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Found 27 results

  1. Pump prices mostly up 3 cents in Singapore after killing of Iran top general source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/pump-prices-up-3-cents-after-killing-of-iran-top-general?xtor=CS3-18&utm_source=STiPhone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2020-01-08 8%3A01%3A29 SINGAPORE - Most petrol pump prices here have risen by three cents a litre to yet another record high in the latest fallout from the assassination of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani by United States forces last week. A litre of petrol at major fuel retailers here now costs $2.34 for 92-octane grade, $2.38 for 95-octane and $2.77 for 98. Diesel is $1.99 a litre. Caltex's 98 with Techron is $2.80, while Shell's V-Power is $2.94. All prices are before discounts. Caltex raised its prices on Tuesday (Jan 7), while Shell raised its prices on Monday. SPC was the only major player to resist the latest hike, with its prices remaining unchanged as of Tuesday afternoon. Observers said that while the killing of Major-General Soleimani had made the market more volatile, crude prices had already been climbing before his death. Fuelled by a thaw in the US-China trade war and ongoing supply cuts from major oil producers, Brent crude ended 2019 at a four-month high of US$66 a barrel. Brent has since risen further, ending at US$68.91 on Monday. The current volatility is also attributable to uncertainty over how Iran will respond to the killing. Many Iranian leaders have warned of reprisals. But oil industry consultant Ong Eng Tong reckons oil prices will rise, as Iran is likely to retaliate, and that would in turn ignite US sanctions, which will drive oil prices higher. The last time pump prices went up was just before Christmas, when rates moved up by three cents a litre. Compared with 18 months ago, pump prices have climbed seven cents.
  2. A LAW student wrestled with and stomped on an ibis so severely that it had to be put down after the bird stalked him for his sandwich at South Bank Parklands. Andrew Quay Wee Meng, 25, of West End, pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty when he faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court today. Police said Quay Wee Meng had been eating a sandwich in the South Bank Parklands when an ibis flew up to his table. Witnesses said he stomped on the ibis repeatedly, shattering its left wing. After the attack, the bird had difficulty breathing and later had to be euthanased, the court was told. The 25-year-old told police he felt guilty but was scared of the animal. Defence lawyer Sue Ganasan stressed that her client had been in fear, and had previously been attacked by crows. She said the ibis had shocked Quay Wee Meng after approaching him from behind. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. .End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar. "He admits that his reaction was excessive," she said. Ms Ganasan said her client also waited for police in the park and was willing to pay the vet bills incurred by the bird. She said the 25-year-old finished his law degree at the end of this year, and had already had job offers within Australia. At the end of that time, she said Singapore-born Quay Wee Meng would have to apply for a bridging visa and then a working visa to start a career here. Magistrate John Costello told Quay Wee Meng his apparent rage had left onlookers appalled. He ordered him to complete 120 hours' community service within nine months, and recommended that he perform those hours with the RSPCA. Mr Costello declined to record a conviction, taking into account the 25-year-old had no criminal history, and the effect that a conviction would have on him. Outside court, Quay Wee Meng said he had been "terrified" by the bird. "Words can't describe how remorseful I am as to what happened to the bird in the end," he said. "It has happened before with other species of birds and I was trying to defend myself." A pet owner himself, Quay Wee Meng said he just wanted to get the bird away from him and didn't mean to kill it. "I am more remorseful that an animal has passed away." http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensl...f-1226022702251
  3. Picnic06-Biante15

    Wrongful Arrest : Revenge By Killing Policemen

    CNA report : Five policemen killed in revenge attack at Shanghai station SHANGHAI - A Chinese man armed with a knife killed five policemen on Tuesday when he went on a stabbing frenzy at a Shanghai police station in what authorities said was a revenge attack. The man stabbed nine officers and a security guard at the station in the north of the city, the Shanghai public security bureau said in a statement. Officers quickly overpowered and arrested the man, an unemployed 28-year-old Beijing native, police said, but five police were killed in the attack. The man, identified only by his surname Yang, confessed he had wanted revenge after police arrested him in October on suspicion of stealing bicycles. "He was unhappy ... In order to take revenge, he decided to commit criminal actions," the statement said. The killings occurred as China was gearing up for next month's 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, an event that has resulted in stepped up police security throughout the nation. According to the statement, the man set a fire outside the police station's front gate at around 9:40am local time, attracting the security guard's attention. He stabbed the guard and then charged into the station. "He broke into the building, attacking policemen who were at work," the statement said. Police in blood-soaked clothes could be seen being carried out, the state-run Eastday.com news website reported, citing witnesses. Some of the officers had chest injuries while others' faces were bloody, the Xinhua news agency reported citing a witness named Yi. At least one officer was declared dead upon arrival at hospital within half an hour of the attack and another died shortly afterwards, a Changzheng Hospital spokeswoman said on condition of anonymity. Two other officers were in intensive care, but their conditions were stable, she added. Officials refused to comment at Beizhan hospital where the other victims were taken. Violent crime is unusual in China, but the speed with which Tuesday's attack was reported by Shanghai's state media was also rare. Authorities, however, quickly pulled pictures off one photo sharing website that showed blood pooling in the gutter outside the station. The killings come after up to 30,000 people took to the streets in a county town in China's southwest Guizhou province on Saturday, protesting and rioting over a police investigation into the death of a teenage girl. Protesters claimed the girl had been raped and killed by a relative of a local official who had ordered the police to cover up the crime.
  4. Scb11980

    Is your job killing u?

    Welcome to the future of work: a world where everything moves faster, the hours are longer and steady jobs are harder to find. Work has always been central to our lives -- in the United States, the 40-hour workweek stretches back at least a century -- but now, technology and the pressure of competing in a global economy is threatening to turn back the clock, making our toil an all-consuming affair once again. Studies show that we're more productive than ever. American output has tripled since 1947, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But even as our careers give us a sense of purpose and belonging, research shows they're also driving us toward some pretty self-destructive behavior, raising the question: Are our jobs killing us? By committing to a lifetime of labor, much of it sedentary, are we inadvertently exposing ourselves to a kind of stress our bodies weren't designed for? Research suggests that in general, the more we work, the worse our bodies fare. But how far does that wisdom go? Consider this a guide to help you answer the question: Is work bad for your health? Are longer hours bad for you? Perhaps not directly. But they do lead to activities that carry greater health risks. In 2010, Americans each worked on average a total of 1,778 hours. That's not nearly as bad as South Korea (2,193 hours), but the United States still spends more time at work than many of its fellow developed nations, including Japan, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom. What happens to your body when you spend more time at the office? While there's scant credible research to suggest a longer workweek is harmful in itself, scientists have found a link between increased working hours and unhealthy behavior. In particular, working longer can lead to greater rates of cigarette use, less exercise and fewer check-ups, researchers at the University of Illinois discovered in 2010. The inverse also holds true: working fewer hours is linked to healthier behavior. When France cut the legal cap on weekly working hours from 39 to 35 in 1998, workers were 4.3 percent less likely to smoke cigarettes. They were also less likely to abuse alcohol. And for every hour cut from the workweek, the study's participants were 2.2 percent more likely to engage in exercise. Even if the causal relationship between long workweeks and poor health isn't directly clear, what is clear is that the more time you spend at work, the less you have to take care of yourself. And that's just common sense. What about working odd hours? Undoubtedly bad for you. The question is, why? Some 15 million Americans work evening or overnight shifts, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These night-owls are all at greater risk for Type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease, among other afflictions. What do these individuals have in common? Could it be that night workers are universally unhealthy to begin with? Or that healthcare for night workers is somehow different than for their daytime colleagues? Actually, the link between poor health and hard work is unambiguous here. There is a connection, and it has to do with our natural sleep cycles. Scientists at Harvard Medical School tested this theory in 2009 when they deliberately interfered with their test subjects' circadian rhythms. After being woken progressively later and later in the day for eight days in a row, the subjects' blood samples showed a remarkable decline in leptin, one of the body's hormones responsible for controlling appetite. Stress-related hormones like cortisol rose dramatically, and so too did subjects' blood pressure. Indicators for diabetes, such as blood glucose and insulin, were also at dangerous levels. Throw it all together, and what you have is a potent cocktail of abnormalities primed for combustion. I work in an office. Should be pretty safe, right? Depends. Are you sitting down? In some ways, office drones have it easy -- they don't face the acute threats that challenge soldiers, firefighters or other people who have an occupational relationship with mortal danger. But as it turns out, desk jockeys face a far more insidious hazard: the swiveling, cushioned time bomb they plant their bottoms on every day. In a widely publicized study last year that had test subjects walking around in motion-sensitive underwear and eating meals controlled down to the last calorie, Mayo Clinic researchers discovered that inactivity simply due to sitting led to wild swings in metabolism. Other research has shown that those who sit for at least 11 hours a day were forty percent more likely to die within three years -- no matter how much exercise they get.* Even if you're only seated for eight hours a day, your risk of death is still 15 percent greater than someone who sits for half that time. It's no surprise then, that the standing desk industry is experiencing a wave of interest at the moment. The news is also unequivocally good for workers who spend much of their time on their feet. Cube dwellers, on the other hand? Not so lucky. Is unemployment bad for your health? Not all the research is in agreement. But the vast majority of it is. The modern American workplace may be turning us into vegetables, but what about those not fortunate enough to be employed in the first place? Nearly 13 million people are out of work in America, largely thanks to the recession. Of those, 5.3 million make up the long-term unemployed -- those that haven't worked for 27 weeks or longer. On these folks, the research is somewhat mixed. Some studies appear to show no evidence of a decline in health as a result of unemployment, and others even report modest gains in the form of reduced drinking and smoking. In short bursts, unemployment has also been linked to greater physical activity. Still, studies like these are the exception, not the rule, which mostly upholds the idea that unemployment of any kind is ultimately very bad for you, if not worse than being employed and falling ill because of it. In one meta-analysis covering some 20 million individuals, people who became unemployed saw their risk for mortality jump by 63 percent. The longer a person is unemployed, the greater their risk for depression. European research has also linked unemployment to obesity and heart disease. Is work killing us? Work can be lethal, yes. But the unemployed appear to have it even worse. Not all work is hazardous to your health. Doing your best to maintain reasonable hours and limiting the amount of time you spend sitting seem like decent safeguards. On the bright side, these are variables we enjoy at least some control over. Being unemployed, however, is rarely a path taken willingly. In terms of both number and magnitude, unemployment brings along far greater health risks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. A PRC man in Nanning province hide a knife in his long pant bottom, he engaged dispute with sales staff at the Super Market Service Counter, he got too angry over it then pulled out his hidden knife stabbing the lady sales staff standing next to him with 7 jabs and continue attacking 8 others in the Super market. I hope those invited PRC... AT's and other Nationalities new citizens and permanent residences in our country are sane with good talent contributions........... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orR4x3AAMFE Man stabs customer representative seven times due to sales dispute On the afternoon of November 27, in a supermarket in Nanning, a man used a knife to injure nine people. Surveillance video shows the service desk, and from under his pants the man, Zhou, quietly pulls out a knife, then attacks a female employee, continuously stabbing the waist, back and neck. After the female employees escape, Zhou continued to attack.
  6. RadX

    Honor Killing!

    If this were any indication of our place, lotsa headless women will be found Kolkata: In what seems like a clear case of honour killing, a man beheaded his younger sister in full public glare. The incident took place on Friday. 29-year old Mehtab Alam, a tailor by profession, allegedly beheaded Nilofer with a stroke of a sword. Reports indicate he then walked to the Nadial police station in South 24 Parganas district with his sister's head and the sword. The police said Mehtab asked to be charged and that he confessed to killing his sister for an extra marital relationship. "Hussain told our stunned colleagues that he killed his sister because she was having an extra-marital affair," a police officer said. He said her body was dumped on a road in Ayubnagar. According to him, the young woman was in a relationship with a man. She later married another man but recently eloped with her paramour. "Hussain said he killed her to protect the honour of his family," police said. "He wanted to kill her paramour also." Alam has been remanded to judicial custody till December 22. He will make a confessional statement before a magistrate under section 164 of Criminal Procedure Code of India or CrPC on Monday.
  7. young people shouldn't drive when they are overseas
  8. VellfireS

    Raffles Place Robbery + Killing..

    UPDATED (25 August 2012, 3:13pm to add shopper's account) A 26-year-old man was found dead by the stairwell of a shopping centre in Raffles Place on Friday afternoon. Police said they responded to a call for assistance at 11 Collyer Quay, the site of The Arcade, at 4:34pm and, upon arrival, found the man motionless. The Indonesian-Chinese male was pronounced dead by paramedics shortly after 5pm. Channel NewsAsia quoted a money-changer at the centre, Mohd Ali, as saying that the deceased was from Batam and regularly changed money with money changers in the area, sometimes up to S$100,000. A man who was at the scene, 24-year-old investment analyst Asyraf, said that eye witnesses told him they found the dead body in the staircase and that the incident appeared to be a robbery that escalated into a killing. "We couldn't see the crime scene from where we were standing and there were no signs of blood or anything. There was a man in his twenties crying beside a closed door which led to the staircase, and I was told that he is actually the victim's brother. To my understanding, they were both robbed at the same time," he told Yahoo! Singapore Saturday. He described the crying man as Chinese with short black hair and wearing a white polo. "It was heart wrenching to see him cry like that, sort of like in a whimper, very exhausted, to know that your brother is behind the other side of the door lying in a pool of blood, dead. I couldn't bear to watch his misery any further and I took my leave after a few minutes," Asyraf added. Yahoo! Singapore understands that no arrests have been made, but police have classified this as an unnatural death and are investigating. Additional reporting by Melissa Law Source: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/man-found-dead-in...ing-centre.html No joke.. Rather scary.. :ph34r:
  9. There was an accident invovling a Ferrari, Taxi and a Motocycle. Blue tent was setup so there may be a casualty. Think there was a photo of the accident on the other forum. RIP
  10. This could be the reason to my affliction. Better stop Internet surfing and cancel my subscription. Web Porn Is Killing My Libido Zounds! So this is what my ex-girlfriend meant when she said sex with me was akin to "carnal relations with an empty husk." Too much web porn! It's killing our libidos, lads, one frantically one-handed mouse click at a time. So says a report from the University of Padua in Italy anyway, which purportedly discovered that randy gents with a penchant for hardcore sex on the Net were more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction when preparing to perform the real deal themselves. The study focused on late teens and men in their 20's, and the crux of its findings was that the ever-increasing and diversifying selection of online porn and porn experiences has actually led to a numbing of men's pleasure receptacles, specifically to the response of dopamine (the "reward" neurochemical). By hammering on the reward button so often and with such a wide range of experiences, Internet porn effectively subdues or eliminates the physiological sense of reward that sex so wonderfully provides. Ergo, when she's lying there naked waiting for you, you realize that the whole situation feels a bit numb, you get subconsciously scared, and then things stop working. Awkward! Worse still, the study apparently found that "quitting" web porn created a whole host of withdrawal symptoms. Insomnia, flu-like symptoms
  11. Cabby killed after stabbed in the chest 5 times After disposing of body, killer wanted $150k from victim's wife, saying your husband's about to die. Cabby's body already decomposed to bones when found.
  12. See this clip This guy talks about financial ratios. He says a home 4x your annual income will result you spending 30% of your salary on the roof over your head. I think many people are spending like 10x their annual income on homes? Of course US home rates are higher but we cant expect our home rates to be forever at 2% pa. To retire at 65 we need to save 15-20% of our income so that at 65 we would have a saving/investment of12x our annual income. Can be done?
  13. Fine, ban for accident killing former national sprinter By Elena Chong A MOTORIST who caused the death of former national sprinter Tan Eng Yoon in a road traffic accident was fined $9,000 and banned from driving for five years on Tuesday. Mohammed Iskandar Ariffin, 33, a safety supervisor, admitted to failing to keep a proper lookout while driving and causing his car to hit the 82-year-old pedestrian along Upper Thomson Road on Jan 30 last year. Mr Tan, president of the Singapore Olympians Association, was heading home after attending the 6.30am mass at the Church of the Holy Spirit when he was knocked down. He had crossed the first two lanes and was on the extreme right lane when Iskandar's car collided into him. Iskandar was then travelling at about 70 to 75kmh, above the 60kmh speed limit. Mr Tan died about 2 1/2 hours later in hospital despite resuscitative efforts. Lucky didn't get jail sentence. Doubt Mr. Tan's wife wud be happy wif this verdict though.
  14. Tinydog

    Little Animals killing Group

    http://www.chinahush.com/2010/11/22/uncove...t-killing-girl/ Disgusting bitches
  15. I feel its killing all the old and classic cars here in SG. I am sure we have seen/heard many of the famous cars of the old days like Supra, Skyline, RX7, AE86, 200SX and my old Celica included. Sadly, I feel that COE is killing off most of these cars. Because of COE, many people will just scrap their cars when COE expires or even before it expires. I have only seen 1 Supra in my life. I have seen only 2 Skyline R34 (never seen R32 but I read alot about its racing history) but lots of R35 around (they are like everywhere). I have seen AE86 twice. RX7 FD 1-2 times have but not FC. I have never seen another GT4 before. Still have the old WRX and the Tommy Makkinen Evo. Its like all these popular cars of the past have all but vanish from our roads. Quite sad....:(
  16. Thugstercena

    So killing somebody is nothing?

    SINGAPORE: Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has said it is puzzled by comments made to the media by the former Romanian Charge d’Affaires linked to a hit—and—run case here. Dr Silviu Ionescu had said that prosecutors in Singapore were accusing him long before they had the right to do so. The Ministry said this in response to Dr Ionescu’s remark that there should be a preliminary inquiry first and that this was clearly a sign that he should not return to the island—state. In a statement released Friday, MFA said no charges have been made and no judgement has been passed on Dr Ionescu. "As Singapore has made clear, the Coroner’s Inquiry to be held from 3 to 10 March 2010 into the death of Mr Tong Kok Wai is not a criminal trial. The Coroner’s Inquiry is simply to ascertain the facts and circumstances of the death," MFA said. It reiterated that police investigations have revealed that the driver of the vehicle at the time of the two accidents was Dr Silviu Ionescu. It noted that Dr Ionescu has denied this. "As we have said many times, if Dr Ionescu was not the driver as he claims, then he should take the opportunity to attend the Inquiry to give his account of the events and pose questions to the witnesses, in order that the true circumstances surrounding the accidents may be determined," MFA said. "Singapore’s legal system is well—known internationally for its integrity and transparency. The Coroner will make a finding based on the evidence presented before him." There is a Coroner’s Inquiry next Wednesday into the death of Tong Kok Wai. MFA has sought the assistance of the Romanian Embassy to request Dr Ionescu to return to Singapore to attend the Coroner’s Inquiry as an "interested person" and not as a potential defendant. It said that the Public Prosecutor has not decided whether it is appropriate to charge Dr Ionescu for any offences. It added that the decision will be taken only after all the facts have been clarified at the Coroner’s Inquiry. "If the Coroner rules that Dr Ionescu was not the driver, no charges against him will be made. For this reason, it is in Dr Ionescu’s interest to return to Singapore to put his version before the Coroner or to appoint a lawyer in Singapore to do so on his behalf," MFA said. It also said found another comment made by Dr Ionescu "shocking". Dr Ionescu had reportedly said: "Someone died. It’s not something solitary, but happens all over the world. There are bigger stories out there". "We trust the Romanian authorities do not share Dr Ionescu’s irresponsible and callous attitude," MFA said. — CNA/yb Source
  17. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1031099/1/.html Girl's death: Mother pleads guilty By Leong Wee Keat , TODAY | Posted: 16 January 2010 0638 hrs SINGAPORE - The woman who killed her 14-year-old daughter last year gave a glimpse of her mental state in the High Court on Friday. When asked to enter a plea after the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder was read to her, Goh Hai Eng said: "I do not know." After clarifying with her lawyer, Goh, 52, replied: "I've nothing to say." A further round of clarification took place before the bespectacled woman replied with a guilty plea. Goh had stabbed Eunice Chew Li Xin to death on March 19 last year in their one-room Woodlands flat. Goh was depressed over her second divorce and the sale of her matrimonial flat just before the incident, the High Court heard. Goh, who is also a grandmother, constantly worried about money and told her family she would kill Eunice and later commit suicide. "The accused even asked the deceased how she would like to die," said Deputy Public Prosecutor Crystal Ong. A day before the incident, Goh - who was treated for bipolar disorder at the Institute of Mental Health in 1999 - refused to go for a medical appointment at IMH with her eldest daughter. Later that evening, Goh called her elder sister to tell her she "was not in a good mood". If she were to die, Goh added, her elder sister could take a television rack from her flat. Several hours later, at about 2am on March 19, Goh began thinking about killing herself and taking Eunice with her. "She did not want the deceased to live without her as she thought that no one would take care of her," said DPP Ong. Goh then took a fruit knife and stabbed Eunice once in her chest while she was sleeping. Eunice woke up immediately and Goh hugged her. The mother then pulled the knife out of the girl's chest and threw it away. Eunice cried loudly but Goh walked away. When she heard Eunice take her last breath, she stood up and touched the deceased's face. Realising that Eunice was dead, a terrified Goh called her eldest daughter and her elder sister, and told them she had killed Eunice. The police were then alerted, but Eunice was pronounced dead at 3.06am. According to a psychiatric report prepared by Dr Gwee Kok Peng, Goh was suffering from a severe depressive episode of a bipolar disorder since 1999, but had stopped her medication since October 2008. At the time of the offence, Goh was of sound mind, but the mental illness did significantly impair her judgment, opined Dr Gwee. High Court Judge Kan Ting Chiu directed the prosecution to obtain a further report from Dr Gwee on his findings of diminished responsibility. Also, Justice Kan wanted to know Dr Gwee's assessment on Goh's recovery if she had taken regular and sustained medication. No date has been set for the next hearing. Goh, who is now in remand, faces a maximum of life imprisonment for her crime. - TODAY
  18. this guy is seriously seriously mental.. reminds me of many road rage perpetrators the poor defenceless child never stood a chance Man charged with killing daughter over cigarettes Posted: 20 October 2009 1651 hrs Photos 1 of 1 SINGAPORE: A Singaporean man has gone on trial charged with murdering his 23-month-old daughter in a fit of rage after he caught her playing with his cigarettes, court officials said on Tuesday. Sallehan Allaudin, 26, is accused of fatally beating his daughter Nikie in January ahead of her second birthday, causing her to die of a ruptured vein. If convicted, he could face death by hanging. The High Court was told on Monday that Sallehan, who had just returned home with his wife with a present for Nikie, went berserk after seeing that the toddler had torn up and scattered his cigarettes, the Straits Times reported on Tuesday. Sallehan has pleaded not guilty to the charge. His wife, Rozanah Mohamed Yusoff, 24, used a mannequin to show the court how Sallehan allegedly kicked and stomped on their daughter in the kitchen, the newspaper said. According to the report, the couple, who have two younger daughters, called for an ambulance when Nikie started bleeding from the nose, but she died from her injuries. "I did not go into the kitchen to stop my husband as I thought that was the way he wanted to discipline Nikie," the wife was quoted as saying by the newspaper. - AFP/so
  19. Was very disappointed when I read today ST in regards to the owner of Liverpool "The Yankees"............. The yankees are in dept and was waiting to sell their NFL club which is subject to approval............. With the moneies waiting as bait for them to sell Liverpool greats like Torres ($60M pound) offer by Chelsea, Mascherano, Alonso and Arbeloa to Real Madrid ....... :angry: :angry: They (Yankees) still refuse to sell Liverpool to a UAE group......
  20. HIS mother had hoped that her lover would become his stepfather and help to raise him after her marriage ended. Instead, her boyfriend became jealous of the toddler because he felt she cared more for her son than him. As they argued frequently, his temper became worse and he grew more impatient with the boy. On the day Muhammad Izzul Salihin Muhammad Farzid turned 3 on 14 Jan last year, tragedy struck. MISSED: In this file picture, Mr Muhammad Farzid shows a photo of his son as a baby in his wallet. TNP FILE PICTURES The boyfriend bashed him so brutally that the toddler became brain-dead and died in hospital four days later. Firdaus Abdullah, 27, was yesterday jailed for seven years and given 12 strokes of the cane after a nine-day trial. He was convicted of causing grievous hurt and ill-treating the boy. The day before the tragedy, the couple had fought over Izzul. His mother, Madam Nadiyana Yacoub, shouted at Firdaus to leave her flat as she wanted to find a better stepfather for her son. This incensed Firdaus. The next day at about 7.30am, Madam Nadiyana went to the Syariah Court for her divorce proceedings, leaving Firdaus to look after Izzul. Soon after she left, the boy started crying because he wanted his mother. Firdaus tried to pacify him but to no avail. Frustrated by the incessant crying, Firdaus shouted at Izzul and made him stand in the bedroom and face the wall. When the boy ended up crying even louder, Firdaus snapped. He hit and punched Izzul's face and forehead again and again. He also hit the boy's chin with an upward punch. He then grabbed Izzul's face, lifted him and swung him in the air before slamming his head against the bedroom's door frame. He pulled down the boy's diapers, grabbed his penis, then shook, squeezed, pinched and pulled it violently. Firdaus then bit his genitals, right thigh and nose. He finally gave Izzul a hard slap on his back. By the time he was done, the boy's cries had become softer. Sensing something amiss, Firdaus went to ask his neighbours for help to call for an ambulance. The boy was rushed to KK Women's and Children's Hospital with multiple injuries. He underwent emergency surgery and was warded in the intensive care unit. But he died without waking four days later. Earlier attack The court also heard that Firdaus had also hit Izzul two days before the fatal attack. He was angry after the boy kept crying and refused to let Firdaus towel him dry after his shower. Firdaus clenched his fist and hit the boy on his head, causing him to fall on his buttocks. He hit Izzul so hard that his own knuckles became swollen. Firdaus had moved in with Madam Nadiyana in her rental flat at Jalan Minyak, off Chin Swee Road, in late 2007 and agreed to be Izzul's stepfather, the court was told. But he became jealous because he felt she was closer to her son. He complained about how she paid more attention to the boy and also about how she spent more time with him. They argued frequently over this and by December 2007, Firdaus had become bad-tempered, frustrated, stressed and impatient with the boy. He was originally charged with murder, but it was later reduced to one charge of causing grievous hurt and two charges of ill-treating a child. In his defence, he claimed that the boy had fallen down twice after the beatings. He also said that he had tried to resuscitate the boy after his fall. But Deputy Public Prosecutor Royce Wee said that even if Firdaus did try to save the boy, it was clearly 'too little, too late'. He added that his brutal and savage attacks had inflicted serious injuries on a young and defenceless child, causing him to die. Firdaus did not have a lawyer. He had nothing to say in his mitigation. Izzul's father, Mr Muhammad Farzid, 30, and grandmother were in court yesterday for the sentencing. His mother did not show up. Till today, Mr Muhammad Farzid still can't understand how Firdaus could have attacked his son so viciously. He told The New Paper that he had doted on his only child so much that he could not bear to scold or beat him when he misbehaved. He said it really hurt to see how badly he was beaten up, and that it's still painful just to think of him now. He carries a photo of Izzul in his wallet, and there isn't a day when he doesn't think of him. The photograph is all that he's left with now, he said. Mr Muhammad Farzid, who used to be a general worker at a mosque, visits his son's grave at the Choa Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery every month. He is no longer in touch with his ex-wife. Their marriage fell apart in 2007 and he moved out. He last saw his son a week before the tragedy when the boy accompanied his mother to court. Izzul was lively and cheerful and had called him 'daddy', he recalled. Mr Muhammad Farzid said the day Izzul was born, on 14 Jan, 2005, was the happiest day of his life. 'He's my first child and his birth symbolised my next generation,' he said. 'That day, I put down my work and rushed to the hospital to witness his birth. I was so happy.' Izzul was born two months' premature and had to be warded for three months. Exactly three years later, he was back at the same hospital, praying for his little boy to pull through. 'He should have been celebrating his third birthday instead, cutting his birthday cake and surrounded by people who love him,' said Mr Muhammad Farzid, tears welling up. 'I only managed to celebrate two birthdays with him, and then he was gone.' For causing grievous hurt, Firdaus could have been jailed seven years and caned. For ill-treating a child, he could have been jailed four years and fined $4,000. ******************************************************************************** *************************** Reading this story really make my blood boiled, this type of man also have... a innocent young life is lost just because of some lousy fellow.... Really feel sad for the young boy..
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    Killing a Toyota

    Pretty old clips... Not sure posted b4 or not... Killing a Toyota 1
  22. Filipino nurse stabbed dead by hubby, then drowns in Hudson River A Singaporean man killed his Filipina wife, abandoned their children in a restaurant and then drowned himself in the Hudson River, Monday in New Jersey. Peter Ng, 58, killed his wife Ruth Sigue, 38, by stabbing her several times in the chest inside their apartment in Somerville. Authorities said Ng believed that his wife, a registered nurse, was having an affair. The Jersey Journal and Star-Ledger reported that Sigue
  23. Picnic06-Biante15

    Killing Your Monday Blues............

    Just to kick start your "Monday Blues" with "Deception Is The Name Of The Game....." A man was sitting reading his papers when his wife hit him round the head with a frying pan. 'What was that for?' the man asked. The wife replied 'That was for the piece of paper with the name Jenny on it that I found in your pants pocket'. The man then said 'When I was at the races last week Jenny was the name of the horse I bet on' The wife apologized and went on with the housework. Three days later the man is watching TV when his wife bashes him on the head with an even bigger frying pan, knocking him unconscious. Upon re-gaining consciousness the man asked why she had hit again. Wife replied. 'Your horse phoned' ....
  24. sentence to 'drive home strong message' By Teo Xuanwei, TODAY | Posted: 12 December 2007 0632 hrs Photos 1 of 1 SINGAPORE : The number of accidents involving drink drivers might have fallen, but District Judge Wong Keen Onn felt it important nevertheless to "drive home a strong message" on such irresponsible motorists. And so, in the first such conviction since the launch of this year's anti-drink driving campaign last Friday, businessman Su Hong will spend 11 weeks behind bars for a hit-and-run offence. The 48-year-old, who was responsible for the accident along Outram Road that killed Ms Yuan Fudi in May, will also be barred from holding all classes of licences for five years. Two other charges were taken into consideration. The judge described Su's decision to flee the scene instead of helping the Chinese national as "reprehensible". He added: "Stopping and rendering assistance can mean a difference between life and death of the victim." Su had admitted to having drunk three to four glasses of beer about two hours before he ran over Ms Yuan, 28, who was here on a social visit pass. She was flung into the air and died of severe multiple injuries. Su fled the scene but passers-by had noted down his car licence number and reported it to the police. He was contacted and advised to surrender. He finally turned himself in at a neighbourhood police centre three hours later, where he failed a breathalyser test. The prosecution had urged the court to consider statistics that showed more drivers were being caught drink driving. But the defence lawyer pointed out that the number of drink-driving accidents had actually fallen. The judge said the key consideration should be whether drink-driving offences were still prevalent, instead of focusing on variations in statistics. - TODAY
  25. Hi guys, just trying to do a poll since the economy is doing so well..though I am not a beneficiary of it... Sunday Times reported ppl buying fast cars, luxury apts, designer furnitures like there's no tomorrow... Is it due to the stock mkt? Pty mkt? or their profession?