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  1. 350z

    BMW ///M2 Competition

    Part 2:
  2. 350z

    BMW ///M2 Competition

    Part 1 Enjoy :-)
  3. 350z

    BMW ///M2 Competition

    I was over @ BMW Incheon on Sunday (2/6) to track their newly minted M2 Competition. Managed to do 15 laps & experienced 1st hand the prowess of the pocket rocket. Personally, the new M2 felt like the stripped down version of the M4, perhaps a little more nimble & track focus, and made all the difference in a technical track like Incheon where there were more turns than straights. Can some folks here give me a few pointers how to upload the pictures from my iphone? Cheers :-)
  4. Since I renew, I opt to replace the worn out parts to give my ride a new lease of life. Audi Quattro variant handles differently from their FWD variant. Shouldn’t cut corners on repairs, else better off wif cheaper alternatives. A little goes a long way...May your w212 serve u for many more yrs:)
  5. Hi, Same boat, took the plunge & renewed my A4 B8 Quattro last Apr @ $41k pqp. In essence, current $35k pqp gives u 9yr & 3mths of drive -> $3.8k/ yr COE depre. So do your sums. Since I renewed, I spent about $10-12k to replace worn out parts for my 3.2L V6 variant. If yours a B8 2.0T, may need to overhaul the engine to fix the engine oil leak problem. Rest are wear & tear repairs, typical of a Conti ride ownership cost. You know your car best. Weigh your options & decide! Cheers :)
  6. Easter has passed, my Doubting Thomas... I am merely sharing wat I am aware of...u can choose to believe or not... My post is to give some victims an update, those who read carefully wat I wrote would have identified the dealer... There is no need to bring further distress to the family who has lost their loved one... ...Peace...
  7. 1 of the auto fraud cases that absconded with 4-5 mil yrs back, 1 of them committed suicide overseas recently... not reported on sg news yet...family picked up the ashes... 1 in jail, 1 dead....1still at large... in case those still hoping to get updates....u heard it first from mcf...
  8. 350z

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    Audi is famed for their Quattro. Once driven it, u will not settle for less...Horsepower is merely 1 side of the equation... FWD 250-300bhp... a 200bhp RWD/ AWD for me anytime ... Yes, our insane car tax structure is simply out of this world...so can’t fault the buyers... At price point: $220k range, 2.0 Quattro vs 530i (PI) , BMW does look like a sweet deal... at least for me, seriously weighting this option... Or maybe just renew my Quattro... lol... Rant finish... cheers
  9. 350z

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    Truth hurts... Tat is also y there is Quattro...
  10. 350z

    Tax on goods and services bought online

    GST is a zero sum game for businesses. Companies do not 'make' nor 'lose' money through GST claiming. But purely by being GST registered allows better cashflow position & perhaps add some credibility to the Business ( Revenue > $1M). Best is have 2 entities... keep it nimble :)
  11. 350z

    Tesla unveils shockingly fast new Roadster

    Roadster 2.0 is Game changer for sure... New hypercar product launches that cannot do sub 1.9s 0-100 will be in panic mode... The conspiracy to shave off 0.1-0.2s off 0-100 each new models is now busted by Elon...
  12. 350z

    2017 G30 BMW 5 Series

    The story goes... For those who strive for a little fun in the sun will enjoy the BMW track experience @ Incheon. For a nominal fee, you get to immerse in a variety of driving programs made available by the Bavarians. From the hard core drifting program to the Off-road taxi services, there are plenty of juice for the F1 enthusiast to the gentleman in suit. Your wife & kids will be entertained at the big showroom + activities. The programs adhere to a fair margin of safety, with knowledgeable instructors to guide the drivers. Yes, most conversation & lessons are in Hangul, but the most important parts are clearly explain in English (if needed), so you can be rest assured your life will not be in jeopardy. Yes, it's Left Hand Drive, so minor adjustment is needed on your end. The Instructor will give guidance to the racing line & braking point, the rest is up to you to execute. Rule of thumb: no overtaking & racing. Keeping a safe distance between cars are essential. And have lots of fun! BTW, I chose a 530 diesel M-sport S drive. I believed that's the only In-Line 6 in the lineup available. Probably the most fun G30 for the day! Coming from a Nissan Fairlady 350Z HR, Audi C6 A6 & a current Audi B8 A4 3.2 Quattro, i have high expectation for the latest G30. The ride has been pliant. During the long straight, I managed to floor the accelerator for a good 6s. The diesel peak torque was good from 50km/h to 165km/h, there after it tampered ever slightly downwards till 190km/h before I need to hit the brakes. That was where the G30 really excel, during hard braking & making sharp turns, you can feel the 50:50 weight distribution, the epitome of an BMW, to deliver a drive worthy of its name! For most part, I was pushing the car to my limit, it stood really well & I have always felt in control of the gentle beast. The steering was a little light but overall sharp & responsive enough to do the job. The S drive allows me to be tail happy at some of the turn ins & never fail to put a smile on my face...there after the instructor will dish out a safety warning via the Wilkie talkie...ok ok, tame the beast, not the car! I wish I could share more, but back to work... I will attached some useful info on the BMW program, e.g. I took the Challenge A program, cost 80,000won & 80min. An Advance M program will set you back at 240,000won & 3hrs. U get the Hangul drift. You can google the rest. If you are planning to visit Korea, Incheon is worthy of a day just for the track & seafood ;-) Cheers...
  13. 350z

    2017 G30 BMW 5 Series

    Here to share my recent tracking experience on a G30 over the wkend... Venue: Incheon BMW race track Wanted to sign up for the M driving experience program, but needed 3hrs...I only had 90min to spare hence took up the G30 driving experience... Instructor ran through some theory lesson in classroom...85% in Hangul + 15% English for me... ;-) The best part: drivers selecting their rides... 4 drivers & 6 cars to choose from... G30 1. 520i x 2 2. 520d 3. 530i 4. 530i (x drive) 5. 530d I drew a decent no.2. My car plate: 8213. Bros here got sharp eyes, so guess which ride I pick? ;-) (to be continued...)
  14. Flying 1st class vs cattle class also 'transport u from pt A to B', but the journey is wat sets them apart...from the moment u step into airport -> 1st class lounge -> 1st class cabin --> 3star meal + roll up bed ---> u get the drift... So for 7series owner, dun think Corolla is in their shortlist... While getting to destination is impt, the image, the journey are just as impt...