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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, Do you know what is the problem ? Anything wrong with gearbox, clutch or the manual transmission fluid ? Last weekend, I went to the workshop for my 40K servicing and got my manual transmission fluid drain and re-filled. According to the mechanic, its the same spec (but different brand) as my factory fill (W90). However, occasionally I noticed that there are difficultly when I try to engage my into my 1st gear. Sometimes have to force it in or re-clutch and re-engage. Changing gears also seem abit "clunky". Strangely, 3rd, 4th & 5th gear is quite smooth. Do you think I should change my manual transmission fluid again (to a more reputable brand) ? Thanks in advance.
  2. A few months ago I got this manual accent. No issues with it except for this. Occasionally I cannot engage the first gear or the reverse gear from neutral gear. This happens when my car is stationary. So far no major issue with this except late moving off from traffic light or a bit delayed in reverse parking. I checked with the AD during my 1000 km and 5000 km check and they say nothing wrong and maybe it's how I stepped on my clutch. The thing is, this failure to engage still happens once in a while and in my car park i ever tried to replicate this by changing gear with my clutch not fully depressed half depressed and so on but not able to replicate the failure to engage. So I don't know if it's my fault or there is something wrong with transmission fluid or so on.... So I wondering if anyone ever faced this before and what was the cause. AD say nothing wrong with gear box. I ever thought of going to an external workshop if it happens again but I worry I kenna chopped carrot.
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my car? My car's clutch somethimes stucked and the gear was unable to engage and the car seem to be like a auto gear. This usu happened when in the carpar where I depressed the clutch for to long. Please help. Thank you.
  4. Dear Bros, i have a problem recently. I cannot shift my gear from P to other mode. May i know what is wrong with the car? I drive a honda civic auto. Car abt a year old. Whenever i switch on engine, pull down handbrake, i cannot shift the gear from P to D. In the end, stuck in the car, cannot move. Need to try many many times and pray hard that it will engage. It become a headache esp in shopping malls when ppl waiting for my car to move off from the lot, i take 5 to 10 mins to move off, very inconvenient and pai sei. Any bro can en light me on this issue? Tmr gg to Kah Motor to rectify this problem. Thanks!
  5. Was driving and suddenly I couldn't engage 5th gear..gear stick when in, but rpm just dropped. I dropped to 4th gear and stopped and put to neutral. I hear loud tok tok sounds from engine bay also. I turned off and switched on again, tok tok sound persists. Now waiting tow truck, to be on safe side. Anyone encounter this before? I'm driving a manual swift sport.
  6. So our 2-star gona donate his pay to society? [thumbsup] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1130186/1/.html SINGAPORE: Major-General (NS) Chan Chun Sing, newly-elected MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, has said he wants to engage and give back to the community. He will be sworn in on Saturday as the Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports as well as Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts. Maj-Gen (NS) Chan said he received bursaries from the government and charitable organisations while in primary school. His new portfolio is a way for him to give back to the system, he said. Speaking to Channel NewsAsia after his usual morning walk in Commonwealth on Friday, he said he expects Singapore's low fertility rate and social mobility issues to continue to be important for MCYS and where it will need to work with other ministries. Maj-Gen (NS) Chan said his focus now is to listen to all stakeholders before implementing policies. ".....listen carefully to what people have to say, listen to what people feel are the challenges, then together with the stakeholders, we can develop a good plan to bring Singapore forward and help people that really need help," he said. Maj-Gen (NS) Chan added that his experience in the army will come in handy, especially when engaging the youth. "The unique thing about the Singapore army is that, being a conscript army, we take in people from all walks of life. So the kind of challenges that young people face from all walks of life will be reflected in the army. The army is, in a sense, a microcosm of the kind of challenges in society," he said. Maj-Gen (NS) Chan said that today's youth yearn for a different way of engagement. Using an analogy, he said it is like their preference for pizza joints that allow people to make their own pizzas - from making the dough to adding the ingredients to cooking it - as opposed to going for fixed choices from a menu in restaurants. ".....there's a sense of participation, never mind the taste....You might argue that the taste is better or not so good compared to the original menu that the owner has given you in the original choice," he said. "But (in) the process of partaking in policy-making, the process of having discussed the issues, you find that ownership. So I think this is the power of the young people nowadays, and we should tap on this energy to really bring them forward." - CNA/ir
  7. hello, need to sue somebody . anyone here is a lawyer or knows a lawyer. please pm me thanks
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me how to engage the ABS in a car ? was having a discussion about ABS with colleagues on how the ABS kicks in... is it jam brake and hold brake pedal and ABS automatically kicks in or u need to step and release brake and jam it without releasing brake for ABS to kick in.
  9. hi bro/sis, going to Bangkok soon with family, any body have any contact to engage driver from morning to night to bring us around bangkok; in other he or she need to tag along with us for sight seeing/shopping etc. tks for the help in advance.
  10. Hi Guys, My friend's JVC AVX810, and another AVX800 would not turn on the rear camera when they reverse with the units off. When the units are on, no problem , can see. My Smart-I and many other cheaper China units have no issues, meaning, even with my Smart-I hu off, when I engage 'R', the unit switch on by itself to display the rear camera view. Anyway to rectify their issues with the JVC?
  11. Hi guys Need some advice here. I got a letter from TP stating the other party is at fault , points deducted + fine . Based on this letter ,Shold I engage my own lawyer to claim for compensation eg (injury suffered , loss of use etc?) from the other party? The reason for this is , my insurance policy does not cover loss of use and medical claims amounts up to $300 only . Also the other party at fault is under the same insurance co. I am afriad they ask me to negoitate and shortchange me . Also , legal fees for engaging a lawyer . Is it based on commission or the other party at fault, pays for it? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi guys, I just came back from a trip from KL and Genting. Here's what happened. I am driving a 4.5yrs subaru impreza and recently had my gas topped up at kota tinggi for rm20 2 weeks ago. Was not cold anymore. My last top up was 2.5 to 3 yrs ago so I guess it's about time. Anyway was driving along the NS highway and very glad that my aircon was very cold, making the long ride enjoyable. Everything was fine and I parked my car and checked in to KL on Sat. On Mon afternoon, I realised my aircon is not working when I start my journey to genting. When I on, it's warm air. I tried to on/off the aircon button but it seems it does not work. The light came on (indicating the aircon is on) but the air is as though it's off. I then on/off and watched the rev meter. It does not change. Normally when I on the aircon, the rev meter will increase slightly. Can anyone help? Thanks!