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Found 14 results

  1. My sprog is in Primary 5, for the first time so far - last night I was truly disappointed in the school system. By and large, I find the schools are doing a pretty decent job - so far the education has been going pretty well, I haven't always agreed with what they teach. But hey, I don't need to - they have been doing it rather well. Last night, chatting with the kid - it is the first time I have been seriously upset at what they are doing. Just had the "Chinese Composition" exam for first semester, and we were chit chatting about what she wrote. Apparently they were given picture prompts - about a boy bullying his grandma, running into the road and almost getting run over. Well ok, putting aside the rather ham fisted and heavy handed moralising - we talked about what she said next... I suggested a story line of... Seeing the boy in danger, Superman came flying out of the sky, and stopped the car just in time, lifting it up to protect the boy. But then, when he found out what had happened, he said "Nah - you don't deserve to be rescued" where upon he dropped the car onto the boy, turning him into ketchup. Crotch spawn informed me that if she wrote that, she would be marked down for "going out of context" - WTF????? Out of context? No wonder the kids are so boring - they have to tell a predictable and "moral" story - In my day, we were encouraged to try and shock / surprise the teacher. Not write stories to some freaking boring formula!!! Blardy hell - how to move forward like that?
  2. Wahaha....i feel so insulted for milo https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/mahathir-disappointed-over-cool-response-to-second-national-car-10536322 KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Monday (Jul 16) expressed disappointment that his idea for a second national car has not been well-received by the people. Dr Mahathir said he was informed that no one wanted to see another national car being developed as most of the people regarded “it was enough” having the Proton, which has been deemed to be a failure. In a posting on his blog, Dr Mahathir sarcastically remarked that “we are not qualified nor capable of having an automotive industry”. Malaysians, he said, were prepared to buy imported cars, including from China, and also get Japanese-made and German-made cars, especially those who could afford them. "I still remember the Japanese car after the war. As users, if we scratch with our fingernails, we’ll see Milo tins, but it is from these Milo tin cars that came the various models, such as Toyota, Nissan and Suzuki which we are now using. "Certainly this will not happen with Malaysia. Our car will always be made from Milo tins forever,” he said. Dr Mahathir clarified that the government had no plans to make the proposed second national car as a government-owned automotive industry He said the private sector in the country was now capable of designing, making clay models and test models, as well as produce cars on a large scale. “But, because early on we have rejected the idea of a second national car, then we will oppose all proposals to produce cars by the private sector. Certainly, the government will not have a government-owned automotive industry,” said the prime minister. Dr Mahathir said the country’s market was now full of imported cars, both of good quality and also the Milo tin type. "Produced by giant companies, they monopolise Malaysia’s car market so much so that it buried Proton. “In the end, Proton was sold to foreigners. There is no more national car, no more automotive industry. Workers, engineers, managers are also out of jobs. Everything drops. "Malaysia becomes a consumer country, padi farming country, fishing. It’s alright. This is what we want and this is what we get. Just forget about Vision 2020,” said Dr Mahathir.
  3. first my thought is is he local? 2nd, the ranking come from the result but i dun think the learning experience in local university is encouraging or enjoying.
  4. PM Lee: I'm disappointed that Desmond Choo did not win. Dear PM if you don't want to be further disappointed, pls get down from your ivory tower which these days seem to be more like a broken glass house. You might want to really listen to the ground and people more. Stop thinking you and your million dollar cabinet know what is right for Singapore and that your ways are the only true way. As a matter of fact, many of the government's solutions are knee jerk reactions and show no depth of thinking or understanding of the problems. Which is what pisses off the people as you keep telling us you have the best talent team and you pay yourselves all these millions and even more months of bonuses when even leaders of bigger countries with bigger population and social issues received so much less. You will also receive more admiration and trust if you stop using non partisan government agencies like LTA, HDB, PA and the mainstream media to help push your agenda. Treat the opposition MPs as elected representatives of the people who want an alternative voice to check the government as history and experience has shown that no man is infallable. These opposition MPs are also Singaporeans by birth right and they only want to do their part for the country. No need to treat them like public enemy number one. It takes a big person and an even bigger heart to set aside petty differences and work towards the better good for Singapore.
  5. I want to know wat drug he was high on while writing this letter leh. ST Forum May 17, 2011 Disappointed by disrespectful Gen Y I AM hurt by the behaviour of our disrespectful and immature youth on the Internet. Our education policy has helped them get good-paying jobs and a head start in life, but it has also led to a rebellious and ungracious Generation Y. Singapore is our home, where we live as brothers and sisters. We contribute our taxes into a shared "pot". The larger the pot, the more money we have to improve our families' welfare and services, like quality housing, transport, health care and education. For direct taxes, we try to collect less from poorer siblings. For indirect taxes like the goods and services tax (GST), we contribute based on how much we consume. This system is fair and helps us redistribute money to any sibling who is in need. We invite foreigners to our house to work and contribute to our growth. Foreign visitors contribute by paying indirect taxes. Some people are calling for the abolishment of GST on basic necessities, health care and education, thinking it will benefit our poorer siblings more. By doing so, we will lose a bigger bulk of contributions from our richer siblings and foreigners. Moreover, by removing GST on selected goods, it will adversely lead to suppliers increasing their base prices. To compensate for this "loss" of GST income, some people are calling for higher income taxes for the richer siblings. A high income tax leads to a disincentive to work. Foreigners will work elsewhere. Why do we penalise people who work harder to build up our pot? As any country grows, income inequality will increase. Singapore is not spared because of our system of meritocracy, which improved our standard of living rapidly. To reduce the income gap, we give direct benefits to the poor and provide opportunities for them to upgrade and earn more. We elect the most capable siblings to manage our pot of money effectively and equitably. We entrust them to craft good policies and make decisions on our behalf. We agree that high pay to attract the top brains as ministers is in the best interest of our family, as they shoulder the most important responsibilities. Our leaders earned our respect as siblings who worked tirelessly just to give us an ideal home in which to work, live and play. They sacrificed their privacy and worked most of their lives with commitment and passion. The price tag of this job for our country's stability, peace and progress is priceless. Peter Koh
  6. Mona-vie

    Disappointed with Proton

    bought a 2nd hand Satria Neo. Just 2 days and alarm spoilt. Car can't even start. Got to tow to WS. Worse no one at Sin Ming could fix the car. Now have to tow to Proton Service Centre.... OMG......
  7. There are a few measures which i am disappointed . Firstly, i will comment on the new MOM foreign rule...... Yes, it may result more Singaporeans to be employed but however, more problems will be resulted: Problem 1: As stricter and tighter rules which result lesser foreign workers are able to work in Singapore.....Thus imagine a workload of carrying a table which may requires 4 person will have a lesser person which is 3 person carrying a table. Thus more workload will be placed onto those workers....... Problem 2: The salary of the job scope is usually not attractive and also people doesn't want to do type....As a result, companies will have to rely on foreign workers as a result. With lesser foreign workers available, how are these companies able to survive with limited workers? Problem 3: Yes, lesser worker may result in more output by each individual as they are given more tasks to do. But with limited workers around, how are the companies going to cope when the workers are sick, leave or other reasons,etc? Doesn't this create unnecessary problems for the companies? Secondly, i will comment on the ruling of the HDB measure...... Most of the Singaporeans are living in HDB........ Problem 1: With parents working and also the children whom had grown up and entered workforce.......It is most likely that the combined household will exceed the cap..... Problem 2: In the area of new flats which are built ( mostly Sengkang, that area).....Accessibility is a major problem.....How on earth are they heading to town or CBD areas for work/leisure,etc? So most people are still unwillingly to move over there . Problem 3: HDB are allowing many PRs to buy flats....As a result, many of these people have bought a HDB apartment and continue working for the next 3 years.....When they have earned enough, they sold away the flats for profit and eventually left Singapore with a huge sum of money...... ( i strongly feel that PRs should only allowed to rent flats/apartments within the first 3 years of their stay, thereafter living in Singapore for at least 3 years, they are then allowed to buy) Thirdly, i will comment on the transport system in Singapore..... Yes, it may seem to be a world-class system Problem 1: With government's "efforts" of forcing people to disown cars, many have turn into public transport as a result. With millions of commuters everyday......And with limited services , can you imagine how packed is the train/ bus? Problem 2: The transport system in Singapore is still lacking of accessibility..... How are people going over Sengkang from the West/East through MRT? I strongly feel that MRT lines should be fully integrated where there will be interchange in the north and north east. Problem 3: Jurong East interchange are forever packed.......Especially the peak hours where i am rushing to meet someone, i missed three trains due to overwhelming crowds( i am not exaggerating) . Problem 4: Buses are always not on schedule and late. Furthermore, they are very slow and had to stop almost every single stops due to many people boarding....... Problem 5: MRT also had to stop almost every single stops.....I seriously hope that there will be an interchange over the North, North East which are linked over the West, East and also the South and the Central.....By this, there will be a larger Circle line and allowed people to move over to the other side of Singapore faster and more efficiently..... Fourthly, I will like to comment over the COE prices Problem 1: Please think of people whom really need to use the cars....There are deliveryman, store man ( checking stocks around the branches), sales, managers,etc.......They really need to use cars urgently....They cant just use the slow public transport....... Problem 2: I refer that the government should look into the people who use cars on the road instead of having how many cars in total....There are people who owned cars and do not use them.....example, OPC cars...... Problem 3: With high expenses over on the road tax, insurance, ERP, petrol......I dont see why the government is doing anything to help people whom really needs to use cars and letting families owning at least a car for a family outing,etc...... Problem 4: Causing unnecessary problems for dealers.....I can already tell that they will most likely not be earning alot compared to a few years ago.....I hope that the government understands that with no Sales, it means no profit.......And no profit, dealers are making a huge loss with high expenses being not enough to covered......Many people will be losing jobs due to this......( Ranging for dealers to spare parts, accessories, tyres/battery services,etc.......) Fifth, I would like to comment on the Citizenship of Singaporeans/ PRs.... With government 's aim to push the whole population to a few more millions, thus more people will be "welcomed" in...... Problem 1: There are people who actually took advantage of some of these measures and actually benefited them.....They are actually not willingly to stay over here over a permanent move,etc...... Problem 2: With a small size and already expecting overcrowding problems. I dont see why there should be an increase of the populations instead? Problem 3: With government's effort to increasing more population through granting the Singapore citizenship, PRS ......The government actually forgotten about encouraging more babies to boast and increase the fertility rate of Singapore...... Sixth, Singapore has a lack talents over in sports like table tennis, football,etc..... Problem 1: More foreign talents are been exploited as a result.....I am not trying to say this will actually not help to raise the standards of the team but actually we will be over-relying on them Problem 2: Singapore has a lacked of infrastructure for youth development.....Most players don't even had the basics right and had already been trained on a higher level.....The real problem is, if you dont know how to walk properly.....No matter how hard/fast you try running, most likely you will fall........Thus, more efforts should be groom onto the youth whom are as young as 7 years old...... Problem 3: Most foreigners are actually unwillingly to play for Singapore.....Alot of foreign players had left the national team and moved else where.....If they dont have the heart to play for Singapore, i dont think any sports of Singapore will go any further....... Lastly, I would like to comment on the Pay -TV plan I think government should set a standard marking where channels are actually available on both Starhub and Singtel........ Pardon me if you dont understand what i am trying to explain.....Ok , i shall use an analogy to explain this..... SMRT and SBS are two different bus/Mrt/Lrt companies......However, we do not need to have two individual cards to actually board and alight the buses and the MRT/LRTs.... So i am trying to say that there should be a standard platform for both companies....... It doesnt matter which platforms whichever companies used, because , were you charged over a higher rate of bus-tickets when you board a new bus from SBS ? Or a lower rate if you board a older buses from SMRT?.......No, it doesnt make sense, isn't it? Note to all: I am trying to be neutral and trying to provide good feedback and comments by some measures....I am no supporters of any "anti-government" groups nor parties.......I am not trying to condemn what government had done but how each measures should actually be looked into more deeply.....
  8. Former triple World Champion Niki Lauda, usually an admirer of the current championship leader, said after Fuji that he is "disappointed" with Lewis Hamilton. Briton Hamilton, 23, escaped the Japanese Grand Prix with a slightly diminished five-point advantage over Ferrari's Felipe Massa. But the McLaren driver's run to just twelfth place rekindled memories of last season, when he dramatically lost a huge points advantage at the final two races. "I am disappointed with Lewis," Lauda told N-TV.de. "He threw away the championship last year in the same way -- with absolutely unnecessary risks." The Austrian legend is presumably referring to the first corner incident in Japan, for which Hamilton was penalised after boldly trying to re-pass Kimi Raikkonen and flat-spotting his tyres to the canvas. Hamilton was later tapped into a spin when trying to pass title rival Felipe Massa, who was penalised for the collision. "On a day when he needed to stay out of trouble, he clashed with not one Ferrari but both," wrote the correspondent for the British newspaper The Mirror. His on-track habits aside, Hamilton is also commonly criticised for his brash public image. Even the Briton on Monday admitted that there are plenty of unfavourable quotes attributed to him doing the rounds at present. He said: "For sure, it's not easy to always say or do the right thing, and when you're constantly being scrutinised it can be particularly difficult."
  9. Green_carnation

    Awfully disappointed Chocolate..

    It's me talking and asking about food again.. this time chocolate cakes! Been some time since i patronized Awfully Chocolate.. Decided to get one today.. went katong mall and bought a 6" chocolate cake.. Awwwww.. it was a disappointment.. it's not as nice as i tasted some time back.. standard dropped or i m just being fussy.. I recently tried chocolate cake which was nice and heard it's from a shop somewhere in pasir ris.. anyone has any idea where?
  10. Mica_blue

    Disappointed with HSBC

    I called HSBC up to wavie my annual fee and instead they wanted me to offset my bonus points instead . I said no bonus points. Then they offer me no alternative , ask me settle outstanding balance and write in to cancel card Sad man . I have been their loyal customer , charging about $1k - 2k every month. Disappointed to be treated like this. Compared to banks like Citibank , it was so easy to get them to wavie it off...
  11. Home > ST Forum > Story May 28, 2008 Mas Selamat: Shocked and disappointed I REFER to yesterday's report 'Mas Selamat escape: Detention centre superintendent gets the sack'. So the Government has sought closure to the Mas Selamat saga by handing out an assortment of punishments to the nine, mainly low-ranking, officers and guards whose security lapses had led to the escape of the terrorist. I wish to express deep disappointment, shock and pain that in a national scandal of unprecedented magnitude and public outrage, it is only the little people who are held accountable and punished. Catherine Lim (Dr)
  12. Today juz found out tat my 6 mth old civic window got problem. When i open the window, the window start to jam when its closing. I try to close the window again, the whole window come out of the frame leaving a one inches gap. Den stuck there! I open the window again and it start to jam when its closing, the whole thing repeat again. Able to solve the problem when i use my hand to push the window into the frame when closing. I try the rest of the window, my rear window all got similar problems, only the front passenger seat window working ok. Tmr gg to bring the car to service. Was surprise that japan made car got such problem arise at such a new car. Already disappointed with the poor quality use for the civic interior, now this window problems make me very disappointed already. Anyway got any bro can share with me what reason cause the window to jam and come out off the frame when closing and opening?
  13. Williams and Jenson Button have announced that while they're disappointed that the CRB has ruled in BAR's favour, they will accept the decision. After two months of wrangling, the CRB ruled on Wednesday that only BAR held a valid contract for Jenson's services in 2005. The decision left Williams disappointed - and a driver short for next season. "Naturally we are disappointed with the CRB's conclusion. We took the view that Jenson was a driver worth challenging for, and based on strong legal advice, we have no regrets about making a bid for his services," said Frank Williams. "The CRB accepted a significant number of the team's arguments, but nevertheless found against us. We do not believe any further legal action in relation to this matter to be in the broader interests of the sport. In spite of the CRB's conclusion, which relates to 2005, we will maintain our close relationship with Jenson for 2006." Those sentiments were echoed by Jenson himself, and it seems that he too is determined to link-up with the Grove team in 2006. "Naturally, I am disappointed by the ruling, but as a matter of principle, I firmly believe in standing by the decision the CRB have reached today," said Jenson. "BAR have been extremely professional at the race track during this process, and I expect this to continue. I look forward to joining the BMW WilliamsF1 Team in the future." Williams also added that an announcement on who will be Mark Webber's team-mate next season would be made in due "course".