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  1. Soho

    Your loot of the day

    www.philips.com.sg/shop/sg_spc code: SSX-9GGN-B1PS-S7GD
  2. just collected a my e200 3 days ago from C&C.. came with 3/4 tank only.. disappointed
  3. Soho

    Sleep apnea

    whats the diff btw cpap and apap? which 1 better or more suitable?
  4. Soho

    Sleep apnea

    may i check which brand and model are you all using and which is good? i heard there are some with humidifier? i am going US next week so may purchase 1 set in US as i heard it will be cheaper over there... any recommendation?
  5. Soho

    Sleep apnea

    one GP advise me to get the cpap machine without gg thru the test as he say the test just cfm my sleep apnea and getting the machine helps more
  6. Soho

    Sleep apnea

    hi all, may i check , how do u all "kick start" test ? go polyclinic to get referral? can claim hospitalisation insurance? since i heard need to sleep 1 night in hospital to get it tested
  7. really? was thinking sia la.. how can MB give this kinda stock rim.. v ugly in a dilemma if i should change it out on the 1st day...
  8. this is the rim is coming with my ride.. what do u think?
  9. Soho

    Nissan Note. replacing Latio Sport.?

    Your price 64.8k also comes with the note sharp body kit?
  10. C&C bid $33k for my cat b
  11. nope.. next batch of e200 avg come with 1 wide screen and 1 analogue... looks v ugly.. but it will also come with the new "s class style" steering wheel that has integrated cruise control buttons. only the exclusive and above have dual wide screen..
  12. e200 avg for $215k , after factorising in 25k overtrade/discount , 6k service credits and 2k insurance.. managed to get the last e200 avg with dual wide screen.. but does not come with the new "s class" style" steering
  13. just booked my w213 with C&C with coe rebate at $34k. showroom was quite empty yesterday.. wonder if there will be a freak bidding where i get a $0 coe and get $34k refund...haha will it be better if coe price drop(get coe rebate) or raise alot( higher paper value)?
  14. Soho

    Mercedes GLC

    any review on the GLC SUV or coupe? the glc coupe looks sleek but the back headroom seems bad , similar to my current cla. currently price diff btw AD and PI around 10k.. but AD need to wait till Nov/Dec... anything to squeeze the SE?