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Found 9 results

  1. my optra 1.6A is 1.5 years old. I have this problem as mentioned above. any one experiencing the same. Tq
  2. Thaiyotakamli

    Intelligent Speed Bump

    How come feel like a booby trap lol
  3. Hi All, I tripped on a small step and landed hard with my right sole I thought i was okay and went for run, i felt the discomfort on my knee. Over the weekend walking and etc wasn't a problem for me. This morning i notice a small bump below the knee, this bump feels as hard as bone.... If i swing my leg up, i can feel the discomfort.. no swelling.. Any idea what's the bump there?
  4. Anyone heard of this Flying Fyn guy in SG? Apparently, he's running some street workshops that show how its done. Reviews / feedback anyone?
  5. Hi Bro, Today when driving along still road with my pregnant wife, at the traffic junction with the traffic light showing red and my car completely stop. This SMRT cab just bump to my car. As it was raining heavy, when i go down, cant see any big dent. Ask the cab driver for his handphone number, he just say call his company if want to make claim. When back at home to check my car backside, see few tiny dent. Should i claim against him as the damage is not to obvious? What i not happy is his dangerous driving as my wife is in the car.
  6. Location: Bt Batok West Ave 6, heading towards BB central Date: 18/8/08 Time: 7.30pm+ Scenario: 2-lane traffic, roadworks on right lane near Bt Gomak MRT. Traffic slowed down considerably due to 2 lanes merged into 1 with the usual busy traffic at junction outside of MRT. I was on left-most lane, following in lin patiently and keeping to my lane. I've stopped down for ard 10secs when I heard a 'thump' sound from my right rear. I checked my rear view mirror + side mirror. Just in time to notice a young P-plate female rider squeezing between my right rear and car behind me. She was trying hard to maneuver her bike and eventually got thru'. I was like 'Hey, u hitted my backside!'... Too late, she rode away swiftly between the lanes. Not even time for me to note down her licence plate no. I got home to check my rear. True enough, she has left her mark. A more than 10cm long scratch along my right rear bumper, no dent though. Tried to polish off but still bears a tattoo. To really remove the mark will need a respray = min. $100. Another suck thumb situation!
  7. Sometime back, I almost fell over when riding my bike when ran over these bumps. Must be very careful nowadays. http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,135752,00.html?
  8. Domino

    A new ride and a bump...

    But not on my lovely Aveo luckily After picking up my Aveo5 last week, the same day I happily walked across to Parkway Parade near my house to go and buy car detailing kit. (near mah, plus i guess I've been using legs for so many years, more used to it than driving) Suay suay tripped while crossing overhead bridge (must be so excited until cannot walk properly) and caught my big toenail on the step, and the whole nail kenna ripped off the skin [bigcry] Had to go operate and doctor cut the whole nail off... now for at least one month have to bandage my big toe, until the wound heals... My dad say its because I le4 ji2 shen1 bei1 (out of extreme joy grows tragedy). Sigh... Anyway it's my right foot, so I'm extremely light-footed while driving now. Just right for running in the car I guess... Will post pix (of my red Aveo, not my red toe) once I get the chance.
  9. Anyone here used these before to prevent suspension from bottoming out? or to prevent excessive bounce after passing through humps.