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Found 14 results

  1. chitchatboy

    Near accident for runaway child at Yishun

    Ever since the Circuit Breaker measures have kicked in, more people have started working out in the parks as that is one of the few things left that you can do that is not indoors. Naturally, jogging and cycling in parks is one of the more popular outdoor activities but while we are engaged in such activities, it is best to keep a lookout for your family members. As seen on Singapore Roads safety/Roads safety.SG facebook page, the camera car was traveling along Yishun Ave 8 on 15th of May 2020 when the driver saw a child straying onto the road with his kick scooter. According to the Facebook post, the child's parents were not idenitified in the video(might have been the man on the right with a white top). Thankfully for the boy, a passing cyclist managed to the pull the child to safety. Meanwhile the camera car driver claimed to have swerved into the middle lane while a fast-moving lorry was coming up from behind. Viewers can spot the lorry zooming past the cyclist and the kid in the video. Naturally, netizens were fast to flame the parents for not caring for the kid. The lorry that zoomed past did not escape the flames too.
  2. CB motorcyclist... The Cambodian authorities are seeking the owner of a Singapore-registered motorcycle allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed an elderly man. The incident happened on Feb 7 in Cambodia's capital city of Phnom Penh, in the Khan Por Senchey area along the National Highway 4. According to local media reports, the victim was an 81-year-old man from the Por Senchey district who was crossing the road on his bicycle at about 12.50pm Cambodian time (1.50pm Singapore time). Cambodian news site Cambodia News English (CNE) reported on Feb 7 that the victim had his hands up in the air while crossing, signalling for traffic to slow down. A "high-powered motorcycle" then slammed into him at high speed, killing him instantly. There have been conflicting reports about whether the motorcycle, which was later identified as a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, had toppled or slowed down after the crash. SINGAPORE Biker linked to hit-and-run was in Cambodia for charity Feb 21, 2019 Related Stories Overall crime rate up in Singapore Carousell launching new review system and tech to tackle fraudsters Two arrested for trying to enter Singapore illegally on sampan But it was consistently reported that it had sped away and that the rider, who eyewitnesses said was dressed in yellow, did not stop to render assistance. However, a piece of debris from the motorcycle with the BMW logo was found at the scene. Photos of the aftermath showed the piece of debris next to the body of the victim covered by a cloth on the ground and distraught family members crying. The bicycle he was on also lay twisted on the ground with its front wheel missing. FOUNDIn an update yesterday, CNE reported that the motorcycle was found parked outside a boutique hotel near the Phnom Penh Central Market area. The motorbike was also missing a piece from its front, and it is believed that the piece of debris found at the scene was from the same motorbike. Pictures of the motorbike showed that it bore stickers with the flags of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. The BMW motorcycle model has a capacity of 1,170cc, with a maximum speed of over 200kmh. It has a weight of about 260kg and a 30-litre aluminium fuel tank and is described on the BMW website as a motorbike able to "overcome every type of terrain". It costs more than $50,000 here inclusive of the certificate of entitlement. CNE told The New Paper yesterday that it received a tip-off from an anonymous source on Facebook that the owner of the motorcycle had allegedly returned to Singapore to seek treatment for an injured wrist, leaving the motorbike behind. The news has riled both Singaporean and Cambodian netizens, many of whom have demanded she return to Cambodia to assist in investigations. Netizens have also identified a woman who lives in Singapore as the alleged owner. Checks by TNP on her Facebook page showed the mother of two in several photos with the same motorbike found outside the hotel in Phnom Penh. She was also affiliated with local rider groups and appeared to frequently travel by motorbike to Malaysia and Thailand. Attempts by TNP to contact her have been unsuccessful, and her Facebook page was deactivated yesterday evening. A close friend of the woman who did not want to be identified told TNP he was surprised to hear of the allegations. "This is news to me... she is a close friend," he said. "I've never known her to run away from responsibilities." The man added that she has also not responded to any of his messages since. Another acquaintance of the woman told TNP he was unsure if she was Singaporean but confirmed that she lives in Singapore. Singapore does not currently have an extradition treaty with Cambodia. TNP understands that while the Cambodian authorities are still looking for the woman, they have yet to contact their counterparts in Singapore.
  3. Achtung

    Maid in Haven

    3 weeks ago, I decided to let my maid go for her first 'off' day after 8 months working with me. Before this off day, it was mutually agreed that we compensate her for not taking off. This time round, I encouraged her to go 'see' the world by allowing off days. Was supposed to be back at 6 pm. It was 9 pm and no sign of her. I kind of thought she may have lost her way, so I troed calling her mobile but it was off. Then it struck me that she might have ran away. But.... all her belongings were not taken. Was told to wait 24 hours before lodging a Police report. Informed the agency and no advice given at all. Was speaking to some of my BFFs and they suggested me calling H.O.M.E. Didnt really know what it was so I gave it a try and called. Lo and behold, my maid had conveniently 'checked-in' herself! With that check-in, our friend had also drawn up a list of incredulous accusations! The lady at HOME sarcasticly said that SHE IS SAFE HERE. SHE HAVE THE RIGHT TO STAY HERE INDEFINTELY! I farked her up and asked them why did they not contact me as the employer upon check in as we were worried she got raped or killed somewhere etc. She gave some nonchalant reply as if she cant be bothered. I did some research and realised this is the same outfit run by some folk called Jolovan Wham that prevents injured foreign workers to be repatriated. I didn't know that they do maids too! What statutory right do they have to keep maids? Why was I not informed as the employer? Who funds them? What if, these maids, are 'chao geng'? Does that mean, they get a free holiday in a chalet doing nothing for an indefinite period of time? Is there a limit in the time they can stay there? MOM has contacted me regarding the accusations and I will be there on Friday to counter them. Anyone else has any of such experience? Can we repatriate the darn bitch after closure with MOM or MOM has the right to decide? Any input will be helpful. p.s. I do not need any flame wars. So keep the sarcasm and accusations to yourself. Thanks.
  4. Remember the 1994 movie "Speed" starring Keanu Reeves? We have one here. I mean just the bus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oodOLliNTx4 Tan Tam Mei | The New Paper | Monday, Feb 17, 2014 SINGAPORE - He heard vehicles behind him honking before he saw an SBS Transit bus barrelling towards him, against the flow of traffic. Fortunately, he swerved to the left in the nick of time, narrowly avoiding a collision with the oncoming bus Thursday. The motorcyclist, who wanted to be known only as Mr Amir, said: "If I had reacted one or two seconds later, I might not be here already." The runaway bus was originally travelling along Hougang Avenue 3 towards Lorong Ah Soo when it failed to stop at the red light junction at Bartley Road East. It hit the back of a car and two motorcycles, before driving straight into oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the road. The incident took place at around 4.30pm Thursday. Mr Amir, 31, a clerk at a law firm, was on his way home along Hougang Avenue 3 when he came face-to-face with the runaway bus, which he estimates was travelling at about 70kmh. "One of my first thoughts was: 'Am I on the wrong side of the road?' I turned back after stopping, but the bus was still going," he said. He managed to swerve out of the way and stay on his bike as the bus continued past him, before coming to a stop when it hit a road divider Mr Amir parked his motorcycle by the side of the road, and his previous training as a traffic policeman during his national service days kicked in. He rushed over to help the other motorists involved in the accident. "There were about four or five other people who stopped to help also," he said. He went to check on the two motorcyclists who were lying unconscious on the side of the road first, before checking on the driver, whose car had ended up at the centre of the junction. The driver, Mr Bryan Cai, 30, a project manager at a building and construction firm, who was alone in the car, said: "The green turning arrow was in my favour. But the bus still came towards me at a high speed. I'm still in shock." Mr Amir then asked a passer-by to call the Traffic Police. The police said three people were injured and taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The New Paper understands that one of them is a bus passenger and the other two the motorcyclists. The cause of the runaway bus is still unknown. It was also unclear how many passengers were on board. Ms Tammy Tan, senior vice-president of corporate communications at SBS Transit, said the bus captain involved will be suspended while investigations are still ongoing. In his manoeuvre to avoid the runaway bus, the key to Mr Amir's motorcycle fell out and got lost, so he had to leave it there. "I helped out. But now it will be very inconvenient for me to travel for work. I don't even know if I can claim insurance for this," he said
  5. Icebrush79

    Fatal crash caused by runaway frog

    frog.pdfHey folks, Just an article for all driver's reading. The newspoint is that panic while driving may lead to fatal consequences. My condolences goes to the deceased and I hope this serves as an awareness piece and reminder to drive safe at all times. PS: I fear lizards more than anything else; this article caught my attention because I can't imagine the horror if a lizard popped up at my dashboard suddenly. Please take care fellow drivers. Especially those who has phobia for roaches, little insects, lizards, rodents, etc
  6. Windwaver

    Runaway brides in Singapore

    Taken from http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/blogs/si...-035439074.html Amid falling birth rates and higher rates of divorce in Singapore comes another worrying new trend
  7. eh ello...can you stick to one thread....so the entire story is in one piece.......thread closed
  8. Hello all, Seeking help from MCF bros to help keep a lookout.. Name: Siska Taurina Nationality: Indonesian Physical: medium brown, shoulder length hair, 1.5m, scrawny. Date Joined: 8 Sept 10 Date escaped: 30 Oct 10 What happened: Wife accidentally left Passport & work permit in her handbag in dining room coz we took out to make a copy. Maid took PP/WP, her belongings & her money (given to her during hari raya/other occasions by family/relatives around $200) late at nite & scoot off. Our valuables were untouched. Till now we dunno wat made her wanna escape, she work from 7am to 8pm, with mid day break, eat what we eat, all provided for. We're disapointed as we trusted and treated her well & she did this to us. Police report, maid agency, indonesian embassy has been informed. According to Police, she has not left SG..lucky we took insurance for the performance bond..if not $5k gone.. But we're still upset and I am willing to offer a small token of $500 to anyone who is able to provide me with information which will lead us to finding her. My contact num: 97957969. This her PP.. facebook link Maid FB a/c Not bad for someone who told us she dunno how to switch on tv..
  9. http://jalopnik.com/5491543/bankrupt-runaw...lt-swinger-site Earlier today we broke a story about the San Diego runaway Toyota Prius driver James Sikes recently declaring bankruptcy. Now, a review of records shows a link to a sex site for couples and a series of mysterious thefts. UPDATE! Following up on a tip sent to TTAC, a search of California Business Records shows the company Adutlswinglife LLC is owned by a Mr. James Sikes of Carlsbad, California. The company operates the website AdultSwingLife.com (NSFW), which advertises that it supports "The Adult lifestyle, wife swapping, hook-up, Swinger clubs, adult social club, booty call, Friends with Benefits, NASCA" with webchats, message boards and other services. His bankruptcy also shows the theft of a saxophone, clothes and other items from a car in April of last year for which his insurance paid $7,400. There's also an anonymous tip on the site Hobbub.com claiming items were mysterously lifted from his foreclosed home before the bank took control of the property: A neighbor near Sikes' former home in Atwater mentioned the money problems to FOX40 News, adding, "I'm not surprised [if] he'd try to get money." [...] The Atwater neighbor says Sikes and his wife Patty had a reputation for other reasons. "They might've been in the pornography business," neighbors said. Might've been in the porn business? Isn't it a binary thing? You're in or you're out. Or you're in-and-out and thus in.
  10. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...309-203454.html Sounds like Hollywood movie, but this is REAL. "...The terrified motorist was helpless as the car hurtled out of control along the road at speeds more than 90 miles per hour. However Sikes was able to call police, and officers using a loudspeaker talked the driver through the process of slowing down by using his emergency brake and then turning off the engine. Police then pulled in front of the car as it decelerated and rolled to a stop and put the rear bumper of the squad car against the front of the Prius...."
  11. http://www.forbes.com/2009/09/29/automobil...tos-toyota.html Runaway Toyota Recall Joann Muller, 09.29.09, 06:00 PM EDT In its biggest recall ever, carmaker warns that floor mat could jam accelerator. DETROIT -- Toyota Motor said Tuesday it will soon issue a recall for at least 3.8 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles to fix a potential safety problem caused by a car's floor mat jamming the accelerator. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, meanwhile, urged motorists not to wait for a fix. "This is an urgent matter," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. "For everyone's sake, we strongly urge owners of these vehicles to remove mats or other obstacles that could lead to unintended acceleration." The impending U.S. recall, the largest in Toyota's ( TM - news - people ) history, followed a horrific crash last month in San Diego in which a mat was suspected of snagging a gas pedal on a runaway Lexus, ending with a fiery crash that killed four family members. A minute before the crash, the driver called police to say the car had no brakes and the accelerator was stuck. The runaway car was doing more than 120 mph when it hit a sport-utility vehicle, launched off an embankment, rolled several times and burst into flames. The car, equipped with all-weather floor mats, was on loan from a dealership while the driver's own vehicle was being repaired. "The tragic accident in San Diego was certainly an eye opener for all of us," said Senior Vice President Irving Miller, prompting the company to review previous allegations of unintended acceleration caused by floor mat interference. Miller said the company could not quantify the number of complaints, nor could it estimate the cost of the safety campaign. The affected vehicles include 2007-2010 Camry, 2005-2010 Avalon, 2004-2009 Prius, 2005-2010 Tacoma, 2007-2010 Tundra, 2007-2010 Lexus ES 350 and 2006-2010 Lexus IS 250 and IS350. NHTSA said the advisory was precipitated by "continued reports of vehicles accelerating rapidly after release of the accelerator pedal." The agency said the use of unsecured mats was partly to blame, along with the particular configuration of the accelerator pedals in the affected vehicles. Adding to the potential danger: In cars with keyless ignition, a driver must hold the on-off switch for three seconds in order to shut off the engine.
  12. a grey metallic daihatsu terios ran off after causing a accident at AYE ERP gantry towards city from jurong at 8.01am this very morning on the 1st lane. 4 cars involved in total. 3 back cars was reared and the terios was unhurt. terois also ran off while the drivers came out to check their own respective cars. people, pls do remember its only less than 10 bucks if u forget to insert your cashcard but now u have cause more than thousands of losses and worse of all, u put others' life in danger. if involved parties need the car plate number pls do pm me. cheers.
  13. Allan Poh , Owner of car kingdom now not to be found . Mr Lee S T trade his 3 yrs old getz for a 08 fit . He got his car on time but now have to pay for his old getz and new fit monthly installment . Mr Lee hand over a $11,000 cheque to Allan poh to settle his getz outstanding but it was not done . It was until a few months later that the bank call Mr Lee up for late payment . Now Allan Poh couldnt be contacted and car kingdom office is close down . To make things worst , the exporter who bought the car from car kingdom now got the getz stuck in port as the vehicle was not dereg therefore could not export without proper doc. Bros out there , before you buy your ride from PIs , do a check with their reputations . Car kingdom had a good record of not paying his staff salary . Got a friend who quit last year because of this . Also remember if you have a car to trade in , ask for the settlement receipt , as usually they will settle with the bank before the figure jump (Within a month) . But still there are always good PIs around , so dont be dishearten if you wan to buy from PIs . We have good PIs in our sponser threads and you can always ask me or more senior bros for advise . Rip from Today newspaper
  14. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp.../344446/1/.html http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp.../344430/1/.html WTF see how they earn. tis why they cant wait to increase the price.