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Found 20 results

  1. 7,700 Singaporeans received inaccurate CHAS subsidies due to software error: MOH SINGAPORE: An error in the computer system administered by NCS caused about 7,700 individuals to receive inaccurate healthcare and intermediate- and long-term care subsidies, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Saturday (Feb 16). The affected individuals are among those whose applications or renewals of their Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) cards were processed from Sep 18 to Oct 10 last year. The error arose in the computer system when it calculated means-test results. The means-test system calculates the healthcare subsidies which individuals are eligible for, based on their income information. Healthcare subsidies are means-tested so that greater financial support is extended to lower-income households. "The means-test and subsidy tiers for all affected individuals have been corrected by Feb 16, 2019,” MOH said. MOH said no proactive action is required on the part of the affected people at this point. The ministry added that it is working closely with healthcare service providers and scheme administrators to reach out to those affected. “About 1,300 individuals who received lower subsidies will have the difference reimbursed to them. “Another 6,400 individuals received higher subsidies due to the error but will not need to return the additional subsidies disbursed,” MOH added. MOH said that it intends to recover from NCS the costs and expenses incurred as a result of this incident, as allowed for under their contract. The first case of discrepancy in the means-test results of a CHAS cardholder was detected by the CHAS processing team on Sep 24, 2018 and NCS was alerted immediately, MOH said. “The issue was initially attributed to intermittent network connection problems. Five more cases were subsequently detected between Oct 9 and Nov 2, and a more thorough investigation was initiated,” added the health ministry. In late November, NCS traced the root cause of the discrepancies to a software version issue on a server used by the means-test system when it was migrated to another government data centre in September. “This resulted in the means-test results being computed without the requisite income information. NCS further discovered that their deployment team had in fact fixed the software version issue earlier on Oct 10, 2018 in response to an unrelated slow performance issue. “This stopped further cases of errors but it did not correct the means-test results that had been generated from Sep 18, 2018 to Oct 10, 2018,” MOH said. CORRECT SUBSIDY TIERS RESTORED BY FEB 16 MOH said that it worked with NCS from December to establish the extent of the impact, including the correct subsidy tiers for each individual under the different services and schemes. This was to determine who could have received higher or lower subsidies than what they were eligible for. The final assessment was completed on Jan 14 and MOH worked with grant scheme administrators and healthcare institutions to finalise the remedial action plans, including how affected individuals will be informed and reimbursed. The correct subsidy tiers of all affected individuals were restored by Feb 16. Service providers and scheme administrators will now progressively inform the affected individuals and arrange for reimbursements where applicable. “We expect all the affected individuals to be informed by mid-March 2019,” MOH said. MOH said that NCS has acknowledged the error and has taken further remedial action by tightening the system deployment processes. “Additional safeguards have been put in place to prevent any recurrence of such incidents. NCS has reiterated its commitment to being held to the highest standards as a service provider. MOH takes a serious view of the incident, and has worked with NCS on appropriate remedial measures. MOH will work with NCS on measures to prevent such errors in the future,” the ministry stated. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/7-700-singaporeans-received-inaccurate-chas-subsidies-due-to-11249848
  2. Guys, I'm selling my car to a dealer. Will be passing over my Transaction Pin when i get the Cashier's order from them. Want to check whether any of you experienced a dealer/seller cancelling the cashier's order after handing it over to you? I know i'm being kiasu but just want to check around. Thx
  3. http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/03/06/reach-1000-inputs-on-budget-2014-have-been-received/ REACH: 1,000 inputs on Budget 2014 have been received March 6th, 2014 | Author: Editorial Dr Amy Khor The local media reported that REACH Chairwoman Amy Khor led an online chat session on the Budget recently. She revealed that more than “1,000 inputs on Budget 2014 have been received by REACH through its various platforms”. She said, “Over half of the feedback was about initiatives announced to build a fair and equitable society, such as the S$8-billion Pioneer Generation Package (PGP), healthcare affordability issues and help for older workers.” No surprise whatsoever, she said overall, while there was broad and strong support for the Budget, some had concerns, such as if higher social spending by the government will lead to higher taxes in future. Dr Khor also said others had lauded the fact that funds for the Pioneer Generation Package were set aside upfront so that the burden will not fall on the younger generation of taxpayers. With the details of the PGP out, it’s inexplicable that of all the ‘concerns’ expressed, our REACH Chairwoman chose to highlight the one concern about potential ‘higher taxes in future’. Many TRE readers and others on alternative media have little of such concerns. Instead, overwhelmingly, the issue for most is how the PGP $8 billion figure, a never-before one-off expenditure, could be magically set aside in one lump sum i.e. about 14% of total budget amount. Finance Minister Tharman did say that the government “will not draw on past reserves, as we have sufficient surpluses from the last few years”. However, he did not elaborate on the details in Parliament. Some also asked who and how the $8 billion will be managed. Mr Tharman had said that the $8 billion set aside for the PGP, with accumulated interest over time, will meet its full projected cost of $9 billion, including a buffer for inflation. Again, Mr Tharman did not elaborate on the details of how interest will be earned. Such online discussions on alternative media showed that Singaporeans are increasingly getting very sophisticated in their thinking and the government need to be even more open and transparent especially when Singaporean taxpayers’ monies are involved. The government should realise that it is now dealing with a different generation of Singaporeans compared to our parent or grandparent generations.
  4. first my thought is is he local? 2nd, the ranking come from the result but i dun think the learning experience in local university is encouraging or enjoying.
  5. I am perplexed that the recent 3 bloggers who gotten lawyer letters from Lee, Lee and a tambi were actually not written by them but comments made in website however, there are more damning websites like below but why no ST writing about or lawyer letter served to this website http://www.yeocheowtong.com/ why why why can anybody explain thanks NB maybe we should hint to POWDER so he can ask his BIG BROTHER to take action
  6. Versatile

    GE Voting Letter not received.

    Dear MCF-ers, Please allow me to share and rant about how why we should not vote for the PAP. As resident of Sembawang and a 1st time vote but electoral to vote for Nee Soon GRC, my family and i did not receive the voting letter as on 4th May 2011. When my mum called and asked, we were told by the "RC" that they have misplaced our voting letters and eventually DID NOT managed to send to our mailbox. We were also told to SELF COLLECT our voting letter from Canberra RC instead of them sending it to us knowing the fact that it is their OWN negligence. If the government says that voting is compulsory, why isn't any actions been taken by ensuring citizen's did received the voting letter? If voting letter is not received by citizens, does that means that the electoral area, "Nee Soon GRC" will be lacking of 1 vote if that vote is meant for the opposition? Do note that i have 5 family members including me which is equal to 5 votes. Why isn't the Government ensuring all citizen that has been registered to vote did received the letter? Every votes counts and i wouldn't want to see invaild votes just because of Government carelessness and negligence. No apologises were made by the RC neither the relevant departments. I'm disappointed by how the PAP/Government work for this Election. And my mind is clear, i know where my vote will goes to for GE2011.
  7. Alim

    Anyone received this email?

    I received this in my email, anyone else received this? It came with 2 attachments --- On Wed, 30/3/11, earl grey <earlgreybc01@yahoo.com.sg> wrote: From: earl grey <earlgreybc01@yahoo.com.sg> Subject: Pls circulate - How can Singaporeans contribute in the upcoming General Election ? To: Date: Wednesday, 30 March, 2011, 10:18 AM Dear Fellow Singaporeans, General Election is scheduled in May/ Jun 2011. You can participate and contribute in the upcoming General Election by doing the following - (A) Be a Party Candidate, Member or Volunteer Our Alternative Parties are recruiting Singaporeans who are patriotic/ passionate and willing to come forward to serve our people as Candidates. Members and Volunteers in this coming General Election. Interested Singaporeans can read / approach the Alternative Parties in the below web links. 1) RP election manifesto http://votingrp.wordpress.com/about/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2010/11/29/wh...n-rp-candidate/ 2) SDP election manifesto http://www.yoursdp.org/index.php/the-party/our-manifesto 3) SPP election manifesto http://www.spp.org.sg/manifesto.php 4) WP election manifesto http://wp.sg/manifesto/ 5) NSP election manifesto http://www.nsp.sg/ 6) Singapore Malay National Organisation election manifesto http://www.pkms.org/ http://singaporemalaynationalorganisation.blogspot.com/ 7) Socialist Front election manifesto http://www.socialistfront.org/the-socialism-ideology/ (B) Be an Opposition Supporter help in the OUTREACH CAMPAIGN Create public awareness and educate our people the problems we are facing, the need for change and the need for Multi Party system. Pls download this self explanatory and comprehensive article DETAIL VERSION and help to distribute to people / strangers around you to get more Opposition Votes http://www.temasekreview.com/2010/10/27/an...n-in-singapore/ Other articles to read http://www.temasekreview.com/2010/11/01/li...at-im-defending anymore/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2010/10/30/sm...long-over-here/ MCYS spend $10 million immigrants integration fund to welcome Foreigners to Singapore but only spend $3 million to help the local poor and needy. MCYS $10 million immigrants integration fund http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne+News/...113-191488.html CDC $3 million to help the poor and needy Singaporeans http://www.temasekreview.com/2010/10/22/th...north-east-cdc/ PAP increase foreigners salary bar will not stop Companies from hiring more foreigners. Minimum wage for Foreigners not Singaporeans http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/11/mi...ot-singaporean/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/10/ep...s-to-be-raised/ Listed company HIRE New Immigrants http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/02/21/li...ecruitment-ads/ New Immigrants HIRE their kind http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/12/ko...citizens-or-pr/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/14/pr...er-singaporean/ Malaysian born hiring manager recruiting Malaysian degree holders http://www.jobstreet.com.sg/jobs/2011/3/de...512857.htm?fr=J Eg - Companies HIRE foreigners (Malaysians) http://sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Search/JobAdSin...389250&sr=1 http://sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Search/JobAdSin...389278&sr=1 http://sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Search/JobAdSin...389265&sr=1 http://sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Search/JobAdSin...387924&sr=1 http://sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Search/JobAdSin...388484&sr=1 Listen how the ungrateful New Immigrants "INSULT" Native Singaporeans http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/15/10...-for-filipinos/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/19/fi...s-for-filipinos PAP Ministers/ MPs holding multiple directorships (conflict of interests) http://www.temasekreview.com/2010/12/30/mo...-directorships/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2010/12/24/nu...pointments-too/ PAP high pay packages http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/11/pr...increase-by-26/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/19/ha...isterial-wages/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/17/80...for-themselves/ Feedback on PAP New Candidates http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/16/fo...some-bold-talk/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/21/pa...ick-succession/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/22/dp...-you-can-trust/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/23/na...99s-sufferings/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/29/the-peril-of-youth/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/29/ms...vate-secretary/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/27/po...e2%80%99-money/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/27/%e...b9%8b%e8%af%8d/ http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/27/pm...ng-term-future/ Open letter to Native Singaporeans = PAP broken promise Who will DIE for Singapore in a crisis ? Native Singaporeans or New Immigrants ? http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/03/18/du...ays-who-leaves/ SPOIL VOTE = VOTE FOR PAP http://www.temasekreview.com/2011/01/13/to...poil-your-vote/ Pls read below methods of Reaching Out to more Singaporeans. http://www.temasekreview.com/2010/12/02/in...rship-in-spore/ © Email your Wish List (desires, problems, ideas, suggestions to improve your lives, estates etc) to our Oppositions . Feel free to email your wish list to our Oppositions or the contesting Opposition in your constituency so that they can help to fulfil your wishes. Kindly share this email with people/ strangers around you. Together we can make a difference to our lives and make Singapore a better place for all Singaporeans ! Thanks
  8. Has anyone received your NS recognition award or part thereof. Announced last year but so far have not heard of anyone getting it.
  9. Friendstar

    YOG: F1 tix received.... LATE

    YOG volunteer got F1 ticket a day after the race Letter from Yang Rui 05:55 AM Sep 29, 2010 I WAS a volunteer at the recent Youth Olympic Games and attended an appreciation party with my fellow volunteer friends on Sept 17. At the party, the YOG organisers promised us tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix as a reward to volunteers. After queuing for more than an hour to register for the free tickets, the organisers told us that the tickets would be mailed to us one week before the event. We were very happy and were looking forward to the F1 race. But unfortunately, the tickets did not arrive. We were very upset and felt cheated. We could only sit in front of the television to watch the race, instead of enjoying the event in person at the Marina Bay circuit. But my story did not end there. On Monday morning (Sept 27), my F1 ticket finally arrived in the mail, but it was too late. What is the point of receiving the ticket after the event? I checked with my friends, and, up to now, most of the tickets have yet to arrive. I checked the date of the mail I received and it was stamped Friday, Sept 24. It seems that the YOG organisers have forgotten about SingPost's five-day only mail delivery service. And, as far as I know, some 400 tickets were given out as rewards to the YOG volunteers. If most or all of the 400 tickets were delivered late such as was my case, this is a huge amount of money wasted. What makes all this worse is that we don't know who to blame for this fiasco - the YOG organisers did send out the tickets, SingPost did make the delivery, but the outcome is still not acceptable. We volunteered for the YOG not to get rewards or free tickets but this whole episode has left an unpleasant aftertaste to an otherwise memorable event. ================================================================================ ================= My favorite minister is Balakrishnan... he is young and good looking and most importantly he doesn't wayang like MBT. however, i think that this YOG thinggy really reflects badly on him. 1) volunteers diarrhea 2) printed wrong names 3) f1 tickets
  10. Hi guys, just to illustrate wat happen to me last nite at 230am. I received a call from an unknown oversea no asking for my dad. This guy claims that my dad owes him money and ask us to return him money, he says that he is by the name of 'ah sam' and he just came out from prison. He says that he know where we stay and managed to say out our unit number correctly, but he did not mention any blk or street name though. Then he kept telling us not to play with him, as he know where we stay and hinted that he will come our hse to disturb us. I was quite angry and scolded him in vulgarilty. And i feel that he suddenly felt abit shocked. After afew mins of arguement, he changed his statement. He said that we dont owe him any money but he wants to take some 'kopi money' from us to spend. We abruptly end the conversations by saying we have no money and wanted to hang up. Towards the end of the conversation, he ask us, " you dont even have 100-200??" we just said " no!' and hang up on him. However he still call us again after we hang up but we did not pick up. In total, he called us 3 times, once my mum pick up, 2nd time she pass to me, 3rd time we nv pick up. The whole conversation is in hokkien, but as my hokkien is not fluent and i dun understand completely, he speaked mandarin in the end as i could not make out wat he is saying. We are thinking of going to make a police report later just for safety reason. Bros out here any comments on this situation?
  11. As mentioned above, I got this one-page letter from LTA with regards to my aftermarket HID headlamp. The contents of the letter stated that they have received feedback that my headlamp is showing an extra bright light and causes glare and distraction to other road users. It also discusses about the compliance with international standards, such as those adopted in European Union countries. Last but not least, they want me to check my headlamp bulbs and warn me that their enforcement officers and Traffic Police will be closely monitoring vehicles such as myself on the road. What should I do now? Anyone who has encountered similar experiences before can advise? Thanks in advance and best regards,
  12. Received letter from Ah Long asking me to ask my neighbour to pay up else will spray paint to my house! wtf! :angry:
  13. KapitanE

    Good service received

    With all this complaints about bad service, I had the most wonderful service extended to me by a motor service company. Got into an accident yesterday evening while driving home on the PIE. Could not brake in time, and I banged into a Madza 3 in front of me. My car suffered minimum visible damages, front bumper intact, grills slightly bent, some scratch marks. However, the Mazda 3 back bumper almost dislodged, heavily pushed on and probably cracked. The bumper is an after market replacement, probably some bodykit bought in malaysia and looks like made of fibre glass. Well, reported to my insurance company, since I know I will be blamed for the accident and have to bear cost for repairs. Let it be, let the other car claim against me, no big deal. I was told I need to go to the insurance company approved quality owrkshop, which they have a list, I chose one nearest to my office. This workshop which I chose is situated in Portsdown Road and the name of it is what you see shining brightly every night in the sky, not the moon, but those others that look like diamond, our national flag have 5 of them too. At the car park, I was greeted by the attendant who saw that I had trouble finding a vacant lot, asked me where I was going. Told him that I need to report an accident, and he opened the barrier to let me go to a reserved car park and said if I cannot find space in there, he will open up a lot for me. Good job. Then went into the office and spoke with the receptionist manning the reporting desk, she went all the way and explained to me what I need to write in the report form and assisted me by reading out policy numbers etc. On completion, she apologised to me and said that due to regulations, I would need to have my car photographed and survey by their extimator, I would need to wait a couple of minutes. She told to help myself with coffee which is available and to relax in the waiting area. Okay, thanks I said. Went to fixed my coffee and sat down at a comfortable sofa and waited, and she again walked to me and told me that my papers have been submitted to the other desk and she apologised again and said I would have to wait a couple of minutes. This I say is damned good service, personnal service from a counter girl, which she need not have to do at all. Many places that I have been will make me wait and have my named shouted across the room to get my attention etc. This girl is a real service oriented person and I salute her. Well, I reciprocated her by thank yous and please and of course with my smiles. For those curious, I will make a claim for own damages also, as I have a full waiver of excess and also have NCD protection. No harm.........
  14. Try_conti

    Received a survey call

    Hi guys, Any of you receive a survey call ? Apparently the AD is contracting a company calling up owners to do survey. I got a call 5 minutes ago. Questions asked: 1) What do you like about the car ? What is it that you don't like ? 2) Would you consider another Skoda ? Obviously I hantam the AD after-sales servicing lah ..... I enjoyed my ride but the servicing and after-sales ... simply CMI ...... If you guys received the call, you know what to do arh ..... whack those id10ts
  15. From Mr.Koffi James Moku,(partnership) Regional Manager of the Rural Bank, Ghana Tamale branch, Tel: +233-2421-28985 Reply me on email:koffi_john_kw@yahoo.co.uk Dear Friend, Compliment of the season to you, Am Mr.Koffi James Moku the regional manager of one of Rural Bank in Ghana, Tamale branch in northern region of Ghana. Am 43 years old married with two lovely kids. Am a man of peace with harmony and I only hope you can assist me and if you co-operate with me as partner you will never regret I ever contacted you. I have packaged a financial transaction that will benefit you and I, as regional manger of R.B it is my duty to send auditing report to our bank head office in the capital city Accra-Ghana at the end of each business year. On the course of last year (2007) business report .I discover that my branch in which am the manager made four million, Six hundred thousand united state dollars (US$4,600,000.00) which our bank head office does not aware of and will never be aware of. Further more in my private investigation before contacting you I discover that this money belong to a pharmaceutical company which was bankrupted over a decade now and I have immediately placed this fund on what we called Escrow Account, an account without any beneficiary information. Therefore as an official in our bank I can not be directly have access to this money. So my aim of contacting you is to seek for your partnership to assist me receive this money with your bank account and get 40% of the total fund as commission for your understanding and co-operation. Lastly, it is strictly bank to bank transaction without traveling to any where all I need from you is to stand claim as the depositor and title holder of this money who made the deposit with my branch where am the manager so that our head office can release the money to your bank account. I will be very grateful if you accept to team up with me to achieve this fund to our possession. Kindly call me on +233-2421-28985 for voice conversation. Regards, Mr.Koffi James Moku
  16. Hi all, I have received a letter from LTA to say that "a report has been made on my vehicle.To ensure that the vehicle is in good working condition,pls sent in your vehicle for an inspection at any inspection centre." Fyi,my H.Stream is less than 3 years and there is no after market mod but only the glasses are tinted quite dark. Wonder who reported,the public or TP?? Have anyone received this type of letter before?,can give me some advise.Thanks.
  17. Bluemice

    Did anyone received this ?

    Did anyone received this ? [inline IMG_3381_2.jpg] Like this also can, WIN liao lor... i dun mean SembE but the "SembE" Got pple looking for house, looking for rental, looking for house help.... anyway i doubt this is real, so weak ! mice
  18. After Honda City commended as the best car in review on Motoring Jan 2006, once again Honda City received good commend on Business Times on 21 Apr 2007. All these show that Honda City is truly a good car to drive : http://motoring.asiaone.com.sg/testdrive/20070407_001.html
  19. Just came across this thread: http://forums.carma.com.sg/showthread.php?t=1084452 Looks like not many have good comments about chevys in SG...
  20. TOPIC : Car Survey Please note that: 1. Potential respondents must be willing to spend approx 8-10 mins on the telephone, as we need to administer a set of profiling questions. These questions are not related to the content of the survey but to help us decide whether you meet our selection criteria or not. 2. Potential respondents qualified and selected for this project will be invited for the focus group on the respective date. 3. Potential respondents who are not invited will be notified as soon as possible. However, due to the huge number of respondents, your name might be slip. If you do not hear from us in two weeks time, you are not selected for the project. 4. Potential respondents only get paid after they attended the survey. 5. Please observe closing date and eligibility. 6. Please answer all questions to avoid delay in selection. 7. Please read the fine prints. 8. I will explain more details when you express interest in the project. Please respond only if you understand the above and are prepared to furnish further information when we call you to pre-qualify you. This is a short survey that takes about 20-30 mins Criteria: Owner of the following cars brands: 1. Jaguar 2. Audi 3. Saab 4. Landrover 5. BMW 6. Volvo 7. Merecedes 8. Lexus Resp token: $20-$60 Please tell us the following when replying to say_yoko@yahoo.com before 10/9/2004 Name: Contact numbers: Car License Plate Number : Car Type : Year of Purchase : Yourself, your family members, relatives, or close friends must not be working in companies involved in market research, advertising, public relations, newspaper/television companies, banks/financial companies, and automobile related companies Thank you for your kind attention. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/surveysg/