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Found 2 results

  1. Very Godzilla-like. A monitor lizard, estimated to be about 1.8m to 2m in length, entered a 7-Eleven convenience store in Thailand and proceeded to cause a major inconvenience to customers and staff. Climbed up shelves This was after the monitor lizard casually crawled to the back of the shop and climbed up nine shelves to get up close to the ceiling. While it did so, it ended up knocking over multiple packets of milk onto the floor, an April 6 Facebook video of the incident showed. Screaming and laughing in video The peculiar reptilian antics left customers and staff bewildered, as they shrieked and laughed in both fear and excitement -- all at the same time. A woman could be heard screaming in the video: “Cute. Is he hungry? Does he want to eat?” Another person, believed to be an employee, screamed off-camera: “The shelves are ruined! Oh my god.” The video was shot by Jejene Narumpa, a woman in Thailand. Her Instagram story of the monitor lizard tagged Soi Ban Tang Sin as the location, which is in the west metro Bangkok’s Nakhon Pathom province. Monitor lizard trying to cool off? Some of the responses to the video by online commenters guessed that the monitor lizard was probably just trying to get closer to the air-conditioner to get some respite from the heat outside. Another video shot by another passer-by showed what appeared to be the same monitor lizard outside of the 7-Eleven store. The reptile could be seen trying make a forced entry into the store, but eventually gave up. One short scene even showed the monitor lizard being shooed away with a broom.
  2. "Car-loving creature trying to "monitor" engine problems from the inside" No tall 'tail': Large lizard found under car bonnet A video of men trying to yank a monitor lizard from one man's car engine has gone viral. The driver, Thum Wai Loong, shared with Channel NewsAsia, his close encounter with the scaly kind. Screengrab from a video of a monitor lizard stuck in a car bonnet (Image: Thum Wai Loong's Facebook page) PENANG: He left for a short business trip, and when he returned, found a nasty surprise in his car - a monitor lizard, wedged in the bonnet. Mr Thum Wai Loong, a Malaysian, posted a video of his scaly find on Facebook, and it has since gone viral, with over 6,500 likes as of Tuesday (Sep 9). The Assistant Sales Manager for Winston Engineering Corporation told Channel NewsAsia he had a business appointment on the island of Langkawi on Sep 3, and so drove from Penang where he lives, to Kuala Kedah Jetty. "I parked my car at an open car park exactly in front of the jetty entrance and boarded the ferry. I stayed one night and came back the next day (Sep 4) at about 2:30pm." The first sign of trouble came about five minutes after he drove off. "After passing two traffic lights, I heard a short tapping sound coming from the engine area," he related. He stopped by the roadside, and popped the bonnet open to check - then came the "surprise", he said. Mr Thum said he let go of the bonnet and stepped away as a natural reflex. "I could only see a big fat tail slithering. I didn't see the whole lizard." He called a friend for help, who in turn contacted RELA Corps - a volunteer community service group. Despite much tugging by two men, the reptile stayed stubbornly inside the hood. "The whole process took about 10 minutes. They couldn't pull it out, so finally they let go and it crawled underneath the car and quickly went into a big drain just beside the car," Mr Thum said. It moved so fast, he was unable to get a clear shot, but he estimated the lizard to be around 1.5 metres. "The tail itself was 2.5 feet (70 cm)." No word on how the lizard came to be in the bonnet, and where it slithered off to. However, netizens had a field day cracking jokes about the car-loving creature, with some saying it was simply trying to "monitor" engine problems from the inside. - CNA/ly (Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/no-tall-tail-large-lizard/1354148.html )