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Found 102 results

  1. I can see one can check CEA for the agent but there is only basic information on it. What are the information I shall use to ensure I am talking to a normal agent? Name Reg. No. Reg. Period Awards Disciplinary Actions Remarks Est. Agent Name Licence Number
  2. Achtung

    MCST Managing Agent Problem

    I have a genuine problem and I hope brothers here who are familiar with BCA, Strata rulings etc will be able to help. I just bought an old Condo Apartment recently. As it is more than 10 years, I can see that the outlook or aesthetic of the building has been marred by owners doing their own stuff. For example, residents using the fire exit stairwell to house their pet dogs; aircon trunking were ran out of a few apartments; windows were differently colours; Window drills for many apts were placed inside and some placed outside. In short, the entire block is riddled with differences. Std Procedure, I applied for reno permit and was approved. No rules and regulations were given. Except what time we can do our reno. To cut the long story short, we changed all the windows in the apt to plain silver ones. The next thing that happened was the Managing Agent came over to my Flat and fugged my contractor (which hap to be my fren). He demanded that my contractor removed them immediately as it does not conform with the aesthetic of the bldg. We then contacted him via phone and asked him to take a look at the building itself. His reply was: Why dont you write in to complain the individual owners who has not conformed? What u see is BEFORE my time! So not my business. I have not time to talk to you, you know, I manage many other condos! U better remove it or I will sue u. My reply was simple: Go ahead then. I am quite tu lan with this a**hole. I read thru the rules stated on MCA wensite and many are broad based. Any one who is an expert on this matter, care to comment objectively?
  3. Alamak... Just came across this. Hope when i go NZ in Dec, won't kanna bullied by these people... Those who are not aware, better take note. The problem is, the article doesn't really say what are the rights one has when really faced with such situations. It's mentioned the devices can be: - out of sight for minutes - confiscated and returned after a few days If go on a trip, they take your phone, then even if can get around, will sure disrupt plans and spoil the trip... https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/new-zealand-border-customs-digital-device-passwords-fine-10803570 Commentary: Know your rights when a border agent demands access to your digital deviceVisitors entering New Zealand will have to disclose passwords for their electronic devices if they asked to by customs officials, or risk being slapped with a fine - but they should also be aware of their rights, says one observer. ARIZONA: Imagine arriving in Australia or New Zealand after a long-haul flight, exhausted and red-eyed. You’ve just reclaimed your baggage after getting through immigration when you’re stopped by a customs officer who demands you hand over your smartphone and the password. Do you know your rights? Both Australian and New Zealand customs officers are legally allowed to search not only your personal baggage, but also the contents of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It doesn’t matter whether you are a citizen or visitor, or whether you’re crossing a border by air, land or sea. New laws that came into effect in New Zealand on Oct 1 give border agents: … the power to make a full search of a stored value instrument (including power to require a user of the instrument to provide access information and other information or assistance that is reasonable and necessary to allow a person to access the instrument). Those who don’t comply could face prosecution and NZ$5,000 (US$3,220) in fines. Border agents have similar powers in Australia and elsewhere. AdvertisementIn Canada, for example, hindering or obstructing a border guard could cost you up to C$50,000 (US$38,514) or five years in prison. DEVICE INSPECTION A GROWING TREND Australia and New Zealand don’t currently publish data on these kinds of searches, but there is a growing trend of device search and seizure at US borders. There was a more than fivefold increase in the number of electronic device inspections between 2015 and 2016 – bringing the total number to 23,000 per year. In the first six months of 2017, the number of searches was already almost 15,000. In some of these instances, people have been threatened with arrest if they didn’t hand over passwords. Others have been charged. In cases where they did comply, people have lost sight of their device for a short period, or devices were confiscated and returned days or weeks later. On top of device searches, there is also canvassing of social media accounts. In 2016, the United States introduced an additional question on online visa application forms, asking people to divulge social media usernames. As this form is usually filled out after the flights have been booked, travellers might feel they have no choice but to part with this information rather than risk being denied a visa, despite the question being optional. SEARCHING SMARTPHONES AN INVASION OF PRIVACY Border agents may have a legitimate reason to search an incoming passenger – for instance, if a passenger is suspected of carrying illicit goods, banned items, or agricultural products from abroad. But searching a smartphone is different from searching luggage. Our smartphones carry our innermost thoughts, intimate pictures, sensitive workplace documents, and private messages. The practice of searching electronic devices at borders could be compared to police having the right to intercept private communications. But in such cases in Australia, police require a warrant to conduct the intercept. That means there is oversight, and a mechanism in place to guard against abuse. And the suspected crime must be proportionate to the action taken by law enforcement. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS If you’re stopped at a border and asked to hand over your devices and passwords, make sure you have educated yourself in advance about your rights in the country you’re entering. Find out whether what you are being asked is optional or not. Just because someone in a uniform asks you to do something, it does not necessarily mean you have to comply. If you’re not sure about your rights, ask to speak to a lawyer and don’t say anything that might incriminate you. Keep your cool and don’t argue with the customs officer. You should also be smart about how you manage your data generally. You may wish to switch on two-factor authentication, which requires a password on top of your passcode. And store sensitive information in the cloud on a secure European server while you are travelling, accessing it only on a needs basis. Data protection is taken more seriously in the European Union as a result of the recently enacted General Data Protection Regulation. Microsoft, Apple and Google all indicate that handing over a password to one of their apps or devices is in breach of their services agreement, privacy management, and safety practices. That doesn’t mean it’s wise to refuse to comply with border force officials, but it does raise questions about the position governments are putting travellers in when they ask for this kind of information. Katina Michael is professor at School for the Future of Innovation in Society, and School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering in Arizona State University. This commentary first appeared on The Conversation.
  4. Your Dream Home, Your Neighbourhood Agent @ 96494642 Kok Siong is committed to realize the full potential of your property by providing you a tailored marketing strategy with comprehensive financial projection designed to meet your needs and wants. Together with ERA’s guiding philosophy of developing and launching innovative, breakthrough products and services that home sellers and buyers most want and need, Kok Siong is determined to offer a customized 1st in Service, 1st in Customer Satisfaction and 1st in Results solution that caters to your needs. Kok Siong is the preferred choice for clients as he is an ethical, forward-thinking and resulted oriented professional who takes a practical approached with all his clients. Armed with his financial training and previous work experience, you can be sure that he will realize your property’s potential to its very best. BUY / SELL / RENT Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Tenants, Referrals and Co-broke welcomed Call Kok Siong for a non obligatory discussion @ 96494642
  5. is it common practice for car agents to cover up the car camera during servicing and oil change? What's there to hide, unless they have something to hide - eg. mishandling of car, driving recklessly within the premise, certain parts never change or check, mechanics taking a nap in the car with air con turned on, taking the car out to buy lunch etc.
  6. Albeniz

    Insurance agent as career?

    I might be making a mid-career switch. I was at a job fair recently and dropped my particulars at one of the booths. One international insurance company called me up for an interview. I am not sure if I should attend as I am quite skeptical about the insurance line. All these while, I have been trained (heavily) in semiconductor-engineering and going into the insurance line is something really new to me. Any insurance agents out there? How's career as an insurance agent/financial planner, need your inputs. HELP!
  7. The scam has spread to Singapore! Do check your SingTel bill for $24 monthly subscription to Buongiorno Gamifive. It is a scam! I have never heard of the company beforehand and have never subscribed to their service. If you have not yet been scammed, you may want to take a few minutes to call your service provider to activate Premium Rate Services (PRS) Barring Service to protect yourself from the crooks and save yourself the hassle of having to spend hours to call them to reverse the charges.
  8. Blacksnow

    Selling my house on my own

    I am looking to sell my house on my own. Its a private property. However I do no know where to begin. For starters, I just found out that I can't list my house on propertyguru if I am not an agent. Can anyone give me some advise or point me to a place where I can find out more? many thanks
  9. in my dealings with property agents I have NOT encountered a single honest hardworking agent YET I pray for one but the act of GOD has not given me one yet I hope i dont have to wait for 50 years my very first property that I bought b u s t a r d, the agent ask me for kopi money $15,000 if i dont give the property will go to another agent buyer s h i t how to complain complain cannot buy the property further more kena drink kopi and long long interview where got time so paid kopi money s h i t will continue please do contribute if you think will benefit our bros and sis here
  10. Jubilong

    Property Agent Commission

    Hi, I would like to confirm for private apartment under $2mil the agent commission from seller is 1.5% ? There are so many agents so how do you choose the most suitable to market?
  11. A fren who just bought an Opel not long ago was told by her Salesman that if she doesn't send her car to Opel for servicing, her warranty will be void. Is that such a cond?
  12. A tycoon who owns a chain of budget hotels is suing the authorised agent of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars here over an alleged flaw in a $1.4 million Phantom limousine he bought four years ago. Mr James Koh Wee Meng, 49, the man behind the Fragrance chain of budget hotels, appointed Senior Counsel Davinder Singh of Drew & Napier to file the suit last November. In it, he claimed the car made loud thumping and whirring noises when moving out of a three-point turn when he took delivery of it on or around Dec 23, 2008. He also claimed that he felt 'significant vibration' from its steering wheel. He claimed the agent, Trans Eurokars, had failed to rectify these repeatedly, and is therefore seeking damages. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_759941.html
  13. Dear friends, been reading quite a lot of not-so-pleasant experiances with the service/expertise about some car agents. From salesman to technician, from new car that doesn't work to un-ability to fix something that have gone wrong. I can go on... seems like life's been good for them, particularly so as Singaporean loves their rides... we pay such "premium" for certain make of cars and are tied-down on the warranty to pay even more for some ridiculous labour charges etc, only to be told " why don't you come back if the problem comes back again" like as if we have all the time in the world to go back to them as and when we feel like it. Or " we can't find thing wrong with ... " . Again I can go on... I've had some sub-standard service before from KM, nothing too big to kick up a storm. But it seemed to me that the whole transaction is kind of one-sided the moment you sign on the paper. Do you guys..., and girls think it will work, if we as end-consumers write to the manufacturer to feedback on the service ( or the +#%%$$*% lack of it !!! )we are getting from their so-called agent. Do you think it will work ? Would you take the time and effort to write ? What do you guys think ? Thanks
  14. Is it possible to sell my own HDB home and get another without going thru an agent? The amount of agent fee for both transaction is so huge!
  15. Mllcg

    Property agent advice

    Im thinking of becoming a property agent part time while studying. whats the processes involved to apply? and hows the commission practices like now? still 2% seller and 1% buyer?
  16. Asking on behalf for a friend on the above mentioned. He and the seller have signed the OTP but the Agent failed to submit the necessary to HDB for the process that requires for appointment and the 2 months have just lapsed. At this juncture , what should my friend do....thanks in advance for any feedback that will help in this case...
  17. Hi guys, I am thinking of selling my private unit and because there isn't all the HDB paperwork stuff, I am thinking of doing it without an agent. For those who has done this before, may I know how is the procedure like? Can me and the buyer use back the same lawyer? Any help will be good.
  18. Sabbie

    Property Agent very Rich?

    I had a former colleague married to this guy, poly grad, earned 2300 a month as an asst engineer, now he became agent and suddenly drive big car and talk big while me a uni grad, drive a small car and very humble, so property agents very rich? since I am a poor man and want to be rich, should I quit my job and be a property agent???
  19. Hi guys, looking to get either a Chervolet Orlando or Mazda 5. Any one have any good sales person to introduce? Preferably at Eunos cos they are almost beside each other. Thanks in advance.
  20. anyone knows? This CMI korean battery fails in 1/2 a year and I kind of forgot where i change it due to bz schedule and also lost the receipt.... Dunno if bring it back to main distributor will help or not.... Can anyone provide more details on the main distributor? Thanks!
  21. newspapers always like to highlight those successful ones hor? what about those who din make it? maybe for every successful one, there are 100 who fail eg brilliant graduates earn 8k per month in their first job eg successful stock brokers earn 50k per month can also say lucky punter win 1m from casino [:|] TNP PHOTO: Ariffin Jamar At last Sunday
  22. Jus received a call, and my unit being at the sky Ascantia, one of 2, she wanted to market and advert my unit. I told her no co broke, no exclusivity as I could handle on my own, but give her chance to see hwo good a deal she can get. Any advise or valuable offerings is welcome. Any idiots who try to be farni your end of world would come earlier [laugh]
  23. From what I understand: 1) Gen Patraeus's mistress sent her threatening emails because she was considered a love rival 2) Housewife complained to FBI agent who was also emailing her his topless pics 3) FBI agent reported to his superiors and FBI discovered Gen Allen was having affair with housewife 4) FBI agent thought FBI was not investigating and whistle blow to members of congress 5) FBI agent is now also in trouble too for jumping the gun Is she really that sexy? If like that, our Cecilia can probably topple the Pentagon
  24. Whats the different from buying car insurance thru agent and self purchasing it ? More discount ? And side track, my insurance is ending soon. so it will be my 2nd year buying insurance, but my insurance company state 0% NCD on next renewal. Why ? Didn't make a claim on my own or other claiming me.
  25. Lycanthrope

    Any good/reliable VW agent here ?

    as above anyone to intro ?