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Found 87 results

  1. Read about the rich R.R Park today ( To be completed in 2020 ) Eager to check out after years of walks and trekking in Venus Drive, Treetops trail along MacRitchie Reservoir Link, Bt Timah, Diary Farm, Lower Pierce / Upp Pierce, Hort Park, Mt. Faber, Yishun Dam and Coney Island etc, kinda wanting to explore new terrain. 67 hectare of hiking trail and less disturbance to wildlife and surrounding greenery with elevated walkway plus a host of wildlife such as Malayan Colugo - a glider from tree to tree, Flying squirrel, pangolin- endangered animal, Palm civet cats also known as " Musang ", Coral snake, a venomous snake, Species of malayan butterflies and other migratory birds can be sighted only from Sept-Novenber annually, not forgetting Fireflies. Yes fireflies . . . i'm ready to explore more
  2. EWander

    Crazy Rich Asians?

    Since this movie is coming along and I think there is a lot of Rich daddies here, please share some juicy stories here for our entertainment please?!
  3. Viceroymenthol

    Rich people's lifestyles

    For your reading pleasure http://www.moneysmart.sg/money-talks/thing...ld-stop-saying/ 4 Things Rich People Should Stop Saying By Ryan Ong in Featured Post, Money Talks | May 10, 2013 11 Comments I have nothing against rich people. Hell, I
  4. The 11-storey data centre is 170,000 sqm and will “support hundreds of jobs”, says the social media giant. Social media giant Facebook on Thursday (Sep 6) announced it will pour in more than S$1.4 billion to construct its first data centre in Asia in Singapore. The new facility, located at Tanjong Kling (formerly known as Data Centre Park) in the west of Singapore, will span 170,000 sq m and will “support hundreds of jobs”, the company said in its press release, adding it will form part of its growing presence in Singapore and across the region.
  5. This Singaporean doesn't need to buy anything! https://www.facebook.com/nasdaily/videos/454647218384501/?t=65 I am most interested in his watch.
  6. http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/middle-income-family-hopes-more-help-budget-2018 Really not enough?
  7. http://women.asiaone.com/women/people/kim-lim-tycoon-peter-lims-daughter-and-jet-setting-princess wah 22yr old ....
  8. ...provided you are alive. The man who has this money has passed away at a relatively young age, but his final "home" (coffin) is no bigger than the beggar on the street who has passed on. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cdl-deputy-chairman-kwek/2265690.html Change your perspective of life. Be content with what you have. There is no end to the paper chase. Don't make the mistake of spending your youth chasing after wealth & glamour.... Only to spend your retirement years chasing after health.... You will be in no capacity to enjoy your wealth !
  9. http://www.straitstimes.com/world/scientists-find-rich-and-poor-are-biologically-different Scientists find rich and poor are 'biologically different' A Cambodian woman offers money to beggars in Phnom Penh.PHOTO: AFP PUBLISHEDDEC 26, 2015, 4:16 AM SGT Hormones that are out-of-balance in poor and uneducated people may explain why they age faster and are more vulnerable to disease than their more affluent peers, a new study suggests. It has long been known that less affluent folk die earlier and are "biologically older" than the rich, with those in the most affluent areas expected to live around eight years longer than those in the poorest regions, according to a report in Britain's Daily Telegraph. Now, researchers at University College London (UCL) may have worked out why. After monitoring a cohort of 1,880 British men and women since 1946, they have discovered that hormones critical to healthy ageing are significantly out of balance in poorer people by the time they reach 60-64. Men with the lowest household income - defined by less than £6,000 (S$12,000) a year - had 10 per cent lower testosterone than men earning £30,000 a year or higher, reported the Telegraph. Low testosterone has been linked to weight gain, loss of muscle, osteoporosis and depression. In contrast, women whose parents were unskilled workers had testosterone levels 15 per cent higher than the daughters of professionals. In women, too much testosterone is linked to early puberty, infertility and polycystic ovaries. Those with the lowest education in both sexes also had depleted levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) which has been linked to poor cognitive function and an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular mortality. Women with no qualifications had 16 per less IGF than women who had degrees. For men the difference was 8 per cent less IGF, the Telegraph reported. Low levels of cortisol, which can lead to heart palpitations, depression, pain and insomnia, was also seen in both men and women with the lowest education. Professor Diana Kuh, of the Medical Research Council’s Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL said the hormonal differences showed how societal factors literally "get under the skin" and affect health. “We found that socioeconomic disadvantage across life, based on father’s social class and on the study member’s education, social class and income, was associated with an adverse hormone profile," she said, according to the Telegraph. “These hormones are thought to work together to ensure healthy development and also have many different roles in regulating health in older age. “So our findings suggest that these socioeconomic differences in hormone systems may play a role in explaining social inequalities in health as we age. “Hormones may be affected by exposure across life to stress and adverse events, health problems and obesity, and unhealthy lifestyles such as physical inactivity, poor diet, and smoking.” It is already known that socio-economic status has a major impact on health, with studies showing that being poor is associated with increased risks of cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic and psychiatric diseases, low birth weight and infant mortality. Scientists believe psychological stresses of having a less secure future, being bossed around and having lower self-esteem and less access to social support networks cause an increased rate of molecular damage, said the Telegraph. Living in an area of high crime is also thought to accelerate ageing. Dr David Bann, of the Institute of Education at UCL said: “Our study shows that people from a disadvantaged background are biologically different which could explain health inequalities. “These hormone levels change with age, so it could potentially explain difference rates of ageing.” But if the damage is being driven by an out-of-kilter hormone system, it may be possible to fix the disparities through better education and raising the standard of living. Prof Di added: “We are examining the impact of these hormone differences in explaining inequalities in physical and mental functioning in older age. “We are also looking at whether socioeconomic differences in other biological systems could help explain social inequalities in how fast we age. “Our findings provide further evidence of the potentially harmful effects of social disadvantage on health, suggesting that reducing inequalities could have powerful benefits in improving the health of the population and reducing health-care expenditure.” The research, which was based on data from the MRC National Survey of Health and Development was published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, the Telegraph said.
  10. StefanK

    Idiocies of a Rich Man

    Not sure if any of you guys have seen this, but I find it damn stupid, plus this guy is actually my neighbour... sigh... Now I know I really live in an estate filled with idiotic people, probably me included. Sauce: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153694088972866&set=pcb.10153694089247866&type=3&theater
  11. TyreShield

    Will this keep Ferrari on top?

    SINGAPORE — Ferrari is Singapore’s top exotic car maker, at least according to 2014’s sales figures. Can the new 488 GTB pictured above keep the Italian brand ahead of its rivals? The new car is the Maranello-based carmaker’s follow-up to the 458 Italia. It has a turbo engine that hurls it to 200km/h in just 8.3 seconds. Ferrari says it comfortably exceeds 330km/h. That level of performance makes the 488 GTB the benchmark in its class, says Ferrari. MORE: Here’s another turbo Ferrari In Singapore, at least, Ferrari seems to set the mark when it comes to sales. The brand put 31 new cars in the road here in 2014. That’s far ahead of McLaren (which sold 11 cars in Singapore last year) and its more traditional rival, Lamborghini (with 10 cars sold). Will Ferrari’s switch to turbo technology power the brand even further ahead? source :
  12. If she is so rich (as claimed), shouldn't she just pay up and shut up? Anyway, I find that she can't even speak properly... http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/arrogant-passenger-boasts-about-wealth-and-degrades-cabby-after-vomiting-in-cab
  13. Sabbie

    Property Agent very Rich?

    I had a former colleague married to this guy, poly grad, earned 2300 a month as an asst engineer, now he became agent and suddenly drive big car and talk big while me a uni grad, drive a small car and very humble, so property agents very rich? since I am a poor man and want to be rich, should I quit my job and be a property agent???
  14. Knoobie

    We are peasants...

    Anton Casey was right. we are poor people :(
  15. All not rich like t2 la How come no full cash yo?
  16. Thaiyotakamli

    Smell of Singapore's Rich

    http://www.plushasia.com/media_photo/23275 Singapore's million-dollar club grows Singapore - More people made it to the millionaires club last year, with 4,220 taxpayers having assessable income of more than $1 million each. Their combined income came to $8.06 billion, according to the annual report of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) released on Thursday. They forked out $1.49 billion in income tax. In 2011, in comparison, there were 3,870 people in this group and they earned $7.45 billion. These could be Singaporeans, permanent residents or foreigners. A further 12,921 people earned between $500,000 and $1 million each last year, up from 11,092 people in 2011. Iras collected 7.6 per cent more cash in its latest financial year, as the economy grew moderately and the buoyant property market yielded more in stamp duty collection. Total taxes collected came to $41.4 billion for the 12 months to March 31, up from $38.4 billion in the year before, said The money made up 74.1 per cent of all operating revenue for the Government. The remainder was collected by other agencies for other types of payments - such as certificates of entitlement and Electronic Road Pricing. Iras' collections include corporate taxes, individual income taxes, goods and services tax (GST), stamp duties, property tax and betting taxes. For the financial year, corporate income tax grew 5.8 per cent to $12.8 billion, owing to improved company profits. Individual income tax collection grew by 12.2 per cent to $7.7 billion, due to higher salaries and the cessation of one-off personal income tax rebates given earlier for income earned in 2011. GST collection rose by 4 per cent to $9 billion, in line with the moderate growth in private consumption expenditure. Stamp duty collections jumped 35.7 per cent to $4.3 billion. The rise was due to the introduction of the additional buyer's stamp duty in December 2011 - intended to cool the property market - and more property transactions. Property tax collection fell by 3.1 per cent to $3.8 billion, due to an earlier change in some policies that affected the timing of collection of the taxes. The changes had led to more collections in the previous financial year - April 2011 to March last year. Taxes from betting activities dipped by 2.9 per cent to $2.3 billion. This included duties on Singapore Pools bets like 4D, Toto, Big Sweep and sports betting, and levies on the casino operations of the two integrated resorts. Iras also highlighted its high level of tax compliance - essentially, that almost all parties pay their taxes on time. Tax arrears declined to a record low of 0.79 per cent, among the lowest in the world. "Our ongoing efforts to promote a high level of voluntary compliance have resulted in more individuals and businesses filing their tax returns and paying taxes on time," said Dr Tan Kim Siew, Commissioner of Inland Revenue. "On-time filing rates have improved across all tax types." One of the taxpayers who name himself Throttle says "yes this year is a good year, many tables to be cleaned, my income shoot high high." Throttle who reported his annual income for more than has one million singapore dollar has decided to give himself a holiday break to London, UK.
  17. Picnic06-Biante15

    Singaporeans Among Fastest To Get Rich .....

    Rich in 10 years, I'm working for the past 40 years, where's my $$$$$$$$$$ .... from Yahoo: Singaporeans among fastest to get rich More than half (51 percent) of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in Singapore became rich in less than 10 years, making them the world's fastest group to accumulate wealth, according to a report from Barclays. Singapore also had the highest percentage of respondents (at 14 percent) who accumulated wealth in less than five years, cementing the city-state's position as the top 'get rich quick' centre. On average, 26 percent of HNWIs across the globe achieved their net worth of at least US$1.5 million (S$1.9 million) in less than 10 years. Singapore's super rich also bested respondents from Qatar, where 48 percent built up their wealth in less than 10 years, followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 32 percent and India at 30 percent. Completing the top five is China (27 percent) and Hong Kong at 16 percent. Meanwhile, HNWIs in Switzerland and the United States were the slowest, with less than 10 percent attaining their wealth in under 10 years. Entitled "Origins and Legacy: The Changing Order of Wealth Creation," the Barclays report polled more than 2,000 HNWIs across the globe. [/color] Nikki De Guzman, Junior Reporter at PropertyGuru, wrote this story. To contact her about this or other stories email nikki@allproperty.com.sg Related Stories: S'pore the 8th most innovative country in the world Asian Tigers spur building boom Household debt soars due to high home prices. link: http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/singapore...-034338657.html Please don't include our HDB flags ... Household debt soars .......... I am wondering also, who started it...
  18. Found an interesting view on HDB... http://therealsingapore.com/content/truth-...-wants-remember For sharing only...
  19. RadX

    The really UBER rich!

    Even trottle2 is a blue collar worker cf these kind of spending
  20. Viceroymenthol

    Wowwow so rich, can drive VW

    http://workfairsingapore.wordpress.com/201...-police-report/ January 14, 2013 Uncategorized Harassed and Intimidated
  21. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-05/r...pore-wages.html When dozens of Chinese bus drivers held Singapore
  22. Epic fail...gives advice but at the end still faces such a dilemma..think most business people reads his book and some advices are quite good...but how come he faces such a situation Article Rich Dad, Poor Dad now a bankrupt dad: Best-selling author files for corporate bankruptcy after losing $24m judgement The financial guru behind New York Times bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad has filed for bankruptcy on one of his companies after losing a $24 million judgement. This April, Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Global LLC was ordered to pay $23,687,957.21 to the Learning Annex and its founder and chairman, Bill Zanker. Kiyosaki had used the Learning Annex platform to organize several high profile speaking engagements, including a 2002 appearance at Madison Square Garden.....
  23. It's tough to be rich in Singapore. For the ladies, a pair of classic Louboutin pumps costs US$2,714 here, compared with only US$1,005 in Hong Kong. A Chanel bag comes at US$5,781 versus US$4,921 and a Tiffany 2 carat diamond ring sets you back US$159,910 against US$116,452. For the men, a gold Rolex Oyster costs US$33,341 in Singapore against US$32,207 in Hong Kong and a Cohiba cigar, at US$1,375, is three times as expensive here. And this is before one even touches on high-end property, whose prices have shot through the roof this year. But if it is any consolation, a wedding banquet for 500 at a top Hong Kong hotel would cost US$121,100 against US$67,482 in Singapore while memberships to classy golf clubs also cost almost 50 per cent more there. A Julius Baer Lifestyle index released yesterday has found that the rich in Singapore suffered the highest inflation rate of 13.7 per cent to maintain their lifestyle against their friends in Hong Kong (10.8 per cent), Shanghai (8.8 per cent) and Mumbai (2.6 per cent). This is despite the fact that the Singapore dollar has strengthened more than 5 per cent against the greenback this year. The index, in its second year, comprises 20 items, capturing both goods and services in US dollars, in Mumbai, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. "Naturally, the selection of items covered in the Julius Baer Lifestyle Index is subject to individual taste. However, the goods and services chosen for the index should better reflect the lifestyle choices and consumption patterns of high net worth individuals than the more traditional consumer price indices available," said Julius Baer. For 2012, the average Julius Baer Lifestyle Index across the four cities rose 8.8 per cent, down from last year's 11.7 per cent. This rate of increase was well above regional, traditional consumer price indices of about 6 per cent, the private bank said. "Singapore was home to the highest price hikes in US dollar terms, followed by Shanghai, Hong Kong and lastly Mumbai. Across the region, the prices of high-end wine, wedding banquets, handbags and business-class air travel underwent the largest increases," it noted. Julius Baer spokeswoman Lim Li Koon said the increase for Singapore is mainly due to the property score, which jumped 35 per cent. Homes of the ultra rich in US dollar terms went from US$9.7 million to US$13 million, she said. Many other items actually saw no change or even slight declines. Jewellery, shoes and handbags, for example, did not change in price at all. Wedding banquets went up 10 per cent, but this happened in most of the cities. Cars also went up another 5 per cent. The Singapore story is skewed heavily by massive property price movement, she added. Stefan Hofer, Julius Baer emerging markets strategist, said driving the index was property and prices of luxury articles which have pricing power compared to services. "For example, watches have been able to increase their prices relative to service providers like lawyers and hospitals," he said. It's still no comfort to the ladies should they suffer the indignity of a fall from their 8-inch heels, as a night in a posh Singapore hospital at US$756 far exceeds Hong Kong's US$464. And if you want to make sure your spouse does not fritter the hard earned cash away, a family lawyer costs US$660 per hour here, almost double that in Hong Kong. One consolation is that a facelift in Singapore at US$2,559 is far cheaper than the other cities. Ditto root canal treatment. So how do the rich cope with the almost 14 per cent inflation? According to David Lim, chief executive of Julius Baer Singapore, they remain conservative in their investments, spending only a fraction of their wealth to maintain their lifestyle. "They're not expecting a 14 per cent return, not becoming more aggressive in their investment approach," he said. They are concerned about inflation and their higher living expenses. "There's a lot of activity going into income and dividend stocks," he added.