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Found 13 results

  1. I am sure some of us have to travel frequently, so this thread is for members to share tips and comments on the various lounges around the world. Do post pictures too and whether they are free, as part of some membership of a frequent flyer card, or free access from your bank / credit card etc I will post some pics as I go forth around the world :) Local lounges for starters: The Gold Lounge For SQ Gold members, it's a basic place, decent space, free wifi and you can get a decent meal. Nothing fancy, but entirely acceptable if you arrive early for your departure flight out. No showers Business Silver Lounge Showers, nice chairs, much quieter, food is a couple of notches up, and you can sit in solitude without rubbing shoulders with an army of people who made it to the lounge with their miles. Both lounges get nice soups, including some nice lotus root soups :)
  2. As above....preferably with good quality recordings. Something along the line of Diana Krall.
  3. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=3294 It's interesting to see that these days it isn't just enough having a clean waiting room/rest area/lounge for customers to relax in while waiting for their cars to be ready. I would suppose it would be a privilege to even have an air-conditioned lounge for customers to kill some time, yet some of these workshops have upped the game. Not so lucky for the motorcycling community though! What's your ideal lounges for car workshops? This is a non sponsored post anyway. Just for some leisure reading!
  4. Hi Skodaman, Thanks for the message! 1 question, Why cannot post picture in skoda lounge ? regards Greg
  5. Civic6656

    Free airport lounge access?

    Anyone know which credit card offer benefits such as free airport lounge access?
  6. Lightspeed

    Skoda Lounge Exclusivity Reminder

    Okay, this ain't some really special secret place, but it's our own place where we can bitch about anything and everything and keep to ourselves. Only folks we have met several times and feel we can trust are invited to this place. To keep this place our own, please keep it's existance to yourself. This has to be strongly enforced as I don't want every Skoda owner to waltz in to the forum demanding access to this area and getting all our sensitve posts, contacts... basically, information.... and leaking them out to who knows what and where. Wouldn't it be nice to know you can come in here and do anything you want un-moderated? (but still moderated by C708 and me ) I've sent out sms to all who have access to this place, please do not be offended by the sms as I'm not pin pointing anyone for anything at all. Just a gentle reminder that's all Current folks who have access to the lounge 01) Ajedi72 02) Beanoyip 03) Bigboot 04) C708 05) Cola80 06) Conned 07) DoctorDrake 08) Dudemobile 09) Evilyn143 10) Fabiete 11) Fortress 12) Hondaskoda_ 13) Karen 14) Koolaba 15) Kyleng 16) Latzu 17) Lightspeed 18) Lordgt 19) Meow 20) Moeykf 21) Octaviafan 22) Octy_xes 23) Ops17 24) Perry 25) Peterchek 26) Peterlee 27) PointyEwe 28) Redcar 29) Relak 30) Skoda_Man 31) Skodarr 32) Skodee 33) Skoder 34) Slowdive 35) Sonnytay 36) Spotty 37) Steady 38) Superb 39) Tashi 40) Tifosi 41) Tracxterem 42) Vass 43) Veron 44) Virus 45) Volk74
  7. Anybody here member of the treasure banking of DBS and how to get application to use the DBS treasure lounge at changi airport NOW times are bad must try and milk all things free getting cheapskate
  8. Apollo

    NUH becomes KTV Lounge?

  9. Hi there, just to let everyone know were taking care of the rest of the VW group family. We've made some changes to the folders on www.vagsg.com New folder(s) have been added. there is now a folder for the associated brands of the VW group including Bentley/Bugatti/Lamboghini/Seat/Skoda. The link can be found here http://www.vagsg.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=25 best regards, the VAG community
  10. Lightspeed

    Skoda Lounge Access

    I stress again... DO NOT MENTION THE LOUNGE IN PUBLIC FORUMS I'm getting fed up with this. Do you people know how many messages I've been bombarded with asking for access to the lounge from every Tom Dick and Harry?
  11. Watsup man...all ZZzzzzzz
  12. Skoda_Man

    Clean Up of SOG lounge

    Folks, spring cleaning time is here. I will need to kick out some members who I myself also dun know if they are a Skoda owner or not. Those names who appear as RED means that you will need to PM me to clarify or will be booted out. Clean up will happen on 10 Jul 2003. thus please PM me before the date else you will be booted up. * Other members please PM me if you know any of those i highlighted are indeed Skoda owner. Volk74 Veron Tea3 Stanley Spotty Spoof Sonnytay Sky8807 Skoda_Man Redcar Raptor PointyEwe Peterlee Perry Ops17 Octyman Octaviafan Meow Latzu Kyleng Karen Hougang21 Hondaskoda_ Fabiete Fabiaman DoctorDrake Diver Catsr03 C708 Bobby Bigboot Beanoyip Zoom02
  13. Fabiaman

    Welcome to the Skoda lounge!

    I believe this folder is closed for Skoda owners onli!!!