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Found 55 results

  1. Ruriimasu

    Spam calls starting from 31290xxx

    Normally I don't do this, but there seemed to be some marketeers using Singapore virtual numbers ranging from 31290xxx doing spam marketing calls recently and they are bold and irritating. Their calls start as early as 7am and the latest I received was almost 11pm. When I did get calls on a particular day, they could reach 20 calls in a single day with the last 3 digits different each time. Being on the DNC list and complaint to PDPC, they could not do anything. Threatened these morons not to call anymore, they laughed back. WTF?! My blood pressure must have shot up 20 points. Apparently a few persons I know also got such calls, which are as good as harassment. Anyone else received these calls and who do you turn to for help?
  2. The Land Transport Authority has announced that there will be fewer certificates of entitlement for the next three months starting from February. There will be fewer certificates of entitlement (COE) for the next three months starting from February. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said the supply of Category A COEs, which are for cars up to 1,600cc, will shrink by 9.1% to 3,300 a month. Category B (cars above 1,600cc) will have 2.9% fewer certificates at 2,471 a month. There will be 26.4% fewer open category COEs, which are for all vehicles except motorcycles, at 784 a month. Commercial vehicle buyers and sellers will have 25.2% fewer COEs at 1,651 per month. And motorcyclists will see a 7.6% dip in their COE supply to 608 pieces a month. In total, the supply is 12.9% smaller than the November-January quota.
  3. Ronnieseah

    Lancer starting problem

    got a 2005 lancer 1.6A. having problem starting, sometime need to crank very long for it to start. mechanic suspect wiring problem but cant solve. anyone encounter this before?
  4. Running my own business was a tedious affair that eventually went belly up, so was left with no choice but to return to the job market seeking employment in my mid-30s. Attended a few interviews and somehow felt the interviewers were looking down on me for having ran a company which failed. Haven't received any job offers, still on hunt for a suitable gig. I estimated that I lost around 300k purely in opportunity costs accrued from not taking up a salaried role during this entire period, which needless to say makes for sufficient dough to buy a humble HDB flat to nicely settle down already. I realised that once your resume makes mention of you having dabbled in a business venture previously or took up a self-employed vocation such as being a private hire car driver, your standing immediately takes a huge tumble in the eyes of prospective employers; you are deemed much less employable, ie expect to be basically grouped within the same category as former bankrupts and former convicts. Why do I say that? Because its true. In their narrow-minded wisdom they expect a former bankrupt to become bankrupt again, a former convict to return to a life crime, a former business owner to forever dabble in uninspiring enterprises, a private hire car driver to remain a lowly chauffeur all his life. More at Thinking of starting your own business? I failed miserably, consider yourselves warned.
  5. Now you say "I do" also expensive liao. For those planning to tie the knot the later half of the year, the Registry of Marriages (ROM) has just announced that they will be increasing the fees starting from 1 July 2017. According to reports, the price hike will affect foreigners the most with the fees increased to a flat fee of $380 for all dates. Previously it costs $128 on weekdays, $198 on weekends and $298 on popular days. For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR), the fees will be upped from $26 to $42 for the registration. A ROM spokesman states the price review was made to keep up with rising operational costs and ensuring quality service for the registrants. Sources: http://www.greatdeals.com.sg/2017/06/28/rom-marriage-registration-fees-increase-1-july-2017
  6. Need some advice from experienced bro. I experienced this problem once when I can't start my Altis. . Batt was ok so the mechanics suspected spark plug. Changed that but didn't solve and they discover that the "pump" is not pumping petrol to the engine so got they changed as well. Initially it was ok. But now it will usually take me 3 attempts before it get started. Any idea what is the possible causes? And if want to fix, how much will it cost? Considering whether to expand coe or scrap so want to have a feel of what is the repair cost likely to be to help make the decision. Thanks in adv.
  7. dear MCF, can anyone advise which is a good business banking account to begin with?
  8. I can hear a high pitch screeching sound when i start the engine sometime. once the engine start, the sound will disappear. It start several months back but it is comes every now and then. Anyone can advice what might be wrong? Am driving a 7.5yo Toyota Wish.
  9. Hi bros, anyone had encounter this problem? When I started my engine, there was this screeching sound appear. Think is the alternator belt causing the sound. Anyone had tried using WD 40 to smooth it? Or roughly how much it will cost to change the belt? Thanks in advice.
  10. Hi guys, I am quite the impatient sort, and I have set up a routine to press the Start Engine button and immediately switch the gear to Drive (from Park), then pull seat belt and drive off, all within a few seconds. The problem is... Recently, i was doing this routine more and more quickly, until 1 time when I switched the Gear to Drive (from Park), the car/gearbox keeps vibrating, then I quickly switched back to Park and off the Engine, then I restart Engine and after a while then switch to Drive. Did I do any damage to my car's engine or gearbox?
  11. Dear bros and lao jiaos, have having a problem that is driving me nuts. Basically, i am experiencing this knocking sound when i start my engine whe it is cold especially in the morning. I have went back to the mechanic and they have tightened the belt and lubricated the pulleys but problem persist and i think it is getting worst in terms of duration of the noise. It does goes away when the engine warms up but it comes back again once engine cools done. I have attached a short video clip which i have taken as it is hard for me to describe the sound. Help pls!! p/s: the attached clip is in 3gp format. For those who do not have a player, it can be downloaded here http://www.download.com/3GP-Player-2006/30...4-10613952.html knocking.3GP
  12. Hi all, Viewed a second hand VW Golf over the weekend, car condition is generally good, price is reasonable and its still under warranty from VW Singapore. Was checking out the vehicle's details at onemotoring and the engine code caught my attention, its LTA******* The other models that I viewed previously all started with CAXB******* The car and engine bay looks stock, is the difference in engine code something to be wary of? Thanks.
  13. Dear All, been having this problem for a month or so. when turn key, car refuses to start. sometimes in "P" mode have to move it a bit to start. if cannot have to move gear to "N" and maybe car will start. worse case is shift from "P"to "N"and in between car will start. out of 5 times this happens 3 times. can any kind souls offer advise / reason of this problem and est of the repair cost? car is stock with batt stabilizer only. regular 10k servicing
  14. Didae

    Starting Up

    Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right category to post this doubt but just like to ask a simple question to all car drivers out there. When the key is inserted into the ignition, do you turn the key to ACC and wait for the faint sound in the background and the indicators in the dashboard to disappear before cranking, or do you just turn the key immediately to crank once the key is in the ignition? Which is better, less harmful in terms of wear/tear etc and why? Would appreciate all feedback, just like to clear some doubts and see the views of different drivers. Cheers!
  15. hi guys, has anyone ever encountered a dull "eee" sound when starting the car. It seemed to come from the automatic adjustment of the steering wheel from rest to driving position when the car is being started. I drive a 8.5yr old lexus car which comes with automatic retraction of the steering wheel when one disembarks from the car. can any experts advise me?
  16. My battery is only around 1 yr 1 mth. early morning start is instant, but when I start it after stopping for 5 mins or when engine is warm. Is it the battery or ?
  17. Desmondtwb

    Difficulty starting

    Previously been experiencing difficulty in starting from time to time (few weeks once). It goes like this, Physically Crank .......-no response for 2-3secs-...... then the cranking sound starts and engine is started without any coughing. Yesterday the problem got worse. It goes like this, Physically Crank .......-no response for 2-3secs-...... cranking sound starts but comes with coughing .......-no response again for 2-3secs-...... cranking sound starts again and engine started with some difficulty. Is this straight out battery needed to be replaced or something wrong with my starter motor?
  18. Hi guys, I am graduating soon and are looking for jobs already... got a couple of interviews and some pending ones coming... My doubt is whether, as an IT personnel, to start from a state board job or a non-state board one would probably be more beneficial for me future career status. All I have been hearing is that starts from a private firm and progress on to the government sector will be the best. However, I dun quite understand 'best'. From my perspective, if i were to start anywhere, the next job I'd hopped to will definitely pay more than my last salary. The question is whether I am allowed to ask for a larger raise if I jumped from a private firm to a government sector firm ? If the raise in salary for the next job is constant in the equation then perhaps starting in a government firm would be the choice since it yield a higher starting salary. Any advice from some of the bros already in the industry ? Thanks !
  19. Ferrari 458 Italia vs first gen Viper. The Viper made a nice big burnout which must have made the Ferrari guy nervous as he takes off in reverse! I feel sorry for the poor guy, he became the joke of all his friends Check the video
  20. Ferrari 458 Italia vs first gen Viper. The Viper made a nice big burnout which must have made the Ferrari guy nervous as he takes off in reverse! I feel sorry for the poor guy, he became the joke of all his friends Check the video
  21. as above....anyone care to share about their experience in starting a car workshop business?
  22. The good news keep coming! Congratulations to the class of 2010! More good years! ----- Mar 22, 2011 Class of 2010: More jobs, better starting pay for grads By Jane Ng Miss Ku Kairong, 25, from NTU's school of art, design and media, got a job as an art director with advertising agency TBWA before she graduated last May and will soon be joining another agency. -- ST PHOTO: RAJ NADARAJAN WITH the economic recovery, the Class of 2010 from the three local universities is reporting higher employment rates and better starting salaries compared to graduates from the year before. In particular, graduates from the Singapore Management University (SMU) last year had a record employment rate of 99.9 per cent and higher starting salaries across five of the university's degree programmes, surpassing the performance of graduates in 2009, when 96.8 per cent found employment. At the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), about 90 per cent found jobs within six months. These were among the findings of the Graduate Employment Survey just released by the Education Ministry. The average monthly salary among SMU graduates in full-time jobs was $3,271, an improvement of 5.8 per cent over 2009's figure of $3,093 - it is also the highest for SMU graduates since its first cohort graduated in 2004. In addition, the top 20 per cent of its graduates, usually those working in financial institutions, took home an average salary of $5,062. There were some among the 125 top-earners who were paid up to $13,000 a month.
  23. Bros, my 6yr old vios is not starting when i turn the key intermittenly...it is cranking fine, but not starting. i was advised that the fuel pump is dead...it is fine when i depress the accerlator while starting, it just starts when i do that. any advice or other parts that i should look at thanks
  24. I encountered a new problem upon reaching Port Dickson 2 days back: 1) Difficult to start - the engine normally just fires up at the turn of the ignition, but after parking for 1 hour at the resort carpark, the engine refused despite a few series of cranking. At the end, I got the car started after applying gas through the pedal. It's still the same today. 2) Idling is uneven - when in the past the engine will turn at 850rpm thereabouts (with or without aircon), now the rpm fluctuates between 700~1000, depending on the aircon. Vibration can also be pronouncely felt the cabin, when in the past such intrusions were completely absent. Everything goes back to normal once on the run - no power loss, smooth pickup and cruising....till the next stop. Thinking back, I can only relate this symptom to one thing I did wrongly. 2 weeks ago, the engine was idling quietly when I absent-mindedly cranked the engine. There was that all familiar sandy-rasping sound, but nothing happened at that point. Anyone can advice what could have gone wrong?