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Found 126 results

  1. hi, would like to check if any of you sign up for such gym membership? yesterday is the first time i went to such gym, truefitness located at parkway. the exercise class really enticed me, full of energy and life. membership is $89 per mth over a year, personal trainer is around $90 per hour session.. thought of signing up the fitness-plus located at changi business park as it's really much affordable. $60 per mth however, the down side is not night classes but they have a 25m swimming pool. cool! i'm more keen into the exercise class compare to weights, free time would be after 7pm to 10pm. any gd advise?
  2. The true cost of driving in Singapore https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/true-cost-of-driving
  3. ‎"How do you expect kids to listen to their parents when Tarzan lives half naked, Cinderella comes home at midnight, Pinocchio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves, Batman drives at 200 mph, Sleeping Beauty is lazy, and Snow White lives with 7 guys. We shouldn't be surprised when kids misbehave, they get it from their story book. "
  4. Deathism

    Strange But True

    http://www.chinese-tools.com/china/crazy/2...n-his-back.html gives a new meaning to the word, "bare back"..
  5. RadX

    A true inspiring individual

    Dr Devi Shetty. Watched this over the web just now and good to know there are still folks like him in the society we see today http://www.channelnewsasia.com/tv/tvshows/...ear/673676.html
  6. Hi guys, heard from an old friend that says new car once on the road already -20% liao. So i take it that he meant 20% depreciation in the first year. Maybe is this why people always say the first 2 to 3 years the first owner bears the brunt of the steep depreciation? Is this assumption near reality? 1st yr : 20% depreciation 2nd year: 10% dep 3rd year : 10% dep rest of the 7 years divide equally the remaining value.
  7. https://sg.yahoo.com/finance/news/can-i-afford-a-car-in-singapore-092843202.html Obtained from Yahoo! Works out to be 2.45k a month for a normal bnb car like mazda3. I find it inaccurate. on a high side. I think it's more at 1.8k Do u agree?
  8. A fren who just bought an Opel not long ago was told by her Salesman that if she doesn't send her car to Opel for servicing, her warranty will be void. Is that such a cond?
  9. We all know Santa Claus is not real but we all want to believe in him. Trump is the real president of America but those in America do not want to believe it. Any other true or fake news? http://www.straitstimes.com/world/united-states/ho-ho-hoax-story-of-terminally-ill-american-boy-dying-in-santas-arms-may-not-be KNOXVILLE, Tennessee - In the spirit of Christmas, Santa Claus himself might have just hopped on the fake news trend that has been taking the world by storm. Knoxville News Sentinel, part of the USA Today network, had reported about an incident in a local hospital, where a terminally ill five-year-old boy died in the arms of Santa Claus actor Eric Schmitt-Matzen a few weeks ago. The story went viral, and was picked up by major news networks. However on Wednesday (Dec 14), the paper published a note from editor Jack McElroy and the author of the original story, columnist Sam Venable, saying they have been unable to verify the story as accurate. "Since publication, the News Sentinel has done additional investigation in an attempt to independently verify Schmitt-Matzen's account. This has proven unsuccessful. Although facts about his background have checked out, his story of bringing a gift to a dying child remains unverified," said Mr McElroy and Mr Venable in the note. "Therefore, because the story does not meet the newspaper's standards of verification, we are no longer standing by the veracity of Schmitt-Matzen's account." The paper had reported the story on Sunday (Dec 11), after contacting and interviewing Mr Schmitt-Matzen, who has been playing Santa Claus for years at the local hospital, following a tip off by a "known source". He said a nurse had called him about the five-year-old's request to see Santa Claus, and that there was no time for him to change into his full costume. At the hospital, he gave the boy a toy and told him right before he died: "When you get there, you tell them you're Santa's No. 1 elf and I know they'll let you in." After the incident, he was so affected he said he thought he would never be able to play the role of Santa again. The Knoxville News Sentinel said that the 60-year-old wanted to protect the identities of the child's family and the nurse who called him. In follow-up interviews and video recordings by local and national television outlets, the 1.8m tall and 141kg Mr Schmitt-Matzen, president of Packing Seals & Engineering in Jacksboro, Tennessee, has stood by his account. pzeric12e_2x.jpg Related Story Terminally ill little boy dies in Santa's arms collage191116.jpg Related Story Can you tell the fake news stories from the real ones? Take our quiz vikram_3.jpg Related Story How to fight back against the scourge of fake news The note has been met with mixed views on the newspaper's Facebook post. Some believed in the legitimacy of the story, and gave Mr Schmitt-Matzen the benefit of the doubt. Facebook user Lynn Taylor Morgan commented: "I am disgusted. The family shouldn't have to come forward to verify this story. It's true. Period." However, there were also those who were wary, especially given the spread of fake news on the internet. Facebook user Jean Ash said: "I would hope the purported Santa or child's family would come forth. Otherwise, we must acknowledge a possible hoax. What a shame." TOPICS: CHRISTMAS CHILDREN AND YOUTH
  10. I was looking around for a used car and the car salesman said HDB will not chase offenders for parking fines.. I checked and saw that some cars has multiple fines dating back 3yrs not paid.. Strange..
  11. A driver in KL wrote:- On Christmas Eve, I decided against going out to party cos everywhere would be packed and instead went to me mate's place in Bandar Sunway for a game of Mahjong. We finished at about 4.00am and I took the LDP highway from Bandar Sunway back to Taman Tun. It was a great evening, not raining, no car on the road and I made a tidy sum at mahjong and I was crusing at 80kph, perfect day. As I was approaching the flyover near Damansar Jaya I glance at my rear mirror and notice two cars coming at tremendous speed & told meself, shall I drop to 3 gear and say Warp Speed 2 Mr. Sulu? I decided against it and move to the inside lane. On entering the flyover the 1st car overtook me (Proton Satria) at speed followed rapidly by the 2nd Proton, which swerved into my lane to overtake the 1st car. I had no choice but to swerve to avoid hitting the 2nd Proton. as I corrected my car the back wheel hit the kerb and I flipped over to the secondary road which takes you to Damansara Jaya. I think my car must have rolled over at least 5 times. Finally it came to a stop, oops I didn't wore my seat belt. 1st thing I did was check both my legs, they were ok, so was my arms. I check my head and body, there was no blood. I open the door (later found out it was the only door that can open) and walk out. I look at my car and it look quite similar to a Lotus Esprit kekeke. I must have been in shock but it don't half seem like eternity b4 the first of many tow truck operators arrived. They towed the car to USF (total loss). I went and look at me car today and tell myself how in heaven's name did I walk away from a wreck like this without a scratch. Hey my Guardian Angel was with me. I'm not angry or upset but (tham choon toi/ bang balls) abit lah. The people who caused the accident got off scot free. On hindsight I thought if I had say Warp 2 Mr. Sulu maybe nothing would happened. Moral of the story : Driving slowly doesn't mean you will not get into an accident. Speed don't kill!! Humans do !!! Its gonna take a few months b4 I can get my claim from the insurance, I'll buy another Airtrek Turbo, a silver one this time. Meanwhile you guys have a Happy New Year. Mine would be just as Happy, hey I'm still in one piece.
  12. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=3128 $55 for the VS! thats less than 1/3 the price of what is sold in SG..... Sounds too good to be true? I don't know, just saw the address that its in JB. I know there are many chiong stuffs there. Wonder if this is one of them.....
  13. The Straits Times, Published on Nov 06, 2012 No true democracy with [antiquated] US Electoral College system TODAY'S presidential election in the United States raises the question of whether the country is really a democracy with the Electoral College system. Does every vote count? The US uses the Electoral College, which consists of 538 state electors to elect its president. So it is not individual Americans who vote to pick the president, but the 538 electors of the Electoral College. In the 2000 US presidential election, Democrat Al Gore received the popular vote, but lost in the Electoral College vote count to Republican George W. Bush. Technically, Mr Gore won that election as more Americans voted for him than for Mr Bush. This has happened three other times in past US presidential elections. Will it happen again this time? Will the candidate with the popular vote not become the next US president? There cannot be true democracy with the Electoral College system. Cho Yan Fatt Copyright
  14. Cut and paste this article that has been circulating around the emails... hmm wonder if this is true. I kinda do drive up to Malaysia pretty often. Anyway can verify this? I love driving up to KL and Malacca, so i hope this is not true man Must Read!: Torchlights (Stungun)Beware (to all drivers) > > > > > > Hi There, > > > > > > FOR YOUR INFORMATION, latest weapon used thief's. > > > > > > THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE, YOU MUST GIVE > > > YOURSELF AT LEAST 3 MINUTES TO READ THIS! > > > > > > I just thought to let know what my doctor told me recently.. I don't > > > think she was lying and neither am I, so please pass this on to your > > > friends... Her clinic is in SS2 and you know how congested that place > > > is. > > > > > > One morning a few months ago in broad daylight, a girl was getting > > > into her car when a few men approached her with what looked like a > > > torchlight. Quite harmless looking. They pressed the "torchlight"into > > > her back and immediately she went limp and very pale. So she wouldn't > > > be able to fight back, they slashed her thigh with a parang and sped > > > away in her car. > > > > > > There were many people around and ! they quickly took her to the > > > nearest clinic which was my doctor's clinic. There were two doctorsat > > > that time and they managed to stitch up her wound but the girl > > > remained pulse-less and still pale as paper. No pulse, no BP (blood > > > pressure). Just like dead. > > > > > > My doctors were confused as to how one wound on the thigh made the > > > girl almost like dead? They managed to revive her and save her life. > > > > > > After some checking around, the doctors found out what actually > > > happened was that the girl was made unconscious not by a torchlight > > > but actually a high voltage weapon. I forgot how many watts she > > > mentioned. 1000? Anyway, it was high enough to kill a person by > > > electrocution. > > > > > > It seems this weapon is from China . It's not rampant yet in Malaysia > > > , but with this thing, a person can rob, rape, kill, kidnap, and > > > practically do anything to you. My doctor said that if the girl > > > weren't taken to the clinic immediately she would have died because > > > there was no puls! e on her. > > > > > > So please just beware of your surroundings, if anybo dy is lurking > > > around with a torchlight-thingy and approaches you, just scream orrun > > > away. Better to be embarrassed than ZAPPED and fried, right? Take > > > care. > > > > > > This item is called "stungun". > > > Forward this email to people you care.....
  15. http://www.tremeritus.com/2015/01/10/the-truth-behind-high-oil-prices-in-singapore/
  16. Little_prince

    Is this deal too good to be true?

  17. its interesting what this girl did to fool everyone that follows her on FB and her family. abit boliao but she definitely proved her point to the whole. its time for the good old meet up sharing sessions instead of sharing only on FB. http://www.gapyear.com/news/230749/dutch-girl-fakes-a-trip-to-se-asia ....................Bending reality on Facebook is hardly unusual – in fact it’s turning into something of a life skill – but Zilla’s efforts seem to have taken things to a whole new level. The reasons behind her actions, however, are noble: it was all part of a university project, in which she wanted to show how Facebook activity is not necessarily reflective of real life. Speaking to media in her home country, she said: “I did this to show people that we filter and manipulate what we show on social media, and that we create an online world which reality can no longer meet. “My goal was to prove how common and easy it is to distort reality. Everybody knows that pictures of models are manipulated. But we often overlook the fact that we manipulate reality also in our own lives.”........................
  18. I knew it was expensive but I never knew how expensive till I read this. https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/true-cost-owning-car-singapore-160000880.html
  19. Yrvsport

    Is This True?

  20. this auntie next to me damn solid ... handphone on steering wheel watching show. light turn green ... she use 2 thumbs to hold the phone in place on the steering wheel ... and continue driving and watching ... (my passenger was watching her all the way driving and looking up and down .. even when she turn steering wheel, the show turn together sia ...) unfortunately, my car cam only caught a glimpse or 2 of her driving + watching show. she has truly harnessed the power of multi tasking to the next level. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2MGCfWDtjs
  21. Hi MCF brother/sisters, Recently I heard from my friend that he passed by one of N&B snacks outlet (selling soya milk) & saw their job vacancies. Both part-time & full-time positions available. One of the position is a Business Executive position offering S$5,000/mth and above, depending on F&B experience. Even the part-time job also seems quite good pay at $6.50/hr. Wonder if all this is too good to be true? If it is so good, I think many people would have applied already. Just wanna find out if anyone has working experience with N&B and please share how is the working environment & culture??
  22. a real rubbish idea if this is true is this considered humiliation to our NS boys by letting any Tom Dick and Harry (or worse FTs) to command them??
  23. Little_prince

    True Story of a ex SAF regular

    i may be harsh but he got only himself to blame for not upgrading himself.
  24. How true is it? If it is true...damn..we are really in a pile of s--t if we can't afford to pay the HDB loan. And I'm sure it will happen to many people once the retrenchment starts ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ About 6 years ago, my wife and I were out of jobs and we could not afford to pay our monthly instalments to HDB (it was about $500 per month). As a result, we had an outstanding debt of $11K to HDB. One day we received a letter that said HDB wants to force us to sell our 3 room flat to pay back our money owing. We went to the local MP to seek help and they wrote a letter to HDB on our behalf. We then received a letter from HDB to go down to AMK branch office in order to meet their officer, Mr Chua. At the end of the session he still insisted we pay another $200 on top of the previous $500 per month!! We went in to ask for help to work out a solution to our financial situation and instead they suggested that we should now pay $700 a month! Is this help?!?!? We gave up realising HDB would not help us. We decided to borrow from wherever we can to pay every month until we can both manage to get a job! Since then, we have been paying $700/mth as agreed with the officer earlier, but they still called us every month trying to force us to pay additional CASH payments on top of the $700 we already paid using CPF! Luckily for us, everything went quite smoothly and we are able to pay off most of the outstanding amount. Today, the outstanding balance is only about $1700+. Recently however, during January 2013, we received a letter from HDB saying that they wanted to force us to sell off our flat again!!! Back then, the outstanding amount was only about $5500. So we went down to HDB again and asked what happened? What happened to the agreement that was made earlier? They just said that as long as we have an outstanding debt totalling more than 3 months of the monthly instalment amount, they had the right to force us to sell our flat! Offcourse we need our flat, or where else will we live? So we paid another $2500 from our CPF, then in Feb 2013 they called again saying we hadn