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  1. Ifx23686

    Honda Jazz SJ*679**

    maybe honda jazz driver used to be a cyclist, he always do drafting to save energy :)
  2. Ifx23686

    Road Bully Turns to be sissy.

    i cant conclude from this that he's a sissy. i think he just showed further defiance by winding down window, flashed the finger then sped off (to dare you to chase) we all know here in singapore that all these confrontations will all be talk(and bitching) as both parties are assured that any punch thrown will land one to legal trouble.
  3. Ifx23686

    Best entry level 1.5L sedan car

    TS needs entry level 1.5 sedan only so choices are below: Honda = City Toyota = Vios Nissan = Sunny Mitsubishi = Lancer EX Chevrolet = Aveo Volkswagen = Polo Mazda = Mazda 2 Suzuki = SX4 Kia = Rio which one the best? of course Honda City b'cause i have one :)
  4. Ifx23686

    MBS parking

    not only that, this very forums mother site has info on carpark rates http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/carpark_inde...amp;TYP=carpark
  5. Ifx23686

    Best entry level 1.5L sedan car

    bro, best in what? FC? power? comfort? etc.... if you want something with 4 wheels and rolling then you can get vios. entry level means its something you buy now but wont keep for long. oso dont limit on jap car, korean cars are oso damn nice
  6. Ifx23686

    Question regarding excel sheet

    err... i thought you want to assign alphabet to number, but i dont understand how 10k = 111 comes into play. i can help if objective is clearer. trust me there 101 ways to do something as long as its logical.
  7. Ifx23686

    Car travelling without headlight on

    i dont know why they make it illegal to use fog lamps on clear weather. to me, the fog lamps are not blinding enough and also down help much in hazy conditions so why still regulate their use??? and their are these people who want to test the system and use the foglamps at every opportunity...
  8. Ifx23686

    Why Hit-&-Run Cases Happen

    you already know the answer: its the convenience of internet that people can now post it on stomp, MCF, or any other forum or blog... its funny how others think that hit-and-run case is just a singaporean thing and trait etc... crime happens every second, and a lot of them are unreported. you guys must try to step out of this little red dot and travel to other countries, you'll see the real world.
  9. Ifx23686


    err... i thought this is another thread dedicated to sr. engineer driftking
  10. Ifx23686

    New Car, New Image, New Status

    guys, though it amuses some of you to trade barbs with this clown, please spare the thought of some other members here who are driving Ford or having California gym membership (or whatever this clown has bragged upon which is now subject to ridicule). there are also other innocent parties getting hurt because of these comments
  11. Ifx23686

    New Car, New Image, New Status

    LOL what a super conceited guy
  12. Ifx23686

    Lancer or Latio Sedan or Vios

    i test drove all 3 entry level model cars before, i can say that vios e is the one i can choose to buy.
  13. Ifx23686

    M'sian entered SG using wife's passport

    From what i know, only citizens can work at ICA. so many of these so called honest mistakes happened so its time to let the capable FT's do the job again. anyway, i think both singapore and malaysia checkpoint screwup because none of them spotted this.
  14. here is my guess: the toyota beat the red light while taxi moved on the green light without looking for cars from the right. taxi hit left side of toyota causing it to lose balance and spin
  15. wah, so far no reply, i dont know if its because i posted it in wrong folder before or because all MCF member here never exercise.... any bro's there going to join the army half marathon this sunday (Sep 13th)? i want to know where is the best area to park . when i'm in that area i usually park at marina square or suntec city, but for this sunday i think its not a good idea to park there even if partial road closure, what do you think? TIA