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Found 23 results

  1. NS pre-enlistees to get free SAFRA gym membership in November trial Source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/ns-pre-enlistees-free-1-year-safra-gym-membership-11966110 SINGAPORE: Future national servicemen will get a free one-year SAFRA EnergyOne (E1) gym membership to prepare for their pre-enlistee Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) and the physical demands of National Service (NS). The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said on Thursday (Oct 3) it will launch this trial, named the PreEnlistees Exercise Programme for National Service (PREP4NS), with SAFRA in November. "PREP4NS aims to encourage pre-enlistees to use E1 gym facilities and improve their general fitness," MINDEF said in a news release. The membership grants access to all six SAFRA E1 gyms located in Jurong, Mount Faber, Punggol, Tampines, Toa Payoh and Yishun. PREP4NS members can also make use of the facilities and programmes at the E1 gyms, including the full range of fitness equipment, free group fitness classes, swimming pools as well as Jacuzzi and steam rooms. Eligible pre-enlistees must register for PREP4NS to receive the complimentary gym membership. More details on registration will be provided on the SAFRA website from November, MINDEF said. To be eligible, MINDEF said pre-enlistees must have registered for full-time NS but are yet to enlist, and have been assessed to be medically fit for NS. Those who have been given a temporary PES status will be eligible for PREP4NS once they are assessed to be medically fit for NS. For SAFRA term members, a one-year, all-day access E1 gym membership costs S$963.00. The pre-enlistee IPPT determines the duration of the basic training a recruit goes through in either the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force or Singapore Civil Defence Force. For instance, recruits can get an eight-week reduction in their full-time NS duration by achieving 61 points or more from the three pre-enlistee IPPT stations.
  2. bellboy

    SAFRA slammed over sexist ad

    NETIZENS SLAM SAFRA OVER 'SEXIST' POSTER ADVERTISING GYM MEMBERSHIP SAFRA has come under fire over an advertisement that has been displayed at several bus stops around Singapore that some have called 'sexist'. The ad, pictured above, shows a gym scenario where two young men working out are checking out a girl who is standing in the foreground. It is accompanied by the caption "A great workout, good friends and some healthy distractions.” It is an ad about SAFRA membership. One concerned Singaporean who saw the ad, took a photo of it and posted it to the SAFRA facebook page to voice her concern about the poster: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Then today, I saw this. SAFRA releases new gym ad targeting men, undoes sexism of previous ad Posted on 11 March 2014 New ad tries to be politically correct, shows a man of minority race working out instead of a Chinese woman. After receiving death threats and some complaints from some quarters regarding its previous gym advertisement that portrayed two men mentally raping a woman, SAFRA has come up with a new ad. The new gym ad aims to undo the damage done by the previous ad that objectified the woman as a piece of meat. For the new ad, a male model of minority race was chosen as it is more politically correct than using a Chinese woman as a model. A SAFRA spokesman, Tong Xing Lian, said: “This ad is appropriate because we managed to get rid of the sexism of men ogling at a woman. Now it shows men ogling at a man, because SAFRA is a man’s organisation.” “In NS, everybody is a man and it is all about men. Men shower with men, men sleep with men and men are taught how to die for other men.” “This is the SAFRA spirit.” At press time, SAFRA said they have received a call from one Lawrence Khong of FCBC.
  3. Ysc3

    Got my NS50 pack liow !

    just got my NS50 vouchers in the mail along with SAFRA card .... $10 x 10 vouchers ... can use at NTUC also.
  4. CNA reported : SAFRA to spend more than S$50m to redevelop, strengthen its relevance By Monica Kotwani | Posted: 19 July 2012 2058 hrs SINGAPORE: SAFRA will spend more than S$50 million over the next five years in a bid to redevelop and strengthen its relevance. The move is also to keep up with the changing lifestyles and interests of National Servicemen (NSmen). Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen, who is also the chairman of SAFRA board of governors, said this at the 12th SAFRA Awards on Thursday. As a start, the association will add two more clubs to its current five. The first club, due to begin operations in 2013, will be a six-storey multi-entertainment centre in the town area for NSmen aged 18 to 35 years. It will be located at the former SAFRA Town Club building, which closed last year. The second will cater to NSmen and their families, and will be located at Punggol. The club, to be built on a one-hectare plot of land, will have family lifestyle resort features. The club is expected to cost some S$50 million and will be completed in 2015. SAFRA will also be enhancing its benefits and programmes. This includes looking into a new package for NS units to enhance its programmes in cohesion-building. The new package is expected to be implemented in 2013, benefitting over 100,000 NSmen annually. The initiatives are some recommendations at the end of a year-long review that focused on three areas. They are furthering SAFRA's market reach, strengthening its position as NSmen's choice club and finding ways to better recognise NSmen's contributions. Helmed by Minister of State for Defence, Lawrence Wong, the Strategic Review Steering Commitee held focus group sessions and conducted online and face-to-face surveys with more than 1,800 NSmen who shared their vision for SAFRA. Some 400 SAFRA volunteers and NSmen attended the awards ceremony. Dr Ng said: "I think this was the original idea of SAFRA. The idea was that since we require Singaporeans to do National Service, we must find a way to help them benefit from the progress of the country. "Why not give them access to a range of quality social, recreational, sports and educational facilities that help them experience regularly, what they are protecting. "Even as we focus on facilities, programmes, how we can continue to provide benefits to SAFRA members. "None of us want to forget the founding mission of SAFRA - that while it provides benefits which private social clubs and recreational establishments provide, our critical mission is different, and that is to recognise the vital contributions, to foster cohesion among NSmen, to build SAF as a cohesive fighting force, operationally ready and committed in both heart and mind to defend Singapore." - CNA/ck I was wondering, SAFRA clubs really serve us, NSF or running as just another entertainment hub ? The places are running like a business hub where all entertainment under one roof and furthermore, operates by private companies which only offer discount to NSF. Other eateries elsewhere also offer same or better discount by certain credit card companies. I do miss the 70's where we have the NCO Club at Beach Road where beer is so cheap cos its duty free. At Tampines SAFRA restaurant, there is one run by Sakura and in Clementi Wood branch offer much more varities of food. If really want to help those NSF, build medical facilities at the club houses to cater to their needs. Coming into the workforce after completing NS at the age of 20+ would not earn them much (unless graduates) and had to work its ways up through years in workforce before he can command a good salary. Dental treatment is another way as the cost outside are super expensive and the waiting list at Polyclinic Dental Clinic or at HPB at Outram is at least more than 14 months wait. As stated, serving those age 18 ~ 35, some would want to set up family around age 26 ~ 35, help them to get cheaper HDB flats or reducing their queue number in getting a HDB flat. This is also a way of recognising their NS contribution. Restaurants, Bowling Alley, Jackpot Room can be commonly found everywhere in SG. Those who wants to play Jackpot, can always go to the 2 casinos. Be the first to set up Medical & Dental facilities at all SAFRA clubhouses to cater to NSF and it families at a special price would be very much appreciated. Nowadays, waiting at Polyclinic to see a doctor without appointment is minimum 3hrs. Even with appointment, one have to spend at least 2hrs. at the polyclinic. my 2 cents worth of contributions.
  5. Saw this promotion at west mall today. The watch is a Kenneth Cole brand watch with chronograph function. 8 Years membership only for $138. Anyone feels its a good deal to join just to get the free watch?
  6. Puteh83

    Public pool/ safra swimming pool

    Hi all, Just want to find out if i can swim in broad shorts for the above swimming pool? I know it's a stupid qn but I haven't been to a swimming pool for almost 10 years. TIA
  7. Deckbuild

    SAFRA Bike Fair 2013

    Anyone went? http://www.togoparts.com/articles/article.php?artid=2703
  8. Meanmachine

    Have you got hold of the SAFRA Card ?

    I juz received a mail from Safra, should I accept it, a) eligible for $100 worth of Safra vouchers and free membership up to one year. b) SAFRA vouchers and memberships free and an additional 2 years membership. c) Any catch ? tied in promotion shuld be included into the renewal. d) Wad if existing membership has yet to expires, can ask for reimbursement ? fellow reservist's comment/ feedbacks/ inputs much appreciated. Thx
  9. can ornot ah? i plan to rent a car on the weekend, den i was lookin at e hassle of tearing coupons after coupons.. den i saw the rates from sgcarmart it states that friday after 5pm is 2.40/entry till 3am, den before 5pm is 1.60/entry.. den after calculation, it's like cheaper than puttin coupons leh.. my hse near safra..
  10. Keen


    i understand that for parking in safra, there is member rate for parking there... how do i make use of the member's parking rate? go to reception or do i need to register at safra or what? thanks...
  11. CCB comfort taxi! I was coming out from my Car park near yishun blk661 when this farcking taxi stop right in the middle of the exit for the ....... on the main road...... to pick this 3 mother f rakers. I just sounded my horn to indicate to the CB taxi that he is blocking the exit. Guess what, the last mother f arker who board the taxi show me the middle finger! Push CB.....So I follow the CB taxi and idicated my hazard light n high beam him to stop at the next traffic junction. I got out of my car but the CB taxi act blur n drove off. This time I caught up with him on the next traffic light......it was raining....I got off my car at the junction and walk towards the taxi....which has stopped at the red light. I knock on the rear window of the taxi where the mother f raker who showed me the middle finger to come out...CCB.....no balls....also his friends where with No balls.....non of them came out of the taxi......I tried to open the taxi door and the CCB taxi driver locked the door......I shouted them to come out......non of the mother farkers came out......WTF.....can show middle finger but .......no balls to face me is it? Also u fraking CCB taxi driver......if u ar reading this.......next time....use ur fraking brain on where u stop ur taxi to pick passengers! U.....CB.
  12. I just checked my NS Pay, and noticed a $40 deduction for SAFRA After calling up the ns hotline, I was told that this is for SAFRA membership fee and is AUTO-DEDUCTED for ALL NSmen. Jobs for FT, NS for citizens and $40 extra for SAFRA Do check your nspay, don't get stiffed
  13. Rubberstamp

    Safra IPPT - Threadmill

    I know the incline is set at level 2. But anyone knows what is the speed to pass on the threadmill for Cat X, Y, Y1, Z etc...?
  14. Garlic

    IPPT @ Safra

    Hi guys, Anyone here took IPPT @ Safra before? Heard it cost $2 per attempt and that the 2.4km run is conducted on thread-mill? Will the speed be preset? Window open liao, Safra is the nearest for me but was told it cost $2 per attempt and that there will be no incentive awards? Tks
  15. wah, so far no reply, i dont know if its because i posted it in wrong folder before or because all MCF member here never exercise.... any bro's there going to join the army half marathon this sunday (Sep 13th)? i want to know where is the best area to park . when i'm in that area i usually park at marina square or suntec city, but for this sunday i think its not a good idea to park there even if partial road closure, what do you think? TIA
  16. any bro's there going to join the army half marathon this sunday (Sep 13th)? i want to know where is the best area to park . when i'm in that area i usually park at marina square or suntec city, but for this sunday i think its not a good idea to park there even if partial road closure, what do you think? TIA
  17. Eviltrap

    Swimming Pool in Yishun SAFRA

    Anyone uses/ has used the pool in Yishun SAFRA? Does it have any lanes for swimming, or is it just like some recreational pool? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, FYI. For those who pump at Caltex and using Safra Card for discount. The discount has being reduced from 12% to 11%. Went to pump on 03 May 2010, found out the discount has being reduced from the cashier. Safra web site still showing 12%, only confirmed upon calling the Safra Card hotline. No form of notice, even the web site is not updated. :angry: Regards.
  19. Hamburger

    Tinberland sale @safra

    went there 1st thing in e a.m at 10 n Q has oridi emerged. shoes for men,women,children n apparel r genuine offer price. So bros n sis who interested do take a look as it is ard 50-70% slashed.
  20. Keen


    hey.. does anybody know whether safra got sauna? if have does we need to pay for it? and from the website, the swimming pool seems to be under maintaince works but it stated in the morning only... can we still swim there in the afternoon? thanks
  21. I have already searched a few ICE forum but can't find any one talking about those shops along bukit merah opposite old safra building. I already got a set of component, subwoofer, amp and pre-amp....just need to find someone to install and tune for me at affordable price. Due to my busy schedule, will be good if the shop is near my workplace, around redhill and depot area. Any recommendation?
  22. Stepchen_83

    Hey safra members out there !

    Pls note : Those safra members out there ! Buy a bluetooth headset for $99 onli !