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Found 44 results

  1. as the title mentioned, i think the victims will probably sell the cars off asap after it has been repaired if possible...so keep a lookout of the low price and telltale sign when inspecting such potential cars
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my car? My car's clutch somethimes stucked and the gear was unable to engage and the car seem to be like a auto gear. This usu happened when in the carpar where I depressed the clutch for to long. Please help. Thank you.
  3. their headlights continuously along Brickland Road towards KJE around 6.30pm. Sensing somethong wrong, I didn't speed down that stretch as I would normally do. If not for all the flashings, would have fallen prey to the TPs who had stopped a female motorist! Poor lady. Appreciate your gesture and if fate allows, I will repay you guys next time!
  4. The Singapore Vehicle Traders Association (SVTA) clarified today (Oct 21) that of the 2,438 motor vehicle complaints reported by the Straits Times on Saturday, only 1,084 were related to defective goods. The article — “Grouses about car dealers speeding up” — stated that the 2,438 complaints the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) received from January to September this year has exceeded the 2,255 made in the whole of last year. SVTA President Neo Tian Ting explained that the figure of 2,438 also includes enquiries and feedback, which do not require CASE to take action. Mr Neo also said that the spike in complaints this year can be attributed to the lemon law, which came into effect last September. Consumers, he said, could be contacting CASE more often as there is a misunderstanding of the lemon law. In fact, only 156 were filed and assisted cases pursued against SVTA members in relation to the lemon law and other complaints such as delays in delivery and misrepresentation — meaning CASE handled claims on the consumers’ behalf or assisted the consumers in drafting letters to approach the vendors themselves. Singapore has about 800 to 900 car dealers. About 410 of them are SVTA members. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/only-1-2-complaints-against-car-traders-were-about-lemons-svta
  5. Lightbringer

    By the eminent and erudite Vincent Wijeysingha. It's time for us to take a deep and closer look at ourselves. https://www.facebook.com/notes/vincent-wije...517597378258190 The government has acted in our name as is its duty. It purged an industrial action and returned the nation to business as usual. The bus drivers from SMRT recklessly involved themselves in an illegal strike after refusing to bring their grievances to management or their trade union or seek the assistance of the Manpower Ministry. Twenty-nine have been deported, one hundred and fifty more issued a police warning and the five ringleaders will be tried. Industrial harmony has been restored, the tripartite relationship upheld, and public disorder averted. As fortunate citizens of this prosperous and stable nation, we can heave a sigh of relief. Those refractory foreigners got what they deserved. How dare they come to our land - which our government built from a fishing village - and demand such indulgences as suitable accommodation and an equal wage. Nobody promised them any of that: if they aren
  6. When coming back around 8pm, sat nite. Stuck about 40 min before clearing customs. Noted many many Q jumpers at Malaysian side were made to U-turn.
  7. Fran

    Those were the days

    Something came to my mind and still find it quite interesting. Still remember bringing eggs down to the prata / porridge stall for them to add into your kosong prata or porridge?
  8. Those were the days, when men were men when women were ladies....... How I wish these are the days Something light for the pressure cooker society. Enjoy the video embed sala. MO
  9. Sp4wn

    If you were in my shoes?

    what would you do if the following scenario happened to you: -come up with an idea that will help the customer -feedback to the higher up for quite some time (about 14 emails to show the though process, justifications and sources) -boss asks colleague X for a second opinion to make sure the idea is sound -within a few minutes colleague X has emailed customer the entire idea and has started a dialogue directly with them -receive an apology from higher up, since it's too late to interject at this junction if you were me, would you let it go? (and yes, this just happened recently) so far, i've simply chosen to hold my tongue so at least if the deal materializes, everyone benefits. the truth is, i would have been fine if the boss had run with the idea, but not the colleague, since the guy never has anything good to say ... ever. i would love to jump into the thread midway since i can better explain the idea, but it seems the driver's seat is already taken ...
  10. So here are the rules, it's quite simple: 1. COE can only be bidded by individuals and is non-transferable for 12 months. 2. Paid in one lump sum. 3. For this poll, it's for Cat A.
  11. No wonder there are so many millionaires around Business Times - 28 Mar 2012 Nassim Park Residences subsale tops gains: Savills By KALPANA RASHIWALA THE most profitable subsale (in dollar terms) of 2011 generated a near $6.2 million profit. It involved a unit at Nassim Park Residences that was purchased in July 2008 for almost $18 million and sold in April last year for slightly over $24.1 million, according to Savills' analysis. Nassim Park Residences accounted for four of 2011's 10 most profitable deals, followed by The Trillium at Kim Seng Road and The Orchard Residences, with two deals each. In all, 62 subsales in 2011 generated a profit of $1 million or more. These included 10 units at The Orchard Residences and eight units each at Nassim Park Residences and Marina Bay Residences. Savills examined URA Realis caveats data for subsale deals and tried to find previous caveat records for the same units; where it found matches, it worked out the holding period for the subsales and the profit or loss. The latter was calculated as the difference between sale and purchase prices, and took into account the seller's stamp duty but not the standard buyer's stamp duty, agent fees and other expenses. In percentage terms, the two most profitable deals of the 2011 subsales involved two units at Southbank at North Bridge Road, which achieved returns of about 167 per cent and 142 per cent involving holding periods of 4.58 years and 4.75 years, respectively. The units were bought for $561,000 and $764,000 in 2006 and sold for $1.5 million and $1.85 million in January and April 2011, respectively. Percentage-wise, the biggest loss among 2011 subsales was 45.9 per cent, recorded by a unit of 527 sq ft at Fifty-Two Stevens. It was bought for $873,000 in March 2010 and disposed of in August 2011 for $472,500. The biggest absolute-dollar quantum subsale loss last year was about $1.3 million for a unit at The Cascadia in Bukit Timah. It was bought in Q4 2007 for about $7.3 million and sold in May last year for $6 million.
  12. My love forsaken by Benita Aw Yeong Mon, Mar 12, 2012 The New Paper She fell in love with a persistent Bangladeshi construction supervisor despite her family's protests. Then she got pregnant and he returned to his home country. With her son in foster care now, this S'porean nurse is still picking up the pieces. The way Singaporean Do Lern Hwei fell in love with Bangladeshi Monir Hossain sounds like something out of a fairy tale. It happened 13 years ago, when the then-insurance agent was walking along a road in the MacPherson area with a potential client who was getting a little too close for comfort. Mr Hossain, a construction supervisor at a worksite nearby spotted the duo, and went promptly to her rescue. Miss Do, 44, recounts the incident which took place in 1999: "The client put his arm around my shoulders and I was trying to resist. "Monir came along on his bicycle - I remember he had his muddy boots on - and said something in Bengali to the man. "Later, the client took his arm off me." Of her first impression of Mr Hossain, 40, the nurse at a day-care centre for the elderly says: "He was very polite. I felt he carried himself well for a manual worker. "I thought he had very good upbringing." Her parents, with whom she lived in a terrace home off MacPherson Road, thought otherwise. They objected to the relationship right from the start, says Miss Do. "Because he's dark-skinned and he's a construction worker, they told me not to see him and threatened that if I continued, I would have to leave home." Hiding the relationship was not an option, she adds. "Right from the start (of our relationship), he would come from the empty factory building across the road, where a worker's dormitory was housed, to my place. "He would continue asking me out, often coming to my gate to ask for me despite knowing my parents' objections," she says. His persistence won her heart and quelled any initial cynicism she might have felt towards him. "Initially, I wasn't really that taken in, even when he told me about six months after we met that he really wanted to be with me and marry me. "I really trusted him and loved him even more when he stuck around even when my parents asked him to bug off." When asked about the qualities which attracted her to him, she says with a smile: "Yeah, to me he looked good. And he confided in me, treated me with respect, which is not something I received from employers and colleagues." For two years, the couple dated, choosing to hang out at food courts and hawker centres instead of restaurants simply because she "did not want him to spend too much" on her. "He earned about $1,800 a month and worked 12-hour days. He also had to send money back to Bangladesh to support his family, so I didn't want him to spend too much," she explains. To her, his country of origin was never an issue. "I know what the best of them are capable of," the fan of Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore says. The idea of marriage soon came up, but the couple quickly realised it would not be easy tying the knot here because of their different nationalities. Under the Ministry of Manpower's (MOM) Marriage Restriction Policy, all current and former work-permit holders must seek the approval of the authorities if they plan to marry a Singaporean or permanent resident here. The New Paper on Sunday understands that the process involves filling up a form and screening by an officer from the ministry and takes about one month to complete. There are about 870,000 work-permit holders working in Singapore as of last year. Miss Do says they did try to seek marriage approval, but her boyfriend lost his job after his employer heard about their plan to marry. That stonewalled the application process, which requires permission from the foreign worker's employer, she says. In early 2001, Miss Do realised she was pregnant. When Mr Hossain was told, he asked her to get an abortion since he felt he not could afford to raise a family on his salary, which had then fallen to $800. After being laid off from his first job, Mr Hossain found work involving the maintenance of oil tanks on Jurong Island. At that time, she was earning about $1,000 working as a clinic nurse. In the end, she decided to keep the child even though she and her parents had a bad row over the move. "He was so cute when he was born, so I never regretted keeping him. I did feel sad that Hossain was not around at the birth, but seeing my son made up for it," she says. In March 2001, the Bangladeshi decided to return home to start his own business. He did not say when he would return nor what his plans were regarding their son. Left alone, the single mother, with the help of her father, applied to place her son in foster care as she could not find someone to care for him while she worked to make ends meet. She also moved out of her family home to live on her own. When he was four months old, she gave up her son, now 11, to a foster family living in Upper Bukit Timah. She found the family with the help of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. Fostering is different from adoption. A child in the ministry's fostering scheme keeps his identity and is still legally recognised as the child of his biological parents. An adopted child, however, assumes the rights of a natural child in the family that adopted him. Miss Do has full custody of her son at present. He is still living with his foster family, although she hopes that he will one day move back with her. She visits him once or twice a week and takes him to meet her family regularly. She also tries to keep tabs on his progress in school by checking his report cards. Eight years passed before the trio met again. Miss Do felt it was about time for a family reunion, and put a notice in a local Bengali newsletter appealing for the man she now refers to as her "partner" to show up. In 2009, Mr Hossain met his son, a primary schooler, for the first time over a meal at West Mall. He gave his son $100 in cash and bought him clothes and a watch. "Our son was polite, but after the meeting he told me he didn't really want to see him any more," she says, adding that she is not sure about his reasons. He returned to Bangladesh a few weeks later and has not returned since. Aside from exchanging a couple of e-mails in the initial weeks, they have not kept in touch. Miss Do says her feelings for her ex-boyfriend have now diluted from romantic love into platonic admiration. "I admire that he had very little education in English but could still start a business and make something of himself," she says. She still hopes to find a kindred spirit and get married. If Mr Hossain comes back and pursues her again, she is likely to reject him. "I think it would take too much time to repair the relationship. I would like to settle down and have more children," she says quietly.
  13. Unit at The Marq sets S$6,850 psf record 20 Dec 2011 PropertyGuru The recent cooling measures which require foreigners buying private property in Singapore to fork out an additional 10 percent stamp duty, is expected to curb skyrocketing property prices. And if recent transacted prices at certain luxury developments are anything to go by, the new measures could not have come at a better time. A prime example is The Marq on Paterson Hill. The latest deal involved a 2,950 sq ft unit on a high floor which was sold to a European buyer for a whopping S$6,850 psf, a new record for Singapore
  14. hello my friends need some expert opinions here. i have 2 home laptops. 1 died yesterday. decided to cough out $1k to get a new one but i am torn between a laptop vs a handheld (example ipad or touchpad etc) pros for handheld is i want the instant boot up + i can use it for business presentations (although not very often) cons is there is no CDROM for the handheld. Moreover, i heard some handhelds cannot view youtube and other video files ? pros for laptop is that it has a full fledge PC functions and a CDROM moreover, i do keep some business information inside it as well as use it for some business purposes, although i have another dedicated business machine. cons is the slow boot up , clunky and clumsy... not as sleek and "presentable" during presentations my other laptop is actually a netbook, which doesnt have CDROM as well So... what would you buy if you were me ?
  15. Tao Jing, a naturally beautiful Yunnan girl. As a result of carrying drugs for her boyfriend, she was sentenced to death in 1991, at only 20-years-old, becoming the youngest female to be executed in over 50 years. This image is a photo of Tao Jing after being arrested. From the image, relevant personnel can be clearly seen inspecting the items carried by Tao Jing. 1986, Song Dan was born to an average rural family in Nanyang township of Ruichang city of Jiangxi province. When she was 13-years-old, she was raped multiple times by a Nanyang Middle School teacher surnamed Song, and not long after again seduced multiple times into sexual relations by her uncle-in-law. Although these two offenders were respectively sentenced to 9 years and 8 years of imprisonment, they caused Song Dan great psychological damage. After she grew up, her parents
  16. Can he simply dissolve parliament on his own authority and call for fresh elections? Just curious.... Or hold a National referendum on whether or not hold fresh elections or something?
  17. ...ever wanted to meet, WHO WOULD IT BE? I start: 1. Ragingbull (aka admin/mod)
  18. If you were offered a question during a session and had the chance to ask a question to be answered by all the MPs, what would you ask?? Was thinking a little about the way our ministers pegged their pay to the private sector, in conjunction with the punggol guy saying he is here to serve with heart and compassion (then started randomly yelling names). So in effect they are here to server the people, the country. In a way, the two years of our life is also spent serving the country, serving NS and yet how come the allowance isnt pegged to anything? They could take from a basket of professions like private tutors, mac donalds delivery, waiters, part time contract staff etc etc and then peg the allowance to the median income? How come so double standard? Did any MPs raise this to the ministars before? BTW just a grouse, i really hate those f#$%ing military types becoming MP, these sonofaguns usually have the least compassion and are the least open to suggestions from people they deem to be "lower ranked then them". Sigh
  19. Do you still remember that? Old farts should know la. Now I end up with Swiss Cost of Living...................... How ah?
  20. Inspired by Harry Potter... In the latest part, a whole group of people took Polyjuice Potion to be transferred into Harry. Including Hermione. Now as an 18 year old girl, to be suddenly transformed into a boy, bits and all - what would be the first thing you would have done? And conversely, as an 18 year old boy, transferred into a girl, what would you have done? And for bonus points, what do you imagine it would feel like?
  21. As usual, wake up on Christmas day and was feeling bored. TV programmes were sulk so too with the cable vision programmes. Checks my mails and found this mail from Robinson (card member special mailed to me last week) and decided to take a look. Found some interesting items and was surprised that there is a 70% discounts on most items. The sale starts on Christmas day @ 1200hrs till 27/12/2007. Since there is nothing to do, I decided to go for shopping at Robinson with my family. Arrived at 11.00am and parked my car at Star Hub Centre (as uausl, knowing Centerpoint always have long que to enter the car park) and cross over to Centerpoint. What a surprise awakes me. . At every entrances (first floor to the fourth floor) of Robinson, crowds started to gather and wait for the roller shutter to open . Ppls comes in all forms, some with baby prams, some with childrens running amongst the crowds....... etc, all patiencly waiting for the roller shutter to open. The moment the shutter started to open, , some ppls did not even wait for the shutter to open fully and sneak in. Should have use my hp camera to take the scene. The rush to enter into the shop and the scramble about inside Robinson were amusing. The ladies rushes for the dresses and shoes while the guys rushes to the pants and shirts sections. Mind you, in other days, the pants which are sold for $99/- were going at $47/-. All brands are going at 70% off the usual price. So can't beat the crowds, I joint them and grab 2 for myself. Next is going to try it on to see if it fits and , have to que for 30 minutes to try your pants. I grab my share. my wife for herself and my childrens for themselves at Robinson. In all, we spend 3 hours inside Robinson and the next problem is the que to pay your items. It takes another 45 minutes in que to pay for what you grabbed. . That's Singaporean, and I am enjoying it myself . At least I got my Chinese New Year clothing headache solved at Robinson yesterday. Were you at the Great Roninson's Sale ?...............
  22. TWO youths were sentenced to the Reformative Training Centre on Wednesday for stabbing another in his back. Sean Lim Zhi Han, 18, and Alfrey Koh Chan Hoe, 17, had earlier admitted to causing hurt to student Vincent Koh, 17, with knives at Elias Mall Shopping Centre on April 8. A Community Court heard that the victim had stepped out of a LAN gaming shop for a smoke at the mall when he saw Lim and Koh approaching him from across the road. Lim accused the victim of staring at them. There was an exchange, and the victim fled, pursued by Lim and Koh. They attacked the victim after he had tripped and fallen. Despite the pain, the victim picked himself up and ran. He saw the duo chasing him with a foldable knife each. Further investigation showed that Lim was angry with the victim's friend, known as Gordon, for apparently posting some bad remarks at him on the Internet. After buying the weapons at Causeway Point, Lim and Koh went to the gaming shop at Pasir Ris, to cause hurt to Gordon or his friends. The victim was warded for six days for four stab wounds on the back and another on the right upper arm. Both could have been jailed for up to seven years or fined or caned or received any combined punishment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AN ALTERCATION in the grounds of MacPherson Secondary School in July turned bloody when two feuding sides met in a basketball court near the school to settle the matter. Knives were drawn and Liu Zheng Tao, 17, did not come out well: He had to be treated for deep cuts to his head, hand and back. A friend with him was also slashed. The pair were believed to have been unarmed. Yesterday, two teenagers from the group that attacked them - Mohamad Fazlie Azmi, 17, and Muhammad Farid Abdullah, 16 - were sentenced to reformative training for the fracas. Probation was recommended for the pair, but police prosecutor Sheik Allaudeen argued that it was too light a punishment, given that the duo had used 'unjustified, mindless violence'. District Judge Ng Peng Hong agreed, noting that in light of the recent spate of violence among youths, the courts had to send a strong message that such acts would not be condoned.
  23. The designers for the SGP water polo team...what were they thinking of? Now they are in trouble: From CNA - SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts said the Singapore water polo team did not seek its advice when they sported swimming trunks bearing elements of the Singapore flag. It said their design is inappropriate, as elements of the flag must be treated with dignity. The water polo team was wearing trunks which feature the crescent moon and stars from the Singapore flag at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. MICA said it has spoken with the Singapore Sports Council and was informed the team is apologetic and had meant no disrespect. The Ministry understands that under competition rules, the team may have difficulty switching to another set of trunks for their match on Thursday. Under the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Act, no person shall use the flag or any image thereof as or as part of any costume or attire unless approval is given by the Minister and there is no "no disrespect" for the flag. Those found guilty of doing so face a S$1,000 fine.
  24. http://plamo.outthere.info/forum/showthread.php?tid=2666 more pics in link.