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Found 67 results

  1. Hi Im a new user on My car forum. I have already registerd and valify my account but for some reason i am not permitted to start a new tread on the general discussion page. Can anyone telll me why?
  2. esp from medical field members. Any risk if bringing old folks on the Singapore Flyers? I have some ppl who have reservation, reason heart attack.
  3. Taken from another website....i really have doubt but wait..how much collected from entrance yearly have not been reported. This will roughly be the gauge on whether there is an increase or not....imo No increase in gambling addiction after casinos opened 28 Mar 2018 09:00 The setting up of the two casinos here in 2010 did not lead to more Singaporeans getting hooked on gambling, as many had feared before they opened at Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. The pathological and problem gambling rate among Singaporeans and permanent residents was 0.9 per cent in the 2017 survey by the National Council on Problem Gambling. It inched up from 0.7 per cent in the 2014 survey, but the change is not statistically significant, the council's spokesman said. The survey is done every three years to find out the extent and pattern of gambling here. The latest study was released yesterday. In fact, gambling addiction rates have been falling since the first survey in 2005 - way before the casinos opened, checks by The Straits Times have found. In the 2005 study, the addiction rate was 4.1 per cent, and this fell to 2.9 per cent in the 2008 survey and to 2.6 per cent in the 2011 study. Pathological gambling is more serious than problem gambling.
  4. My house aircon is not working efficiently. I'm looking for good and reliable servicing company. Any good recommendation? Thanks.
  5. steveluv

    General travel - Taiwan

    Breakfast was not bad, had chunky red snapper porridge for main course but started with some fruits and a fritter So my trip will be starting from the south of Taiwan in the city of Kaohsiung then will move to Taipei Friday evening. So, when I arrive at Taoyuan Airport (near to Taipei) I have to take their High Speed Rail (HSR) to the Kaohsiung in the south. But before that I need to get to the Taoyuan HSR Station, by bus Follow the sign to go to the bus station at B1 level, just outside the glass door go to number 12 kiosk for bus number 705 and pay just $30 Inside the bus Train ticket $1,980 (non-reserve seat cost $1290, standard reserve seat costs $1330) from Taoyuan station to Zuoying Station (this is the name of the HSR station for Kaohsiung) Here comes the train https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vKVaVpHMl0 Inside the train
  6. Pump prices mostly up 3 cents in Singapore after killing of Iran top general source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/pump-prices-up-3-cents-after-killing-of-iran-top-general?xtor=CS3-18&utm_source=STiPhone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2020-01-08 8%3A01%3A29 SINGAPORE - Most petrol pump prices here have risen by three cents a litre to yet another record high in the latest fallout from the assassination of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani by United States forces last week. A litre of petrol at major fuel retailers here now costs $2.34 for 92-octane grade, $2.38 for 95-octane and $2.77 for 98. Diesel is $1.99 a litre. Caltex's 98 with Techron is $2.80, while Shell's V-Power is $2.94. All prices are before discounts. Caltex raised its prices on Tuesday (Jan 7), while Shell raised its prices on Monday. SPC was the only major player to resist the latest hike, with its prices remaining unchanged as of Tuesday afternoon. Observers said that while the killing of Major-General Soleimani had made the market more volatile, crude prices had already been climbing before his death. Fuelled by a thaw in the US-China trade war and ongoing supply cuts from major oil producers, Brent crude ended 2019 at a four-month high of US$66 a barrel. Brent has since risen further, ending at US$68.91 on Monday. The current volatility is also attributable to uncertainty over how Iran will respond to the killing. Many Iranian leaders have warned of reprisals. But oil industry consultant Ong Eng Tong reckons oil prices will rise, as Iran is likely to retaliate, and that would in turn ignite US sanctions, which will drive oil prices higher. The last time pump prices went up was just before Christmas, when rates moved up by three cents a litre. Compared with 18 months ago, pump prices have climbed seven cents.
  7. nigel8210

    A/C pro air con sealant

    Anybody tried the above product or similar products before It only works for small car A/C leaks, but perhaps worth while if the small leaks happen at the evaporator (aka cooling coil) which might require dash board dismantling to install a new coil
  8. Any recommendations for the above, just went on a long roadtrip recently, come back realise a lot of dirt stuck at the underside of the car
  9. https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2018/10/11/cna-reporter-resigns-in-the-wake-of-misinformation-debacle-about-ministerial-salaries/ Just happen to see this in the OLC ( the olinecitizen).. why she have not been in the 938 Now radio for awhile. Imo...she is one of the best in radio talk show if not the best. Was she ask to resign or she just do it on her own accord?...hmmm...I am wondering too
  10. Born with 'gasoline in his blood,' GM's Reuss adds president to long list of duties https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/03/gms-reuss-adds-president-keeps-other-assignments.html General Motors named company insider Mark Reuss as president Thursday. The 55-year-old's father also served as GM president nearly three decades ago. Reuss was once seen as a contender for CEO before Mary Barra got the job. Mark Reuss, the global head of General Motors' product development operations, will add "president" to his already expansive list of duties — the latest in a series of management tweaks under CEO Mary Barra. The 55-year-old Reuss – whose father also served as GM president nearly three decades ago – replaces Dan Ammann. Ammann moved over to the company's autonomous vehicle subsidiary, Cruise Automation, last November. But Reuss will assume only some of Ammann's former duties in a paired down role as president, allowing him to retain his current focus on product. Saying that Reuss has played a "critical role" at GM in his current assignment, GM Chairman and CEO Barra added, "Mark's global operational experience, deep product knowledge and strong leadership will serve us well as we continue to strengthen our current business, take advantage of growth opportunities and further define the future of personal mobility." Gasoline in his veins Reuss is wont to say he has "gasoline in his blood." Having trained as an engineer, his duties as product development chief have been as much passion as avocation. It is a job that frequently lets him shed his suit and tie for a helmet and fireproof racing suit while testing new products at the General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford, Michigan, an hour northwest of its corporate headquarters along the Detroit riverfront. He joined the automaker in 1983 as a student intern. It was a period of massive change under then-Chairman and CEO Jack Smith. In 1990, as the controversial chairman retired, Mark Reuss's father Lloyd was named GM president, but he held that post only two years before being ousted in the first in a series of activist investor-led revolts. The younger Reuss remained with GM and, over the next two decades served in a broad mix of posts testing his business acumen as well as his engineering skills. That included a run as head of the automaker's long-struggling Australian subsidiary, Holden, which recently shuttered its manufacturing operations. Big break Reuss got his big break in 2001 when he was tasked with creating a new performance division where he got the chance to oversee development of a variety of vehicles, including the Chevrolet Corvette, as well as the reborn Chevy Camaro. While never generating significant volume, those products helped shine GM's star, tarnished by some of the poorly reviewed products it had produced during the 1980s and 1990s, an era when it was sometimes dismissed as "Malaise Motors." But things continued to go from bad to worse for the company saddled with debt and facing ever tougher competition from European and Asian imports. By 2010, GM was forced to enter a carefully managed bankruptcy, surviving only with the help of a massive federal bailout. Most of its top management team, starting with then-Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner, were unceremoniously booted, much as Lloyd Reuss had been nearly two decades earlier. Son Mark was, however, one of the survivors. Plum assignment And he landed a plum assignment that would test both the business and product side of his skills as the new head of North American Operations. By mid-decade, Reuss was seen as a potential contender for CEO. But as Dan Akerson, an industry outsider who joined GM post-bankruptcy, announced his retirement, the job instead went to another top lieutenant. Like Reuss, Mary Barra had also started at GM as a college co-op student and also came from a GM family – though her father was a factory "shop rat." For his part, Reuss got a major consolation prize, heading global product development – a job that frequently leds him shed his suit and tie for a helmet and fireproof racing suit. Last June, he was also named head of Cadillac and has been heavily involved in the development of a stream of new vehicles expected to roll out of the luxury brand every six months through 2021. Too many hats Under his new assignment as president, Reuss will retain those roles, a decision that analyst Joe Phillippi, head of AutoTrends Consulting, questions. Though Reuss is "very talented," Phillippi said, "he had too many hats to start with. There should be someone running product development and that's all they do all day." Whether Reuss might eventually shed some of his duties remains to be seen, but observers say that GM's upper management ranks appear to be in a bit of a flux. If anything, the company had indicated it wasn't going to name a new president when Ammann moved over to Cruise Automation as CEO of the San Francisco-based autonomous vehicle development company last November. For those worried that Reuss may find his time spread thin, a GM spokesman told CNBC that the company's new president won't take over all of the duties that had been on Ammann's plate. Full speed When the former president was reassigned, CEO Barra took over responsibility for managing both the automaker's global regions, as well as its "captive" finance subsidiary, GM Financial. Chief Financial Officer Dhivya Suryadevara, meanwhile, assumed control over GM's corporate development operations. Reuss will take on one new role, overseeing GM's quality control operations which, the automaker noted, dovetails well with his product development duties. Long faulted for reliability issues, GM has, in recent years, made rapid gains, particularly with its Buick and Chevrolet brands, according to studies by outside arbiters such as J.D. Power and Associates. "I am very proud to have spent my entire career at General Motors, and to now take on this new role is truly a great honor," Reuss said in a statement Thursday. "With our current lineup of outstanding cars, trucks and crossovers around the world, I'm looking forward to keeping our momentum going at full speed."
  11. Cammys_MR

    Suspended MACS Pass Apllication

    My Passport left few pages ,expire in 2yrs time. Frequent entrance to JB for petrol/groceries/food. Last Friday went down to make but saw the notice pasted on the entrance of MAC office door at Orchard Parade Hotel..haiz..what should I do..either make a new passport with valid reason or waiting game till it is lifted. Gods Know when???
  12. M'sian media failed to do basic checks before publishing article that sought to damage confidence in S’pore, PM Lee: Shanmugam ....i would say if this is an allegations and not true, the Gahman must sue them if not then something is not quite right.....the country integrity and trust will be tarnish. If goes to court on neutral ground, it will be very interesting. We are all waiting, action please.
  13. fxsg123

    Question on general PPS

    1. Does pps just make washing easier or it offer significant advantages? 2. Can frequent manual waxing achieve the same result as pps? 3. I understand frm one detailer, dust n dirt can penetrate wax and might damage the paint but not pps. 4. I understand frm one detailer waxing might damage clear coating whereas pps protect it. 5. I understand from my thread here ppl claim pps protect against fine scratches and swirl mark 6. The avg price of high end pps reach 800 to 1k. Is service available for remove and respray of clear coat.? If yes, what's the avg price. If similar, won't respray be a better option?
  14. Acewin

    Lotus Spark Plug

    Hi Everyone, Anyone driving Latio/Sylphy1.5 who has use Lotus Long Life Spark Plug please provide your feedback. Went for servicing and W/S recommended Lotus Spark Plug instead of the Denso Iridium spark plug. Cost is only 1/3 of the Denso Iridium but I am seeking feedback from anyone whom have use or heard of this Lotus Spark Plug before please any feedback is welcome. Thanks
  15. BANGKOK—The office of Thailand’s attorney general on Friday said it intends to file criminal charges against former Prime MinisterYingluck Shinawatra for allegedly mishandling a multibillion-dollar rice subsidy program, potentially threatening the fragile calm that has largely prevailed in the country since a May military coup. The agency said that after consulting with Thailand’s anticorruption agency there was sufficient evidence to press criminal charges against the former leader at Thailand’s Supreme Court. Ms. Yingluck, the sister of populist billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra , who was ousted in a coup in 2006, could face a prison sentence of up to 10 years if she is convicted, a prospect that could infuriate her supporters who have largely kept a low profile since martial law was imposed, analysts and risk consultants say. Ms. Yingluck, 47, also faces possible impeachment as prime minister, despite being removed from office shortly before last year’s putsch for improperly transferring a senior civil servant. A verdict is expected later Friday. If Thailand’s military-appointed legislature votes for impeachment, Ms. Yingluck would be banned from running for any political office for the next five years, effectively sidelining the country’s most popular politician and hardening the fault-lines between Thailand’s civilian populist leaders and its conservative armed forces. Ms. Yingluck’s critics describe the rice subsidy as a reckless attempt to win over rural voters. It was introduced after Ms. Yingluck’s landslide election win in 2011 and involved buying rice from farmers at as much as twice the market price and then stockpiling harvests in the hope of steering global prices higher. The program fell apart when rival exporters such as India and Vietnam increased their shipments to the global market, driving down prices and leaving Thailand with paper losses of more than $15 billion. Ms. Yingluck in her final appearance before the legislature Thursday defended the program as a means to lift incomes in agricultural areas. “It gives farmers the opportunity to have a better life like everyone else,” she said, adding that barring her from politics is a violation of her basic rights and freedom. The attorney general office’s move and the impending impeachment decision aren’t expected to prompt mass protests, at least not yet, Bangkok-based consultancy PQA Associates said. Gatherings of five or more people are outlawed under martial law and the armed forces have been aggressive in breaking up fledgling protests in recent months. The legal cases against Ms. Yingluck, however, risk chipping away at the veneer of neutrality that junta leader Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has tried to erect since seizing power, although he has denied trying to sway any verdict against Ms. Yingluck. At the least, PQA Associates said in note to clients, the cases “will be a further setback to the regime’s legitimacy and could portend a return to civil unrest over the near and medium term.”
  16. Interesting article: http://www.todayonline.com/commentary/why-everyone-mean-and-stupid-and-getting-worse
  17. Former chief of defence force Neo Kian Hong, 49, will be appointed Permanent Secretary (Education Development) from July 1. With his appointment, the Education Ministry will have two permanent secretaries. Ms Chan Lai Fung, who has been Permanent Secretary (Education) since November, will continue in that post. Mr Neo joins the Administrative Service after completing an Advanced Management Program at Harvard University. He had retired from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) this year after an illustrious 30-year career. A SAF Overseas Scholar, Mr Neo was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General. He was chief of defence force from 2010 to March this year, when he led a push to have soldiers train with laptops and handheld gadgets.
  18. I am still wondering when i read the news about these discovery and $10 millions was used in the research to invent something-successful was a fraud. Those that involved was only asked to leave their jobs. All the while, I thought our gahment was very serious with people cheating them and will be charge in court and put to jail. Am I missing something here? Any forummers can enlighten me ?
  19. Little_prince

    Indo general goes back on word again

    flip flop and flip again. What the heck happen to their integrity? think the govt need to make a stand and send a message to the indodos. idiots.
  20. Hi. Would like to know now (June) whether entry to Malaysia need to have VEP done up to enter. Cause heard the VEP now on trial till 15th July 2016 where there are no charges. Any comment appreciated. Thanks.
  21. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1151857/1/.html PAP needs to reflect on General Election: PM Lee By S Ramesh | Posted: 08 September 2011 1610 hrs SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the People's Action Party needs to adjust its policies to serve the people better, and that the party also needs to improve on its engagement and outreach to involve Singaporeans much more on the issues affecting them. Mr Lee said: "We have to be active in listening, as well as in putting our message across, and in countering mistaken views and disinformation." Mr Lee, who is also the PAP's Secretary General, made these observations in the latest issue of Petir, the party's magazine. The editorial comes in the wake of the party's performance in the last General Election, having won 81 out of 87 seats. He said the ruling People's Action Party must reflect on the meaning of the May 7 General Election, and strengthen and reinvent itself to maintain a leading role in Singapore politics. He also said the party must also strengthen its presence in cyberspace and learn to use the new media more effectively. This meant not just going onto Facebook and Twitter, but being on the same wavelength as the netizens and resonating with the Internet generation. That way, the MPs and leaders can continue serving the widest spread of society and work with all citizens to shape the new Singapore together. Mr Lee said constituency work also remains crucial, as a caring, hardworking and effective MP, backed by a strong team of activists and the party, can make the difference. He said this was clear in the General Election as MPs who had worked hard, enjoyed strong support. As for the opposition wards, Mr Lee urges the PAP to maintain its presence, keep the branch active and take care of supporters and fight hard to win back the constituency. Mr Lee added: "Fundamentally, we need to get Singaporeans to see the PAP for what it is and what it has always been - their champion, acting on their behalf, working with them and for them." So the Prime Minister's call to his party activists is to stay united in the cause and fight tenaciously to create a better tomorrow for all Singaporeans. -CNA/ac
  22. jeantracy91


    mod: deleted
  23. Dear Forummers Can anyone teach/show me how to dismantle this burner so that I can get a replacement....as can see from the pic..the rim is warp...Thank you in advance
  24. Does anyone know what is the time frame for holding the NCD when no longer renew?