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Found 104 results

  1. Mockngbrd

    Rip Kobe Bryant

    https://nypost.com/2020/01/26/kobe-bryant-reportedly-killed-in-california-helicopter-crash Rip
  2. A widow who lost $280,000 after handing the money to an acquaintance to make a Chinese property investment has lost her legal bid to get it back. Madam Lim Choo Eng's husband died in 2012 when a Ferrari crashed into his taxi and she used some of the money she got after his death to invest in a plot of land in China, giving it to Madam Koh Siew Eng - including a $50,000 deposit within four days of meeting her. When she realised she had been tricked, she tried to sue Madam Koh for a refund - but Madam Koh contended that she was just a "mouthpiece" facilitating the transaction and had transferred the money to a third party in China who granted Madam Lim a sub-lease for the plot. In a judgment on Friday (Aug 23), a High Court judge dismissed Madam Lim's case, even though he found she was honest and he believed her testimony more than Madam Koh's. Justice Choo Han Teck said Madam Lim's claim of misrepresentation must fail as she had not pleaded that there was a contract, oral or written, between her and Madam Koh. "Although it seems to me that Lim appeared to have acted in reliance on Koh's representation, and might even have come to an agreement with her, none of that was pleaded and the court cannot write their contract for them," said the judge. Justice Choo will hear arguments on costs at a later date, but said he did not think Madam Lim should have to bear any legal costs for the case. Madam Lim's husband, Mr Cheng Teck Hock, died aged 52 after a speeding Ferrari crashed into his taxi at the junction of Rochor Road and Victoria Street. The Ferrari's driver, Chinese national Ma Chi, also died in the accident. Mr Ma's insurers offered advance payouts for third-party claims while public donations poured in for Mr Cheng's family. In 2014, Madam Lim decided to invest some money through Madam Koh. The two women became acquainted through their respective sons, who were friends. Madam Lim said Madam Koh claimed to be a successful investor and offered her a joint investment opportunity to buy land in China which was to be redeveloped and sold for a profit. Between March and August 2014, Madam Lim transferred more than $280,000 to Madam Koh and Madam Koh's sister. In August 2014, Madam Lim and Madam Koh flew to China to meet Mr Lu Jinlin, who was supposed to lease the land from a village committee. He did not show Madam Lim the land because of "bad weather" but she was assured by Mr Lu and Madam Koh that she would get a stake. In March 2015, Mr Lu came to Singapore and signed a document granting Madam Lim a 70-year sub-lease for part of the land. Madam Lim did not get any more information about the deal and said it was only in 2017 that she realised Madam Koh did not invest in the land. Madam Koh said Madam Lim was always aware that she was only an agent; she denied having made claims about a joint investment. She said the money was transferred to Mr Lu and his family between April 2014 and October 2016. Madam Lim's lawyer, Mr Renganathan Shankar, argued that Madam Koh had orchestrated the entire scheme as she was aware of Madam Lim's finances due to the publicity surrounding her husband's death. He argued that Madam Lim was entitled to rescind the contract or to damages. But Justice Choo said Madam Koh was not a party to the sub-lease, a contract between Madam Lim and Mr Lu. The judge added that the sub-lease was "highly suspect". Unfortunately, the authenticity of the document was not challenged, nor did Madam Lim check with the land owners as to whether her sub-lease was recognised.
  3. 41 out of total 78 died.
  4. Dear all, Was driving along Tuas South Ave 3 on the extreme left lane at 50km/hr when i saw a lazy pigeon on the road crossing. Behind me and beside me were vehicles. I thought I was able to move slightly right to avoid running over the bird. As the bird disappeared from my driver view, i heard a bump, a bird scream and from my right side mirror saw feathers splattering everywhere. I am contemplating to wash my car to get rid of the "bad luck". Anyone experienced the same before? Need to report to AVA?
  5. Schoolgirl killed in freak accident: Lawnmower blade sliced open part of skull Feb 14, 2018 SEREMBAN - Nor Afini Roslan, the Form Two student killed in a freak accident involving a lawnmower, was a keen archer who had only just moved to Gemas from Pahang with her father-cum-coach before the new school term began last month. Nor Afini, 14, was on the SMK Tuanku Abdul Rahman field preparing for Sports Day when a broken blade from the ride-on lawnmower sliced open part of her skull at 10.30am yesterday. She was with a group of about 50 students at the time. Nor Afini was killed instantly while two other students - her classmate Abdullah Hazlan and Form One student Mohd Farhan Reza Badrol Hesam - were injured and taken to the Gemas health clinic for treatment. Norizzah said she was in class when she got a call from her older brother Roslan Samat, 55, Nor Afini's father. She rushed to her nephew's class and broke the news to him. When met at home in Felda Sg Kelamah, Muhammad Addim, 10, said he was very close to Nor Afini, who always helped him with his homework. "She was the one I used to play with and fight with most of the time. "I don't know who will manja (pamper) me from now on," said Muhammad Addim, the youngest of the five siblings. One of Nor Afini's schoolmates, who declined to be identified, said the lawnmower operator was cutting the grass a short distance from where the students had gathered. "All of a sudden, we heard screams. Nor Afini collapsed and we were shocked to see how bad her injury was," she said. Another of Nor Afini's aunts, who chose to remain anonymous, said at the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital (TJH) mortuary here that the girl had re­presented Pahang in archery. She said Nor Afini was so passio­nate about the sport that she decided to follow her father when he moved to Gemas to work on the family's oil palm plot. "My brother trained Nor Afini and her three older siblings in archery and they all went on to represent Pahang in the sport. "In fact, Muhammad Addim, who is in Year Four, has also taken up the sport," she said. Nor Afini's body was initially taken to Tampin Hospital for a post-mortem but police then decided to conduct it at TJH. Roslan, who accompanied his daughter's body to TJH in a police Land Rover, burst into tears as photographers and television crews rushed towards the vehicle. Seated alone at the back, Roslan had to be helped out by relatives. State Health and Education Committee chairman Datuk Sham­sul­kahar Mohd Deli said the authorities would investigate the incident. Tampin OCPD Supt Hamazah Abd Razak said police have detained the 26-year-old lawnmower operator. "We are still investigating and hope to remand him tomorrow," he said, adding that the case is being investigated under Section 304 of the Penal Code for manslaughter. http://www.asiaone.com/malaysia/schoolgirl-killed-freak-accident-lawnmower-blade-sliced-open-part-skull?xtor=EREC-16-4[Emarsys_Newsletter]-20180214&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77
  6. Another sad news of a traffic accident. 2 Singaporeans killed in motorcycle crash in Thailand on New Year's Eve. A horrific motorcycle crash in Thailand's southern Phatthalung province on New Year's Eve (Dec 31) has claimed the lives of a Singaporean couple. Mr Ng Yong Sing, 27, was riding a motorcycle with Ms Vanalyn Png, 22, as his passenger when they were thrown into a three-metre deep drain at around 1.20pm. Both victims were employees at the Select Group food and beverage chain. Mr Ng was a business development executive who had recently received a scholarship from the company, while Miss Png started as a marketer less than six months ago. http://www.asiaone.com/singapore/2-singaporeans-killed-motorcycle-crash-thailand-new-years-eve?xtor=EREC-16-4[Emarsys_Newsletter]-20180102&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77 http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/2-sporeans-killed-in-motorbike-crash-in-thailand Wishing all to BE SAFE on the roads.
  7. Galantspeedz

    Animal kills of men at zoos

    SINGAPORE, Nov 13 (Reuters) - A man was bitten to death by a tiger at the Singapore zoo on Thursday afternoon, an official of the Civil Defence Force said. The man''s identity not known and details of how he died were not yet clear, N. Subhas,a spokesman for the force, told Reuters. The incident happened at 12.30 pm local time (0430 GMT). (Reporting by Melanie Lee; Editing by David Fox) Rec'd the above email..... duno true or not
  8. more video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V5evwIFNF8
  9. Accident on Monday 3 Oct 2016 at East Coast Road near to Siglap Centre. Raining heavily at that time and motorist lost control of the car and crashed. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/25-year-old-man-killed-in-car-accident-along-east-coast-road/3175042.html Anyone can tell what the car model is?
  10. https://my.news.yahoo.com/honda-reports-exploding-takata-airbag-death-080959542--finance.html Honda said Thursday that an exploding airbag in one of its cars killed a woman in Malaysia, bringing to five the number of deaths linked to a defect in parts made by embattled Japanese supplier Takata. The previous four cases happened in the United States, but Honda said another woman died in a July crash after the rupture of a Takata-made airbag. "An airbag on one of our vehicles exploded abnormally and a Malaysian woman was killed," said a Tokyo-based spokesman for the Civic and Accord maker. At least three of the five deaths "were caused by an abnormal airbag explosion, including the latest case in Malaysia", Honda said, adding that the airbag's involvement in the other two cases had yet to be confirmed. The news came as the car giant announced an additional recall of more than 170,000 vehicles worldwide due to the risk that an explosion could send metal shards from the airbag's inflator hurtling at drivers. Police reportedly investigated at least one driver death in the US as a murder due to woman's grisly injuries, until their focus switched to the vehicle's airbag. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the US auto safety regulator, has expanded its "urgent" warning to owners of cars with affected airbags to take them to dealers to fix the problem. Takata is facing the biggest test in its 80-year history with lawsuits, calls for a criminal probe, and accusations of "deception and obfuscation" over the potentially deadly defect. Millions of vehicles produced by some of the world's biggest automakers, including Honda, Toyota and General Motors, are being recalled over the problem. - Cover-up claims - Honda has been named in a US lawsuit as a defendant, which alleges it conspired with Takata to hide the flaw for years. Quoting former Takata employees, the New York Times has reported that secret tests were conducted a decade ago to investigate the issue, but executives ordered the destruction of data that exposed design flaws. Takata's Tokyo-listed shares have lost about half their value since an investigation was opened in June. Attention has focused on a Takata plant in Mexico, with suspicions the defect may be linked to a chemical propellant used to inflate the airbags which can more easily rupture in areas with high humidity. On Thursday, the company confirmed that it had changed the chemical makeup of its airbag propellants, but insisted the move wasn't linked to design flaws. "We constantly update our products -- it has nothing to do with the recalls," a Takata spokesman told AFP. Takata has warned over a bigger-than-expected annual loss, but its top executives have stayed largely silent on the crisis. Founded in 1933 as a textile company, Takata evolved into an automotive parts giant that started selling airbags in the 1980s and now has dozens of plants and offices in 20 countries, including the United States,China and Mexico. The airbag division accounts for about 40 percent of its total revenue, which amounted to 556.99 billion yen ($4.88 billion) last fiscal year. Major automakers have shied away from discussing their future relationship with Takata, but a quick switch is unlikely given the Japanese giant's foothold in the sector. Still, parts sourcing for the 2019-2020 model years is happening right now, and a Toyota executive last month said the world's biggest automaker wants to replace the defective part "with something of better quality".
  11. Dear MCFers I don't know whether this is against MCF rules but I think let us make a pledge to donate some money to the family of late Mr Chandra Mogan who died in a freak accident in the Budget Terminal. Looking at the wife and 3 kids without the sole breadwinner, I think wwe ought to do something for them. Can the moderators set-up a donation drive for MCFers to send money or gifts in kind to the family. Thank you very much Tigerwoods.
  12. Can't think of any nice words for this beast 畜生. http://www.tnp.sg/news/world-news/man-kills-daughter-3-months-after-winning-custody MAN KILLS DAUGHTER 3 MONTHS AFTER WINNING CUSTODY 6563 May 17, 2015 5:08pm He was happy to win custody of his four-year-old daughter. But three months later, Alexa-Marie Quinn was dead. It turned out her father Carl Wheatley, 31, had savagely beaten her to death. Other shocking details also emerged: Wheatley had wanted her so he would get more money. Earlier, the supermarket worker had bragged to a colleague about the increased benefits he would get if he won custody over one of his four children, such as a two-bedroom house and £1,700 ($3,530). He broke her teeth, then searched for glue When police discovered the girl's body on March 12 last year, Alexa-Marie was riddled with 66 different injuries. They concluded she had died from extreme blunt-force trauma. Wheatley, from Hertfordshire in southern England, had called the police on the morning of the fatal attack, after Alex-Marie was dead for several hours. The court heard he tried to conceal Alexa-Marie's injuries, going on the Internet to search on "how to reduce swelling" and "what glue can I use to put teeth back in". He pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denied murdering his daughter. Sadistic attack While psychiatrists said that Wheatley suffered from several mental health disorders, the judge described Wheatley's "final and fatal" attack on Alexa-Marie as "relentless and sadistic and to a horrifying degree". Wheatley was sentenced to life imprisonment and will only be considered for release after 21 years. - See more at: http://www.tnp.sg/news/world-news/man-kills-daughter-3-months-after-winning-custody#sthash.N4AXscxj.dpuf
  13. We were too quick to congratulate ourselves. February's announcement that biker and pillion deaths fell by four to 72 last year sounded like good news for bikers. Yet any comfort the statistics provided has been tragically cut short. The New Paper reported this week that there were 23 bike-related deaths within the first two months of this year. In the same period for 2013 and 2012, the figures were 15 and 19 respectively. We are too aware of the incidents. Social media networks are accident barometers. Members in social media groups enthusiastically inform each other of any motorbike accidents they witness. We show our solidarity by attending the wakes of fallen riders and post wishes online for a speedy recovery to the injured. In addition, seasoned riders post riding tips so that others can avoid finding themselves in similar crash situations. But the big question is, are we listening? Bikers often neglect results from research like the 1981 Hurt Study - which looked into the cause of 900 motorcycle accidents in the Los Angeles area. Researcher Harry Hurt discovered that a lack of attention "to the driving task" was common among motorcyclists who were involved in accidents. A rider has "less than 2 seconds to complete all collision-avoidance action", he wrote. In emergencies, most bikers over-braked, leading to them skidding; or under-braked the front wheel, which leads to bikes colliding at high speeds. More than 30 years later in Singapore, The Hurt Report is a faded memory, and even common-sense advice to pay more attention on the roads appears to be falling on deaf ears. Three common mistakes bikers here commit are: Failure to have proper control, not keeping a lookout and not obeying traffic light signals. This needs to change. While the trend shows a general decline in annual bike-related fatalities since 2004, is it too grand a hope to see the figures fall even more? Are we willing to let these deaths be just a statistic; or will we finally come to realise that more than 23 families have been needlessly devastated? An overall decline in biker road deaths is encouraging, but offers nothing to cheer about. Every death is one too many. MY SAFETY BUBBLE For close to 25 years, I have managed to stay accident-free on our roads by riding within my safety "bubble". I maintain this "bubble" by observing the "2-second rule", which dictates that I keep a safety distance of two seconds behind the vehicle in front. In an emergency situation, I'll have enough time and space to brake safely or swerve. It's also vital to protect the sides of your "bubble". This is done by riding in the centre of a lane, which gives you a sizeable gap from the vehicle next to you. Whenever some other motorist tries to penetrate your "bubble" - whether from the rear, front or side - just speed up or slow down. Source: http://ride.asiaone.com/news/general/story/less-killed-roads-can-bikers-do-better -------------------------------------------- the above was written by a rider who can stay accident-free for 25 years which is an impressive record..he advocated 2 valid points, one which is the 2-second rule & most importantly riding in the centre of a lane which I personally think more than 70% of the riders did not adhere to
  14. Some of you who are active in the car fraternity might have already know this. 2 pax passed away in their Porsche last night on the way back to Singapore on the NS Highway. If you are driving at night, kill the speed. If you are tired, stay the night. RIP, Kon Chun and Franco.
  15. Byteslurve

    Seal that killed Osama

    https://sg.news.yahoo.com/navy-seal-who-shot-osama-bin-laden-revealed-as-veteran-commando-rob-o-neill-105653819.html Isn't he going to be targeted now?
  16. BabyBlade

    Taiwan Plane Crash Kills Dozens

    http://rt.com/news/175008-taiwan-plane-crash-transasia/ Bad bad year for aviation. Online news are reporting of deaths in the figures of 40 to 51.
  17. Picanto

    11 malaysian bikers killed daily

  18. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a44_1400927090 His last video posted before shooting 6 girls. Warning: sick video... http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/05/24/santa-barbara-shooter-elliot-rodgers-six-dead-ucsb-campus/
  19. http://straitstimes.com/news/asia/more-asia-stories/story/saudi-woman-killed-defying-driving-ban-report-20140508 Didn't know that women are disallowed to drive in Saudi until I read this report..
  20. Anyone know the detail of this accident? happen at one of the car wash at Woodlands. A MPV lost control and ran into car wash, killed a taxi driver and a car wash staff.
  21. He had escaped a blaze at his workplace in the Jurong Industrial Estate four days ago, as he was out on a job. But Malaysian Tan Kian Eang, 45, was not so lucky early yesterday morning, as his bicycle was involved in a collision with an SBS Transit bus at the junction of Jalan Boon Lay and International Road. Paramedics from the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived shortly after the accident at around midnight and pronounced Mr Tan dead at the scene. The Singaporean bus driver has been suspended pending police investigations. This is the second fatality from a bus collision in less than two weeks. A 42-year-old woman died after she was hit by an SBS bus in Clementi on April 23. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...on-bus-20130504
  22. Terrorist attacks again? [:(] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/...-in/639570.html Two killed, 36 injured in Boston Marathon blasts POSTED: 16 Apr 2013 3:40 AM BOSTON, Massachusetts: At least two people were killed and 36 wounded when two explosions struck near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, sparking scenes of panic. Police did not immediately say whether the explosions were part of a terrorist attack, but marathon organizers said it was a twin bombing and media outlets reported that other unexploded devices had been found nearby. The blasts left a street littered with blood and debris, as spectators screamed and fled, paramedics hauled away stretchers and police rushed in, according to witnesses, one of whom saw a man with his lower limbs blown off. Boston Marathon organizers said on Facebook that "two bombs" exploded near the finish line, without providing a source for the information. "We are working with law enforcement to understand what exactly has happened," it said. NBC News, citing officials, earlier reported that police had found "multiple explosive devices" in Boston, raising the possibility of a coordinated attack. The twin explosions come more than a decade after nearly 3,000 people were killed in airplane strikes on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. At a hastily convened press conference, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick described a "very fluid situation" as he and other officials implored anyone with information about the incidents to call local tip hotlines. Boston Police Chief Ed Davis said there was a third explosion at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, but the library later said there was an electrical fire that had been extinguished without causing any injuries. A video clip posted online appeared to show one of the marathon explosions going off, apparently several feet back from the barricades and the line of national flags separating the race spectators and the street. One runner is seen staggering and then falling, while others keep going for a few more steps. Volunteers in yellow jackets cover their ears at the sound of the blast. "We saw people with their legs blown off," Mark Hagopian, owner of the Charlesmark Hotel, told AFP from the basement of a restaurant where he had sought shelter. "A person next to me had his legs blown off at the knee -- he was still alive. "It was bad, it was fast," he said. "There was a gigantic explosion... we felt wind on our faces... Police were saying: 'Get out, get out, leave, leave there may be more bombs.'" Nineteen wounded people were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital, including six who required emergency surgery, according to Alasdair Conn, head of emergency services. He added that several of the injured required "traumatic amputations" at the scene or at the hospital. Boston Medical Centre said it received 20 patients, including two children, from the site of the marathon explosions. "Most of these patients have lower leg injuries," it said in a brief statement. The Boston Police Twitter account had earlier said two people were killed and 23 wounded. Officials at the press conference declined to discuss the exact number of casualties. US President Barack Obama was notified about the incident, and his administration was in contact with state and local authorities, a White House official said. Obama called Patrick and Boston mayor Tom Menino to express his concern for the injured and to offer support. He was to make a statement at 2210 GMT. Security was stepped up in New York and Washington, as well as in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In the Big Apple, police said they were boosting security at hotels and "other prominent locations in the city." The blasts in Boston rattled US markets, sending the Dow and the S&P 500 down at the close. "Praying for those at the Boston Marathon today," said one of the US senators from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. The Senate observed a moment of silence, and the House of Representatives was to follow suit. The Boston Marathon is one of the biggest annual athletic events held in the United States, with nearly 27,000 racers who must qualify to compete and tens of thousands of spectators. The race attracts world-class athletes, most of whom would have likely completed the race a couple hours before the blast went off. The video clip of the blast showed the marathon timeclock at 4:09:44. - AFP/fa