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Found 20 results

  1. Tuesday we had a worst power failure in 14 yrs. Wednesday MRT broke down for more than half a day. Thursday M1 data down, and I think is at least from jurong to clementi. other area unknown to me yet. Hotline busy for last 30 min. So, are we under some form of attack or simply just plain suay? So whats going down tomorrow? is there a line up for Sat and Sun also? Let the guessing game begin..
  2. Darth_mel

    This bird sibeh suay

    Poor birdy wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong instance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J9azm6F7zk
  3. Sp4wn

    Wah lau sibei suay!

    haiz.. just changed the stupid tire a few weeks ago somemore ... tire literally blew ... some metal object about the size of a 50 cent coin stuck in it ... pressure dropped from 230 to 120 in a min or two ... lucky wasnt driving fast ... suay ah! need to spend another 1k on 1 tire!! dont think can repair also ><
  4. and it was 1 mth ago.. I dont remember entering the bus lane Any idea how does the cameraman look like?
  5. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/car-tyres-dislodged-after-accident-at-jurong-west-junction What car is that? Whole rear axle can come out... Many accidents at this junction. At least 1 fatal. Anyone staying nearby got comments?
  6. Jellandross

    Sia suay VW drivers

    Just saw this from reckless driver FB today. Being a VW driver, i feel sia suay by this driver. This gu-niang acted like a tough guy but no balls to provide his particulars after an accident. The lady even have to chase him down before he was forced to show his face. Yes, we don't know what happened before the video as usual. It's an accident, exchange particulars, move on. Be a man. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=777573968972297 by https://www.facebook.com/sgreckless. Singapore Reckless Drivers The confront. "8 August 2014 around 8.25 am- My sister, Honda Jazz was hit by a dangerous driver. After the hit, he wanted to escape from the scene but lucky my sister managed to stop him on time with the "aid" from the traffic light. My sister wanted to get his contact no. and details from him so that she can make report to my insurance and the police but he refused to give it to her as he claimed that earlier on before the hit took place, my sister cut into his lane When my sister try to talk reason with him, he is not very co-operative and was acting very aggressively towards my sister when he is talking to her was. I uploaded this footage to let the public who drive be wary of this driver, car plate No. SJN 4131L. My sister have already log a police report against him and hope that Traffic Police to consider taking action against such driver for sake of other drivers and not become a victim. Because of this accident, my sister was injured on the leg and was given 3 days MC." http://youtu.be/i9SeHwPajAo Serendipity Ong [sRD Community]
  7. Just sharing. How many of you kena before? Paisei video quality not good.
  8. http://shanghaiist.com/2009/01/14/girl_cri...ts_car_from.php
  9. So unlucky. Involved in a chain collision accident. 4 cars involved. Mine was the second car from the front. Was raining heavily and the taxi infront of me was slowing down and i also slowed down to a complete stop. But all of sudden another taxi from behind knock my backside. My rear bumper and left rear lights gone. Boot also dented so now cannot open. For my front it looks as if the front bumper is slightly knocked and number plate bent. But the impact from behind pushed my car to kiss into the taxi infront with slight scratches on his back bumper. In fact the taxi driver(front) wanted to settle with me for $20 to $30 but i told him let's just take down particulars for the 4 cars. The last car behind(4th car) is a rather young chap. I am not sure what is his damages like as it was raining rather heavily at that point. But I can only guess that he knocked into the third car. In such situation what is my liability? I am going down to the workshop tomorrow for repair.
  10. MRSlow

    My Suay Day

    need a place to vent of my frustration . . comin back from msia (sunday 7.45pm,) using the skudai highway slow moving traffic as usual at opposite of Taman Sutera Utama . . i was now the 1st lane . suddenly a msia car infront of me jam brake , i follow the suit to prevent hitting him and i manage to stop then a bang from the back . . get out and i saw two msia cars (car A and car B) behind mi . car A , car B then my car . only my number plate dented . . i haven say anything to the person behind yet car A come and say his headlight damaged ask mi park at the side and he get into my car stop at side , he (car A) keep saying y i jam brake ?? car B just keep saying its all my fault . . car A demanded 400rm . I paid 350rm to car A to settle . . I know i have been scammed by them . . HOW TO PROTECT US FROM THIS KIND OF SITUATION WHILE AT MSIA ??????? How ???? after that go pump , my battery warning light came out . . i drive on temp went up , i stop at side and switch off . . wait for it to cool down , aftet that i could nt start at all . . i was so lost , dont know wat to do . . call the petrol station boss to come rescue me . drove to msia custom , abs light , steering light all light coming out . . die off after chop passport. call tow truck , check fan belt gone . tow to bridge , sg side tow back . . my worst day of my life . .
  11. Within 3months... Kana fine $150 n 6 demerit points for speeding @ 91km/h in a van on PIE. Then had an accident 100% fault. Then $200 fine + 6 demerit points for the accident. Haiz... Things couldn't get any better... $ flying away freely... Pui. Blame who but myself... Well u know some days r good... Some days r bad.... Some days pass without u knowing.... Somedays are full of regret.... Somedays are just... Well.... Makes u feel really terrible n sian... Today... After a terrible morning... And also afternoon.... I was making a u-turn n couldn't make it so had to reverse... I did the turn slowly but still failed. Guess my 'slowness' pissed the car behind... So when I stopped to reverse the car behind honk many times... Like that agressive type of honking telling me what an idiot I am... So I reversed a little n made my turn n went on my way slowly... I was already so pai say... So just forget it lah... But when the proton satria neo passed me, STARE at me... So I honk 3times back... I in my lane he in his lane... WAH... He buay song... Cut into my lane n stopped... Got out of his car n walked to me... While I wind down my window... Then he shout at me "why? Horn what?"... Then I ask back "u stare what?... Just now u honk wat?" he say he honk to warn me I reverse into him. I said u honk so aggressively before I reverse. Juz tap I will know I not blind. He say he honk is to warn me and I honk him why? Not happy is it?.... So I said u stare at me that's why I honk u... U stare f--k? Then he ask me why cannot stare ah f--k... So I said I cannot honk ah? I honk u ah? Then he repeat u not happy is it?So I damn fed up liao I wore both my shoes and got out of my car n walk towards him and ask him "now what u want? U want to fight here like an idiot is it?".... By then already got on lookers n I so malu sia.... Then he point to the police station n ask me want to go there anot? Knn??? I said u the one stop me like u some gangster n now u ask me go police station... U damn malu sia.... (btw he's a malay in his forties I guess... I'm a chinese... Hence I guess tats why I said the malu n sia here n there...) So I walked back to my car... Cause got abit of jam we caused... And we parted ways like so no problem... Bloody embarrassing encounter.... Was hopping won't kanna stomp or you tube.... Then while driving to my next destination... Felt really terrible. The kind of terrible like i've disappointed my mum type. Like don't what she did to have such a son. I can imagine how she would react if she was at the scene. I don't wanna picture it to much.... Haiz haiz haiz.... What a shitty day....
  12. Dj_spike

    Accident... Dunno suay or heng

    Was on the way back home in dad's car from office yest.... happened 2 traffic lights from destination(500-700m away).... It started to rain heavily and the lights were green at a junction. Just as when my dad juz crossed the junction on the leftmost lane, a cyclist(kid) went full speed across the road and banged into the side mirror at the driver's side. Side window had a long crack. Slight dent at the driver's door and a bump at the rear fender. My dad was crying aloud in the car when the bang came. My heart was thumping as i witnessed the whole thing as well... Car stopped 5m in front. When i opened the door, a huge relief came to me when i saw the kid standing and trying to straighten his bicycle. So we asked him if he was ok... he said it was ok except for a few scratches on his leg.... initially, he did not want to go hospital but his family came down one by one and insisted he go do a checkup so we sent him to cgh and waited till 10.... Before moving on to the hospital, I managed to consult a fren and made him sign a memo saying he was at fault. The kid was sorry for barging across like that. He was on his mp3 player and obviously did not look to his left. He said it started raining and he did not wanna his mp3 player(hp with no sim) to get wet. Dunno this one is called heng or suay [sweatdrop]
  13. suay suay suay.... its been awhile since i had an accident... and usually my accidents are claim other party as its not my fault most of the time... excluding the idiotic times i bump into stationary objects or the wall... Anyways i am the type who is never prepared for an accident as i always tell myself ... aiya wont be me one lah... boy am i so wrong... this is my 1st accident whereby i am 100% totally at fault... i banged into a stationary car... now how much more stupid can i be??????? so was wondering for the 'experienced' here, any things i should take note of? i made a report from the workshop this morning... got a replacment car (for up to 10 days only is this normal?)... am feeling so sad for my poor ah pek car... sob sob...
  14. Garis

    My Suay Day....

    Ever experienced a shitty day when everything goes wrong for you? I sure experienced one of the shittiest day of my life today. Here goes: 1) cleaning my son's bottom when the shower head broke 2) questioned my wife about the shower head and she got angry and said I blamed her 3) when shop to buy shower head. Parked less than a minute on double yellow line with wife and 2 small sons in the car and noticed patrol car stopping behind me copying my car plate no. 4) rushed out too late and questioned wife why not alert and kena blasted by her for blaming her again 5) went food court while lining up this ah tiong woman just cut in front of me when I was about to order. Ask her why so rude no manners she shouted at me why cannot and said I bully her. Call her ah tiong husband to shout and threatened me and I replied 'i've only 2 things to say to you. Either learn some manners or go back to china' ah tiong couple then spewed vulgarities and walked off. 6) I realized that I was short changed of 50 cents by the hawker that's my shitty day. Btw, how much fine I gotta pay based on the above violation? No demerit points right? Tmr I think I'll strike 4D.
  15. say both are same price la... very old BMW vs new Civic 2.0 (90+k) which one would u choose and why
  16. Kingcopa

    Suay or just coincident?

    Reading the paper on Sun abt the prob regarding F1. Somthing pop into my mind, i dun know whether is it SG suay or the events is just so coincident. First when we decide to build IRs - Economic crisis and MBS n Genting badly hits Then just when we happily organise F1 - There could be a break away Then AYG - H1N1....... Suay or coincident?
  17. Ev0lutionz

    Is it me suay or what?

    today ppl throw wet tissue kena car.. How to clean? Advise please. Come out of car, put things in boot, kena already. CB.
  18. Jonbummer

    So SUAY recently...

    recently i had been really been darn SUAY and most of the incidents and accidents i was not personally involved. starting with the one this afternoon! park my car nicely just down at my office, King George Bldg. when Bro Super7 arrived, I went down to bring him up to my office. then i realised my rear left door had been a subject to a 'hit and run' more $$$ gone just a week ago, my fren hit a taxi backside while driving my car. bonnet had to be reshaped and resprayed sianzz... insurance side, i refused to think abt it for now then a week before this, on the kart track, my fren crashed my kart... luckily no major structure damage, only 2 support metal bars had to be bent back sigh... wah lau! what bad luck! just needed a outlet to vent my feelings cheers
  19. Jen1106

    SUPER DUPER suay today!!!

    Today at 1730hrs, was driving along Bedok South Ave 1 going to enter ecp. U the gold color Hyundai Sonata moron suddenly jam brake in front of me becoz ur freaking mind suddenly want to turn right to Marine Parade but u had overshort den u decided to jam brake at the right lane. Lucky me can brake in time so not to kiss ur bloody ass but becoz of u moron i kana hit by a taxi on my back! U noe my car is not even one month yet !!!! All becoz of u bloody moron i kana hit!!! I onli can remember ur plate start from SGZ.... Im cursing u to report to hell B18 as soon as possible u bloody moron!! Damn pissed off right now!!!!