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Found 32 results

  1. Rattle noises are very common in many cars, even when new. There are a thousand causes of unwanted noises in a car and I'm sure many of you had spent many frustrated hours trying to rid them. I am very sensitive to interior cabin noises and will always spend alot of efforts trying to identify and eliminate them. So I thought of starting this thread for everybody to share how they solve their unwanted car noises. Here, I want to share one type that had been bugging me for 6 months and how to solve it. I have other cases and I will subsequently post them in this thread, with photos to guide. I drive a 2014 Sylphy. This particular rattle noise is a single "tiak" sound that sounded usually when turning or small road perturbations at slower speed. It seems to come from front passenger dash area. It sounded like something loose hitting gently against plastic. Had tried to rectify it with tan chong during last 3 servicing but not successful. I was pretty sure the source is from within the cabin or dash area and not from engine bay area so I had been spending majority of my efforts internally. I was wrong. It came from engine bay area. There is this cable that was not secured, at the battery side, near to the front left suspension top mount. See photo. If i manually hit it against the metal chassis, it produced a similar tiak sound. So i use a cable tie to secure it so it does not move freely. After that, that tiak sound was no longer there. I tested through 1 day of normal driving. I am not sure what signal this cable carries but there is a similar one at the other side. I secured that as well. So look around your engine bay area for such unsecured cables and clamp it down!
  2. I am proud of Singapore for "punching above its own weight" in telling others how to solve their problems.
  3. Cooliechang

    PSLE Maths question. How to solve?

    From Yahoo Sg: Jim bought some chocolates and gave half of it to Ken. Ken bought some sweets and gave half of it to Jim. Jim ate 12 sweets and Ken ate 18 chocolates. The ratio of Jim's sweets to chocolates became 1:7 and the ratio of Ken's sweets to chocolates became 1:4. How many sweets did Ken buy?" Ans: 68. Any kind souls to show me the steps to get the answer. I tried but failed. Haiz... really worry for my son next time.
  4. good news indeed that our earth has some hope, read on to know more. cheers! New 'Mutant Enzymes' Could Solve Earth's Plastics ProblemScientists accidentally created an enzyme that can break down plastic. But is it any better than recycling? You might call it a happy accident: As environmentalists urge the world to address the plastic pollution crisis, a team of researchers has unwittingly engineered an enzyme that may, one day, literally eat our troubles away. Biologists at the U.K.’s University of Portsmouth were studying the structure of an enzyme that can break down polyester when they found a way to tweak it. The result, according to a study published this week in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, is a “mutant enzyme” that can degrade plastics 20 percent more efficiently than its original form. The enzyme comes from a bacteria, Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, which was discovered in 2016 by Japanese researchers, who subsequently found that it could completely break down a thin layer of low-quality plastic within six weeks. Structural biologist John McGeehan and his team have now taken that enzyme and genetically engineered it so that it can begin the process in a matter of days. That kind of discovery is cause for excitement: It takes centuries for polyester, scientifically known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET, to degrade naturally. All this is just the beginning, though. McGeehan told the Guardian that his team wants to speed up the process even more, and find ways to scale it for industrial use. More importantly, the team imagines that the research can help prevent more plastic from entering the market in the first place. “What we are hoping to do is use this enzyme to turn this plastic back into its original components, so we can literally recycle it back to plastic,” McGeehan told the Guardian. To grasp what that would mean for the environment, just consider this startling statistic: 1 million plastic bottles are produced each minute. Roughly 10 percent of that gets recycled; the rest ends up in landfills, oceans, and parks. What is recycled often gets used in textiles, like clothes and carpets. Very few actually become bottles again. So, in theory, if McGeehan’s accidental discovery proves successful, the world could see a future in which we no longer need to dig up more oil to make plastic bottles. https://flipboard.com/@flipboard/-new-mutant-enzymes-could-solve-earths-p/f-a69394c522%2Fcitylab.com
  5. Here has some FAQ about DAS/Xentry software: Q: I have problem with Xentry Sim 11.2011, when it launch Sim DAS -> No language defined! How to fix it ? A: Place DAS SIM and DAS Shortcuts on desktop: DAS shortcut target as: F:\Programme\DAS\bin\DAS32R2.exe -len And for DAS SIM Target as: F:\Programme\DAS\bin\simdas.exe -*CALsimu -*ctxtsim.sli -*nolog -*len Q: do you have DAS32R2.exe for 11.2011. I launch ORG DAS32R2.exe say Star DAS via Xentry A: you can use xentry sim: http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/mb-sd-software-hdd.html no worries starting 05 2011 das execute under xentry if u insist to use das standalone, then use 01 2011 or 2010 version as Patrian said. why you should looking for difficult ways there are some reason why miss daimler developed xentry and merge Das inside it. best wishes Q: I want to use SimDAS Of course I launch Xentry Sim first but when I choose C Class (203). SimDas is executed but ” No language defined! ” and not run A: It seems that the installation not going perfect. you must passed all the installation ways to finish button. And the nature junction folder “Üserdata”from C to F will be created itself when you have a good installations steps. no need to use any junction method. :tdown: the folder Userdata in F:\ will be seen as a book folder, a little different than C:\. take a notice on that as Patrian said above. anyway wish u a good booobieeess there you go … M8 ….
  6. Hi guys, just wondering how did you solve your vibration on idle problem despite having changed the engine mountings. The vibration lessen alot but the vibration is still there especially when AC is on. I noticed it only happen when i am on Drive mode. Help and advises would be greatly appreciated.
  7. UK police increasingly asking victims to solve their own cases. Since, we don’t want this to happen to SG, thought it deserved a separate thread. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/sep/04/police-telling-victims-solve-crimes-themselves Crime victims are increasingly being told by some police forces to carry out their own investigations by speaking to neighbours, checking for CCTV images and seeing if their stolen property has been put up for sale on secondhand websites, the official police watchdog has warned. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary says that for some high-volume types of offences, such as car crime, criminal damage and non-residential burglaries, this "DIY" approach to tackling crime is an "emerging trend" among some forces. They warn that in areas where the police have given up investigating these offences, they are "on the verge of being decriminalised". The HMIC's report on the use of police time says that in too many cases once the victim had been asked to carry out their own investigation by police call handlers, the crime report was filed away without any further contact with the victim. "Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary finds this expectation by these forces that the victims should investigate his own crime both surprising and a matter of material concern. "The police have been given powers and resources to investigate crime by the public, and there should be no expectation on the part of the police that an inversion of that responsibility is acceptable," says the report published on Thursday. Inspector of Constabulary, Roger Baker, who led the inspection, said: "It's more a mindset that we no longer deal with these things. Effectively what's happened is, a number of crimes are on the verge of being decriminalised. So it's not the fault of the individual staff – it's a mindset thing that's crept in to policing to say, 'We've almost given up.'" He added: "When a crime has been committed, it's the job of the police service to go and find out who's done it and bring them to justice. They're the cops and we expect the cops to catch people, and my proposition to you is that unless you've got the powers of Mystic Meg or something like that, you not turning up and using your skills … it's going to be mightily difficult to bring people to justice." The report concludes that police desk-based investigations of crime are failing to serve the public and mean "little or nothing more than recording a crime without taking further action. The HMIC investigation found that it is still policy to send an officer to attend all reports of crime in only six of the 43 police forces in England and Wales. In the other 37 forces a call-handler uses set criteria to assess whether somebody should be sent. The watchdog says it is unacceptable that its investigation found nearly half the police forces were unable to provide any details of the reported crimes their officers had attended and that a third were failing to identify repeat and vulnerable victims when they rang to report an incident. Baker said that it was only by fully understanding how they use their staff that police forces could ensure that they were efficient and responsive: "We found that this vital element of evaluation and analysis is still lacking in the majority of forces, with fewer than a quarter of forces investigating demand in order to prioritise and organise their workforce. In this age of austerity it's more important than ever that forces understand how to prioritise their resources." Irene Curtis, president of the Police Superintendents' Association responding to the report said forces had made significant efforts to protect the frontline in the face of cuts but it appeared "some of the basic functions of policing appear to be slipping through the cracks in some areas." She said: "The public and victims of crime in particular deserve the highest standard of service from the police, wherever they live, so it's important that these issues are addressed and forces must learn from the many examples of good practice highlighted in the report."
  8. Saw this interesting article. The Koreans and the Japs can really invent. Female drivers can use this? Hahahaha. Source: http://www.popsci.com/cars/article/2013-08/crazy-new-electric-car-folds-itself-half-parking
  9. Picnic06-Biante15

    This Will Solve Our Water Ponding Problem .....

    from Yahoo: Magic Concrete Absorbs Gallons of Water see video link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/playlist/sg...-162305366.html Amazing, the amount of water poured from cement truck onto the concrete and its disappear .... but, here is once in 50yrs thingy, so is it worth the investment ...
  10. The Straits Times www.straitstimes.com Published on Jun 2, 2012 http://www.straitstimes.com/print/Breaking...ory_806201.html More taxis soon with new data-sharing computer system? Proposed system allows companies to pair up available cabs and drivers By Janice Tai More taxis may be on the road if a new data-sharing computer system among taxi companies is put in place. The system is being discussed by a tripartite committee comprising the Land Transport Authority, the National Taxi Association (NTA) and taxi companies. The committee was revealed by NTA adviser Seng Han Thong on the sidelines of a book launch on Friday at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The bilingual book, Taxi Tales In Singapore, is about the taxi industry here. Mr Seng said the data-sharing system would allow taxi companies to link up their relief drivers with single-shift drivers, so that more taxis can be made available for riders. Copyright
  11. Teachers and primary-level maths experts, fall in... Square table can seat 4, while round table can seat 6. Restaurant has total 40 tables, square and round, and can seat 184 people. How many square, and how many round tables?? Solving by simultaneous equations is easy, but how to solve by model method?
  12. Frankly reading and trying to understand the maths problem stated in the ST Forum letter already took me 1 1/2 minutes and to solve within another 3 1/2 minutes without using simultaneous equation is beyond my capability. Are you able to solve it within 5 minutes? Just glad that I was born many moons back and not have to face this type of maths question nowadays... Can understand this dad's frustration and hope that I will not pose a similar question to the authorities when my children faces such a situation in the future... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_710009.html Don't hurt pupils' self-esteem with tough questions Published on Sep 7, 2011 AS A PARENT, I wonder whether some teachers who set exam papers are really interested in gauging the ability of pupils. Sometimes it seems as though they are simply intent on making life miserable for them. Take a look at this maths question in a recently concluded Primary 6 preliminary exam: 'Three halls contained 9,876 chairs altogether. One-fifth of the chairs were transferred from the first hall to the second hall. Then, one-third of the chairs were transferred from the second hall to the third hall and the number of chairs in the third hall doubled. In the end, the number of chairs in the three halls became the same. How many chairs were in the second hall at first?' I challenge readers to solve this problem in five minutes, which is all the time a Primary 6 pupil has to do it. I challenge school principals to do it, without the help of equations, which Primary 6 pupils aren't equipped with yet. Setting such difficult questions serves no educational purpose - it only undermines the pupils' self-esteem. Stephen Lin
  13. Lengendcf

    How to solve high hdb prices?

    HDBs are for staying not for making money out of it. The fact that HDBs prices are so high is cause by the Cash Over Valuation(COV). So if the owner ask for $50k COV, the next flat he/she buys, must pay out the COV taken. If the COV for the next flat is $5k, the balance $45k must pay vomit out, either to some charity foundation or contribute to nation building. Cannot say just scrap the COV, if so how to decide so to sell, of course will sell to the highest buyer. So an elderly couple, can get some $$$ after selling their HDB and pocket some COV for their retirement. But for those intending to get another HDB, they won't dare to ask for too much. For those intending to leave Singapore, even they ask for very high COV, let them lor, considering they are the minority, if too much, people also won't buy from them. So any comments?
  14. Hi Guys, back in 2007, i've purchase a Jazz 1.4 CVT, with a 10yrs loan. Base on scrap value, i'm only able to breakeven in August 2015. But currently i'm able to sell off with little profit. Am considering to change to a 2nd hand Getz. With a 20k 4yr loan, breakeven with little over 2yr. And for the fact that this is a manual ride, chances there would be little problem on the gear box. any opinion on this? or any current or ex driver of getz? how is the ride and FC? http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...259&DL=1420 http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...254&DL=1420 thank you !
  15. Cootie-Monster

    How to solve this problem?

    Mum wants to move in with son after marriage Wife-to-be says NO! Both woman have the single mindedness of a stampeding rhino.
  16. Hahahhaa LOL, read their blog post, damn funny sia http://blog.shownearby.com/2010/08/shownea...nnectivity.html Shownearby payphone, good idea. No offence to the bros who already ordered iphone 4! :X
  17. Though my MVP has second row air con and even a floor air con vent for the third row, don think its efficient for the third row, I am thinking of fixing aftermarket fans for the third row passenger. Other than those clip ons (traditional looking mini fan), which i think its quite ugly, anyone come across any alternative products for cooling?
  18. I have a suggestion about HDB prices. What do you guys think? Just let PRs buy new HDB flats from HDB without or much less subsidies. The main problem with the current HDB fiasco is that HDB thinks that the BTO is a good system that can react to demand easily and adjust supply accordingly. However they let out the millions of PRs who also need to buy HDB. This demand is not accounted for by HDB and it just spill over to resale and pushing up the retail prices of HDB. The resale supply is kind of fixed and the only way to increase resale supply is by pushing up the prices so you entice owners to sell their HDB. This is very bad as HDB prices will just go up and up. The day the HDB allows PRs to buy new flats, I think the HDB prices will stabilize. This solves the problem and yet allow HDB flat prices to be market priced and not artificially controlled. We still have a willing buyer willing seller market but the main difference is that the supply is much more responsive to demand changes, not just citizen but also PRs. Artificially controlling the HDB prices will have a lot of problems in creating different classes of citizens, etc.
  19. Torquemonster

    Math question i can't solve.

    Mr Lim and Mr Tan travel from town A to town B, a distance of 30 kilometres. Mr lim is moving 5km/h faster than Mr Tan and Mr Lim arrives at town B an hour earlier. Find the speed at which Mr Lim is travelling. can anyone help me solve this question thanks.
  20. Thug

    Help Solve this Maths

    Total no of marbles in bag A & B is 352 more than 1/5 of marble in bag A. Find marbles in Bag B. Is there something wrong with this question or simply i'm not good enough? keke Thanks in Advance.
  21. i got a crash on the side of my musso pig karp i am not intending to send to knock back and respray.......i mean who would want to do so considering it is a pig karp problem is that the crash part got one portion of the size of a handphone size which is rusty I scared the rust eat inside, then mustank
  22. Was at Anchorpoint(Queensway opp IKEA) last night shopping. I parked at the carpark underneath at B2. As I came out of the lift, I saw all the cars queued from the exit gantry all the way to the other end of the carpark. At first I tot "sianz liao, long queue" then I realise the cars are not moving. I looked at the exit point, apparently the barrier fail to lift up and there appears to be some mechanical fault. There's no staff around and it looked like the carpark attendant altready call it a day as the boxoffice is closed. I saw some cars trying to leave the exit from the entrance when the barrier lift up. But for the rest of the car they were stuck. As I was walking to my ride with my wife, I saw some guy looking at the exit gantry trying to call for help. He took out his handphone and looked like his calling some helpline. But looked it the helpline didn't get through. Cos I saw him putting his phone way and walk back to his car. That's when some chaos start. SOME JOKER started horning and to my surprise, EVERYONE START HORNING!! I was like "WTF, you think horning the barrier will lift up?" Then there's silents again and then EVERYONE STARTED HORNING again.... I told my wife to stay put beside the our ride, I walked towards the gantry. At this time, an uncle also came forward. "Looks like it's broken" we discussed. Then the HORNING STARTED AGAIN....it's as though it's some synchronised ochestra.. We walking around the gantry. I was looking at the ticket box trying to figure a way to call for assistance. Then the uncle did some that I was very impressed. He walked to the barrier and simply LIFT IT UP. "Go Go GO!" he shouted to the cars.....all the cars start moving off. Some wave back at us thanking us, some didn't even care. I thanked the uncle and we walked back to our rides. I see that all the cars managed to lift the carpark and was relieved. Got back into our rides and left (the stupid gantry still deduct my cashcard while I pass it) Conclusion: 1) To uncle who drives the Volvo SUV, kudos to you for thinking out of the box to solve the problem. I hope to have such keen instuition as you. :) 2) To guy who tried to call for help but give up. My wife saw you horned. Thanks for at least trying to do something, though I have to admit we really "just follow law"....didn't think hard enough out of the box....but at least we try to do something. 3) To the rest of idiots who only sit in their cars, wasting their own petrol and HORN HORN HORN, waiting for problems to be solve (esp thoses thankless ones). Shame on you! You must one who only know how to kaopeh this and that, scold gahmen and do nothing. It the event of disaster, you will be the ones stranded and first to die and yet kaopehs and do nothing only. Hope you learn some lesson someday.
  23. Hi everyone, Just need your friendly advise, perhaps some of you have encoutered similar situation. How can I get rid of unwanted mails being delivered to my address, presumably intended for previous tenants and previous owner of the small condo unit where I now stay. Its been more than a year now since I bought and moved to this new place and still, I get a lot of post mails intended for previous owners/tenants. Tried reaching the previous owner but is no longer reachable. I checked the gov website but did not find a way how I can raise and address this concern. Thanks, your help will be appreciated.
  24. many measures implemented : - $700bn bailout plans - Central banks feeding $$$ to boost liquidity - Banks nationalisation - Central banks coordinated effort to cut rates But NONE seems to work what do you think should be done ?
  25. May 20, 2008 ERP woes: Still not clear where the problem lies Motorists suffer while LTA and Nets work on finding 'logistical solution'. By Tan Weizhen FAULTY cashcards or faulty in-vehicle units (IUs) which fail to register at the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries are continuing to bother motorists. Since The Straits Times (ST) reported two weeks ago that 300 motorists a month either paid the $10 fine or jumped through the requisite hoops with the authorities to get these fines waived, more have come forward to say that they too are being plagued by the problem. ST spoke to 17 of them. They said that although the fines are dropped when they go to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to explain why they did not pay the ERP charges, they are frustrated with the time and effort it takes to get the fine waived. When contacted, the LTA and the Network for Electronic Transfers (Nets), which issues the cashcards, would only say they were working together on a logistical solution for motorists, but gave no details. It is still unclear where the problem lies - with the cashcards or the IUs, and motorists are getting frustrated. Mr Francis Chua, 51, for example, told ST that he paid the fine the first time it happened, but has since made seven trips to the LTA office to get fine waivers. He said that each of these seven times, LTA sent him to licensed vehicle inspection centres like Vicom to get his cashcard and IU checked, to confirm that it was a technical problem and not because his cashcard had insufficient funds. Only then would his fines be waived. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_239360.html