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  1. I fly Thai Airways every month to BKK. Economy, flight timing is decent (I always take the 12.25pm flight, if not, morning 9.25am I think). Flight ticket per pax works out to about $360. Then I use Agoda to book my hotels (I already have one or two hotels I always stay in), and use their airport ferry service (about $25/pax). Oh ya, arrival airport is Suvarnabhumi. Damn far from the city (about 45mins - 1hr 55mins drive depending on which part of the city you heading into, timing and traffic conditions), but very easy to clear immigration on arrival and departure. For departure, we can use their passport scanners just like what we use here in Changi Airport, almost nobody uses it, cos it's hidden away in a corner. Can't give you advice on sights to see as I only travel around Ekkamai, Thonglor, Sukhumvit and Ladphrao for work, but, Grab is easy to get, 50% of the drivers speak English, definitely less hassle than hailing taxis. Only bad is you'll spend more time in your Grab than walking around, so make sure you plan the routes carefully. If your parents can, take the BTS and MRT. It really is a decent mode of public transport. Oh, one last thing, unless you intend to stay in an international chain hotel, don't stay in Sukhumvit, or rather, don't stay in Sukhumvit at all. haha
  2. Personally, I follow KFST's FB page and the more I read his posts, the more I see a pattern developing. True that he always says that he wants to help the hawkers here in Singapore, but how many of those are he helping altruistically? There always seem to be a thinly veiled motive behind. Has anyone seen how he damns some hawkers' food on his FB posts? How is that helping? In reference to this peak hour surcharge suggestion by him, I rolled my eyes so hard after reading it on his FB. How does peak hour surcharges help? It just drives away customers and creates more avenues for alternatives, and substitutes away from hawker centres. Who does it benefit? Always the landlords, people like him. I feel that hawker prices should universally adjust upwards, make hawker centres more comfortable for dining. Singaporeans are very pragmatic, for the price they are paying, there has to be something extra. That's how food courts came into play in the beginning and look at how long it has stayed despite all the same naysayings we are hearing about raising hawker prices now. If we don't work to keep this food culture of ours, then no matter tiered pricings, peak hour surcharges or whatever stupid measures will help.
  3. StefanK

    Why did you chose you current HDB flat ?

    Must be you lah! I also ballot for balance flats at Clementi. hahahah!
  4. StefanK

    Why did you chose you current HDB flat ?

    My experience is as such - Background: I was part of the RC in my area. My father is of the grassroots. Balloting duration: 6 years Process: First ballot - Dawson. Queue no. 700+. Balloting for 5 Room. Result - Failed (HDB SMSed to inform I wasn't able to go for selection cos oversubscribed) The turn of events happened 2 weeks before the selection of flats at Dawson. I received the HDB big envelope package to select 5 room flat units at Dawson! My queue no is now 100+. So I thought, heng ah. Fast forward to 1 week before the selection date. HDB SMSed me again to inform all units taken up, so I no need to go down again. Second ballot - Queue no. 1000+ Third Ballot - exceed queue no. Fourth Ballot - exceed queue no. Fifth ballot - exceed queue no. Sixth ballot - exceed queue no. So, having believed that with every failed ballot, we should be getting closer to getting a flat, whatever was happening to us, didn't seem right. Wife and I made the decision to approach her area MP (SKP) at the MPS. Went in, told him what has been happening for the past 6 years. He said he will help us by writing a letter. We received his letter the next day. It read "Couple cannot get flat. Please assist." Pissed off right? My wife, took that 'letter' and CC-ed to all the management of HDB, including CEO, Mah Bow Tan (I think it was still him), LHL and attention the email to SKP, thanking him for his effort in writing that 'letter'. Then, she listed down all the problems we faced again and mentioned that maybe we should highlight our plight in the media. The underlying trend then was couple annulling their marriage or given up their engagements because of these balloting for flat issues. Next day, received an email from HDB, asked us to ballot for the next release at Punggol, or risk having our balloting chances reduced drastically, because it would mean that we had given up the chance to select the unit at this release. LL loh. Put our names in for the ballot. Received queue no. 400+, for four room units. At HDB, we waited and waited, as the high floors were all taken up. When it was finally our turn, we had a choice of selected units on the 4th, 5th and 2nd floor. So, we didn't really choose our HDB flat. It kinda chose us. And no. Grassroots doesn't necessarily mean higher chances.
  5. huh? no lah... haha don't misunderstand. just a personal view. The whole place has a good idea: go in, buy what you need, send it through their delivery service and walk out of that place without having to lug bags and bags of groceries. so that's appealing to the busy office folks. maximum convenience. But I wouldn't go there to chill.... ya ARC parking would be the best, short walk only. the experience can be very relative lah... but I do like the feature that I don't have to bring my wallet. Just a handphone and the Honestbee app is sufficient and plus the fact that I don't have to carry the groceries with me, I'm ok with that too. If NTUC can work towards that, then yeah, it's cool.
  6. I've been there already. It's basically an old warehouse converted into a snazzy and hipper looking warehouse that allows shoppers to buy groceries already available on Honestbee platform, without having to fork out cash or even use cards for that matter. The perishables are stored at the back of the 'store' in freezers and/or chillers with various temperatures. That sorta ensures freshness. The carpark lots are already taken up by the office staff, so don't expect any more than 20 lots on a working day, but you can park at ARC and take a short 5-8mins walk over. All in all, you wouldn't go there if you have a purpose cos of location, at least based on what I've seen.
  7. StefanK

    Computer repair Clementi

    Windows 10? Background applications running. Including the installation of updated software and utilities. Can run from 30mins to 3-4 hours. If you've got syncing programs like Google Drive, it'll take even longer.
  8. StefanK

    Skoda Kodiaq - Will it reach our shores?

    What a waste... was seriously considering this VRs after my XC90 goes to scrap in 2 years. Not easy to find good HP, big boot space and below 3.2 capacity, added bonus: it's diesel!
  9. StefanK

    2018 Volvo S60 (3rd Gen) & V60 (2nd Gen)

    Is the new V60 there for molesting already? My XC90 left 2 years, hoping to change to that.
  10. in before any post on CCB BMW
  11. StefanK

    Singapore Reckless Driver Part V

  12. StefanK

    Singapore Reckless Driver Part V

    Derrick Tan.
  13. StefanK

    He went through brain surgery while awake

    Sauce: https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/awake-brain-surgery/about/pac-20384913