxury goods like LV, Gucci cheaper compared to in SG. Is it true and how much cheaper is it? Anyone has any idea? Thanks
  16. Hi, Did anyone use before this rotalla tyres f105? Is it good any comments.
  17. Wah this lady spent so much on bags especially those Hermes. I think bags alone cost in excess of $100K. Cuff links alone $2600. Too much money lei. http://www.flickr.com/photos/49538011@N03/
  18. Uses the 1st lane but doesnt hog it? Just asking ah. Was driving and i saw this van use 1st lane all the way and he was following the car infront like what a normal car would. He was travelling at 90-100 like that.
  19. Hi All, Looking for solution of a problem, enough of complaining. Yesterday, I went over to the West and took AYE back home. I was on Lane 1, right most lane, overtaking the slower vehicles on the middle lane. From my rear view mirror, i could see a big good vehicle (those with big freezer) veered onto the right most lane going "at least 90km/h" straight on my back. Two thoughts flashed my mind: 1) wtf is a lorry (suppose to be 50 or 60km/h max) doing on the right most lane on an expressway. 2) Is there an urgent delivery of the frozen chicken on the truck? (I like KFC ) I purposely slowed down to the legal speed of this vehicle around 65km/h on the right lane and blocked his overtaking stunt. He tailgated me and went on to middle lane when there is no vehicle. He intended to overtake me on the right most lane but I managed to speed up to block his attempt. Yes, its evil of me, but in my mind, such vehicles going onto the expressway right lane is getting way too common. Both dangerous and illegal. Any constructive suggestions to prevent drivers of such stunts?
  20. On 3 lane expressways, still can close 1 eye when good vehicle travel on lane 2 due to some extremely slow vehicles on lane 3. Whats the excuse for being on lane 2 on 5 lane expressways(some part of ECP) ? Also, notice more using lane 1 nowadays, and its not even due to some massive jam. Probably wont be so annoyed if they travel at least 80 if using lane 2, and at least 90 if using lane 1.
  21. Any where to sell good conditions 2nd hand goods like TV/DVD/Dryer etc. Any lobang good Karang Guni men to take them, any site to advertise ................
  22. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/cna/20091203/tap-...yn-231650b.html seperately, i wana share one my worst shopping exprience ever. abt a year ago, i went sim lim to buy some xbox 360 games, after shopping for a while, i went into a shop outside the air-conditioned area. one of the game i wanted to buy is $75.00 and abt $3-$4 cheaper den other store after some bargain. so i decided to buy from them. when i was abt to make my payment, one of the store guy (full of tatto) pressure me to buy a xbox cooler for $120, i say dunit, den he say $80 den $50, but i refuse coz i saw the exact same item for $39.90 on the fifth floor. den he start murmuring " how can dun buy, your xbox sure overheat..." i heard wad he say n damm TL, but i LL as i was wif my gf n they have 3-4 guys in the store. so i proceed to make payment using credit card, den i notice the receipt reads $80.25. so i ask him y? he say "plus gst mah, gst sure mus pay one" wtf, i dunnit an uneducated chao ah beng to tell me i need to pay gst! but this is the 1st time ever in my life i buy a small item in sgp that is GST EXclusive... feeling cheated, i said "like dat i dun want".. he reply "cannot leh, i already key in".. i said "can cancel one"... he said "cannot"... i wanted to walk off, but my credit card was wif him....so to avoid further confrontation over a few bucks, i made the payment... from then on, i seldom go sim lim... even if i go, i wun even wana walk pass those stores open by those uneducated chao ah beng, i feel the smell of their store stink my shirt...
  23. would like to know where to obtain price lists on 1. light goods vehicle 2. heavy goods vehicle 3. very heavy goods vehicle
  24. Do they need to follow the 70 speed limit?
  25. im particularly interested in LV, Gucci, Coach, burberry. but have no idea what is cheap to get there?
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