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  1. Nooby

    Cs3 side mirror

    Just to add on. Mine side mirror totally broke off. One side. Can purchase one side only? Can't reuse back one right?
  2. Nooby

    Cs3 side mirror

    Hey bro. I found their contact. Do they help in installation too?? Coz the mirror need to tap back one wire for the auto adjustment thingy. The price is less than $50?!? NB. My WS tell me $200++.
  3. Nooby

    Cs3 side mirror

    Bro. Thanks for your advice!!! You got their contact? But how to fix?? The nut all come out. Zzz. It is very easy?? Appreciate your advice!!!
  4. Nooby

    Cs3 side mirror

    Bros. any of you have idea how much it cost to repair a cs3 side mirror? The mirror completely broke off. Can it be stick back? Coz the ws said that I will have to purchase a new one. Can't be stick back? The price is ard $200-$300. It is so expensive? Btw it is only one side(left). Please advice...
  5. Nooby

    Bird s-h-i-t!!!

    Anyone used before amry's wax???? Is it good?
  6. Nooby

    Bird s-h-i-t!!!

    Thanks for your advice. I got the swirl mark already. I did put on a wet tissues to soak it wet (heard from another mcfer bro's advice b4) then wipe it off with another wet tissue. But the damage is there already (just for this case) Can I do anything to clear off the swirl mark? My paintwork is black. Now the bird s-h-i-t potion is like greyish black.. sian...
  7. Nooby

    Bird s-h-i-t!!!

    Thanks for your reply. I think it have already corrode abit my paint. Will waxing help???
  8. Hi Bros. Any reputable and price-resonable workshop can intro?? Those that do more on CS3 one.
  9. Nooby

    Bird s-h-i-t!!!

    Hi Guys. Sorry to ask, do bird s--t corrode the car paintwork? I just gana some bird s-h-i-t on the car, thereafter I use a wet tissue and wipe it off and washed it thereafter. But the paintwork become like rough and off. Got gana bird s-h-i-t previously but after wiping it off it's fine already. Just this one. Is it because on bonnet, hot, that's why it will become like this? Thank for your advice
  10. Nooby

    HDB ..... an asset?

    Sorry for being ignorant. After the 99 years, the gov take back the flat or??
  11. Nooby

    Simple things that make your day

    Girls that you dont get may be the sweetest of all. Once you have gotten, it may seem less sweet already. LOL.
  12. Nooby

    Should I report or not?

    So you decided to report one video or two?
  13. Oic. Cause I hearsay from my friends that CS3 metal very soft. So it is not true la? Yours an OPC car?
  14. Hi Bro, you driving CS3 or EX?
  15. I will have slight vibration when stoping too. WS said that is it okay, unless you want to waste money on the engine mounting. Which is unnessary yet. You can check with your WS, if there is a need to change the engine mounting. *Sometime WS wanna earn money they might ask you to change when it is still usable.