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  1. Acewin

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Just pump at SPC this evening 845pm price still no increase.
  2. Acewin

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    Now some car model can see the vin number from the windscreen.
  3. Acewin

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    As what he says I believe he intends to import accessories of your car model to sell maybe in carousell or online.
  4. I drove to this LTA approve scrapyard last week to scrap my bike. Make sure you have a phone with data access and the staff will teach you how to connect up to onemotoring site. My bike was scrapped with their staff done in about half an hour and I just receive letter from LTA on some COE rebate. Or you can call them to enquire first before going down. Chuan Machinery Pte Ltd 32 Tuas South Street 3 Singapore 638029 Tel: 6897 8832 / 6684 8832 Monday to Friday: 8.30 am - 5.30 pm Saturday: 8.30 am - 5.30 pm (Closed on Public Holidays)
  5. Acewin


    Bro, Emails with details send liao. Enjoy your holidays.
  6. Acewin

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Yes this morning I went in via Tuas got random check.
  7. Acewin


    Bro Fcw75, Send me your email add I can share my itinerary that I went in 2016 several files.
  8. Hi, Any bro can advise any accessories shop in Tokyo I am going in end Oct looking to purchase some JDM Denso or NGK spark plug. Thanks
  9. Acewin

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    But our president cannot impose tariff on other countries.
  10. Acewin

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Hi Daniel Yap, Thanks may I know where do you buy your plug and how much they cost?
  11. Acewin

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Hi fellow bro/sis can I check with you all here our Elantra AD uses which denso iridium spark plug cause I came across 2 types 1) IXUH22 2) IXUH22I Can I know which is the correct plug to use and also what is the difference between the two. Thanks
  12. Acewin

    Collecting new car - when?

    Komoco 2 days after date of registration.
  13. Acewin

    Denso Iridium Spark Plug (IK20)

    Bro, Can share the Taobao link to get spark plug and plug coil? Kamsia
  14. Acewin

    Inconsistent RPM

    Does you FC becomes higher lately? If yes most likely one ignition coil or one spark plug is faulty Need to plug in an OBD to see which one is faulty.
  15. Mcf here is info or knowledge sharing. You are always welcome,