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Found 6 results

  1. Nic_low

    When things turn ugly

    The new F12berlinetta is provocative. The sensual styling will likely appeal and tempt those who are into wheeled art. Not to mention by bearing the highly praised badge on its bonnet, it must be good. Then, things could have been very different. Mansory, a luxury car modification firm based in Brand, Germany, showcased its take on the F12 at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. Called the 'La Revoluzione', the GT has now been cloaked in maroon carbon fibre, which looks highly exotic, but less pleasing to our eyes. We reckon the firm could have been more creative with the moniker too (like
  2. It's a commonly known fact that London often becomes the destination of choice for millionaires all over the world, especially during summer time. It seems that the millionaires just love the ambient summer temperature in the city. Well, that's besides the fact that most of them seem to love showing off their expensive collection of cars. This seems even more true for millionaires coming from countries with a climate hotter than that in London, just like this fellow millionaire from Dubai. Just like any other person in London, this fellow seemed to be enjoying his time in the capita
  3. FaezClutchless

    Steve McQueen

    Legendary Hollywood actor, Steve McQueen is a man who is genuinely passionate about cars and obviously he loves fast cars. Most would know or remember the Ford Mustang that he drove in the movie Bullitt and it is one of the best car chase scene ever in movie history. Even though the Mustang was a brilliant piece of machine, McQueen prefers something a little different. The car that you see here is a Ferrari 275 GTB4 and it was once owned by Steve McQueen himself. It was said that McQueen took delivery of the car in San Francisco while filming the movie Bullitt. The current owner o
  4. Spies in Maranello, Italy, captured a few shots of a Ferrari 599 GTO prototype while undergoing testing. The street legal version of the 599XX was spotted with a new front bumper, grille, and wheels. Also noticeable is the new roof, potentially made from carbon fiber, and a large new rear diffuser flanked on each side by two exhaust pipes. New seating was also spotted. Reports suggest that the 599 GTO comes with a 700 PS (515 kW / 690 bhp) 6.0-liter V12 engine with a 9,000 rpm redline. At 3.2 seconds, speculation suggests the car will spring to 100 km/h a half-second quicker than
  5. 911fan

    Ferrari Submarine

    If you've kept up with the papers recently, you would've probably read about the flash floods that've occurred in the Bukit Timah prime district area. Flood waters reached knee-level and some cars were even fully submerged beneath the murky waters. It's hardly surprising but nevertheless traumatic to hear some exotic cars falling victim to the flood. A barely month-old Ferrari F430 was reported to have been completely submerged in the Tessarina condominium carpark. This comes only weeks after watching a video of a Bugatti Veyron plunging into a lake somewhere in the States. It
  6. I dunno whether this video had been posted before, I saw it on channelnews asia the other day.... What happens if you drive a red Audi R8 in Maranello... Audi R8 in Maranello
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