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Found 30 results

  1. Yewheng

    Beware of scammers

    One of my friend had been scammed when she went to http://www.streetdeal.sg/ to make a purchase. Which have terms and conditions that they would charge a renewal premium of SGD88 once she make the purchase of the item. She just want to buy a water bottle that cost SGD $18 bucks and was shocked to received a charge of SGD $88 bucks for membership in additional of SGD $18 bucks. Below is the screenshots of the scam Its stated in the terms and conditions. However she did not read the terms and conditions as per her normal online purchase which so far no problem at all until this case surface. I did an online search and found out many others was also tricked to make purchase for membership without their knowing as they also did not read the terms and conditions. And want to cancel subscription have to contact them directly. Cannot cancel online. Worst still because the amount had been charged bank can't do anything. Further search online reveal more details on the company. so please beware of http://www.streetdeal.sg/ and http://www.olaprice.com/ . Summary, it already scammed more than 200 people. http://blackilocks.hubpages.com/hub/Streetdeal-Scams-More-Than-200-People Lesson learnt, if making any purchase online, better read the terms and conditions carefully before proceed with the payment.
  2. NS pre-enlistees to get free SAFRA gym membership in November trial Source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/ns-pre-enlistees-free-1-year-safra-gym-membership-11966110 SINGAPORE: Future national servicemen will get a free one-year SAFRA EnergyOne (E1) gym membership to prepare for their pre-enlistee Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) and the physical demands of National Service (NS). The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said on Thursday (Oct 3) it will launch this trial, named the PreEnlistees Exercise Programme for National Service (PREP4NS), with SAFRA in November. "PREP4NS aims to encourage pre-enlistees to use E1 gym facilities and improve their general fitness," MINDEF said in a news release. The membership grants access to all six SAFRA E1 gyms located in Jurong, Mount Faber, Punggol, Tampines, Toa Payoh and Yishun. PREP4NS members can also make use of the facilities and programmes at the E1 gyms, including the full range of fitness equipment, free group fitness classes, swimming pools as well as Jacuzzi and steam rooms. Eligible pre-enlistees must register for PREP4NS to receive the complimentary gym membership. More details on registration will be provided on the SAFRA website from November, MINDEF said. To be eligible, MINDEF said pre-enlistees must have registered for full-time NS but are yet to enlist, and have been assessed to be medically fit for NS. Those who have been given a temporary PES status will be eligible for PREP4NS once they are assessed to be medically fit for NS. For SAFRA term members, a one-year, all-day access E1 gym membership costs S$963.00. The pre-enlistee IPPT determines the duration of the basic training a recruit goes through in either the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force or Singapore Civil Defence Force. For instance, recruits can get an eight-week reduction in their full-time NS duration by achieving 61 points or more from the three pre-enlistee IPPT stations.
  3. StefanK

    MCF New Premium Membership

    Saw this on the top of my browser in bold red fonts... click in saw a lot of goodies... but never say must pay or no need pay... if no need pay now... how long? lifetime ah?
  4. Saw this promotion at west mall today. The watch is a Kenneth Cole brand watch with chronograph function. 8 Years membership only for $138. Anyone feels its a good deal to join just to get the free watch?
  5. the cafe is not even open and received so many negative comments in their facebook, i hope they are just joking and clarify it as a prank
  6. Does anyone know what is the criteria to qualify for the above? If I'm not wrong is the second level of member ship right?
  7. Ahtong

    Can RC membership scare Polis?

    A woman told a police officer she was a Residents' Committee (RC) member when she went to the scene of fight involving her brother. STOMPer FrommeArcee wonders if the woman thought she would get 'special treatment' by saying that she was an RC member. Said the STOMPer: "A woman's brother (in black shirt and pants) was involved in a fight with two shopkeepers in their 50s, one of them a woman, over a return of a toilet seat purchase. "She (the woman in blue dress) arrived after the Police did and immediately proclaimed to the police officer twice that she was from the RC while pointing to the direction she came from. "Makes me wonder whether grassroots leaders are given special treatment when they or their relatives and friends get into trouble with the law. "The GRC in which the incident took place is Tampines which is helmed by well-loved and highly respected MPs and I think by her actions, she had brought disrepute to them if she, is in fact really a grassroots leader."
  8. Bonafidestack

    Gym Membership

    Hi guys... Wanna check with you guys what gym do you guys patronise and the membership that you guy are paying. Wanna check the rate out before committing.
  9. Ehlo all, I saw SRC membership for sale at a website. Any members here? Can obtain some feedback like how you find facilities? Food ok? Complaints? How is parking? Thank you in advance.
  10. Wpower

    Hankook membership

    Furious at the customer service. Simply doing the tai chi style instead of offering solutions. Problem is with the so call membership that they claim to follow car plate. So you are not allow to change car or a new plate for the 2 years worth of member services? ! This is darn craps when they have a members portal where you can update your details. .. utterly disappointed with this service provider! !! Not to say I have been with them for the 3 sets of tires
  11. Leiquiz

    Chinese Swimming Club membership

    Dear bros, Anyone of you have any inputs on the above club membership? Considering getting it but like to have comments from the bros here. Appreciate your help.
  12. Yandao87

    Courts free homeclub membership

    courts reno sale any hoots guys? i bought europace fan $49
  13. Donut

    NTUC Membership

    any one a NTUC member? what are the benefits you are enjoying? Any benefits for attending courses? http://www.ntuc.org.sg/wps/portal/up2/home
  14. Donut

    Palm Resort membership

    Hi, I have a full Palm Resort golf membership to sell or nominate. I won't be using it. Palm Resort is in Senai, JB www.palmresort.com Let me know if any one is keen
  15. Fu11thr0tt1e

    Pulai Spring resort membership

    I'm looking to sell my Pulai Spring resort membership. May i know which website or forum to go to?
  16. Scb11980

    Membership has its privileges

    Bankruptcy orders annulled against three former NKF directors Posted: 28 February 2012 1350 hrs SINGAPORE: Three former directors of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) had their bankruptcy orders annulled after their creditors accepted a debt settlement proposal. The three - Matilda Chua, Richard Yong and Loo Say San - had been accused of abusing their powers, including using NKF funds abroad. NKF had sued the three and filed bankruptcy claims when they failed to pay up. Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Law, Sim Ann, said the three directors were declared bankrupts in May 2007, and granted certificates of annulment in December 2011. She was responding to a question from Non-Constituency MP, Lina Chiam, who asked how bankruptcy laws had been applied in the case. Sim Ann said: "The Official Assignee had completed the administration of their bankruptcy estates and realised all their available assets for the benefit of the creditors. A debt settlement proposal was put up to the creditors for their consideration. This was accepted by creditors." Figures of the number of people discharged from bankruptcy were also released in Parliament on Tuesday. In the last two years, some 3,600 people were discharged from bankruptcy and 274 debtors placed on the Debt Repayment Scheme. Of these 274 debtors, seven have completed the scheme and 29 fell out as they did not follow the repayment plan. The scheme was introduced in 2009 to allow debtors with regular incomes and debts not exceeding S$100,000 to avoid bankruptcy by paying off all or some of their debts through a repayment plan.
  17. According to a recent report, Ferrari will form an owners' club and give its members first crack on the ludicrously expensive limited-edition Ferraris that roll out from time to time. Last year, the Italian automaker announced plans to build 80 units of the SA Aperta (shown above), a roadster derived from the 599 GTB coupe. But many long-time Ferrari collectors complained that these limited edition cars were snapped up before they had a chance to act. The SA Aperta was unveiled at a customer-only event in August 2010 at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. It was then displayed publicly at the Paris Auto show the following month. The cars were sold out by the end of September 2010. Speaking with Automotive News Europe, Ferrari CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said "I do not want our faithful collectors to miss the opportunity to buy one of our special series." He declined to divulge details, but speculation suggests the club could be limited to customers who already own five Ferraris. The company says there are about 300 people worldwide who can make that claim. One such person that I can think of is Hong Kong Singer, Aaron Kwok. According to Wikipedia, Kwok owns a F50, F512M, F355 GTS, F360 Modena and F599 GTB Fiorano. Do you know of any Singaporeans who can qualify to join the exclusive club ?
  18. Roverboy

    Hankook membership sale

    Hi guys, just wonder is it worth signing up at $38 for 2 years membership? 31% off tires and some rim 50% off, wheel alignment at $50. Any current member got any unbiased view to comment? Due to change tires soon ,just saw the promo on today paper...
  19. Roverboy

    Hankook membership sale

    Hi guys, just wonder is it worth signing up at $38 for 2 years membership? 31% off tires and some rim 50% off, wheel alignment at $50. Any current member got any unbiased view to comment? Due to change tires soon ,just saw the promo on today paper...
  20. Achtung

    AA Membership

    I have been an AA member for the last decade and I am due for renewal. I sometimes find the waiting time absurd and when I asked them tow from my workshop to home the last time, they flatly refused. I wante dto do that because my part needs to be ordered and it will take time and my workshop says its better I tow it home. What are the standard rates for towing outside? Why would u not want to sign up for AA?
  21. Hi there, Anyone can recommend some hotel and dining discount card progam, such as those like M-Hotel, Accor, Pac pacific and etc. This is a membership program where you pay one price a year and you get to enjoy some free hotel stay (local and overseas), dining discount and etc. Thank you very much. Regards,
  22. Qqman

    AAS membership

    Any comment on the above? Isn't worth the $$ to join as member especially for those driving to malaysia?
  23. Tigerwoods

    Holiday Membership by Smith & Baron

    Can another one here help ? My friend bought a 10 yr membership and later regretted and go back to this company to cancel the agreement. He bot it @$8000 if I can remember correctly. Thinking that the cooling off period is 2 weeks (similar to Timeshare) this company manager say that the agreement cannot be cancelled and my friend LL has to take it as the 2 week period applies to Timeshare by gov regulations. This ruling does not apply to Holiday membership. Is this true ? What can he do to get his money back ?