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Found 14 results

  1. If this is not allowed, Mod or admin just delete or close this thread. I am just curious, how many online discussion forums are there left in sg? I know there are Hardware zone (which could be the most happening in sg), is clubsnap still alive? flowerpot? blowingwind forum (for the LBGT) i know sgforum is dead? How many active and alive ones are left? Are online discussion forum dying thingy?
  2. Lmws214

    Global social learning community

    hi all, ask more. learn more. know faster. chanced on this website a few weeks ago and it is very useful. My own kids find it useful. Students from around the word come tog to share knowledge and solve problems. Students bring their own special skills to share and collaborate to learn together. Good app for your growing kids and teenagers. Do check it out. https://brainly.co/
  3. jeantracy91


    mod: deleted
  4. SAF Volunteer Corps to open applications tomorrow Only Permanent Residents (PR) and Singaporeans who are not liable for National Service are eligible to join the SAFVC as volunteers. This includes women, first generation PRs and new citizens. They are also required to between 18 to 45 years of age. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/saf-volunteer-corps-open-applications-tomorrow SINGAPORE – Applications for the new SAF Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) will open tomorrow, announced the Singapore Armed Forces today (Oct 12). Prospective volunteers can apply via the SAFVC website or through hard copy forms at the Central Manpower Base. The first batch of trainees will then undergo three to four weeks of training session starting next March. New volunteers are given options to take the training continuously on weekdays or in modular form over a series of weekends. Upon completing the training, volunteers will be deployed to active units to serve alongside national servicemen. They will also be liable to call-ups and deployments of around seven days of service annually. Speaking to reporters at Maju Camp, where the unit is headquartered, SAFVC commander Colonel (COL) Mike Tan stressed that volunteering is an important commitment, even as efforts has been made allow the broader community to contribute to defence. “The moment you put on your uniform, and you proclaim that you are ready to be deployed, and you are deployed indeed, we will expect you to uphold our ethos and our military professionalism,” said COL Tan. The SAF plans to recruit 100 to 150 volunteers over a year through three recruitment drives. Volunteer trainees for the first intake in March will be trained on weekdays and be required to stay-in inside camps. The second intake, which will commerce after the first intake, will train volunteers on weekends. For the third intake, its nature will depend on demand. The training consists at least two phases. The first, a two-week training programme, enables volunteers to develop a basic understanding of defence. Trainees then progress to a one-week qualification training where volunteers will be prepared for their specific future roles. Lastly, for volunteers slated for more demanding roles, such as the auxiliary security trooper, they will undergo one more week of advanced training, making it a total of four weeks. A variety of roles in the land, sea and air forces, ranging from combat to non-combat, are available for volunteers. The auxiliary security trooper, for example, will be armed with rifles and accompany SAF soldiers protecting key installations such as Changi Airport. Also available are specialist roles such as engineers, legal specialist staff, medical trainers, infomedia staff and defence psychologists. Volunteers could be deployed to sea as naval operations officers on Landing Ship Tanks. Only Permanent Residents (PR) and Singaporeans who are not liable for National Service are eligible to join the SAFVC as volunteers. This includes women, first generation PRs and new citizens. They are also required to between 18 to 45 years of age. Applicants will have to fulfil pre-requisites for the role applied, as well as go through an interview and medical screening. Successful applicants will receive a letter of enlistment, a SAF card and will be required to take an Oath of Allegiance.
  5. I will not get angry on the road today. Join in the pledge for more better motoring on our roads.
  6. Seems like the online community is always bashing it, even if it is not wrong. FYI i am an opposition supporter but dun believe in bashing for the sake of bashing.
  7. Came across this and wanted to share with everybody especially if they have folks at home who previously didn't qualify due to the age limit. It has been lowered from 65 to 40. For more info, please click on link. http://www.chas.sg/page_patients.aspx?id=320#chas About CHAS What is the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)? The Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS), formerly known as the Primary Care Partnership Scheme (PCPS), is one of the Ministry of Health (MOH)
  8. Vulcann

    Undoing community bonding

    A mind boggling article from a resident. Our beloved Yam-eh also got dragged in... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_722690.html Undoing community bonding Published on Oct 13, 2011 LAST Saturday, a friend invited me to an event organised by the People's Association (PA) at Cheng San Community Club. The ticket cost $12 per person, and a high-tea buffet was included. In attendance were Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Ang Hin Kee and PA chief executive director Yam Ah Mee. While I appreciate the efforts of the PA and community clubs in organising such community-bonding events, it left me with reservations. I was flabbergasted to discover that the organising committee, judges, sponsors and other VIPs enjoyed their high-tea in a closed air-conditioned room while the rest of the guests had theirs outside under a tent. Why was there a 'divide' for an occasion aimed at community bonding? On the same day, across the road from the PA event, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was officiating at an event marking the completion of an upgrading programme. According to press reports, he emphasised that the Government was determined to improve citizens' lives, and this included community bonding. What happened was unfortunate because the grassroots leaders who organised the community-bonding event were undoing what the Government is trying to achieve. Lum Yan Meng
  9. Man stabs ex-colleague over "stupid" remark http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1147128/1/.html A former kitchen assistant has been ordered by a district court to perform 200 hours of community service for stabbing an ex-colleague at a Resorts World Sentosa eatery on February 11. Wong Phee Hon, 58, stabbed Mr Vong Wah Lee, 27, in the stomach in the kitchen of Ho Yeh Cafe after the younger man had accused him of being "stupid". Wong was opening a tin of kaya when Mr Vong, a cook, shouted at him, telling him that he should use another type of can opener instead. Insulted by this sudden provocation, a furious Wong picked up a knife, walked over to Mr Vong and stabbed him. Wong was detained by a security officer while Mr Vong was sent to the Singapore General Hospital for treatment. Mr Vong had to undergo surgery with injuries to his intestines and was discharged five days later. Wong has to complete performing all 200 hours of community service within a year. He could have been jailed up to three months, fined a maximum of S$2,500 or both ============================================================ Seems like a light punishment....just community service?....no mention of special factors (medical, psychiatric, age, financial, etc).... taking a knife to stab someone over a derogatory remark is a serious action....can u imagine if everyone does tat? The hospitals will be congested like hell!
  10. So our 2-star gona donate his pay to society? [thumbsup] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1130186/1/.html SINGAPORE: Major-General (NS) Chan Chun Sing, newly-elected MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, has said he wants to engage and give back to the community. He will be sworn in on Saturday as the Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports as well as Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts. Maj-Gen (NS) Chan said he received bursaries from the government and charitable organisations while in primary school. His new portfolio is a way for him to give back to the system, he said. Speaking to Channel NewsAsia after his usual morning walk in Commonwealth on Friday, he said he expects Singapore's low fertility rate and social mobility issues to continue to be important for MCYS and where it will need to work with other ministries. Maj-Gen (NS) Chan said his focus now is to listen to all stakeholders before implementing policies. ".....listen carefully to what people have to say, listen to what people feel are the challenges, then together with the stakeholders, we can develop a good plan to bring Singapore forward and help people that really need help," he said. Maj-Gen (NS) Chan added that his experience in the army will come in handy, especially when engaging the youth. "The unique thing about the Singapore army is that, being a conscript army, we take in people from all walks of life. So the kind of challenges that young people face from all walks of life will be reflected in the army. The army is, in a sense, a microcosm of the kind of challenges in society," he said. Maj-Gen (NS) Chan said that today's youth yearn for a different way of engagement. Using an analogy, he said it is like their preference for pizza joints that allow people to make their own pizzas - from making the dough to adding the ingredients to cooking it - as opposed to going for fixed choices from a menu in restaurants. ".....there's a sense of participation, never mind the taste....You might argue that the taste is better or not so good compared to the original menu that the owner has given you in the original choice," he said. "But (in) the process of partaking in policy-making, the process of having discussed the issues, you find that ownership. So I think this is the power of the young people nowadays, and we should tap on this energy to really bring them forward." - CNA/ir
  11. Last time I know one can find a study room in almost all community centre. Anyone noticed that nowadays this is practically non-existent. No wonder fast food and library always packed with students. I wonder how we can get the government to consider getting CC to put one in? Last I checked, alot of CCs said that the reasons for closing it was "low membership = low revenue but high maintenance" Let's faced it, even NUS fishtank is seasonal so what can CC expect regarding study room membership? Which leads me to wonder about the purposes of CC .
  12. Hi all, I wrote the following in another thread but thought this could be a discussion topic on its own: When I 1st joined MCF in 2003, I often came across discussions on Singaporean having herd mentality in buying Japanese cars. 5 years has passed, still we're seeing discussion about herd mentality in Japanese car buying behaviour. The way I look at it, the herd mentality is here to stay. By the way, Singapore is not unqiue, other than the main European market, jap cars probably still lead the pack at least in Asia. So this is just not about Singaporean mentality but a market trend. People have been saying conti car prices have dropped, Korean cars quality has improved and China cars are fast catching up but Japanese cars are still leading the pack. What would it takes to overturn the herd mentality and do you think this will change another 5 years down the road? Regards,
  13. Schumi168

    Chevrolet community?

    Hi, is there a chevrolet club/ forum around where we can seek advices?