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Found 32 results

  1. Friends I'm sure lots of us have been doing zoom calls, so what have you been using? My own office is a big mess, it looks like a tornado tore through it. My own home isn't ideal, so I either have a nice background or no video... You have to try the background first. Sometimes you may look like a floating head, or a bald guy with it... So do show your backgrounds 🙂
  2. Ruriimasu

    Spam calls starting from 31290xxx

    Normally I don't do this, but there seemed to be some marketeers using Singapore virtual numbers ranging from 31290xxx doing spam marketing calls recently and they are bold and irritating. Their calls start as early as 7am and the latest I received was almost 11pm. When I did get calls on a particular day, they could reach 20 calls in a single day with the last 3 digits different each time. Being on the DNC list and complaint to PDPC, they could not do anything. Threatened these morons not to call anymore, they laughed back. WTF?! My blood pressure must have shot up 20 points. Apparently a few persons I know also got such calls, which are as good as harassment. Anyone else received these calls and who do you turn to for help?
  3. Cars08

    Scam calls from Chinese man..

    Just received a call from a chinese man claiming that he is my son n needed help...was crying so loudly.... After he finished his sentence, I told him I dun hv such a good life to have a son like him.... I have to let him go..... Any bro out there received such calls? Wanna share your experience?
  4. Wow.... these scammers really going all out... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ POLICE ADVISORY ON UNKNOWN MISSED CALLS, STARTING WITH THE NUMBERS '999X XXXX', ON MOBILE PHONES The Police are aware that some members of the public have been receiving unknown missed calls, starting with the numbers ‘999X XXXX’, on their mobile phones. When return calls were made, these members of public would be connected to the Police emergency hotline at ‘999’ instead. Members of the public are advised to ignore such calls from unknown origins, where Caller ID spoofing technology may be used to mask the actual phone number and display a different number. They may call the Police hotline at 1800-255 0000 or submit information online at www.police.gov.sg/iwitness should they have any related information, and dial ‘999’ only if urgent Police assistance is required.” source: https://www.facebook.com/singaporepoliceforce/posts/10155092714519408
  5. News Releases 1 Oct 2014 The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has called a tender today to develop Singapore’s next generation electronic road pricing system. The new system will be based on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology. New Road Pricing System will be Satellite-based 2. Following an 18-month System Evaluation Test (SET) that concluded in December 2012, LTA has assessed that it is technologically feasible to develop a GNSS-based road pricing system in Singapore. This new system will overcome the constraints of physical gantries, which are costly and take up land space. In addition, it is not practical to continue with the current gantry system, which is almost two decades old and will become increasingly expensive and difficult to maintain. 3. Another key advantage of a GNSS-based system is the ability to implement distance-based pricing along the congested roads where road pricing is to be implemented. Distance-based pricing as opposed to the current gantry-based system, is more equitable as motorists will be charged proportionate to the distance travelled on these congested roads. Value-added services for motorists’ convenience 4. With the GNSS-based system, motorists can also look forward to an interactive and intelligent on-board unit (OBU) in their vehicle that can support a range of value-added services. These include real-time traffic information tailored to their location, as well as electronic payment for parking fees without today’s paper coupons. Off-peak car users can look forward to new policies which we are considering, which may allow them to pay only for using their vehicles for short periods rather than the whole day, or for using them only on uncongested roads. Three consortia shortlisted for upcoming tender 5. LTA has shortlisted three consortia to participate in the upcoming tender to develop the next generation road pricing system. They are NCS Pte Ltd & MHI Engine System Asia Pte Ltd, ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte Ltd, and Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd & Beijing Watchdata System Co Ltd. 6. The contract to design and develop the system is expected to be awarded in the second half of 2015. LTA aims to implement the system from around 202 LTA Press Release http://app.lta.gov.sg/apps/news/page.aspx?c=2&id=40e3e181-37ff-4d65-a8c8-3ed2f6ac99b0
  6. Anyone recieved calls with no number displayed recently? For iphone it says "No Caller ID", its been years since i recieved a call with no number displayed, event those scam i heard of is from weird numbers like 3 digit numbers. i recieved this call for about 5 times since last week. scared to answer. Anyone else got kena?
  7. I just got a call from XXX company saying that my name has been chosen just because I travelled a fair bit over the last 5years. The lady said that I would be receiving 2 airline tickets to Malaysia/Indonesia/Thailand & goodness knows where in the mail. However, she will need my NRIC no. to issue the tickets. Before I could say anything, she read out my NRIC no. I took the chance to say "No" when she paused for a breath. She thought I was going to correct the NRIC no. that she has read though I admit that it is not the correct one. I told her again that "No, I am not interested" and "No, I am not going to confirm nor correct the NRIC no. that has been read out to me". She said that she need my NRIC no. and will call me again. So, I said "Please don't bother as I am not interested". So, plse take note and let yr family members know in case they get calls of similar nature.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSraR9AEF6o
  9. GongJiaoWei

    Prank Calls Clips

    Happen to come across some youtube videos on prank calls For you listening pleasure... Ah Beng and a Banglaldeshi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj1Khl9g5TI Maid Agency Prank Call http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI6zo9B0pxc
  10. HU with Bluetooth are always more expensive, but is this Bluetooth function really useful and good to have? The difference in cost for a HU with BT and one without, could probably be around $150? Which can easily get a Bluetooth headset which can be use for both calls and music, in and out of the car. I've tried to pair it with my GPS, and my experience is, the mic doesn't seem to be able to pick up my voice well and I will have to shout in order for the other party to hear me. Beside, maybe I'm to idealistic, I was hoping that the voice command function can allow me to make calls via speech, but unfortunately cannot. Like to have some feedback from drivers who use the BT function for calls, before I decide which HU I should get.
  11. Enjoy Unlimited Free Local Calls, SMSes and MMSes from Singtel from 23rd to 24th Jan 2012! As a token of appreciation to all Singtel customers, Singtel is giving away unlimited FREE local calls, SMS and MMS from 23rd to 24th Jan 2012! Free Unlimited Local Calls: Applicable for Local Incoming & Outgoing voice/video calls to any local mobile number initiated during the stated free period. Free Unlimited Local SMS & Local MMS: Applicable for SMS & MMS sent to any local mobile number only. Standard charges apply for SMS & MMS sent to an overseas mobile number. All SMS & MMS are to be used for personal and non-commercial purpose only. Charges apply for any outgoing IDD video or voice calls. Any abuse will entitle SingTel Mobile to revoke the free SMS & MMS benefit. Starts from 23rd January 2012, 0000HRS onwards and ends on 24th January 2012, 2359HRS Visit http://info.singtel.com/thankyou for more information.
  12. .....while we idolise them as high-end ang mor "talents". So pathetic lah, we are. Sigh, nevermind.... As high-end talents, they are always right, we are always wrong. That is why they are here to teach us that we are Asian As*holes. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...112-321479.html By Goh Shi Ting RazorTV Thursday, Jan 12, 2012 NUS Professor Dr Denisa Kera has apologised to her neighbours at Chip Bee Gardens for their loss of peace and privacy in the midst of a dispute between her and her next-door neighbour Mr Ivan Loh. Mr Loh has called in the police six times over the past nine months to complain about the noise levels at Dr Kera's house parties. However, Dr Kera insists she has not stepped out of line. "I'm just a researcher, a normal person in my late 30s. I don't think I make much more noise than any person in their late 30s," said Dr Kera who is from Prague and has been staying in Singapore since 2008. Even though Mr Loh observed that his neighbour has kept quiet since the first media reports were published last week, he is not letting the matter rest. "My course has moved slightly because Singapore needs to know what kind of lecturer we have," said the 41-year-old photographer who lives with his wife and a 1-year-old baby. "The moral standards of the person must be upheld, if not how do you teach our children of the future?" Mr Loh told RazorTV that he made sound recordings of the noise coming from his neighbour's, while he was in his living room. On one occasion, he said the police was called in but after they had left, the noise level from Dr Kera's house was still the same. What appalled Mr Loh further was that he could hear the words "Asian a-----es" in the conversations which took place subsequently. "What kind of foreigners are these people, coming to our country and saying things like that?" he said. Dr Kera, however, said that her friends were watching a foreign film that evening and were merely commenting on the plot; the remark had nothing to do with her neighours. "We were watching a Serbian movie with some very negative stereotypes about Serbs. It was a comedy, about a Singaporean delegation of businessmen visiting Serbia and being shocked to see what Serbians do," she explained. "I honestly don't understand why they [her neighbours] get the feeling it concerns them. "I find it strange that people stalk other people and take recordings of what goes on in someone's house. "I also want to apologise just to Singaporeans to have to witness this ridiculous dispute about expats and Singaporeans, which has nothing to do with one noise dispute. "If people start to use this dangerous argument any time they have a personal problem with someone, where will we end?" Dr Kera said that she had apologised to Mr Loh repeatedly for an incident last April, when she was out of town and a party was held at her house.
  13. SINGAPORE - National Solidarity Party (NSP) member Nicole Seah sent out an appeal through Facebook on Nov 5, calling for more volunteers to provide tuition to needy students. According to Ms Seah, the scheme was set up in May this year, for needy students living in the Macpherson area. The session is held every Saturday, for two hours, reported the Shin Min Daily News. Click here to find out more! Students, ranging from those studying in primary to secondary schools, have to pay a $30 fee, which is used to purchase teaching materials. "Under special circumstances, we will also absorb the fee," says Ms Seah. The scheme started out with only 15 kids, but the number has been increasing steadily. They now have 40 students registered under the scheme. Most of them are primary school pupils, but secondary school students have also come forward to enquire about the scheme. There are plans for expansion as well, says Ms Seah, who has received enquiries from parents living in the Marine Parade GRC area. There are currently only eight to 10 volunteers tending to the 40 students. Hence, they are hoping to recruit more volunteers in order to reduce the student to tutor ratio, which will benefit the students. After her post, many netizens left messages on her Facebook page, expressing their interest in helping out. But many were worried that they do not possess the experience nor qualifications to tutor kids in the academic subjects. But Ms Seah says the main aim of the tuition classes is to inspire students to believe that they can still do well in their studies, despite their family circumstances. She says the effort of the kids and volunteers have paid off. In the recent year-end examinations, many students reported a marked improvement in their results. http://www.edvantage.com.sg/edvantage/news...ee_tuition.html Kudos to Nicole
  14. The following sentences are extracted from the Caucasian's blog: "But Singaporeans really are frustratingly stupid. "Fortunately their birthrate is only about 1.25, so they will all die off soon enough. "Hopefully the Chinese, Malays and Indians that replace them will be smarter. "I don't like criticizing the intellectually handicapped, but in Singapore there would be few left others to criticize. "Singaporeans don't seem to be able to think for themselves. "An absolute herd mentality." ...This white trash born loser who does not know how to blend into the society and manipulate to his advantage....still dare to voice his shallowness criticism in the public forum. What does our forumers say about such idiotic posting...your comments
  15. Blackseal

    Terence Cao calls off wedding

    MediaCorp actor Terence Cao's relationship with his younger girlfriend has hit a snag. In an exclusive interview with xinmsn, the 43-year-old revealed that wedding preparations have stopped and that they have been in "a cooling-off period" for a few months already. Last year, the actor said that he and his accountant girlfriend, who's 10 years younger, would tie the knot either last or this year. He then followed up with us in March saying that it would happen soon. But things have taken an awful turn. When we asked him for an update on Wednesday, he sighed, "This is my destiny "It's not the right time yet. Marriage is for life, I don't want to implicate her." Taken aback by the surprisingly pessimistic tone, we probed further, and Terence expressed that being the older one, he would have more responsibility in a long-term relationship. "When two people live together, there could be problems every day. Sometimes, the more you know of the other person, the easier problems arise." So is age gap the culprit? "It's not because she's too young, but that I'm na
  16. You have to love the human being's ability to rationalize almost anything. After all, how else can you explain calling a near half-million-dollar sports car a "best value?" Yet that's exactly what Autocar has done in evaluating the new Ferrari 599 GTO. By comparing it's
  17. I am a resident in Dover Road for over 30 years and am recently affected by the Enbloc/SERS upgrading and have to shift about 500m from my existing home to the new ones at Blocks 28A to D at Dover Crescent. I do not have any outstanding summons with the HDB nor do I own a vehicle. I love my home and the residents in the small area of Dover are a very closely knitted bunch. The HDB has inconvenienced and endangered residents, handicapped and pedestrians as well as other road users by using the Handicap Lots at Block 28C to dump sand and debris. This prevents the handicapped residents and members of the public from using the handicap lot. Residents in the process of moving and unloading do not have a proper space to park their vehicles to unload. The Loading and unloading Bay at Block 28C is fully blocked and taken up by the HDB contractor
  18. Chuapcd

    Oversea calls from US

    Can someone let me know how would I be charged if someone from US call me on my Singtel mobile (when I am in Singapore) ? Will I be charged international call rate or normal mobile rate? Thanks
  19. Sturtles

    Calls from headhunting companies

    Hi Guys, I just got a call from a headhunting company at my office saying so and so MNC is inviting me for an interview due to recommendation from someone within the manufacturing industry. However, the role of the job to put simply, is a sales position, albeit with a wider scope but in a sort of sunset sector of the industry. Not doubting my capabilities, but are there hoaxes or misleading calls going around in the market recently? I've got plenty of recruitment calls from financial consultant firms and the likes, so its definitely not a "green" experience for me.
  20. Padre

    Schumi calls off F1 comeback

    Michael cancels F1-Comeback Consequences of bike-injuries make return impossible "Yesterday evening, I had to inform Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo and Team Principal Stefano Domenicali that unfortunately I'm not able to step in for Felipe. I really tried everything to make that temporary comeback possible, however, much to my regret it didn't work out. Unfortunately we did not manage to get a grip on the pain in the neck which occurred after the private F1-day in Mugello, even if medically or therapeutically we tried everything possible. The consequences of the injuries caused by the bike-accident in February, fractures in the area of head and neck, unfortunately have turned out to be still too severe. That is why my neck cannot stand the extreme stresses caused by Formula 1 yet. This are the clear results of the examinations we did on the course of the past two weeks and the final examination yesterday afternoon. As there were no improvements after the day in Mugello, I decided at short notice on Sunday to do that thorough examination already yesterday. I am disappointed to the core. I am awfully sorry for the guys of Ferrari and for all the fans which crossed fingers for me. I can only repeat that I tried everything that was within my power. All I can do now is to keep my fingers crossed for the whole team for the coming races." schumi out !
  21. Anyone received a phone call from Realty Board Development.(does sound as if they like HDB isn't it?). Claimed that they can help to get back the money invested. Located at Jln Tras, Tanjong Pagar. Received so many such calls, sick of it. Haiz, was naive those days to fall into the trick of timeshare scam.
  22. Darth_mel

    The Terminator calls HP support

    Freaking hilarious !!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-wg3vwpMGQ...ead.php?t=14798
  23. Manager gets threatening calls after NTU 'brats' are exposed http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=46373 "When you go out, you better watch out," an unknown caller said to the manager who alerted STOMP about some NTU undergrads challenging him, after one of them was caught parking illegally on campus and was told to move away. And in all his years as a manager, ravebroNTU says this is the first time he has come across such behaviour coming from the school's students. The STOMPer had earlier recounted a nasty confrontation he had with the errant driver, who insisted he was in the right though he had parked illegally in a wheel-clamp zone, and the latter had challenged the manager to a fight. The story was then posted on STOMP, and when it did, the threatening calls started. "I believe it is the same student, the driver of the car who is the culprit; he sounds the same, though he had called from a private number. "He called me twice on my office line, and twice on my mobile phone. "The first time he called, he asked me for my name and I told him who I was." RavebroNTU suspects this was how the student got his cellphone number, as he had put it on his Facebook account for his friends to contact him. "He called me a few times subsequently and said things like: "You are such a loser, and have nothing better to do." "He also threatened me over the phone, warning me to 'better watch out when you go out'. The STOMPer told us he intends to lodge a police report once he gets off work today. An NTU spokesperson says this is an isolated incident. In an email response, the spokesperson says: ""When a student convicts a crime or attempts to endanger another student or member of the university community by acting in a manner which is detrimental to the reputation, dignity or interest of a fellow student or University staff, speaking or acting in a threatening manner or causing bodily harm, he/she may be required to appear before the Board of Discipline. "Just want to add that this is an isolated case." really this NTU brat a SORE LOSER and CHICKEN leh...if want to threaten, tell the manager straight to the face personally, dun need to chook pattern by using anonymous call..hopefully this manager report to police and NTU management, have the RAT expell from Uni and let him fall back to the earth...cant imagine this RAT step into working society and behave like a "Siao Ren"....seriously this RAT really worst then woman...what a wussy he is