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  1. New Ferrari Portofino Unveiled, To Replace California T https://auto.ndtv.com/news/new-ferrari-portofino-unveiled-to-replace-california-t-1741059 The new Ferrari Portofino will replace the California T and will feature a 592 bhp Twin-Turbo V8 engine. The front engined sportscar is the most powerful retractable hardtop convertible in the world and will make its official debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Ferrari has just revealed the long awaited replacement for the California range - the brand new Ferrari Portofino! The new Ferrari Portofino, named after one of Italy's prettiest costal towns, also gets a new shade of red - Rosso Portofino to go along with the new car. The new Ferrari Portofino will pack a front mounted 592 bhp V8 twin-turbo engine making it the most powerful retractable hard top convertible sportscar in the world. The new Ferrari Porofino will make its official public debut at the upcoming Frankfurt International Motor Show next month and will eventually make it to India too. The new Ferrari Portofino takes the proportions of the California T and makes everything much sharper and more aggressive. The front facia features a smiling look as most other Ferraris get currently with the large central grille and sleek sharp LED headlamps. The front bumper also gets large twin secondary intakes while the front fender gets air fins and a vent to channel the air out of the front wheel arches. The profile on the new Ferrari Portofino is sharper and features a carbon fibre side skirt while the iconic rear wheel arch haunches are accentuated and lead into the tail lamps. The rear design, often the most criticised on the Ferrari California family has been completely refreshed and now is substantially more aggressive. The new Car features twin tail lamps that are set apart and a quad exhaust setup while the boot lid in a lot more contoured now. The large bootlid that featured on the California still features on the Portofino too and the metal folding roof folds neatly into the boot. As we mentioned earlier, the Ferrari Portofino will feature a front mounted twin-Turbo V8 engine from the same family that won the engine of the year in 2016 and 2017. The 3.8-litre V8 engine makes 592 bhp of peak power and 760 Nm of peak torque. The Portofino will get from 0-100 kmph in just 3.5 seconds and will have a top speed of 320 kmph. The new Portofino also gets an electronic rear differential, electronic power steering and the Ferrari signature magnetorheological suspension that uses iron filings in the suspension to stiffen or soften the damping instantly at the touch of a button. On the interior front, the Ferrari Portofino gets the new Ferrari family look with the large centrally mounted 10.2-inch touchscreen and a separate screen for the passenger side too. The Ferrari Portofino is also a 2+2 seating configuration which means that it can technically fit four adults. The Portofino also features a new wind deflector design that helps cut down air flow inside the cabin by up to 30% as compared to the older California T.
  2. I don't mind this if we get to design our own stickers! One of the pros is that hit and run drivers will never need to worry about leaving behind their numberplates as evidence anymore. 😅
  3. Showing 60 of 60 comments Sort by Popular now Best rating Newest first Oldest first Subscribe by email Subscribe by RSS Real-time updating is paused. (Resume) 0 new comment was just posted. Show Swei 5 hours ago The exact same experience happened to me -- I was told my Infinity membership was revoked about a year ago due to late payments. I spoke at length to a CalFit manager, and subsequently wrote a lengthy email to headquarters in Hong Kong, but was delivered the news that the appeal was rejected. I even offered to pay an additional late fee above the $8 late payments, buy they claimed that because I had paid previous $8 fees before, I "had no excuse for unknowing late payments". Since then, I have decided to boycott California Fitness due to poor customer service. I enquired how come I wasn't even given a late notice reminder, but was rebuffed that "their policy has changed". I relate this experience to all I know, and encourage others to join gyms that provide more desirable service recovery. Flag Like ReplyReply simonyw2007 7 hours ago Boycott! Boycott! Boycott! California Fitness! All this are unreasonable. Let the whole of Singapore peoples aware of this. Should not joined the membership. Flag Like ReplyReply Ntm-song 14 hours ago Victims !Pls step forward to stop them from conning people again my brothers so called diamond or platinum membership was seldom. The manager has no sense of shame working when we threw our card into his face when they told us to complain to case if we not happy Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to Ntm-song I am a victim! Why don't we gather and sue them together? Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Kimakb2003 5 hours ago in reply to Chris That's a good idea. I am sure there must be hundreds who are affected. Perhaps A good way to start is a Facebook account or get a good lawyer and start a class action against cg Flag Like ReplyReply fatsparrow 15 hours ago Does California Fitness have any affiliation to the state of California, or to the Governator? And what do London Weight Management, New York Skin Solutions, and Yunnan Hair have in common? Hokkaido Ice Cream? All the way from Hokkaido? Flag Like ReplyReply Angelina Susanti 16 hours ago Thanks a million, Charmayne! I was on the verge of signing up for lifetime membership at California Fitness, when I read her ST Forum letter. I will be content with exercising at my condo gym after work and on weekends, instead of doing my workouts in the morning or during lunch hour. Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply leongfamily 17 hours ago If the intent is a lifetime membership, they should have waived the annual $8 admin fee. I'm afraid they have a reputation for such and I'm sure you are not the first to experience this. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Phototod 17 hours ago My wife thought she was the only one when she got booted out because she overlooked the $8 admin fee. She received no reminder. When she tried to use the gym their reply was "sorry you did not pay the admin fee ". When she protested that she did not receive any reminder they bluntly told her that she should keep track of when she should pay the admin fee. You want to use the facilities then pay $3000 for the membership. This is big news. I hope all the newspapers here and hong kong and mediacorp report this unscrupulous gym operator. Flag 3 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Valerie 18 hours ago "When we tried to reason with her, she brusquely replied that the decision was final and we could complain to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) if we were dissatisfied." The above mention quoted, i find that the CASE should STAND UP for the VICTIMS and should do somthing about it rather than nothin and there will be more and more VICTIMS like US and also the Service Provider will be more and more BULLY. Flag Like ReplyReply Gussaxy 19 hours ago I am also a victim of California Fitness's unscrupulous business practice - I was a 'LIFETIME' member who on top of that signed up about 5k worth of Personal Training sessions. To simplify my story, I suspended my menbership and personal training program because I got pregnant, had a misscarriage, took time to recover, got pregnant again and delivered a healthy baby. All these while I thought I could continue with my membership and P.T program after my delivery. To my great dissapointment, California Fitness told me that my 'LIFETIME' membership had EXPIRED bacause I had not paid my annual $8 fee. On top of that my P.T program had also expired because the max time they allow members to suspend their membership was 1 year. I had lost not only the few thousand dollars worth of membership but also estimated 3.5K worth of P.T sessions. CALIFORNIA FITNESS pls stop treating your clients like dirt and refund us those money you don't deserve to earn! Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Geraldine 19 hours ago Dear charmayne My brother who bought the $4k life membership package faced the same problem as you. His was over due for 2 weeks due to outstation but they refuse to accept the explanation instead he was told to re purchase the membership again if he is still keen to use the facilities. I think this is the way they make money hopping that members overlooked the yearly renewal. Flag 6 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Valerie Lim 18 hours ago in reply to Geraldine Yes my husband encounter that too! He was told the same thing and was handled the same manner!!! Its was very very UNFAIR for the members when they are keen in exercising and now couldn't just because of the $8!!!! i think Carlifornia should not handle member that way!!! Flag Like ReplyReply Midnight2010sun 20 hours ago NEVER EVER trust any company that sells any kind of 'lifetime membership". Thats how they scam you upfront! And 'lifetime' doesn't mean YOUR lifetime..the company can close or tajen over by another company and your 'lifetime membership' can expire much shorter than you think! Flag Like ReplyReply Gunni 21 hours ago I think it unfortunate that some people here miss the point and instead brush the writer's concern away as 'petty' and a non-issue. Yes, there may have been a clause. And yes, it is the customer's responsibility to read them even though the agent/salesperson may have failed to highlight it. However, 'throwing' out customers who have paid $3000 each for a lifetime membership just because they have missed the deadline for the $8 payment? Shocking and unbelievable. One cannot help but think that any company that prides itself on providing good service to their customers, and have basic respect and regard for them -- potential, past or current ones -- would have reacted differently. I wonder if there were any attempts made to the customers to remind them of the $8 payment. And was there any customer service officer who were present or who contacted the couple to alley their fears and questions? From the writer's experience, it sure sounds like the company adopted a firm 'No, you're out. No space for negotiation or clarifications. It's your fault you did not read the clauses nor pay up on time. Unhappy? Then bring it to CASE'. The only 'human touch' here seems to be the receptionist who conveyed the outright rejection of her superiors, and even borders on smugness with an unspoken challenge to 'bring the matter to CASE. All this does not bode well with the integrity of the company at all. In the long run, greed and a lost of good, sturdy values will bring them to their knees. They may win the battle this time around, but eventually lose the war. Flag SEAH1975 and 6 more liked this Like ReplyReply Jonathan 21 hours ago Had the same experience with california fitness centre. They dont bother about being considerate, they just care about the money i suppose. Suggest to try other gyms and stop patronizng cfc. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply James Ong 21 hours ago Take it up with CASE. Even if one fails to pay a utility bill on time, there would be a reminder notice to pay up, before the utility is cut. I truly cannot comprehend how such a case can exist. It is mind boggling. I definitely will have to read every single fine print on all membership documents before signing them. Also, i think due to the complexity of some words on such agreement, I think it is best to be vetted by a lawyer. There must be posters put up around Singapore to remind consumers to be very very careful in taking up membership of any form, when the membership amount is high.. Flag SEAH1975 liked this Like ReplyReply Xiuxiu Wang 21 hours ago Money in the pocket is the best policy. Pay as you use, never mind the discounts. Treat discounts lost as insurance. Flag shantelle88 liked this Like ReplyReply hotwoks 22 hours ago Pay another $3K and become a member again. What a way for business to rip money off consumers when they say they can forfeit membership for late payment of fee. Really easy money for them when people are generally forgetful or late in paying up. I think you have to waste another $3k to engage a lawyer to seek redress. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply chubbycat 22 hours ago hmmm. I happened to be a california gym member and I remembered that there was a clause stating contract termination if I fail to make payment on time, I make it a point to pay in advance and to check with the reception regularly. Since the writer didn't pay on time, why make such a fuss out of it ? Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to chubbycat I guess you do not understand that the customer lost 3000SGD because of not paying and 8 SGD admin fee => Unreasonable! Flag Like ReplyReply Maria Loi-terer 22 hours ago Why can't clients settle their problems with the respective organisations? Why does the whole nation have to be privy to this petty woman's $8 problem? What is the total number of Singaporeans who patronise these gyms? What is their percentage as a ratio to our population? So, why does the whole nation need to know of her squabble? She is a minute minority within a minute minority. Flag Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer Sorry, you are missing the point. Its about people having the right to go after bad practices of companies. May be you don't care and don't bother but there are people trying to do something about cheating companies. Flag Like ReplyReply Burnt 21 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer You obviously miss the point. The issue is not the $8 admin fee, but the high handedness and arrogance spas and fitness clubs are acting with impunity, hiding behind small print and vague conditions in contracts. It's about time this industry is regulated. Flag SEAH1975 and 3 more liked this Like ReplyReply hotwoks 22 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer At least victims have an avenue through ST Forum to share their plight to the rest of Spore. It is a good thing that sufferings of people are made known publicly so that people would be more careful and not fall into similar situations. Flag 3 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Gsuest 22 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer It is to the public's benefit that such underhanded practices by unscrupulous retailers are highlighted in the media so that we can watched for ourselves and avoid becoming similarly victimised. Flag 6 people liked this. Like ReplyReply taekniu 23 hours ago CASE will only try their best to help. CASE does not even have any power when it comes to such dispute. Consumers sign up at their own risk. Little is done to protect consumers. Look at the spas etc.. These are good examples. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Valerie 18 hours ago in reply to taekniu Very very SAD to learn that!! Flag Like ReplyReply Chee Kit 23 hours ago same thing happened to me... im sure they say this to all customers in the same position! Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Zill Yvonne Tan 1 day ago have u complainted to CASE? Flag Like ReplyReply Leong 1 day ago The instructors are full of filthy filipinos Flag 32 people liked this. Like ReplyReply E2 23 hours ago in reply to Leong Shame on you. You filthy low/middle income, hdb dwelling, MRT traveling racist. Flag 5 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Bryan Choong 23 hours ago in reply to Leong I am truly disappointed with this remark. Clearly this is an unfair corporate decision that has nothing to do with nationalities or races, and nothing to do with the instructors. Why don't you say it is filthy Hong Kongers since it was the Hong Kong HQ who made the decision? What makes you think that the decision was not made by a Chinese boss in HK? Flag Like ReplyReply Antoinette Patterson 1 day ago in reply to Leong Sorry for your loss; hopefully CASE will actually do something about it once it's reported. Aside to Leong, that's just racist and irrelevant to her situation. Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply shantelle88 1 day ago I am a true fitness member and I wouldn't say it's more expensive than other gyms (you can bargain actually). They regularly maintain facilities and call in advance to inform you of any membership renewal or late payment (if there is). Before this I went to California fitness for trial and had a terrible experience with their staff attitude and the way they do things. I was speechless. When I see this article's title i knew it's gonna be somewhere Ive been. I feel sorry for you. Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply friedbeehoon33 1 day ago i used to be california gym member, i can only say the membership fee is not expensive as compared to true, pure and fitness first. and it ends there. then equipments are old, towels flimsy, crowded classes, smelly toilets. cali members used to be able to visit their overseas branches in seoul, kl, bangkok, taipei, but now the only overseas branch they can visit is hkg seems like they are not growing any more. Flag Henry Wong and 1 more liked this Like ReplyReply Henry Wong 1 day ago I have switched to Fitness First 3 years ago. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Cherish 1 day ago I will never in my life buy any lifetime memberships. thanks for sharing this and I'm sorry for your loss! If I ever get a membership, it'll never be California fitness . come to think of it, 6k is enough for me to buy my own gym equipments! Flag 5 people liked this. Like ReplyReply RGS001 1 day ago rules are rules. too bad Ms. Lim....sometimes you have to read the fine print. Flag chubbycat liked this Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to RGS001 Hi RGS You must be working for California gym or you are used to bad customer service and accept being cheated through fine prints! Flag Like ReplyReply AJ 1 day ago Now its time that we ban them her and send them packing! I think they are broke, even their towels is like my floor mat and i would gladly provide them with my floor mat and maybe the boss would like to use it for his tears when his business go belly up! Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Jousterr 1 day ago There are many ways of amassing money. Robbery is one. Calofornia Fitness does this. Flag RGS001 and 2 more liked this Like ReplyReply Tweeseeng 1 day ago Good that Ms Charmayne Lim brought this up. CASE also mentioned there were many victims of California Fitness Centre (CFC) of this case. Life Membership or Platinium? I had the same problem, I had a overseas assignment for 5 years and when I came back and happy march into Fitness Center, they refuse my entry and told me that they no longer do Life membership and I have to buy a new membership for I did not pay the yearly $8 renewal fees (without any reminders from them). The Staff the sold me the membership- Atiq Chowdhury and the Personal Trainer who became the GM of Novena Branch-Collin both said they could not do anything and that's their policy from Hong Kong. I brought this to CASE and CFC Hong Kong replied that its the T&C which I did not read despite the salesman not pointing out. Flag Like ReplyReply SEAH1975 20 hours ago in reply to Tweeseeng REALLY!!! I signed up for the Platinium Lifetime Membership with California Fitness somewhere in 2005/2006 & have not visited the gym for the past couple of years too!!! So now...instead of telling people that
  4. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x37gou5_hotel-singapura-hotel-california-parody-knn_fun#tab_embed
  5. The largest U.S. public pension fund intends to sever ties with roughly half of the firms handling its money, one of the most aggressive industry moves yet to reduce fees paid to Wall Street investment managers. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, or Calpers, will tell its investment board on June 15 of its plans to reduce the number of direct relationships it has with private-equity, real-estate and other external funds to about 100 from 212, said Chief Investment Officer Ted Eliopoulos. The action will be made public on Monday. The dramatic move by the $305 billion Sacramento-based retirement system will create some big winners and losers in the investing world. The list of external money managers Calpers uses include some of the biggest names on Wall Street, including private-equity firms Carlyle Group LP, KKR & Co. and Blackstone GroupLP. The push by Calpers to downsize could have broader ramifications beyond its own portfolio. Calpers is considered an industry bellwether because of its size and history as an early adopter of alternatives to stocks and bonds, and the shift could prompt other U.S. pensions to scale back their ties to Wall Street. “There really will be a significant amount of discussion at other pensions” about whether they should cut external managers in the wake of Calpers’s decision, said Allan Emkin, a managing director at Pension Consulting Alliance who has advised the fund since the 1980s. The pullback would take place over the next five years and is expected to save Calpers hundreds of millions of dollars in management fees. It paid $1.6 billion to external managers last year. The reduction in outside managers won’t fundamentally change Calpers’s investment strategy, or the percentage of assets managed in-house versus externally. The remaining 100 or so outside managers will simply get a bigger pool of funds varying from $350 million to more than $1 billion, Mr. Eliopoulos added. The goal, Mr. Eliopoulos said, is “to gain the best deal on costs and fees that we can.” The 50-year-old Mr. Eliopoulos became the pension fund’s top investment official last September after helping Calpers recover from severe losses sustained during the 2008 financial crisis as head of its real-estate portfolio. His first major move as chief was to shed a $4 billion investment in hedge funds, part of a movement to simplify the approach of a fund that in recent decades loaded up on assets such as real estate, private equity and commodities. Fees paid to outside managers have ballooned over the past decade as many public retirement systems followed Calpers into hedge funds and private equity in an attempt to boost long-term returns and meet their mounting obligations to retirees. But now some pension officials are tiring of the high expenses often charged by outside managers as state and local governments struggle to make up for losses incurred during the financial crisis. Many U.S. pensions, including Calpers, still don’t have enough assets to cover their future costs despite a run-up in the stock market in recent years. “Fees are becoming an increasingly scrutinized area at public pensions,” said Jean-Pierre Aubry, an assistant director at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. In New York City, outside money-management expenses are under review after an April report from Comptroller Scott M. Stringer said external investment firms have cost the city’s local retirement systems billions in the past decade. A similar discussion is under way in New Jersey, where state pensions have paid out $1.5 billion in fees over the past five years, according to a recent report presented to the state Senate last Thursday. In Pennsylvania, where the state is grappling with a $50 billion pension hole, Gov. Tom Wolf declared in a March budget address that “we are going to stop excessive fees to Wall Street managers.” California’s proposed reduction in outside managers is part of a larger effort to reduce risk and complexity at a fund that manages investments and benefits for 1.7 million current and retired workers. Calpers posted a total return of 18.4% for its most recent fiscal year ended June 30, beating its benchmark, but it only has enough assets to cover 77% of its future retirement payouts. As recently as 2007, Calpers had about 300 external managers—a remnant of its pioneering foray into alternative investments such as real estate, hedge funds and private equity. Over the past eight years, it reduced that number to 212, but it is still difficult for the pension fund to effectively monitor all of its investments, according to Mr. Eliopoulos. There are so many outside managers currently that Calpers doesn’t have the ability to make sure all those funds share the same objectives as the large California pension fund and are performing well, according to Calpers Chief Operating Investment Officer Wylie Tollette. “We need to do a better job of keeping track of how those managers evolve, what strategies they’re good at, what they may not be good at to ensure they’re effectively earning their place at the table every year,” said Mr. Tollette, who currently gives Calpers a “B-minus” at doing those tasks. “For an organization like Calpers we need to be an A, if not an A-plus,” Mr. Tollette said. As a measure of overall assets, Calpers currently pays about 0.34% toward management fees, Mr. Tollette said. In 2014, the $1.6 billion spent on those expenses included a one-time incentive payment of $400 million to real-estate funds. Mr. Tollette said that by 2020 he would like to see the amount drop “below” 0.25% of total assets, excluding performance fees. External funds charge management fees, plus a share of the investing profits. Calpers doesn’t expect to immediately terminate outside firms or liquidate holdings, according to Mr. Eliopoulos, who pushed for the hedge-fund decision as well as the move to whittle the number of external funds. The fund’s evaluation of external managers is expected to begin next month. Calpers will consider investing performance, the length of the relationship and strategy, among other factors, Mr. Eliopoulos said. The biggest cuts are expected to occur in Calpers’s private-equity portfolio, where the number of private-equity managers will slim to about 30 from roughly 100. Real estate will go to 15 outside managers from 51. Fixed income and global equity, which is largely managed in-house, will drop to roughly 30 from nearly 60 now. Only the group that invests in timber and infrastructure projects like roadways is expected to rise, from about six managers to 10. Some 15 slots will go to upstart firms that Calpers plans to identify over the next several years. Mr. Eliopoulos said the staff discussed a reduction higher or lower than roughly 100 but decided to land on a whole number. “There’s no science to this. This is a judgment,” he said.
  6. 507 Electric Vehicles (EV) gather in a carpark in Cupertino, California during its National Drive Electric Week to set the world record for the most number of all-electric vehicles in a parade. If you enjoy looking at lots of Nissan Leafs and Tesla Model Ss (no hybrids nor plug-ins are allowed) all parked together, then this might make you very happy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FsPCqDRmDs
  7. The entire country machiam a 9,826,675 sqkm shooting range. Really getting outa hand From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp...1255277/1/.html At least four dead in California shooting spree Posted: 20 February 2013 1311 hrs LOS ANGELES: A gunman killed three people in California on Tuesday, including at least one execution-style, in a series of shootings and carjackings before taking his own life, police said. At least two other people were injured as the gunman fired randomly on other vehicles on a freeway, before he shot and killed himself near the city of Orange, south of Los Angeles. The suspect was identified as 20-year-old Ali Syed, who was unemployed, had no criminal record, and was living at home with his parents and taking a class at a local college. In all there were three murders and five attempted murders. The motive for the attacks was being investigated, said Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino, in an afternoon update on the early morning shootings. He described Syed as "kind of a loner (who) doesn't have a lot of friends." The first killing was a woman found dead in the early hours in Syed's family home in Ladera Ranch. The woman was not known to his relatives, and police said they were working to identify her. Syed then fled in an SUV, and "multiple incidents" occurred as he drove to nearby Tustin, about 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles, said Tustin police department spokesman Paul Garaven. In one of the first carjackings, Syed appeared "very polite" as he walked up to a gas station customer. "I don't want to hurt you. I killed somebody and today's my last day. Give me your keys," he told the customer, according to Tustin police chief Scott Jordan. He then took the man's car and drove onto a nearby freeway, where he stopped and opened fire on passing vehicles, trying to get another car. In another carjacking, Syed got out of his vehicle and confronted a motorist in a BMW. "He orders him out of the vehicle, walks him to the side of the curb, and executes (the) victim," said Santa Ana Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna. Amormino said four people were confirmed dead including the gunman. "With each carjacking there was a shooting involved," he said. Amormino added that there was no active pursuit of the suspect's vehicle until it was located near Orange, where the gunman took his own life. "He stopped the vehicle and got out and shot himself," he said. - AFP/sf
  8. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any idea what is a better alternative for a 5-day roadtrip in California. Had earlier planned a stay in Yosemite National Park but that plan was nullified by the hantavirus in the region. I am staying around the Bay Area. Another plan to drive north to Lassen Volcanic Park is dependant on the raging forest fires around the park. Does anyone has any suggestion of an alternative plan? Thanks.
  9. Forget about erections lasting four hours or more. One California man claims he has had one that's lasted 20 months
  10. Ferrari has not slowed down development of its other baby Ferrari, the California. The Ferrari California is already a favourite to those who never thought of owning a Ferrari before due to its easy going nature (compared to other red blooded Ferraris). It is actually the first Ferrari that you could actually drive to the market and back without its driver feeling intimidated by it. And for 2012 the Ferrari California will have more Italian horses, goes on a diet and has better running shoes. This car will be 30bhp up from the previous year's model and also up to 30kg lighter than before. It will also have a quicker steering rack and more responsive dampers than before if one opts for the new handling package. This allows the 2012 Ferrari California to reach 100km/h from zero in 3.8seconds. The car is scheduled for its first unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Ferrari has basically upped the California's 4.3liter V8 engine to 438bhp. This was achieved with new exhaust manifolds and a new engine map. Torque is about 503Nm at 5000rpm and the torque curve has been made better by having higher torque output throughout the rev range. The 2012 Ferrari California is also lighter as Ferrari has introduced new aluminium fabrication and construction methods. These new techniques have made the car 30kg lighter without any loss of structural rigidity. Ferrari has also decided to introduce a handling kit for the California. The 'Handling Speciale' package includes steering and suspension upgrades for the car. The HS pack will make the very relaxed (for a Ferrari) California into a more driver oriented car. The HS equipped Ferrari California will include reprogrammed control software for the magnetorheological adjustable dampers. The dampers themselves will have lower-friction seals that will allow the suspension, which has springs 15% stiffer to improve body control, to respond up to 50 per cent faster to bumps. The California's steering rack with the HS pack will be 10 per cent quicker. I suppose Ferrari, while noting that the California is liked by non-fans and has actually helped Ferrari gain a whole new category of customers especially those who used to drive Mercedes Benz SL, Porsche 911 and BMW 6 series cabriolets. But Ferrari has decided that the California needed a performance package to appeal to its more traditional customers therefore broadening the Ferrari California's customer base.
  11. [extract] Usually when someone buys a used car, he/she will find some item left behind by the previous owner. Most of the time the item is left behind due to the previous owner totally forgotten about the item or he/she can
  12. Finding an old used car, whether in a storage building or a junkyard, is something normal nowadays, especially in big countries such as the United States. But to find a Mercedes-Benz 300SL, now that is a real treasure find. A Mercedes-Benz 300SL, also known as the Mercedes Gullwing, was found in a rat-infested garage in California, USA and it is no ordinary 300SL. This particular car was once belonged to Tom Wellmer. His parents bought him this 1955 car as a present for his college graduation. Mr. Wellmer used it until its transmission gave way and he parked it in a garage, back in 1971. That was forty years ago. Today, he has finally let go of the car which he intended to fix up many years ago. The car has now been sent to a Canadian Mercedes Gullwing restoration expert, Rudi and Company. The restoration company owner, Mr. Rudi Koniczek, intends to restore it back to its original state before handing it over to the new owner, just like how Tom Wellmar received it many years ago. The identity of the new owner wasn
  13. Check this out.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmRErF-mfv4
  14. If you have a fast car, like to drive like a maniac and have a load of cash waiting in your bank account, this is the ideal present to get yourself! There's a catch though, this is only in the USA. In the land where 'freedom' is a word that is second to none, lies a racetrack for the adrenaline junkie! Honda's former proving ground is up for sale in Cantil, California and its the ultimate playground for a petrolhead, whether you're a biker or a driver, there's something for everyone. Just imagine how awesome it would be to own one of these.. 4,255 acres to yourself with specially designed tracks both for cars and bikes, a 7.5 mile oval and a 4.5 mile handling track which i guess involves lots of bends. It was designed mainly to replicate North American public roads so the surfaces range from tarmac to gravel to desert sand. It even has its own fuel tanks as part of the facilities! The owner, CB Richard Ellis, is selling the facility but he is recommending that the site be turned into a huge solar power plant. What a waste..
  15. SYF77

    Ferrari goes green

    According to source, Ferrari will introduce a environmental friendly California at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. Details are sketchy, but OmniAuto, an Italian automotive website, is reporting the car won't be a hybrid. Instead, it will likely feature an improved direct injection system, multi-cylinder deactivation, low friction engine components and regenerative braking like the Ferrari HY-KERS hybrid concept. While purists will cry foul over a "green" Ferrari, the company has already announced plans to cut emissions by 40% and improve fuel efficiency by 30% as compared to 2007 levels. This is a result of stricter government standards which have already killed off the Honda Civic Type R and Ford Focus ST.
  16. just wondering any California Fitness member here who took up those 6 weeks personal training? is it effective?
  17. If you are a die-hard, old-school driving enthusiast who still prefers operating three pedals with your own two feet, we've got some news for you. As has been reported off and on for the past few years, Ferrari
  18. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...309-203454.html Sounds like Hollywood movie, but this is REAL. "...The terrified motorist was helpless as the car hurtled out of control along the road at speeds more than 90 miles per hour. However Sikes was able to call police, and officers using a loudspeaker talked the driver through the process of slowing down by using his emergency brake and then turning off the engine. Police then pulled in front of the car as it decelerated and rolled to a stop and put the rear bumper of the squad car against the front of the Prius...."
  19. http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2009/11/video...wer-slides.html
  20. Dear folks, After working for 2 years in States, a relative is coming back home soon. She intends to do some shopping at California before flying back. Is there anything worth getting?
  21. To the pervert lowdown who stole my ck red underwear in the shower area of California gym orchard today at around 5.50pm, you are a pathetic creep!!! cursed you!!
  22. The first pictures of the long talked about entry level ferrari is finally released yesterday at 5pm. Brief info about the car: - Hardtop convertible - 454bhp 4.3-litre V8 with direct injection - 7-speed DSG - 0-100 in less than 4secs - Top speed > 300km/h Said to be an entry level ferrari, some say it will cost about 15%-20% less than the current F430. This car can be a 2 seater or 4 seater. But 4 Seater would be very cramped esp at the back. Would rather opt for the back to be a space for storing luggage. Looking at the way this car is shaped, i very much like it, and somehow looks like a baby ferrari, fitting the criteria of an entry level ferrari. This car would take probably until next year or next next year to reach our shores. The first batch of 430 Scuderia will be here soon, so do lookout for it. here's the official site for the car. http://www.ferraricalifornia.com/webapp/
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