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Found 8 results

  1. New Ferrari Portofino Unveiled, To Replace California T https://auto.ndtv.com/news/new-ferrari-portofino-unveiled-to-replace-california-t-1741059 The new Ferrari Portofino will replace the California T and will feature a 592 bhp Twin-Turbo V8 engine. The front engined sportscar is the most powerful retractable hardtop convertible in the world and will make its official debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Ferrari has just revealed the long awaited replacement for the California range - the brand new Ferrari Portofino! The new Ferrari Portofino, named after one of Italy's prettiest costal towns, also gets a new shade of red - Rosso Portofino to go along with the new car. The new Ferrari Portofino will pack a front mounted 592 bhp V8 twin-turbo engine making it the most powerful retractable hard top convertible sportscar in the world. The new Ferrari Porofino will make its official public debut at the upcoming Frankfurt International Motor Show next month and will eventually make it to India too. The new Ferrari Portofino takes the proportions of the California T and makes everything much sharper and more aggressive. The front facia features a smiling look as most other Ferraris get currently with the large central grille and sleek sharp LED headlamps. The front bumper also gets large twin secondary intakes while the front fender gets air fins and a vent to channel the air out of the front wheel arches. The profile on the new Ferrari Portofino is sharper and features a carbon fibre side skirt while the iconic rear wheel arch haunches are accentuated and lead into the tail lamps. The rear design, often the most criticised on the Ferrari California family has been completely refreshed and now is substantially more aggressive. The new Car features twin tail lamps that are set apart and a quad exhaust setup while the boot lid in a lot more contoured now. The large bootlid that featured on the California still features on the Portofino too and the metal folding roof folds neatly into the boot. As we mentioned earlier, the Ferrari Portofino will feature a front mounted twin-Turbo V8 engine from the same family that won the engine of the year in 2016 and 2017. The 3.8-litre V8 engine makes 592 bhp of peak power and 760 Nm of peak torque. The Portofino will get from 0-100 kmph in just 3.5 seconds and will have a top speed of 320 kmph. The new Portofino also gets an electronic rear differential, electronic power steering and the Ferrari signature magnetorheological suspension that uses iron filings in the suspension to stiffen or soften the damping instantly at the touch of a button. On the interior front, the Ferrari Portofino gets the new Ferrari family look with the large centrally mounted 10.2-inch touchscreen and a separate screen for the passenger side too. The Ferrari Portofino is also a 2+2 seating configuration which means that it can technically fit four adults. The Portofino also features a new wind deflector design that helps cut down air flow inside the cabin by up to 30% as compared to the older California T.
  2. Costs a whooping SGD1.42 million. http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/motoring/fiery-ferrari Fiery Ferrari Ferrari has rolled out the 812 Superfast, successor to its F12berlinetta - a car which was launched five years ago and still looks fresh. The new car is an homage to the Ferrari 500 Super Fast of 1964. It is also the fastest series production Ferrari to date, with a century sprint time of 2.9 seconds - the first to clock under 3 seconds. Here in Ferrari's hometown, a test-drive of the 812 includes a 144km route that passes through rustic towns, countryside and twisty mountain stretches. There are also a couple of hot laps on Ferrari's famed Fiorano test track. The 812 is drop-dead gorgeous, with its long bonnet and short fastback tail silhouette evolving from the F12's sleek design. Every vent and slit on its sensuous body is not just for aesthetics, but also for better slipstream airflow and reduced aerodynamic drag. Complementing this are front air-intake with active flaps and a rear diffuser that deploys at high speeds. The 812 is a tad larger than the F12, measuring 4,657mm tip to tip (plus 39mm), 1,971mm wide (plus 29mm) and 1,276mm tall (plus 3mm). But it manages to retain the same dry weight of 1,525kg, thanks to an extensive use of aluminium, carbon fibre and light alloys. The cabin layout is familiar, with Ferrari signature features such as eyeball vents and steering- mounted drive mode selection. In the test car, there is an optional infotainment screen for the passenger, giving it a plusher ambience. But there is only one cupholder in the cabin and the passenger side does not have one-touch function for window raising. These are minor compared with a distracting windscreen glare from a contrasting dash lining. Still, there is no denying that the 812 shines in the driving department. Along village roads and narrow town streets, it can crawl along at below 60kmh in seventh gear with the engine barely above 1,000rpm. Such is the immense torque available from its 6.5-litre engine. It is a little buzzy, but blipping down a gear or two to raise the revs above 2,000rpm hits a sweet spot in the car's soundtrack. Be sure to activate the "bumpy road" button, too, for a tolerably firm ride. Sport mode is best reserved for perfect surfaces. The 812 may be wide and low, but you do not feel hemmed in. There is good forward visibility, with the raised front wheel haunches defining the edges of the car. The car feels more compact than it actually is. In town, progress is often interrupted by slower traffic. Thankfully, the car is super-quick in overtaking, allowing it to exploit gaps in the flow. After all, the car has 718Nm of torque, 80 per cent of which is available from 3,500rpm. On snaking mountain roads, the 812 is able to display its cornering finesse. The sharpest of hairpin bends, even uphill, are dispatched with ease. Just a flick or two on the paddle-shifter and a light tap on the throttle will bring on G-force- inducing cornering lines with road-hugging grip. On the Fiorano track, there is a chance to drive in Race mode. The 812 impresses with its blistering straight-line acceleration as well as its cornering ability. Its responsive steering, equally quick gearbox and active rear-wheel steering work in tandem to make anyone feel like a race driver behind the wheel. It may sound cliched, but Ferrari has managed to make an already great sports car superlative. As a grand tourer built for road and track, the 812 has few rivals. The car will make its Singapore debutin the middle of next month, with deliveries starting in December. • The writer contributes to Torque, a motoring monthly published by SPH Magazines SPECS / FERRARI 812 SUPERFAST Price: $1,420,000 without COE Engine: 6,496cc 48-valve V12 Transmission: Seven-speed dual clutch with paddle shift Power: 789bhp at 8,500rpm Torque: 718Nm at 7,000rpm 0-100kmh: 2.9 seconds Top speed: 340 kmh Fuel consumption: 14.9litres/100km Agent: Ital Auto
  3. Ferrari Roma: the lowdown on Maranello's Vantage source: https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-news/first-official-pictures/ferrari/roma/ ► Front-engined hardtop weighs in at an estimated £180k and 611bhp ► All-new infotainment and cockpit ► Based on the Portofino but lower, lighter, faster Ferrari has unveiled the Roma, a new front/mid-engined coupe with 2+ seating (even Ferrari isn’t claiming anyone can fit in the two rear seats…). The car uses a heavily modified Portofino spaceframe and a new version of the twin-turbo V8 that debuted in the mid-engined 488. Priced at just over 200,000 Euros in Italy (expect a UK price around £180k), the Roma will reach first customers next summer. It is nothing less than the fifth new car Maranello’s introduced this year, and fleshes out the less expensive end of a range now capped by the mid-engined hybrid V8 SF90 Stradale. How much Portofino is there in the Roma? Ferrari is adamant the Roma isn’t simply a coupe version of its existing folding hardtop, but the parallels are clear; same fundamental mechanical architecture, closely-related engine, same wheelbase (2670mm). Key differences are a new interior, complete with SF90-derived driver’s display and touchscreen interface, the all-new aluminium body and a new transaxle gearbox. The eight-speed twin clutch unit is related to that of the SF90 Stradale, and is both 6kg lighter than the Portofino’s seven-speeder and capable of faster and more comfortable shifts. What’s under the hood? The Roma’s engine is a reworked version of the twin-turbo V8 that debuted in the 488 GTB, and has since been crowned engine of the year no less than four times. It’s a sublime engine, one that wears its forced induction lightly, with a searing, almost naturally-aspirated rush to the redline absent in many turbocharged V8s. The unit’s been worked over pretty substantially for the Roma, delivering a 30-35bhp power increase, though some of that’s been negated by the need to meet new emissions regulations, and to fit petrol particulate filters in the exhausts. Peak output is 611bhp at 7500rpm. The Portofino taps out at 592bhp. The engine work runs to new cams with increased lift, reduced back-pressure in the exhausts and new sensors in the turbos, able to precisely monitor the turbines’ speed and therefore let Ferrari safely wring more from them without showering the engine bay with shrapnel. As well as reclaiming the power lost to the new particulate filters, chief technical officer Michael Leiters also claims the exhaust sound has survived intact. While the Roma’s platform is hybrid-compatible, Ferrari is at pains to point out it has no plans to offer a hybrid Roma. Soft ‘n’ bouncy GT or front-engined sports car? Naturally, Ferrari is adamant that the Roma is both. ‘The difference between the two is quite theoretical,’ explains Leiters. ‘In the past, a GT was a sports car you could use every day. That’s exactly what we have in the Roma.’ He also refutes suggestions that his team’s done little more than pop a roof on the Portofino. ‘The architecture is shared with Portofino but 70% of the chassis and the spaceframe is new or substantially modified,’ says Leiters. ‘The spaceframe is 10% stiffer than the Portofino’s, plus you have the roof bringing additional stiffness. Of course, we worked to reduce the weight as well increase the stiffness. [Ferrari claims a 1570kg kerb weight for the Roma, versus 1664kg for the folding hard-top Portofino]. The spring and damping rates are different also, because of the reduced weight and lower centre of gravity.’ With its engine pushed right back in the nose, for a front/mid-engined layout, the Roma promises to be a serious driving tool, despite the GT billing. Likely to feature adaptive dampers as standard in the UK, the car also boasts a lower centre of gravity than the Portofino and less weight to hold it back. In line with the car’s billing as a Ferrari for people previously too afraid to buy a Ferrari, the Roma also gets Ferrari’s latest suite of assistance systems; Side Slip Control 6.0 and Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, to keep giddy pilots out of the wall while also making Gilles Villeneuves of all of us. And the inside story? The all new cabin uses a twin cockpit them, with snug environs for both driver and front passenger, with the passenger also getting their own digital display. The drivers gets Ferrari’s new, more digitised steering wheel and the ultra-crisp new driver’s display, a multi-function, very beautiful 16-inch cluster with three-dimensional curvature and the ability to show the standard Ferrari display – giant rev counter, flanked by everything else – or, for example, a giant map instead, a la Audi Virtual Cockpit. On the centre console you’ll find the 8.4-inch vertical touchscreen. This similarly crisp interface debuted on the SF90, and sits above a neat layout of powertrain controls designed to echo the old open gate of Ferrari’s great manual ’boxes. The two rear seats are firmly occasional use only, with the back of the driver’s seat already up against their leading edge if the driver’s even remotely tall. What’s the competition? Tricky. Fans of the weather – good and bad – will look to the Portofino, or wait for the new Porsche 911 Turbo S convertible perhaps. Think front/mid-engined and you think of Aston’s (significantly cheaper) Vantage, which weighs 1530kg dry with all the light-weighting options in place, versus 1472kg for the Roma without fluids. The standard Vantage uses a 503bhp AMG-sourced twin-turbo V8 and can sprint 0-62mph in 3.6sec, and the £150k Vantage AMR is no more powerful and actually slower to 62mph in manual guise. Like the Roma, the DB11 is a front/mid-engined 2+2. It comes in £150k, 503bhp V8 or £175k, 630bhp V12 AMR flavours. Then there are the two-seat, mid-engined options, notably the idiosyncratically Honda NSX hybrid and McLaren’s new GT, which is close on price, makes more power and weighs about the same as the Ferrari Roma, but lacks the second row of seats.
  4. Come come, make a wild guess, how cheap can a functioning Ferrari be? ... It is a real deal, not some fake stuff ... Not the zhnged type or wanna be too ... Now, sit tight, the answer might make you fall off from your chair ... You Could Buy This Ferrari 599 GTB For Just US$250 (~S$340) In China This is a Ferrari 599 GTB which could sell for as little as $250. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This particular Ferrari is currently in the possession of police in Dongguan, China after it was involved in an accident. It is claimed that the Italian supercar was uninsured and unregistered when police got their hands on it. This means it cannot be registered or driven anywhere in China and is being sold as scrap metal. “There is no information about this vehicle at the Vehicle Management Office, so it’s non-transferable and can’t be driven,” a spokeswoman from the Dongguan Third People’s Court said to The Sun. “That’s why it’s so cheap—we viewed it as scrap metal, and its scrap evaluation came to $347 (2,430 RMB). We then offered a 30 percent discount on that for our auction.” Images provided of the car show it covered in a thick layer of dust but the engine is said to be in working order. With a thorough exterior and interior detail, the 599 could look as good as new. No mention has been made about the vehicle’s mileage but let’s be honest, the mileage doesn’t matter. This is a Ferrari which will have a starting bid of just $250 when the auction commences in the coming days. Even if it’s the highest-mileage 599 on earth, it’s still the bargain of the century. It’s unclear if the car can be exported out of China and registered for road use elsewhere or if it must stay on Chinese shores. If it can’t leave the country, there’s still a lot of money to be made from the car. For example, the winning bidder could strip it down and sell it for parts. 拍卖一辆法拉利599,起拍价仅1701元,车友:按斤卖? 在人们的印象当中,一辆法拉利的价格少则几百万,多则上千万,就算是二手的法拉利也是普通人买不起的。但是最近有一位车友就看到有人拍卖法拉利599,心里正想着即使拍卖的话价格也不低,但令人没想到的是,起拍价仅1701元。为什么会这么便宜呢? 如果是买新车的话,法拉利599 GTB的价格大概在500万左右,而现在的起拍价只要1000多元,所以很多车友就很疑惑,难道是按斤卖吗?于是我们又算了一笔账,这一台车子的重量大概在1.6吨左右,如果是按照废铁的价格来算的话,简直是比卖废铁还要便宜。 后来我们才知道,原来这款车之所以价格会这么低,就是因为它没有任何的登记和购买手续,就连车牌也是伪造的,所以没有办法过户,只能按照零部件来拍卖。如果有人买的话,顶多是将它买回去拆成零件卖。 东莞一辆法拉利599被拍卖,起拍价1701元,5毛一斤还不如可乐瓶贵 但是就在前段时间,在阿里拍卖的网站上爆出了一款法拉利599拍卖新闻,看到拍卖价格所有人都不淡定了,印象中的法拉利都是几百万的价格,但是这款法拉利的网上拍卖价格竟然仅仅为1701元人民币,原定拍卖时间为6月20号上午10点开始,但是此车放在网络上仅仅一天的时间,就有四万多人围观,并且还有377人交了340元保证金,3164人设置提醒,加价幅度为30元,拍卖车辆所在地为东莞市横沥镇村头昌浩停车场内,说实话,这有可能是法拉利拍卖史上最便宜的一次,无疑是对这款豪车的侮辱。 东莞一辆法拉利599被拍卖,起拍价1701元,5毛一斤还不如可乐瓶贵。得知此消息后,很多网友都纷纷表示,这可能是这辈子距离法拉利最近的一次了,很多人都准备了3000大洋跃跃欲试,但是近日得知消息,当时这款车是因为特殊原因被东莞市第三法院查封,特此放在司法拍卖网进行拍卖,但后期因为当事人达成了执行和解协议,所以无需拍卖财产了,阿里拍卖便撤销了这次网络拍卖,因此,很多网友的法拉利梦便因此破碎了。 当年此车进入中国,亮相北京车展的时候,有多少人挤破了头颅就为了看它一眼,能买得起的人却屈指可数,在99%的人眼中,这是典型的别人家的车子,无奈,如今时过境迁,这款车落到了1701元就被拍卖的下场,不免让人唏嘘不已,曾经的王者就此落寞。要知道此车重达1.5吨多,按照重量来算,这个车子的均价在0.5元/斤,还不如可乐瓶贵呢,而且这次拍卖也因为各种证件不齐全,不能过户,当作零件拍卖。
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y12f7NxFgkw The Ferrari 488 GTB says so long this year to make room for its successor, the F8 Tributo. In a pair of new videos, fans of the Prancing Horse can be acclimated with some of the changes made to the supercar before it hits the streets. Up first, performance. The engine is still a traditional V-8 ridden by a pair of turbochargers. The F8 Tributo has the highest-output Ferrari V-8 ever with 710 horsepower on tap. It will take just 2.9 seconds to go from 0-62 mph and the top speed sits at 211 mph. Even better, the F8 Tributo is lighter compared to the 488 by some 88 pounds. The weight savings come from the engine itself, a Lexan rear windshield, and a carbon-fiber rear spoiler. Ferrari also highlighted the "Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer+" system that adjusts brake pressure at each caliper to control the F8 Tributo's svelte body better. The system should help drivers more easily unlock the car's performance. There's also a smaller-diameter steering wheel inside for a sportier feeling. Moving onto aerodynamics, the Tributo separates further from the 488. Foremost, the front air duct comes from the company's Formula One learnings and helps to cut through air and keep the car slippery. At the rear, the wider spoiler creates greater vertical load. Rear flux deflectors reduce drag. Taking a look underneath the car reveals a nearly flat underbody that works with the front diffuser to channel more cool air into the brakes. The rear diffuser also houses active aero elements to help boost performance when needed around a corner, or in a straight line. Back up front, new radiators from the 488 Challenge improve cooling while further reducing drag and a new air intake design helps ensure cooler air is fed to the engine to complement the car's power increase to 710 hp. Overall, the F8 Tributo is 10 percent more aerodynamic than the 488 GTB. Not to mention, it looks quite good too. Check it out in the videos above.
  6. Is he going to pay with joss paper? https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/taiwan-delivery-man-crash-4-ferraris-11042828 SINGAPORE: A Taiwanese delivery man who crashed his van into four Ferraris could face a six-figure repair bill, local media reported. The 20-year-old, surnamed Lin, was delivering joss paper early on Sunday morning (Dec 16) in New Taipei's Shiding District when the accident happened, said Taiwan's Mirror Media. The young man's family runs a joss paper business. The man was helping his mother with deliveries as she had taken ill that morning, TVBS reported. Lin was driving at about 40kmh and was tired from delivering goods overnight, the police said. No one was injured. The police also said that media coverage of the accident have garnered support from dozens of people, who have offered Lin financial help. The four sports cars were among a fleet parked by the side of the road during a Ferrari car owners' meet-up. According to Taiwanese media, the Nissan van crashed into a yellow Ferrari 488, a white Ferrari F12, a blue Ferrari and a red one. The accident left the yellow Ferrari with a gash on its left and its side mirror knocked off - damage that TVBS said could cost more than TW$3.5 million (US$100,000) to repair. The F12 suffered a large dent to its rear. The TV station estimated repairs for the F12 could cost up to TW$5 million (US$160,000). The other two vehicles were not badly damaged. The owner of the red Ferrari has said he will not seek damages, a report said. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/taiwan-delivery-man-crash-4-ferraris-11042828
  7. Motoring @ AsiaOne http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...316-128643.html 1000th Ferrari in HK It took the territory 45 years to mark the achievement - the new Ferrari is a new 612 Scaglietti 'One-to-One.' Mon, Mar 16, 2009 AsiaOne Hong Kong has took delivery of its 1000th Ferrari with a special ceremony in the Victoria Harbour. It took the territory 45 years to mark the achievement - the first Ferrari was delivered in the 1960s to a Hong Kong customer. This 1000th Ferrari is a new 612 Scaglietti 'One-to-One,' the flagship of the current Ferrari range. The red rocket was presented to the Hong Kong owner on board a Chinese junk, 'Huan,' in the Victoria Harbour. Ferrari delivered 115 cars to Hong Kong in 2008 and 1,089 cars across Asia-Pacific. In Singapore, 45 Ferraris were registered in 2008.
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