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Found 57 results

  1. Ah_liang

    Bird pest removal

    Got a problem. A pair of birds had happily dug a hole through the outer board covering the air con hole (old flat). Now they had even build a nest and this cause rain water to seep into the flat thru the inner board. Does anyone know of any service to remove the damn nest and replace the boards?
  2. My car, less than three months old, kena bird s--t. Sent the car for grooming by Imperial1, the stain is still obvious, if viewed from a certain angle. Sigh... For bros who have PPS on their rides, please advise how effective is it against bird droppings, especially if they have been in contact with the paintwork for more than six hours. Thanks
  3. public announcement service From September 6-15, 2019, Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Employment Pass holders will be able to enter park for free. The period falls on the September school holidays. Tickets are usually S$25.50 for adults and S$17 for children. Out of the 15 exhibits, however, five will be gated. Visitors can pay S$2 to visit each individual exhibit. All three shows will require a fee of S$4 per area. Coupons in sets of S$10 can be purchased on site. A bit confused with the pricing thou....... free entry, why not just make it fully free?
  4. A LAW student wrestled with and stomped on an ibis so severely that it had to be put down after the bird stalked him for his sandwich at South Bank Parklands. Andrew Quay Wee Meng, 25, of West End, pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty when he faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court today. Police said Quay Wee Meng had been eating a sandwich in the South Bank Parklands when an ibis flew up to his table. Witnesses said he stomped on the ibis repeatedly, shattering its left wing. After the attack, the bird had difficulty breathing and later had to be euthanased, the court was told. The 25-year-old told police he felt guilty but was scared of the animal. Defence lawyer Sue Ganasan stressed that her client had been in fear, and had previously been attacked by crows. She said the ibis had shocked Quay Wee Meng after approaching him from behind. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. .End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar. "He admits that his reaction was excessive," she said. Ms Ganasan said her client also waited for police in the park and was willing to pay the vet bills incurred by the bird. She said the 25-year-old finished his law degree at the end of this year, and had already had job offers within Australia. At the end of that time, she said Singapore-born Quay Wee Meng would have to apply for a bridging visa and then a working visa to start a career here. Magistrate John Costello told Quay Wee Meng his apparent rage had left onlookers appalled. He ordered him to complete 120 hours' community service within nine months, and recommended that he perform those hours with the RSPCA. Mr Costello declined to record a conviction, taking into account the 25-year-old had no criminal history, and the effect that a conviction would have on him. Outside court, Quay Wee Meng said he had been "terrified" by the bird. "Words can't describe how remorseful I am as to what happened to the bird in the end," he said. "It has happened before with other species of birds and I was trying to defend myself." A pet owner himself, Quay Wee Meng said he just wanted to get the bird away from him and didn't mean to kill it. "I am more remorseful that an animal has passed away." http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensl...f-1226022702251
  5. Dear all, Was driving along Tuas South Ave 3 on the extreme left lane at 50km/hr when i saw a lazy pigeon on the road crossing. Behind me and beside me were vehicles. I thought I was able to move slightly right to avoid running over the bird. As the bird disappeared from my driver view, i heard a bump, a bird scream and from my right side mirror saw feathers splattering everywhere. I am contemplating to wash my car to get rid of the "bad luck". Anyone experienced the same before? Need to report to AVA?
  6. Thaiyotakamli

    Bird Nest Recommendation

    Hi bros Any recommendation where to buy good, safe and cheap bird nest? No need concentrated as i prefer normal one like with rock sugar. Been buying from ZIP and Eu. Yan Shang for the past years but quite pricey. Some more i want to try new brands and just tried new moon the filling very little and very watery though taste not bad. If buy big bulk get discount will be better Kum sia in advance
  7. Nooby

    Bird s-h-i-t!!!

    Hi Guys. Sorry to ask, do bird s--t corrode the car paintwork? I just gana some bird s-h-i-t on the car, thereafter I use a wet tissue and wipe it off and washed it thereafter. But the paintwork become like rough and off. Got gana bird s-h-i-t previously but after wiping it off it's fine already. Just this one. Is it because on bonnet, hot, that's why it will become like this? Thank for your advice
  8. Turbonetics

    Going to Jurong Bird Park

    hi everybody,iam planning a trip to go bird park this saturday but understand that recently a factory had caught a massive fire at jurong. just want to check if anybody who had went there recently or stayed nearby was affected by the pollutions? i will be bringing my baby along,if the pollution is bad,i will have to change the date. thanks in advance.
  9. Darth_mel

    This bird sibeh suay

    Poor birdy wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong instance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J9azm6F7zk
  10. Something is not right, Earth had been attack with all kinds of flu yearly and it comes one after another... We had the 'swine flu (from pig), then came the Sars and the 'bird flu'.... Now is the 'rat' turn ... Yahoo report : Yosemite park at heart of deadly outbreak Yosemite National Park officials are spreading the word about an outbreak of the deadly, mouse-borne hantavirus, hoping to stop it in its tracks. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say around 10,000 people who stayed in tent cabins at the California park between June and August could have contracted the disease. So far two people who camped at the park have died of the lung virus that causes flu-like symptoms, while four others were treated successfully. The CDC added that it is investigating more cases that could be linked to the outbreak. link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/yosemite-pa...-132424739.html
  11. BabyBlade

    Bird (Parrot) Lovers, fall in!

    FALL IN! I have a Sun Conure and soon to be owner of a blue baby Indian Ringneck. If you have experiences, tips with hand-feeding a three to four weeks old baby bird ( Indian Ringneck), please share. If you are a current bird owner of any breed (especially parrots), please do share your bird pictures too!
  12. Picnic06-Biante15

    Our Very Own National Bird - Crimson Sunbird

    We have our national orchid and now, our national bird....... Crimson Sunbird Yahoo : Did you know that Singapore has a national bird? Everyone knows Singapore’s national flower is the Orchid, but do you know that Singapore’s national bird is the Crimson Sunbird? The Crimson Sunbird, or Aethopyga siparaja, was declared the national bird by Dr Shawn Lum, President of the Nature Society (Singapore) at the 6th Asian Bird Fair Fellowship Dinner on 31st October 2015. The national bird was apparently chosen in a public vote at the society’s 1st Nature Day way back in 2002. In that poll, the Crimson Sunbird won with 400 votes, or 38 per cent of a total of 1038 votes. Yahoo Singapore has reached out to the Nature Society (Singapore) regarding the 13 year gap between the vote and announcement, but has not received a response at the time of publication. Many members of the public that voted for the bird commented that it was small, active and red, much like Singapore. Other contenders were the White-bellied Sea-eagle, which was second in the vote count, followed by the Black-naped Oriole, Olive-backed Sunbird and the Greater-Racket-tailed Drongo. One interesting fact about the Crimson Sunbird is that it was collected and named by none other than Singapore’s founder Stamford Raffles, who published his findings in a journal. The bird can be seen at places like the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Pulau Ubin, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, according to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Considering the small voting pool, it’s no wonder that hardly anyone knows about the Crimson Sunbird and many people believe the crane or joke that the Singapore Airlines is the national bird. link : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/did-you-know-that-singapore-has-a-national-bird-083735196.html Nice little cutie birdie ....
  13. Jman888

    Flappy Bird craze!

    Creator of “Flappy Bird” Commits Suicide 7 Others Also Suicide This Morning Due To Flappy Bird http://huzlers.com/ SAN FRANCISCO – Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has just been found dead in his home with a gunshot wound in his head. Authorities are confirming that Nguyen committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol. Authorities are saying that the sensational game Flappy Bird had something to do with the suicide. There has also been 7 reports of other suicides around the U.S. today alone. Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has just taken Flappy Bird off app stores this morning and is believed to be the cause of the suicides. Flappy Bird was generating an estimated $50,000 daily just off in game advertisements. Dong Nguyen apparently could not handle the publicity as he said “It is not anything related to legal issues, I just cannot keep it anymore.” Nguyen was also posting similar tweets on his Twitter account. Authorities are still investigating the suicides as well as trying to find out Nguyen’s motives for taking down the famous game, Authorities believe it could have been death threats. What is this flappy bird thing?? i heard it is difficult to play and score of 100 is an achievement, i have not played or see the game myself but my kids love it i wonder the suicide news is a hoax!
  14. Thaiyotakamli

    JB Angry Bird Theme Park

    Anyone has visited the park? LifestyleStory Angry Birds Activity Park in Johor Baru is 20 minutes away from Woodlands checkpoint PUBLISHED ON OCT 27, 2014 A new indoor theme park, the Angry Birds Activity Park, is coming up and it is just a 20-minute drive from the Woodlands Checkpoint. Named after the popular mobile app, it will be housed in a new shopping centre in Johor Baru (JB), Komtar JBCC. -- PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK BY JALELAH ABU BAKER Singapore - A new indoor theme park, the Angry Birds Activity Park, is coming up and it is just a 20-minute drive from the Woodlands Checkpoint. Named after the popular mobile app, it will be housed in a new shopping centre in Johor Baru (JB), Komtar JBCC. Games like Lazer Bird Shoot, Red Bird Goal, Piggy Shooting Gallery and Captain Black Bird Ship - featuring characters from the app - can be expected at the park. The opening date of the park, a joint venture between real estate company Damansara Assets and Angry Birds app maker Rovio Entertainment, has not been announced yet. According to the park's official Facebook page, it will be "soon". Introductory single entry tickets are priced at RM75 ($29.20), while family tickets that admit two adults and two children are priced at RM230 ($89.55). The theme park is an addition to JB's other three parks: Legoland, Playtime (where the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is), and KSL Dinosaur Water Park on the 7th floor of a hotel (where dinosaurs fitted with sensors move when people are nearby). It will be an option for Singapore families looking for alternatives to Universal Studios Singapore. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/travel/story/angry-birds-activity-park-johor-baru-20-minutes-away-woodlands-checkpoint-201#sthash.wpmtk6Ne.dpuf
  15. Chowyunfatt

    Bird Shops

    Can someone recommend me a reliable place to buy a pair of Birds & a Cage … My Daughter has been bugging me for it since a few months ago … Any idea how much do those Birds cost? … Are they difficult to maintain? … Can I leave them outside the garden?
  16. RadX

    Angry Bird! Sg style

    Angry bird at zoo http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/peacock-tries-to-pick-a-fight-with-taxi-and-even-chases-after-it Think the taxi driver jio him lolll Even birds anti taxi unker
  17. Hmmmmm............ used to called peoples 'Bird Brain', think again ...... found it on yahoo : Bird Sings 'If Youre Happy and You Know It' A plastic food container makes this cockatiel so happy that he starts to sing the Japanese version of, 'If You
  18. While there are birds practical enough to help people in life - think of pigeons as letter couriers, some birds out there just don't have any idea whatsoever on what they are doing. The dove in the video below is one example. Believe it or not, doves are not clever, not at all. Well, while it's true some birds may find their home after flying a pretty far distance, you still can't consider them clever. It's more like a natural autopilot routine hardwired into their brain, without them realising what they're actually doing. That said, you can't expect doves to do things they aren't exactly created for. As an example, the dove you can see in the video really has no idea that standing on an F1 track is horribly dangerous, especially when an F1 Grand Prix (GP) is taking place. As a result, it had to play chicken with an F1 racer who happened to be approaching its direction. The F1 racer was revealed to be Brazilian Luiz Felipe de Oliveira Nasr. He was piloting a Dallara-Renault F1 car, racing for Carlin Motorsport. However, being stupid for standing on the racetrack in the first place, I must admit the bird has some great maneuverability. You see, it avoided being flattened by the racecar with a somehow adorable backflip, reminding me of those Kung-Fu moves you see in the movies. Fortunately, the bird survived, which is a good thing - and a miracle, too.
  19. Optivax

    OptiCoat vs bird bombs

    There are tons of coatings out in the market.. Paint coating..glass coating..nano coating..ceramic coating and they have the same purpose..that is to protect the paint against the harsh environment..most people including myself determine how long the coating last by the water sheeting and water beading effect but how about the protection..bead and sheet are one thing..the question is does it protect the paint? Generally all sealant, waxes including coating gave water beading and people are just happy to see it beads water but when the bird dropping landed on the surface..are you still able to remove them? To what extend? Hand polish or machine polish..everyone know bird dropping are acidic and it etches into the paint in just hours and if under the sun baking..it is worst.. If you do a google on optiguard or OptiCoat..u will see lots of different testing going on and comparing with different coating..to me as a car owner myself..I want it to protect the paint and able to remove any stains manually with some light polishes. My car is always a testbed for products..surface coated with optiguard by miracle detail 3 or 4 months ago with once a week washing and maintain with quick detailer. Car is parked 24/7 outdoor.. I got some fruit or bird dropping few weeks back and is indeed a good time to test out products.. The dropping is red in color and I know this is the most acidic stains..I was at miracle detail and Jeremy suggested to do a light polish and this is what I wanted to try..how easy to remove this stains from OptiCoat . I did not use any very abrasive products..I started with dura gloss 652 pre cleaner before I proceed to more abrasive stuff if I can't remove the stains I gave a very light rub with a cloth..no elbow grease and after a few rounds..the stains get lighter and almost gone..
  20. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...712&DL=1000 This BIRD must pay COE or not?
  21. FaezClutchless

    Red cars attract the most bird droppings

    All car owners reckon that one of the worst things that could happen when they park their cars in an open-air car park is to find bird droppings on their car. If these droppings are not cleaned immediately, they could damage the car's body paint and it could be rather expensive for the owners to repair the damaged paint work. A new research has revealed that the colour of your car could attract more of these birds to relief themselves on your car. Yeah, I know it sounds a little ludicrous but it is just a study that records the frequency of bird droppings based on the colour of the car. Let us see what this study has revealed. United Kingdom online retailer, Halfords, has conducted a research on the above mentioned subject. The sample included 1,140 cars in Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol, although there's no indication as to the total number of each car colour in the group. Bright red cars attract more bird droppings than vehicles of any other colour; green cars were found to suffer the least, followed by silver, while white vehicles escaped more often than black. During the study, drivers were also asked how quickly they removed droppings from their cars. Only 17 per cent, one in six, said they wiped off deposits immediately when they saw them, 20 per cent said they took action "within a couple of days" while 55 per cent waited until the next car wash. The remaining 8 per cent never washed their cars or left it to others to organise. As well as being unsightly, insurance industry figures show bird droppings on vehicles can be an expensive problem and estimate the damage caused by bird-poop-stained paintwork costs motorists
  22. KARTer

    Any bird lover here?

    Hope to find out more about keeping owls, or parrots, or eagle. Put one on shoulder!!
  23. MCForumer Dwee was curious to know what type of bird would produced purple colour s--t ??? My car park in a sheltered carpark also would kena bird s--t... what a start for a full of s--t day.....
  24. Picnic06-Biante15

    Hong Kong In Bird's Eye View ............

    No need to go to HK. Just see this website It's fascinating ! [/color]
  25. Ronleech

    Bird Sh1t.......

    Alamak, i noticed......my car paint came off like someone throw paint remover (small patch) and i suspect is the birdsh1t that is behind the whole thing. Bird sh1t really so corrosive??!!!