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  1. Hi everyone, may i know whether $176 inclusive of labour costs for installing spark plugs Brisk Dor14LGS is too expensive? Got this quote from a car servicing workshop, my car is toyota axio. Also, is brisk dor14lgs better than original toyota spark plug? Thank you!
  2. hi i am going to service my axio and will like to know where can i buy orginal axio items such as spark plug oil filter not sure if the above exist in the first place....
  3. i am coming to my regualr servicing and i will like to know which spark plug will give me the best fuel efficiency and life span and also is value for $$
  4. Bau_ong

    Tyre to recommend

    how about micheline
  5. Bau_ong

    Where do you buy car care products

    ARE Duragloss and Optimum GOOD? i dont see them on selling in autobacs.... or at least i didnt see them
  6. all, i wish to buy car care products like armorall, autogylm products etc.... i used to got to autobacs and stamford for these products but i think they are expensive.... where will you buy them at with the most cheapest price?
  7. hi all, i stay in the west and want to seek some professional advise buying on cleaning and polishing and waxing items to give my car a cleanup. buy i only know of autobac and Stamford where there will be ppl to serve me.... if there any where else i can go and which store offer an better price?
  8. Bau_ong

    3M Solar Film For July Contest Winner

    how much is it to paste a toyota axio car?
  9. hi guys, i just bought my own engine oil.... may i know which workshop will you recommend for me to change my enginer oil. also i think i will need the oil filter as well
  10. AMSOIL OE Series 4 quarts $15.00 + GST BUY 3 get 1 free promotion Grand Total: $48.15
  11. Bau_ong

    FKmassimo VS AMSoil

    Which is better? i am looking for 5W30 oil for my next engine oil change? need to know which workshop is good as well
  12. any one tried starblack car servicing before? http://www.starblack.com.sg/maintenance_services.php http://intune.stamfordtyres.com/workshop_and_services.aspx appreciate all feedback
  13. Hi all, please recommend me any car workshop that are good and reliable in the west. will appreciate if you could answer in the followin format so that other forum user could find this info useful as well Name of WS: Address & postal code: Cost of servicing package: Services it provide in the package: why u recommend WS eg Stamford tyres 19 Lok Yang Way, Jurong Singapore 628635 $118 Caltex Havoline Fully Synthetic (see link: http://intune.stamfordtyres.com/workshop_and_services.aspx) it is near my work place and it is easy to send and collect my car back
  14. Bau_ong

    My first servicing bill

    To all bros, i just googled online for the car WS that i went to, they seem pretty reputable and reliable, and all along it has been said that their pricing is reasonable, did i really kenna chop? The WS is Hu*t Le* which specialises in japanese and korean cars. I'm sure most of you know which WS this is. From the VOGS forum this WS is also one of the most popular ones to go to for their servicing. They are also stated to be the top WS on sgcarmart for repair and servicing, listed as a recommended merchant, most number of positive reviews, pricing wise reasonable and very honest. I am very confused. Seems like what i read from search results on this forum, sgcarmart, and VOGS is contradictory to what i am reading from all your replies in my own thread? The problem is that the previous owner didn't have any servicing records so it's very frustrating as well for me. Not an expert in this field so really need the advise of you all experienced car owners. I was also watching when they were servicing my car, and saw that they used original toyota parts for my car. It's just that the price i paid took me back by surprise for such a reputable WS, and all my friends claim that i kenna chop.
  15. Bau_ong

    My first servicing bill

    Hi all, some change highlighted in bold just bought a 2nd hand 2.5 year old axio with 50k mileage and recently send the car to a highly recommended workshop for servicing the bill went to 735 sgd... not sure if it was worth the $$, please advise if i was overcharged standard service (change of engine oil to motul 5w30) w/ FOC balancing of tyres and handbrake = 130 engine oil filter = 30 Orginal toyota CVT transmission oil = 110 original air filter = 35 coolent change = 65 engine flush = 25 aircon flush (change ofcompressor oil and top-up of aircon gas) = 160 change of front tyres = 2 x 90 = 180 - it was claim that the CVT oil used by the previous owner is not tht correct one, with potential damage to the gear box. The mechanic "smell" the oil and say that the oil dont seems to smell like the the original CVT oil - the aircon "oil" was low and if we did not top-up, the compressor will spoilt and will cause 600 sgd easily. hence they recommended a aircon flush with coolent top-up - the front tyres was more worn out compared to the rear tyres and we change the front tyres, (although i heard that we could easily swap the front tyres with the rear so as to increase the life span of the tyres)