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Found 15 results

  1. Aukang

    2016 Skoda Kodiaq

    http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/skoda/kodiak/88859/skoda-vision-s-concept-previews-7-seat-skoda-kodiak-suv Just came across this....will be launched end this year...but doubt will make it to our shores cos Skoda got no distributors here liao
  2. And it look like what i see everyday in the toilet bowl
  3. Car owners with an engine oil temp gauge. On a cold morning, maybe can you share how long does it typically take for your car to reach optimum operating temperature of > 90deg ? I am not referring to the water temp gauge, that warms up much faster though. Reason i am asking this is because when your engine get the most wear and tear is always during the initial startup. The engine oil doesn't thin enough to really get into the minute places of our modern tight tolerances' engines. in fact, using a w20 or w30 engine oil might be better than that w40 or w50 oil you are using. at the same time save you the trouble of warming up the engine?
  4. http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/03/06/reach-1000-inputs-on-budget-2014-have-been-received/ REACH: 1,000 inputs on Budget 2014 have been received March 6th, 2014 | Author: Editorial Dr Amy Khor The local media reported that REACH Chairwoman Amy Khor led an online chat session on the Budget recently. She revealed that more than “1,000 inputs on Budget 2014 have been received by REACH through its various platforms”. She said, “Over half of the feedback was about initiatives announced to build a fair and equitable society, such as the S$8-billion Pioneer Generation Package (PGP), healthcare affordability issues and help for older workers.” No surprise whatsoever, she said overall, while there was broad and strong support for the Budget, some had concerns, such as if higher social spending by the government will lead to higher taxes in future. Dr Khor also said others had lauded the fact that funds for the Pioneer Generation Package were set aside upfront so that the burden will not fall on the younger generation of taxpayers. With the details of the PGP out, it’s inexplicable that of all the ‘concerns’ expressed, our REACH Chairwoman chose to highlight the one concern about potential ‘higher taxes in future’. Many TRE readers and others on alternative media have little of such concerns. Instead, overwhelmingly, the issue for most is how the PGP $8 billion figure, a never-before one-off expenditure, could be magically set aside in one lump sum i.e. about 14% of total budget amount. Finance Minister Tharman did say that the government “will not draw on past reserves, as we have sufficient surpluses from the last few years”. However, he did not elaborate on the details in Parliament. Some also asked who and how the $8 billion will be managed. Mr Tharman had said that the $8 billion set aside for the PGP, with accumulated interest over time, will meet its full projected cost of $9 billion, including a buffer for inflation. Again, Mr Tharman did not elaborate on the details of how interest will be earned. Such online discussions on alternative media showed that Singaporeans are increasingly getting very sophisticated in their thinking and the government need to be even more open and transparent especially when Singaporean taxpayers’ monies are involved. The government should realise that it is now dealing with a different generation of Singaporeans compared to our parent or grandparent generations.
  5. A 35-metre (115-foot) tsunami could hit the Japanese coast in the wake of a massive earthquake, an expert panel has said after revising its worst case scenario projections following last year's disaster. If a 9.0-magnitude quake struck in the Nankai Trough off central to western Japan huge swathes of the Pacific coastline could be inundated, with 20-metre-plus waves hitting areas from Tokyo down to the southwestern island of Kyushu. At the town of Kuroshio in southwestern Kochi prefecture the tsunami could reach 34.4 metres -- the highest level projected under the scenario, the Cabinet Office panel said late Saturday. And at the now offline Hamaoka nuclear plant in central Shizuoka prefecture, the tsunami could be as high as 21 metres, breaching the 18-metre breakwater that operators are currently constructing, the panel said. In its previous projection in 2003 the panel gave a worst case scenario in which no areas would be hit by a tsunami of more than 20 metres. But the panel has upgraded its predictions in the wake of the 9.0-magnitude earthquake on March 11 last year that sent a tsunami barrelling into the northeast, killing some 19,000 people and devastating the coastline. Waves of more than 15 metres hit cities including Ishinomaki, Soma, and Ofunato. The monster tsunami crippled cooling systems at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, sparking a crisis which is still ongoing. The panel noted that the projection was for "the worst possible tsunami" and the "chance of its occurrence is extremely low". It said it will continue studying the extent of areas that could be hit and submerged by a tsunami, while the government will examine its emergency disaster measures based on the latest estimation. Source from Yahoo!
  6. I thought his right hand man Tharman PROMISED 30% increase over 10 years during GE2011? Now, PM lowered expectations by one third to 20% increase over 10 years?
  7. Recently, wifey complain that our car has become more bouncy. I attribute that to me pumping the car tyres to a higher pressure. However she insist that the car suspension is not good already. My question is how to know if the suspension has EOL already? Is there any test i can do to determine? or only the workshop guys will know? Thanks in advance for any inputs.
  8. ST Forum Jul 29, 2011 Loan quantum puts flat beyond reach MY WIFE and I heeded the Government's call to have more babies and have more than reproduced ourselves with three wonderful children. With a growing family, an elderly parent and a maid, my family of seven was badly in need of a bigger living space. We decided to make use of our second and final chance to apply for new build-to-order (BTO) subsidised public housing. After close to a year of unsuccessful applications, we were overjoyed to be finally invited to select a BTO flat. But our joy proved to be short-lived. The subsidised public housing we selected costs close to half a million dollars. Our combined income of more than $7,000 is at the high end of the Housing Board's income ceiling. Yet when we applied for an HDB loan, we were surprised that the board required a downpayment of 60 per cent - more than a quarter of a million dollars - on the purchase price. The HDB offered a maximum loan of only $188,000 on a half-million-dollar public flat. I truly wonder if public housing is affordable any more if citizens, like my family who have heeded the Government's call to have more children, have to find more than a quarter of a million dollars to make the downpayment on a subsidised public flat. Shi Weilong
  9. may i know how long it takes from SG to reach Genting by car. no speeding. just following legal street speed.
  10. AND PASS THROUGH 2 f--kING ERPS. JESUS CHRIST. Ugh. And I took Westcoast Highway too! Didn't take AYE. The intersection between WCHW and Clementi road was a bitch. And the WCHW turning on to AYE. KNN. Now if I want to go to city, I might as well leave @ 4.30. Ugh, gonna have to make another trip down tomorrow. Worse yet, def can't leave @ 4.30.
  11. Volvo XC 90 / 60 I will work hard for it!!
  12. Any thoughts on above?
  13. Hi all, take a look at these.