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  1. Hi guys. Our home handyman adventures are sorta scattered all round the place in different threads. Maybe can lump here under something like makan thread. Don't think this belongs to plumber thread. So I start this off. My 555 ss water container. The lid handle fell off. Would an epoxy work? Any recommended brands? Funny thing is if it's epoxyed on originally. How come got that 3 contact points?
  2. Firstly, I don't work for any of these folks, but I think I had a good time with them, so I'm giving them a shoutout. As some of you know, I've had a baby, yeah! However in my haste to run about preparing, I managed to scratch my bumper against a post whilst shopping for my wife and baby - boo! I also had a deep scratch that some terrible person keyed onto my bonnet within a week of my getting the car.. that has been an eyesore because it occured so soon after I got my car. I have tried polishing it off, but it was too deep for that. Thankfully, my bonnet was made from aluminium, so my agent said it's ok and it did not breach the base coat. I did ask around about doing that but the downtime was something I didn't want to incur so I have lived with the scratch for a while. However when I scratched my bumper and a bit of the side of the car, I decided I will get it fixed together. As it would be, my baby come and everything else had to put on the back burner. I also changed my battery, but the man came over to do it, and it was fast and smooth, I recommend Clement and the battery company: 8166 4455 I then asked him for a shop that could fix my scratches. He gave me a contact: Sprayboxx https://www.facebook.com/sprayboxxsg/ 9888 9707, Douglas is the boss. He is an interesting guy, having opened this shop during the Covid times. He was previously a corporate person, and now he has his own shop, doing paint, dents and not only for cars, but he does bicycles and even boats! So when you get a dent / scratch, some things you want to take note of: - take pictures, especially if you want to file any claims later do it from different angles and make sure the pictures are clear, well lit and do close ups as well as wide angle shots show how deep it is, where it is, and give a reference, like a ruler or put your hand in the shot too - the depth is key, if it breaches the base layer then you need to get it fixed soon as there is a real risk of rust. Every car has the same four layers, some do more repetitions but essentially they are: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Schematic-of-a-typical-four-layer-automotive-coating-system_fig1_281575817 https://autodometer.com/blog/5 layers of car paint Many vandals don't breach the base layer, so you can wait if someone keys your car. However if it's a dent and the base layer is involved, you may want to get it done asap. - think of the down time you need and try not to rush it. You have the kind of paint job where 2nd hand car dealers will simply spray on a thin coat to make the car look nice. There's no sanding or preparation of the car. It's fast and cheap but doesn't last and is not as good as the original paint. If you bought a decent car, the original paintwork is always best. Douglas recommended retaining it if the scratches are not that deep and can be polished off. - paint / polish or more So if your car is well maintained, free of stains from bird poop or other chemicals that ruin the original paintwork, you may wish to retain the original paintwork, opting for a polish or a ceramic coat instead. However a polish will not work it is too deep as mentioned. Douglas was willing to try but as predicted, it was too deep. - doing a good paint job requires removal of the parts, eg doors, bonnet etc but that takes time So in my car, I opted for a combination: repair the scratch on the side, paint that and the bonnet, then polish and finish off with a ceramic coat. I told him about my predicament, in fact, the day I wanted to send my car in, my baby came! So I had to put off the job for a couple of weeks until I could find time and he could slot me in too as many wanted a refresh for CNY. I sent my car in on a Friday after work, and he immediately started work on the scratch. Thankfully the sensors on the bumper were ok so that just needed some paint. He will paint the rear scratch and the dent, then bake the car, and finally polish and apply the ceramic coat. We used this Meguair's product: Knowing I need the car urgently for all the medical appointments, he got his workers to work really late for the coat so I could get my car back by Monday. In fact he finished the job early and now I have a shiny car all ready for CNY 🙂 I had a couple of ceramic coats which came free with the purchase and I polish my car myself, so the car was otherwise pretty clean and that helps. If you have a lot of bird stains, then check your paintwork to see if it will be sufficient to polish. Some advice after the coating: - just a light wash, with water or a light shampoo if it's really dirty. - avoid rain or water for day if possible
  3. Hi Have a Toyota Picnic and was recently asked by workshop to change the steering rack assy. Quite expansive, and looking for 2nd opinion and quotes for replacement. Any good workshop to recommend.
  4. engine still running even though ignition key turn to off when I was in the Carpark. Drove to the end of the Carpark and off again and managed to shutdown My battery is 1yr 10months could it be due to battery?
  5. Hi All, Some cars these days do not come with spare tires, although not much of an issues if you are in Singapore. However if traveling north in the middle of no man's land may be a problem and personally have a completely toasted tire with a spark plug pierced into the tires before in Malaysia. So the question is can tire sealant helped until you find a next available tire shop??? What about sidewalls???. Is there any external temporary patch of sort that can use on sidewall available in the market???? Note we are talking about temporary repairs only until you find earliest available help.
  6. Hi guys, Can you all help me with this polls? I would like to garner genuine feedback from you guys on your servicing and tyre change routine. Recently, I have receive feedback from workshops that their business is slow even during this CNY period. My objective here is to understand and study how can workshop better facilitate our motoring need and advice them accordingly. your opinion and feedback is very valuable to us! I will randomly reward 10 participants with our MCF cashcard!
  7. Ysc3

    3 party repairs ?

    Apple fined millions by Australian court for misleading customers over faulty iPhones SYDNEY: Apple was Tuesday fined Aus$9 million (US$6.7 million) by an Australian court for making false claims about consumer rights when refusing to fix faulty iPhones and iPads previously repaired by a third party. Customers of the US tech giant had complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) after an operating system update disabled their devices in a global issue known as "error 53". The users were told by Apple that they were not eligible for a remedy if the iPhone or iPad had been repaired by another company. The ACCC took Apple to the Federal Court last year over allegedly false or misleading representations to customers with faulty iPhones and iPads about their rights under the law. "If a product is faulty, customers are legally entitled to a repair or a replacement under the Australian Consumer Law, and sometimes even a refund," ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said in a statement. "The court declared the mere fact that an iPhone or iPad had been repaired by someone other than Apple did not, and could not, result in the consumer guarantees ceasing to apply, or the consumer's right to a remedy being extinguished." Apple admitted misleading at least 275 Australian customers over the issue between February 2015 to February 2016 on its US website, by its Australian store staff and on its customer service phone calls. The consumer watchdog said Apple had also committed to providing new devices as replacements, after allegations that the company was giving customers refurbished goods instead after a device suffered a major failure. There was no immediate comment from Apple, which has previously described the error as appearing "when a device fails a security test". It has released an operating system update to fix the issue.
  8. hi guys i was in involved in a minor accident with another vehicle.....attached below is the pic of my ride and the damage area.....was quoted 300 bux for repairs by a workshop in yishun, isit ok?....any other bros with other recommendations? thanks aiya...unable to load pic as file is 400+kb........... any description of damage.....scratches and chips of the left side of the front bumper and bumper is unclip.......the left side headlight also misaligned and needs to panel beat............ basically needs to respray the whole bumper and panel beat to align the left headlight...was quoted 300 bux....reasonable?
  9. Dear all car lovers, Would like to seek some advise here on what am experiencing now. My car IU unit suddenly turn with Green Light "Hard On". Even with cash card removed and engine power off. Is there a way to perform a Hardware reset to the IU unit ? Or I have to send to the authorized workshop to get it repair / replace. Any advise to be shared will be much appreciated. Regards.
  10. I was quoted $1000 before gst for repairs to my Nissan Latio. Is this reasonable or is there another recommended workshop that is cheaper? Thanks everyone. This was what was recommended by tan chong - "RECOMMEND TO CHANGE ALL ENGINE MOUNTINGS,ROCKER, TIMING COVER CHANGE ROCKER/TIMING/C/SHAFT OIL SEAL"
  11. yo bros.. just to share a promotion deal i saw at www.petalbytes.com its a female forum, meant for ladies only to share stuff. http://petalbytes.com/exclusives-deals-on-petalbytes/ I saw this car workshop listed in their exclusive deals. Anyone try before? exclusive deal, but i read through from top to bottom, it does not say I need to be a lady to claim the deal. Just PM them can get a good deal liao... hope someone used them before, i like good deals... if not, have to trouble my wife to go with me to the workshop to claim deal liao
  12. My 1 year old Volvo got hit by Merc E-class Car plate SJH6886K while parked in NUH basement Carpark. Carparked properly in lot, and the Merc side hit my car while reversing. I super suay, the idiot didnt leave a number or contact, i thought CCBKNN the fcuker got away..... then an uncle suggested to go see Carpark security office. I managed to get the security guys there to help me out. Manage to see the accident on video (they had like 100 plus camera there). I also got the carplate number and made police report. Also had side face photo of the fcuker. I went to Volvo repairs (under my insurance panel AIG authorized workshop). I was told that I had 3 options 1. pay up front and don't claims insurance, otherwise my NCD get hit, and my excess is $1400 . Was quoted 3k to change front bumper and car plate. Maybe able to claims against the other car but need to pay own lawyer fee ~$500 2. claim own insurance, NCD get hit 30% and still need to pay excess and try to claim against the other party with lawyer. 3. wait for TP to sort out before repairing so don't have to pay out any money outfront. If no one caught or the other party dont make report, I cant claims..... 4. superglue repair myself. my car plate now using blue tac to glue back on Any advice? Should i try other channels to get ppl to contact the owner to "persuade" him to make report and do the right thing? repair is 1 week - at least can get relief car :angry:
  13. Hi everyone Need some advise. My car scratch against carpark column n damage is superfical with some dents n paint peel. If i claim own dmg fm insurance, apart fm losing the ncd protector for this yr, will there be any extra loading for subsequent yr? For own dmg claim, will is there a min req sum that needs to be met b4 insurance will cover? Thanks Picture:
  14. An inconsiderate motorist hit my parked car and ran away after leaving a dent on the front passenger door of my car, along with scratched paintwork extending to the rear passenger door. I was quoted >$2k by an AD, and told it would entail replacement of the front door and 4 days' of work. In contrast, Alice's wizards repaired and repainted the damage in 3 days, for a fraction of the price. My expectation was that some evidence of the damage would of course be left behind. To my pleasant surprise, I could barely tell there was any damage at all after their work, and even pits and dings from previous stone chips or doors opened by clumsy passengers of other cars have been repaired. In addition, there were classic Ferraris being lovingly restored there as well, and if these wizards can do those cars justice, I'm sure they will do a fine job for just about any car. To not recommend this establishment to others would be a sin.
  15. Anyone send in their accident vehicle to Borneo motors for repair? Can I noe wats the procedures like? Will we be able to get a courtesy car while being repaired? For claiming purpose, bm will settle rite? Thx..
  16. Many of us know that workshops are overcharging us. Whether it is an authorized workshop or it be Ah Tan's Motor (fictitious name). Many times we have no idea at all as to what went wrong and we will blindly listen to what the mechanics are telling us, nodding our heads as though we understood everything they said (or did not say). Most other times, we just grumble a little and hand over our ATM card. After all, when something goes wrong with our car, we just want to get it fix as soon as possible. Recently I met with one such incident and, in what I felt, had been totally ripped off. It was probably partly my fault for being too rough on the car. I had pulled up in a Shell station, grab the gear shifter, and with probably a little too much force, yanked it to "P". What followed was a heart sinking "krucckk" sound, accompanied by all the lights beside the gear indicator lighting up and the car now stuck in "R" gear. The gear shifter now has completely lost all resistance and could freely move from P to 1 with a push of a finger. The gear linkage had came loose. Now, if this were to happen to your friend (lets call him John), who is the average driver and knows nothing about cars, along say Ang Mo Kio Street 11. He/She would probably have thought the worst and a tow truck would be definitely called for. In his/her mind now, this seems to warrant a pretty serious repair, and equally hefty bill. The workshops know this and therefore, they charge accordingly. Let me show you what actually happened to my car. No. 2 is the Gear Linkage that goes to the shifter No. 3 is the Actuator Lever that is connected to the Gearbox itself Due to my excessive force, No.2 came loose from No.3. It is basically a rubber boot (No.2) that slots into a ball end on No.3. However, I had damaged the rubber boot slightly and it will not fit properly onto the actuator lever anymore. So, the workshop decided to change the actuator lever to another which has a screw end instead of a slot-in ball end. They then drill a small hole into the rubber boot so the screw can be fitted through and a nut can be used to hold it in place. This actuator lever is only a piece of metal about the size of your thumb. So I thought, Hey! That will be cheap! Estimated about maximum $30 for that piece. NO. It cost $240. I was a mechanic in army and I know a little about stuffs like that, $240, that is way overkill. The mechanic who knows me knew it was excessive but he said that's what the boss quoted and he can't do anything about it. Not wanting to put my friend in a spot, I reluctantly paid up. Now, if your friend John who by now believe that he needs to fork out at least $1000 for some huge damage to his gearbox was told that he will only have to pay $240. He'd be delighted and would have gladly paid up. Sad truth here is, due to the high cost of cars in Singapore, many people mistakenly think that car components cost a lot when in fact cost price for a basic Suzuki swift can be as low as $6000 -$8000 (est.). Do you think that a piece of metal warrants $240? If you have any similar experiences, do share under the comments section.
  17. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...907-370257.html SINGAPORE - Car repair shop-owners say they may be forced to raise prices of repairs after the implementation of the lemon law on Sept 1. Under the lemon law, if a product is found to be defective within six months of purchase, the seller is obliged to repair, replace, or refund the price. Wear and tear is not covered under the law.
  18. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...907-370257.html SINGAPORE - Car repair shop-owners say they may be forced to raise prices of repairs after the implementation of the lemon law on Sept 1. Under the lemon law, if a product is found to be defective within six months of purchase, the seller is obliged to repair, replace, or refund the price. Wear and tear is not covered under the law.
  19. Keeps going to Start Up repair function, but yet fail to repair properly. So It just keeps repeating this cycle. Tried to boot in safe mode but in vain, as it keeps going to start up repair. Any repair shop to recommend which can help in the recovery of my hard disk data? Many thanks
  20. All car owners reckon that one of the worst things that could happen when they park their cars in an open-air car park is to find bird droppings on their car. If these droppings are not cleaned immediately, they could damage the car's body paint and it could be rather expensive for the owners to repair the damaged paint work. A new research has revealed that the colour of your car could attract more of these birds to relief themselves on your car. Yeah, I know it sounds a little ludicrous but it is just a study that records the frequency of bird droppings based on the colour of the car. Let us see what this study has revealed. United Kingdom online retailer, Halfords, has conducted a research on the above mentioned subject. The sample included 1,140 cars in Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol, although there's no indication as to the total number of each car colour in the group. Bright red cars attract more bird droppings than vehicles of any other colour; green cars were found to suffer the least, followed by silver, while white vehicles escaped more often than black. During the study, drivers were also asked how quickly they removed droppings from their cars. Only 17 per cent, one in six, said they wiped off deposits immediately when they saw them, 20 per cent said they took action "within a couple of days" while 55 per cent waited until the next car wash. The remaining 8 per cent never washed their cars or left it to others to organise. As well as being unsightly, insurance industry figures show bird droppings on vehicles can be an expensive problem and estimate the damage caused by bird-poop-stained paintwork costs motorists
  21. Dear All, I am looking for an honest workshop who will do service and repairs for Toyota Dyna Lorries on the east side. Do PM me if there's any recommendation. Thanks!
  22. Folks, Can provide some workshops that deal in repairs and maint? Wanted to change my front absorbers ( and other minor replacements)? A workshop quoted $800 nett for replacing my front absobers only. Thanks!
  23. My passenger's side front brake appears to have jammed ie car pulls to the left on straight road and the rim smells and gets hot..... the workshop said may need to change caliper!!! ........ you guys think they are trying to rip me off??.... i tot jammed brake only needs re-adjustment nia, where got must change caliper one?? i told them wait for my instruction first before they proceed!! Many thanks in advance for your advice
  24. it's interesting ... A big shop quotes 800 for car dent scratch repair while another small one quoted 400 for same thing
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