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  1. Abba

    What engine oil to use?

    if oil brand is strange sounding and over priced, I'm even more suspicious
  2. Abba

    'Little' Lewis in Monza

    Thank gawd Lewis was on pole in SH, that's the safetest place for him to drive in a race, right in front out there without his reckless and dangerous manouveurs. When he is behind, he even held Trulli up for like 2 laps?!? the arrogance of Lewis. You are free to air all your opinions and comments, of cos. The reckless & dangerous comments came from the drivers who drove wheel to wheel with litttle Lewis and reputable F1 figures; not you nor me. The world saw what happenned in the race, read the news and made their judgement calls; and not reading comments in MCF
  3. Abba

    'Little' Lewis in Monza

    OT, thread is on Lewis. Feel free to start another on Massa, Luca or any F1 personality of your preference
  4. Abba

    Quiet tires for a small car

    I dunno about sonar 680 but so far the SONAR tyres I have seen have marking M+S on the sidewall; Mud + Snow?!? these tyres are designed for specific applications and lower temperature. Cannot remember the model of Sonar tyres I tried on a friend's car but the grop was seriously lacking especially in the wet.
  5. Abba

    Quiet tires for a small car

    You can consider Hankook K415, it is OEM tyre on Avante. K415 are really very good especially in the wet.
  6. Since you are looking at LS2000, good choice would be V8RS or next upgrade V12. Both are comfortable but V12 edges in terms of both dry & wet performance
  7. Abba

    RE001, Ventus V12 Evo & S1 Evo

    of the 3 tyres, this is how I would rate them 01. Comfort - lowest noise - S1 Evo, V12, RE001 02. Handling in dry - best - S1 Evo way ahead, V12 & RE001 closely matched 03. Handling in wet - best - S1 Evo way ahead, V12 slightly ahead of RE001 04. Price - no comments as they vary, S1 Evo would be a very good bet in terms of price vs performance as it is a class above V12 & RE001
  8. Abba

    'Little' Lewis in Monza

    Lewis' reckless and dangerous style in Monza was clear and beamed around the world for all to see. No words, just pure reckless mayhem esp in Fuji into turn 1.
  9. Abba

    'Little' Lewis in Monza

    You left some real impt news, save your trouble to google Lewis has shown us all his reckless and dangerous driving, the drivers and F1 prominant figures have spoken. I won't even bother to comment as it clear for all to see here ********** Hamilton's driving faces further scrutiny 22:53 BST, Thu 16 Oct 2008 SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Formula One championship leader Lewis Hamilton's driving came under further scrutiny at the Chinese Grand Prix on Thursday after continuing complaints about his behaviour on the racetrack. Toyota's Jarno Trulli and Red Bull's Mark Webber questioned the McLaren driver's conduct behind the wheel, echoing recent criticism from BMW-Sauber's Robert Kubica. Italian Trulli told the autosport.com website he was unhappy at being held up when trying to lap the 23-year-old Briton, who could become the sport's youngest champion this weekend, in last week's Japanese Grand Prix. "Lewis did not even watch the mirrors because he came back on the track right in front of me and he held me up for two laps," said Trulli. "I will go in the drivers' briefing (on Friday) and I will say to (race director) Charlie (Whiting), this is what happened and I believe Lewis could have handled it in a different way because it was not fair." Australian Webber, who last year accused Hamilton of erratic driving behind the safety car at Fuji, said the leader's wild start from pole position in Japan last Sunday had raised concerns. "The braking areas is an issue because you cannot move around in the braking areas like that," said Webber, a director of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association. "We lost a marshal at Monza when there were guys moving around in the braking areas and it is very hard to change your line if you don't know what is going to come. That is the only thing that we need to look at." Fire marshal Paolo Ghislimberti was killed by debris after a pile-up at the second chicane in the 2000 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. "The first corner in Fuji was pretty wild," said Webber. "He was having a crack, but if someone had been sitting on his right rear when he pulled out then that was a crash. "We want to have a bit of a chat about moving around in the braking areas," added the Australian. "I am not smashing Hamilton but it is about how you move on. Tiger Woods learns. Roger Federer learns. And Lewis is going through that." Kubica, who crashed heavily in Canada last year and had questioned the safety of Hamilton's driving at Monza in September, clarified his position on Thursday. "When one driver is overtaking another one and crossing his line just in front of his wheels, it's quite dangerous, especially if someone behind has to lift off," he told a news conference. "I have been involved in an accident in a similar situation in Canada and I know what it means when a front wheel hits a rear wheel and from my point of view it's quite dangerous. "I just say this: while nothing happens everything is fine but if something happens then I think everyone will realise. That's all." Hamilton, who failed to score a point in Fuji, leads Ferrari's Felipe Massa by five points in the standings with two races remaining. *********************** MILAN, Oct 17 (Reuters) - Lewis Hamilton will throw away the Formula One title again this year because he has learned nothing from last season's failure, according to Renault team boss Flavio Briatore. "In my opinion Hamilton will try to throw the title away again," Friday's Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper quoted the Italian as saying at the Chinese Grand Prix. "He and McLaren were amazing last year, to lose it with a 17-point lead and two races to go is Guinness Book of Records stuff. "Now that he has a five point-lead, he could repeat the trick. For me, Massa will win the title." The 23-year-old McLaren driver leads Ferrari's Felipe Massa by five points and can clinch his first title as the youngest champion on Sunday at the penultimate race of the season in Shanghai. The Briton could also have won the title in China last year but ultimately lost out when Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen made up a 17 point deficit in the final two races to win by a single point. In Japan last weekend, Hamilton made a wild start and failed to score in a race that saw his lead over Massa cut from seven points. "Hamilton has learnt nothing. We saw that in Japan," said Briatore, whose double world champion Fernando Alonso has won the last two races. Alonso and Hamilton were feuding team mates at McLaren last year before the Spaniard, who recently made clear that he favours Massa, returned to Renault. "You should tell him that he is a Formula One driver, not a Martian," said Briatore of Hamilton. "He is not Muhammad Ali. He is a young man who must still demonstrate his worth. "He is a good driver but you see good drivers also taking results home. There are good (soccer) forwards who always hit the post or the bar and the ball never goes in. "Then there are those that score and he hasn't scored yet." The Italian also blasted McLaren, who were fined $100 million and stripped of their constructors' points for a spy saga involving Ferrari last season and also made allegations against Renault. "It is logical that I support Ferrari, as an Italian, as Flavio Briatore, as Renault, for the relationship we have with Ferrari," he said. "Instead McLaren accused us of spying, we went on for four months with this nonsense that never existed." ********* Former champions urge Hamilton to keep his cool 20:17 BST, Tue 14 Oct 2008 By Alan Baldwin LONDON (Reuters) - Britons Jackie Stewart and Damon Hill have told compatriot Lewis Hamilton he must keep his cool in the season's last two races if he is to join them as a Formula One champion. The 23-year-old McLaren driver leads Ferrari's Brazilian Felipe Massa by five points and could become the sport's youngest champion if circumstances favour him in China this weekend. However Hamilton failed to score in Japan on Sunday, reviving fears that history may be repeating itself after he allowed a commanding lead to slip through his fingers at the same stage last year. "This was not his finest hour," triple champion Stewart told the RBS website (www.rbssport.com/f1), commenting on Hamilton's wild start and subsequent drive-through penalty at Fuji. "His approach in that first corner was slightly arrogant to other drivers. "The Japanese race demonstrated that Lewis is still very young, in only his second season, and although he comes across as very cool in interviews, he doesn't always have the same level of mind management when he's racing. "Lewis Hamilton can still win the championship, but not if he drives the last two races the way he drove in Japan." Both leading contenders have struggled for consistency in the final run to the title, with Massa finishing seventh in Japan and failing to score in the previous race in Singapore due to a team blunder at his first pitstop. Renault's Fernando Alonso, the double world champion who was Hamilton's team mate and foe at McLaren in 2007, has won the last two races. Hamilton had scored 107 points by this stage last year but currently leads with just 84. Whoever wins the title will end up with the lowest overall tally by a champion since Ferrari's now-retired Michael Schumacher triumphed with 93 points in 2003. "If Lewis keeps a cool head, then he'll be fine. I think he will get the job done," Hill, Britain's last champion with Williams in 1996, told BBC radio. "There is no question about his speed or ability, he just needs to stay cool and let it happen. "Lewis is impatient to win that first title but you can't force it. "It is a mark of Lewis's career that he's always been very keen to get the job done and move on, and you need that impatience. But it can sometimes trip you up if you're not wary." ********* Hamilton 'irritates' rivals - Ecclestone 17/10/08 16:34 Lewis Hamilton expected to be confronted today by fellow drivers during their traditional Friday meeting, with a few having previously voiced negative opinions regarding a few of his driving maneuvers. As it turns out, the Shanghai drivers' briefing was apparently business as usual, although Hamilton conceded afterwards that he knows he is not popular among his peers. "It's a shame they all think that way but my driving is why I'm here and why I'm leading the championship so I'm not disappointed with the way I drive," he said. "If other people want to expend their energy thinking about it, that's for them." The McLaren driver believes it is par for the course for World Champion contenders to take stick from their opponents. "I look at previous World Champions and previous seasons, and a lot of people that have been at the front have had these kind of situations, it's normal," he said. As for Bernie Ecclestone, the 77-year-old F1 chief executive told Auto Motor und Sport that Lewis Hamilton is "good for business." He also knows why the championship leader is not popular among his peers: "Out of the car he is a little bit arrogant." "I think he has slightly too high an opinion of himself and that irritates the other drivers," Ecclestone added. ********* Hamilton pays for first corner gamble 15:21 BST, Sun 12 Oct 2008 By Alastair Himmer FUJI, Japan (Reuters) - Lewis Hamilton paid the price for a moment of first corner madness at the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday. "It was a bad race, that's what happened," snapped the McLaren driver, who started on pole position but ended the day with his Formula One championship lead trimmed to five points with two races remaining after failing to score at Fuji. "I made a mistake and I paid for it but this sort of thing happens." The 23-year-old Briton was slapped with a drive-through penalty for cutting across Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen in a frenetic dash to the first turn and finished 12th. Hamilton's blunder was compounded when Ferrari's Felipe Massa, his closest title rival, finished eighth and was later promoted to seventh. The error raised the spectre of a repeat of last year's failure, when the then-rookie allowed the title to slip from his grasp with Raikkonen wiping out a 17-point deficit over the last two races to snatch the title in Brazil. Hamilton, who had faced accusations from BMW-Sauber's Robert Kubica of dangerous driving before Sunday's race, had said he would "take no silly risks" at Fuji but the reality proved otherwise. He was wrong-footed at the start and attempted to duck inside Raikkonen's line at the first corner, triggering mayhem and pushing the Finn off the track. Raikkonen went on to take third place behind Renault's winner Fernando Alonso and Kubica. ********** Kubica was quoted as saying Hamilton should have been penalised for reckless driving at last month's Italian Grand Prix when the Briton charged from 15th on the grid to finish seventh. The Polish driver, a long-time friend and rival of Hamilton's from their karting days, reportedly accused the McLaren man of cutting across Toyota's Timo Glock and Renault's Fernando Alonso in Monza.
  10. Abba

    New tyre from Hankook? Ventus V12 Evo

    If you wanna track, then R-S2. Applicable for both PG & Sepang Street use, would recommend V12.
  11. Abba

    'Little' Lewis in Monza

    So many drivers on the grid has slammed Lewis for his on track driving dangeropus and risky antics; even Flavio & Lauda has spoken against Lewis and now Bernie has even called Lewis "ARROGANT". Yet to see a single prominant F1 personnel support for Lewis' driving antics maybe just a few MCF forumers It all over the news so I won't even bother quoting any of them. Let's not get confused on "Dangers of Motorsport" and "Causing Danger" on the track thru ones actions. The 2 are very very different
  12. Abba

    'Little' Lewis in Monza

    Even Lauda has lashed out at Lewis...a true making of a World Champ.....reckless & brash ....read on Former triple World Champion Niki Lauda, usually an admirer of the current championship leader, said after Fuji that he is "disappointed" with Lewis Hamilton. Briton Hamilton, 23, escaped the Japanese Grand Prix with a slightly diminished five-point advantage over Ferrari's Felipe Massa. But the McLaren driver's run to just twelfth place rekindled memories of last season, when he dramatically lost a huge points advantage at the final two races. "I am disappointed with Lewis," Lauda told N-TV.de. "He threw away the championship last year in the same way -- with absolutely unnecessary risks." The Austrian legend is presumably referring to the first corner incident in Japan, for which Hamilton was penalised after boldly trying to re-pass Kimi Raikkonen and flat-spotting his tyres to the canvas. Hamilton was later tapped into a spin when trying to pass title rival Felipe Massa, who was penalised for the collision. "On a day when he needed to stay out of trouble, he clashed with not one Ferrari but both," wrote the correspondent for the British newspaper The Mirror. His on-track habits aside, Hamilton is also commonly criticised for his brash public image. Even the Briton on Monday admitted that there are plenty of unfavourable quotes attributed to him doing the rounds at present. He said: "For sure, it's not easy to always say or do the right thing, and when you're constantly being scrutinised it can be particularly difficult."
  13. Abba

    'Little' Lewis in Monza

    Oh yeah He needs a tanker of that
  14. Abba

    'Little' Lewis in Monza

    Lewis is unnecessarily reckless for no apparently reason, his move in the wet on Glock esp was unnecssary. The jinking and pushing unfounded. Wonder who's driving in a hooligan manner "What happened to the age-old values of honor, integrity, fair play and pride in victory and defeat in sporting competitions? Sigh " Do watch Monza again if you see don't get it
  15. Abba

    'Little' Lewis in Monza

    You have said it, Lewis would not be competitive in a less competitive car. Alonso developed a under performing Renault and brought it back to back Championship, after he left the Renault was ailing. Guess what, he's back to Renault and developed the car to 2 back to back wins; I guess the Renault can pilot themselvs on the track and win races