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Found 12 results

  1. I don't know why the carpark carrier came down and didn't detect my car when I was going into my condo. Usually, it won't even come down when I follow closely behind the car in front and it did and I stopped and then it knocked my bonnet. Now has 2 small dent caused by metal and scratch somemore. Heart pain coz new car. Where can I get these fixed without forking out too much? This is a SUBARU Forester. It's such a small damaged, like 2 dots but have to fix coz scratched. Can someone advise? Boohoo... Took car from hubby for 1 day and kena this. Am I sway or what? Or rather, is he sway or what...
  2. Incident happened 24th September when i was exiting carpark after just within 5 mins. https://youtu.be/5thc92cuKYI Was just moving out towards barrier behind a blue Taxi. Kept a sufficient 1.5 car distance from the taxi. After taxi exited, i proceed to move towards gantry (display was still showing "please slow down....." Just upon approaching the display showed "Parking fee $0.00 Thank you!" which i proceed to exit when barrier was raised after acknowledging my vehicle. Barrier dropped back half way while i was exiting. Contacted HDB, they referred me to Ramky which was their vendor. Ramky replied below Now facing a vendor that insistent i am wrong and their barrier didn't hit me (though video clearly can hear the barrier hitting quite hard on my vehicle).Damage on windscreen and side weather strip, the chassis pillar also looks misaligned.
  3. hi bros, yesterdae was a bad day for me, i went over to condo near bukit timah, and run into a barrier at the guard hse as i was entering, i dint stop and notice about the barrier cuming down, instaed i went thru it pushing against it, so my fault jus wanne to knw how much it cost to fix the replace the barrier??? it's a rubber type, [inline barrier.bmp] the barrier was bend forward, i was told by the mgt that they will send the BILL to me! thanks in advance, barrier.bmp
  4. It takes exquisite skill to achieve such an intricate position for your Mercedes Benz car. Warning - don't try this at home. See video. https://youtu.be/MFUWx7Kj4T0
  5. LOL... Painful! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iLLUwXCRE_0
  6. A spike barrier is a security control measure to prevent perpetrators from using vehicles to dash through the Checkpoint. It can cause severe damage even to heavy vehicles. According to the Stomper, her friend was then told to file a claim against the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). However, no assistance was given to the driver nor was he advised on how to proceed. Hence, he is now at a loss as to what to do. Jen, a Claims Officer, said her friend had related the incident to her. She told Stomp: "My friend was exiting Woodlands Checkpoint on Feb 20. Suddenly, the 'Cat Crawler' was deployed without any reason and caused damage to his vehicle. "He was at the ICA office for few hours after that, and all he got was his vehicle towed away and being told to make a claim against ICA. "But there was no indication of who to approach and how the procedure to make a claim should be like. No one was there to advise him. "We call up ICA and referred to a Woodlands Checkpoint officer, who could not even give us a clear direction. She replied that she was not sure as well." Jen added that they are still waiting for ICA's response and as such, the car is still damaged. Source: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/driver-has-car-bumper-pulled-off-by-spike-barrier-at-woodlands-checkpoint-with-no
  7. Like that also can? Driver totally bochup, simply blur or driving BF's car? Just hope the next "contact" target will not be my ride From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...rier__then.html Posted on 19 Oct 2012 Woman driver knocks down barrier at IMM carpark -- then parks illegally STOMPer Johnson said the female driver of this car backed into a stanchion at the IMM Building carpark and then left her car parked illegally. Said the STOMPer: "Goondu driver. "This woman driver backed into the stanchion and left the car parked illegally."
  8. Just want to share with you all something that fustrate me today. Was delivering TV today. Make my delivery and exiting the HDB carpark which has barrier. Upon exiting, the cashcard reader got detected and the barrier move up. I was about to drive thru when the barrier came down for no reason! It hit my windscreen of the van. Thank god my windscreen didn't crack. I was stunned for awhile, thinking that I am the one knocking the barrier down. but then I realise that it goes up and comes down again. Feel damn pissed off and drive away. Coz there is nobody there and it not my fault at all. 4hrs later, I finish my work and passby that place. The barrier is up again. Same barrier as the one who crashed on my van. It the same because I saw my tyre mark on the barrier. They use a cable tie and a nut to tie it up. Anyone have similar experience with carpark barrier? Feel free to share!
  9. i saw the news on shinmin. a 29years old man got ran over by mrt at yishun even though there was this new barrier erected. Anyone can find the news and translate?
  10. We know what the detractors say. We've heard all the arguments that claim N
  11. If anyone went IMM today around 430pm, you will notice super jam forming outside. What happened at 4:30pm. 1. I was 2 cars away from a lorry that looked suspiciously tall to clear the height limit barrier towards level 2. 2. True to my speculation, it failed to clear barrier. Instead, it dragged down the barrier causing it to fall nicely to block entry to level 2. 3. Level 1 became the only parking space for cars coming in. Anyone else witnessed this saga? Wonder what will happen to the lorry driver...
  12. Hi, Which is better? Any user of these two products? Kind to comment on the effectiveness?