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Found 36 results

  1. Kumweng

    TTC urethane cushion buffer

    What do you think of this product. Anyone install? Please feedback http://thinkthinkcar.com/en/
  2. Rule change allows car buyers to access bigger loans https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/rule-change-allows-car-buyers-to-access-bigger-loans
  3. Alamak... Just came across this. Hope when i go NZ in Dec, won't kanna bullied by these people... Those who are not aware, better take note. The problem is, the article doesn't really say what are the rights one has when really faced with such situations. It's mentioned the devices can be: - out of sight for minutes - confiscated and returned after a few days If go on a trip, they take your phone, then even if can get around, will sure disrupt plans and spoil the trip... https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/new-zealand-border-customs-digital-device-passwords-fine-10803570 Commentary: Know your rights when a border agent demands access to your digital deviceVisitors entering New Zealand will have to disclose passwords for their electronic devices if they asked to by customs officials, or risk being slapped with a fine - but they should also be aware of their rights, says one observer. ARIZONA: Imagine arriving in Australia or New Zealand after a long-haul flight, exhausted and red-eyed. You’ve just reclaimed your baggage after getting through immigration when you’re stopped by a customs officer who demands you hand over your smartphone and the password. Do you know your rights? Both Australian and New Zealand customs officers are legally allowed to search not only your personal baggage, but also the contents of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It doesn’t matter whether you are a citizen or visitor, or whether you’re crossing a border by air, land or sea. New laws that came into effect in New Zealand on Oct 1 give border agents: … the power to make a full search of a stored value instrument (including power to require a user of the instrument to provide access information and other information or assistance that is reasonable and necessary to allow a person to access the instrument). Those who don’t comply could face prosecution and NZ$5,000 (US$3,220) in fines. Border agents have similar powers in Australia and elsewhere. AdvertisementIn Canada, for example, hindering or obstructing a border guard could cost you up to C$50,000 (US$38,514) or five years in prison. DEVICE INSPECTION A GROWING TREND Australia and New Zealand don’t currently publish data on these kinds of searches, but there is a growing trend of device search and seizure at US borders. There was a more than fivefold increase in the number of electronic device inspections between 2015 and 2016 – bringing the total number to 23,000 per year. In the first six months of 2017, the number of searches was already almost 15,000. In some of these instances, people have been threatened with arrest if they didn’t hand over passwords. Others have been charged. In cases where they did comply, people have lost sight of their device for a short period, or devices were confiscated and returned days or weeks later. On top of device searches, there is also canvassing of social media accounts. In 2016, the United States introduced an additional question on online visa application forms, asking people to divulge social media usernames. As this form is usually filled out after the flights have been booked, travellers might feel they have no choice but to part with this information rather than risk being denied a visa, despite the question being optional. SEARCHING SMARTPHONES AN INVASION OF PRIVACY Border agents may have a legitimate reason to search an incoming passenger – for instance, if a passenger is suspected of carrying illicit goods, banned items, or agricultural products from abroad. But searching a smartphone is different from searching luggage. Our smartphones carry our innermost thoughts, intimate pictures, sensitive workplace documents, and private messages. The practice of searching electronic devices at borders could be compared to police having the right to intercept private communications. But in such cases in Australia, police require a warrant to conduct the intercept. That means there is oversight, and a mechanism in place to guard against abuse. And the suspected crime must be proportionate to the action taken by law enforcement. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS If you’re stopped at a border and asked to hand over your devices and passwords, make sure you have educated yourself in advance about your rights in the country you’re entering. Find out whether what you are being asked is optional or not. Just because someone in a uniform asks you to do something, it does not necessarily mean you have to comply. If you’re not sure about your rights, ask to speak to a lawyer and don’t say anything that might incriminate you. Keep your cool and don’t argue with the customs officer. You should also be smart about how you manage your data generally. You may wish to switch on two-factor authentication, which requires a password on top of your passcode. And store sensitive information in the cloud on a secure European server while you are travelling, accessing it only on a needs basis. Data protection is taken more seriously in the European Union as a result of the recently enacted General Data Protection Regulation. Microsoft, Apple and Google all indicate that handing over a password to one of their apps or devices is in breach of their services agreement, privacy management, and safety practices. That doesn’t mean it’s wise to refuse to comply with border force officials, but it does raise questions about the position governments are putting travellers in when they ask for this kind of information. Katina Michael is professor at School for the Future of Innovation in Society, and School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering in Arizona State University. This commentary first appeared on The Conversation.
  4. Hi all, Just wondering whats the best thing to do or rather what are my options if i have access in OA account and still servicing a HDB bank loan. Theres about enough to pay 24months of installments in my OA(cos my house is dirt cheap so installment is pretty low) Is there any way i can make advanced payments or clear my OA to decrease the total sum? If yes, is that a smart move? What else can i do with this access? Thanks in advanced guys
  5. this guy accessed travellers data to xian zabor... Former ICA officer fined S$29,000 for unauthorised access of travellers’ data https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/former-ica-officer-fined-s29000-unauthorised-access-travellers-data
  6. From $7 onwards Trusted & Cheapest Condo Access Card / Automated Gate Remote Duplication Call me at +6585111087 $7 - Normal RFID $10 - HID Proxi, IC $15 - HID Indala, Adalo,etc $25 - remote $50 for any other kinds Why choose us? 1) We are registered as a private limited company to provide ultimate security. 2) We are service oriented. Look at our feedbacks and you will know. 3) We concentrate only on duplication services to give you the best. 4) Every dollar earned from you will be put into further R&D to break through in this field. Steps to follow: 1) Take a photo of your access card/remote 2) Indicate Condo Name 3) Amount of cards/remotes needed Meet up will be at Marine Drive Contact Us: 8511-1087 Email: Sales@kactradingservices.com www.kactradingservices.com * We don’t charge until it works * Please note that not all access cards can be duplicated. We hold the highest success rate. * Seller not responsible for any fraud, illegal activities arising from rendered service. Tags: Rental, Condo Access Card, Adalo Condo Access Card, HID Proximity Condo Access Card, HID Indala Condo Access Card, Mango Condo Access Card, Engima Condo Access Card, FDI System Condo Access Card, Urmet System Condo Access Card, HID Corporation Condo Access Card, Fermax Condo Access Card, Rental Condo Access Card, Landlord Condo Access Card, Property, Cheapest Condo Access Card, Cheap Condo Access Card, Landed Remote, Auto Gate Remote, Flip Gate Remote, New Condo Access Card, Samsung Condo Access Card, Yale Condo Access Card, Kaba Condo Access Card, 复制公寓卡, Office Access Card, Access Control System, 复制卡, 门禁卡, rent, Extra condo access card, condominium, apartment access card, Like for like,
  7. Seldom use a mobile phone, but carry one when on holiday in Europe just in case. Both last year and this year couldn't get access by phone using an M1 sim card in France. Went to the Nokia Customer shop and the guy there spent 45 minutes or so trying to get access using my phone but could not. Contacted M1 who were no help. Recently in Portugal and Spain had no problem at all using my mobile. Anyone else had problem in France with M1 mobile sim card. The phone is G3.???
  8. Civic6656

    Free airport lounge access?

    Anyone know which credit card offer benefits such as free airport lounge access?
  9. hi all i am not able to view images embedded in emails on Outlook Web Access. I have tried both IE and Firefox, but to no avail. Anyone can advise pls? thanks
  10. Overheard this topic on FM radio some time ago. Some don't mind, but some will mind. What about you? Do you allow your spouse to look into your handphone eg, message, pictures, what's app, etc... How many of you actually pin lock your HP?
  11. Grindcore888

    Microsoft Access Database Expert ?

    hi, any microsoft access database expert out there ? a contact with 5 x user sharing access db running into replication & synchronization error, db file about 430MB pls pm so i can pass lead to you, thanks
  12. Kueijie

    Damage access

    Hi bro out there, This morning when I'm rushing to work, i accidentally kiss a bro in his ass. I already brake quite a distance away, yet it still kissed. Haizz... nevertheless, i need a quick gauge of what's my damage gonna be like. So i can be mentally prepare the $ i need to fork out. Pls give me the min to the max amount needed. Thanks... sorry now not really in the mood to beautified my wording...haizzz... Below are some pictures: *edit: to remove photo contain car plate
  13. Maroon5

    Microsoft Access

    any bros here trained in this and interested to take on a freelance assignment? basically its building a database for about 50 records (max) and a couple of reports. PM me, lets talk. thanks.
  14. Hi Everyone! I am asking this on behalf of a friend ... May I know if there are any carparks in Singapore with direct access to a Handicapped Toilet? That is meaning to say when you park your car, you do not have to walk out of the carpark to get to the toilet. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  15. Now only I learned that parking at Fire Engine access in HDB estate is "free"! Saw this van who have been parking for "free" in front of this HDB block for past one year, but no action taken. Then I called HDB car park division. Said they will send officer to check. Next day called HDB car park again, said the officer checked and found that the area is under TC care so they cannot issue summon. Conclusion, the driver can continue to park for "free" since TC don't usually do they checking at night and after all the driver have been parking there more than 1 year without any problem... already saved more than $1k!
  16. Sofarsogood

    Access iPhone like a thumbdrive

    I wanted to ask if there is a software for PC that can access the iPhone like a USB thumbdrive.... without the need for iTunes at all. I just got a 16GB 3GS and lots of empty diskspace.
  17. Hosted by Wong Li-Lin, started tonight at 10pm on 5. Tonight episode was an insights into the world of the dead - from the point where the deceased body was collected, embalmming, returning the organs into the deceased body and sewing it up. Can see the intestine! Next week, where the pigs are slaugthered.
  18. Owen_fan

    Help need fro MS Access 2007

    Hi, any MS Access (2007) expert here? How to create a query to calculate the total amount of discount for each individual item? (each item has different discount rate). Thank you
  19. Application9999

    Now our reserve can be access liao

    SINGAPORE, Oct 21 - Singapore's parliament voted on Tuesday to amend the city-state's constitution to allow the government more access to the country's reserves to cope with a faltering economy, local media reported. ADVERTISEMENT The changes to the constitution will allow the government to draw on more returns from investing the reserves, so that its income can keep pace with rising expenditure, reported the pro-government newspaper The Straits Times on its website. Official flash estimates showed this month that Singapore's economy contracted at an annualised rate of 6.3 percent in the third quarter after seasonal adjustments, pushing the export dependent economy into recession for the first time since 2002. "We have the resources to do this and we have the resilience to see ourselves through," Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was quoted by The Straits Times as telling parliament. Lee also said that the government was preparing measures to help businesses, families and workers cope with the downturn. State broadcaster ChannelNewsAsia reported that the extra funds would be spent on research and development projects and medical care for the aged. CIMB economist Song Seng Wun said the move gave the government more options to deal with a gloomy economic outlook. "It will give them the flexibility to use the funds for a rainy day and I think a rainy day may be upon us," Song said. The global financial crisis has led Singapore to announce last week it will guarantee all local and foreign currency deposits in banks, finance companies and investment banks operating in the city-state with immediate effect, backed by S$150 billion government reserves. Economies across Asia are set to slow this year as the financial crisis threatens to push developed nations into recession, depressing demand for Asian exports. So what is the role of our beloved president in controlling the reserve? Our MIW still can dig into it after a close door discussion?
  20. This car was parked along the curb on a double yellow line. For those who knows this Shell station inSiglap, access is from behind this vehicle on the upper left of this car. All the cars coming in to pump petrol have to go from the top, and reverse into the pump. This guy was not at the station as the attendant was going around asking everyone who the car belongs to, as he was causing a pile-up behind. I wash my car, buy newspaper and pump petrol, after all that he was still aound, presumable park at the station and went off somewhere else, saving money on carparking at the adjecent public carpark (my guess lah). Well done my friend, you managed to have your 30 mins of famed with everyone in Siglap that day !!!!
  21. Kenneve888

    SLow access to MCF and SGCARMART

    Hi, I have noticed that the access into MCF and SgCarmart had been slower than normal. Did anyone face the same problem recently?
  22. Bros, need some help here. I need to go to Ritz Carlton hotel to attend a function this evening (24/9) and I will need to carry quite a heavy load. Can anyone advice on how to get there with minimum walking? Thanks!
  23. Dennisk

    Cannot access MCF

    these few days any one encounter problem accessing MCF? only till now i can access MCF. it's been about 3 days i cannot go to this web. Even now the loading (connection) is very very slow....
  24. JUN Car Accessories Me and my frens strongly recommend this shop in JB, near Jusco Terbau. The young boss is honest and friendly. He advises you on what can do or cannot do, according to LTA standard. He and his staff take pride in their work. Workmanship is 1 of the best I have seen so far. But can take quite some time... be prepared to wait. He does not modify car mechanical parts. But he does recommend to you where to find quality and experienced tuners. Best thing I like about him... He is very accomodating yet advise you based on your budget or preferences... Anyone here has experiences with him? Good or bad reviews also must share.
  25. Hi all, I need to know where to go find the LTA car database. Something about just inputing the car's license place no. then can get all info about the car, the car's model, engine chasis no. etc. I can't seem to find it on LTA or one-motoring website. Anyone has the link? Thx!