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Found 171 results

  1. Bonafidestack

    Anyone tried MPM oil before?

    Hi guys, recently just participated the contest on sgCarMart. The one that have the ipad as the grand prize one. Hope to win something, but in the end no one called yet. So i think i never win lah. Anyway, car is due for servicing and i tot of trying this MPM oil . . . dunno how's the feedback, anyone who won the contest have tried the engine oil? or anyone use this before? I saw there is a very positive review on the 0W-40. Anyone have any take on this engine oil?
  2. Anybody tried before? I just tried this evening. Yeah. Try for fun, see whether can get or not. How much did I bid for? Check out this video for the experience. Take note, once you bid, the deposit is $10,000. The non-refundable fee is $2. If I get the COE, I will have 6 months to register the car. LTA only collects the rest of the COE when I register the car. Sounds cool to me.
  3. Runforyourlife

    Anyone tried WrapStyle before?

    Am looking at its wraps and the "paint protection opticshield" thingy, seems like a plastic shield on the car, seems good enough if it can deter minor dents. What is your impression of that vs the traditional paint protection? https://www.facebook.com/WrapStyleSingapore PS: of course your car can also become spiderman if you want...
  4. Saw this new brand made in Singapore in Carousell recently and decided to try. Bought 2 bottles and got my workshop friend to change for a small labor cost.So far after a week all good. Went back and bought 2 more bottles to standby. Apparently the boss said they are doing some soft launch promo price now and will be selling off the shelves in supermarkets soon. When asked him if price will increase he just said enjoy the promo price first. 4L bottle fully synthetic api sn/sm $17.90
  5. Yamapi

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Anyone tried Uber before?? Is it more expensive than taking taxi? or is there anyone interested to sign up and drive for them? lol Published on Mar 25, 2014 Looks like a car, feels like a taxi TECHNOLOGY company Uber has launched a private car service rivalling taxis in terms of pricing and fleet, but the authorities do not plan to regulate it for now. Two weeks ago, the company - known for its mobile app which allows users to book high-end private limousines - launched a service called UberX. UberX users can now book mid-range cars such as Mitsubishi Lancers and Toyota Corollas using the service. These cars are driven by people who sign up with UberX to be drivers using their own cars, or rental vehicles. They do not need to possess taxi driver licences to do so. This service follows the model rolled out in several cities globally, including New York, Los Angeles and London. UberX's pricing in Singapore is similar to what local taxi companies charge. UberX charges $3.50 as a base fare and a per-kilometre charge that works out to be about 28 cents per 400m. This is similar to what ComfortDelGro's Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai i-40 taxis charge - $3.20 and $3.70, respectively, for the first kilometre or less. SMRT charges $3.60 and $3.80 for its Chevrolet Epica and Toyota Prius, respectively. Both taxi companies charge 22 cents for every 400m thereafter or less, up to 10km, and 22 cents for every 350m after that. The introduction of UberX in Singapore comes as the taxi industry faces increased regulation and higher service standards. But despite UberX's similarity to taxis, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will not be regulating it for now. In response to MyPaper queries, an LTA spokesman said that Uber is not a taxi company but rather a "technology company providing a matching service leveraging on technology". "These are private-hire cars. Such cars, unlike taxis, do not ply for hire on any road. Neither do such cars take in passengers at taxi stands/stops," the spokesman said. Mr Mike Brown, regional general manager for Uber in Southeast Asia, said the company is "fully compliant with the law in Singapore". He said that UberX is "priced at a premium to a taxi and UberX does not accept street hails like a taxi". To ensure passenger safety, the company conducts criminal background checks and inspects the driving licences of all drivers, before they can join. UberX hires only Singapore citizens and permanent residents. All cars must be commercially registered and have commercial auto insurance. Those who do not own cars rent vehicles through Uber. A MyPaper check with seven UberX drivers found they were a mix of former lorry drivers and former taxi drivers. One said he pays about $1,600 for the monthly vehicle rental, which works out to around $50 a day - half of what taxi drivers pay for their daily rental. Uber takes 20 per cent of every UberX fare. But drivers said they still find it a good deal. With the lower rental, "it's better than driving a taxi because we can potentially earn more money with the same amount of work", said one driver, who declined to be named. http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/looks-car-feels-taxi-20140325?utm_content=buffer71233&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  6. Have you ever came across going out for an appointment and you are in a rush, and you have to head in a parking lot? Also, if you are like me, willing to exchange the functionality of your car over appearance. You probably have scratch your bumper before. Well, to be honest. It happens to me almost 622 times when I cross the border and head to Johor for my petrol & grocery fix. So I started to look out for a solution that helps prevent this from happening since my car still have like 9 years to drive. I intend to refurbish my car this end of the year and help him regains to his glory days. I have shortlisted 2 products and wasting numerous time on the internet instead of working but searching for the correct alternative. (Please don't share this with pchou.) And my conclusion is, in the market, there is two product that fulfils my requirement. I don't want something that changes the original looks of my car, and I to protect my undercarriage bumper. So there is Samurai bumper protection and Sliplo. The reason I did not choose the Samurai is that it does change the looks of the car a bit. As I have mentioned, I want my car to look as stock as possible. So I decided to find out more about Sliplo. The product is entirely new in the market and I being me, is still very sceptical about the performance of this. Luckily for me, I do know a few workshops in Singapore. And so happen that Gabriel (boss of a workshop in Yishun), do distribute Sliplo. I called him and enquired about the product, and he invited me over to his workshop for a demo. So I went down and checked out the product. At the first look, the protection plate looks like what a clobber use to mend your shoes — nothing fancy thou. However, when Gabriel pass me the protection plate, and I plate with it, I realised it's made out of polyurethane. A type of rubber compound you find in performance engine mounting and shopping cartwheels. You know lah, when is the last time you saw a gone case shopping cart? This type of rubber compound is durable and is flexible too! The reason why the shape of the protection plate made like this is that it can weave into a different shape. The installation is easy. You can even DIY if you are up for it. However, to access your undercarriage, you need a scissor lift or a car jack to jack up the car. Moreover, also Gabriel told me that he would thoroughly wash the car and prep the car to make sure the specially formulated adhesive by 3M is performing optimally. Yeah. Is that easy. You go down your car, peel the sticker off, use your art & craft hand and weave the shape of the protection plate to the shape of your bumper. Also, at the endpoint, you might need sharp scissors to cut the excess off. Gabriel is generous enough to let me tried a small portion as I haven't respray my car yet. My bumper is in a severely lousy condition. And that's it. After installing, you can't tell the difference! It is stealthy enough. Also, that is one of the things I like about this. One thing for sure, the next time if my car needs a tow, I wouldn't be so paranoid if they drag my car anymore. *This is not a sponsored ads, so I didn't mention anything about the workshop. Everything I have shared is my point of view. If you are keen, you can PM me. I am more than willing to share with you the contact of the boss.
  7. Because his chopper broke into two pieces after slamming it on the glass display case He then picked up the broken pieces of the chopper and fled. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/bedok-pawn-shop-attempted-robbery-man-with-chopper-fled-11715288
  8. As above, has anyone tried Nexen tyres before? Was told by tyre shop its a "Kimchi" tyre which is relatively new in Singapore; did a search and can't find much info here. I checked and a set of 205/45/R16 rated at 87W XL is S$60 cheaper than Thai made Eagle F1s. More info @ http://www.nexentire.co.kr/english/product...=N3000&expend=1 Did a search on goggle and its compound contains silica, UTQG rating: Threadwear @ 340 Traction AA Temperature A They seem pretty popular in the States for its performance and price, many have commented that its a quiet HP tyre. Reviews 1) http://www.club3g.com/forum/wheels-tires-b...3000-tires.html 2) http://forums.maxima.org/showthread.php?re...=58751&t=400825 3) http://forums.maxima.org/showthread.php?t=400825 4) http://forums.maxima.org/showthread.php?t=466167
  9. Jamessoh

    Has anyone tried DUCK TOURS?

    Hi everyone, thinking of bringing my family to ride on DUCK TOURS-the one that has part water part road in its ride. anyone sat in there before? care to share? cheers!!!
  10. its a taiwanese brand being sold at Motogard
  11. Some love gin mixed with tonic, other love gin with lime or coke or very diet coke. What is the best brand of gin you have tried. Personally I love gin with soda or sprite and crushed ice.
  12. Does additives works on Japanese cars??? Seen those STP fuel injector cleaners, Engine Oil treatment, Fuel system treatment, high octane booster...etc. Does it really work on Japanese cars?? I am asking becoz I heard these products are only tested on conti-cars... Anyone got any comments?
  13. As above, https://www.facebook.com/K.Y.C.TyreGarage/ Is it good? For 4 tyres is about $270 16" wheels
  14. Bought this oil cause mx no mo 40wt or 50wt Amsoil I need. Thus decide to try out this Schaffer supreme 9000 instead. It is good stuff!! Engine is very smooth and quiet. Previously using 50wt and though that 40wt will result in more vibrations or noise but not the case! Its even quieter! Maybe its because of new oil but I am impressed. Now will monitor to see if my FC will improve due to slightly thinner oil. I also did add a bottle of Liquimoly Ceratec additive (usual additive for my car).
  15. Anyone have tried 0W-40 engine oil? any positive feedback?
  16. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-14/vw-has-spent-two-years-trying-to-hide-a-big-security-flaw Thousands of cars from a host of manufacturers have spent years at risk of electronic car-hacking, according to expert research that Volkswagen has spent two years trying to suppress in the courts. “Keyless” car theft, which sees hackers target vulnerabilities in electronic locks and immobilizers, now accounts for 42 percent of stolen vehicles in London. BMWs and Range Rovers are particularly at-risk, police say, and can be in the hands of a technically minded criminal within 60 seconds. Security researchers have now discovered a similar vulnerability in keyless vehicles made by several carmakers. The weakness – which affects the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) transponder chip used in immobilizers – was discovered in 2012, but carmakers sued the researchers to prevent them from publishing their findings. Vehicles that used Megamos Crypto for some version/year. The models in bold are those that the research team experimented with.
  17. of late never heard anything about it-anyone knows anything?
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=22&v=MJlUL_FYwv0 Looks interesting, ciak koi boi?
  19. incident happened at 5.30am. si ginna picked the wrong person to rob.... taxi driver is bigger size than him. his knees also injured.. taxi driver power the robber was pinned to the ground with the help of 2 passerbys pic from hwz
  20. Linusloh

    Quotz. Anyone tried?

    Hi all! Came across this in the sgcarmart artice http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=67 Has anyone tried? Really can get better price when selling our cars? But then have to pay $20 for the service...
  21. https://www.imoney.my/articles/is-ron97-really-better-than-ron95-part2-tried-and-tested
  22. Hi there, Has anybody tried the latest Kia Flexi Lease which offers 0 downpayment and 0 deposit? From what I know is done through Daimler Fleet Management. Anybody succeeded in leasing a car from this program? Kindly share. I was given a budget of $2k per month to lease a car as my job requires me the occasional travel to Malaysia sites. (Lease on my own and company will reimburse me). I asked for Kia K3 1.6 SX direct from C&C but monthly payment is $2,045. My salary is only $4.1k. What's the chances of me succeeding in my application? I feel that I stand 10% chance only. Thanks!
  23. Hello all. I am just wondering within these two or three months, have you ever tried to sell your car or gauge the value of your car in the second hand market. I did try to sell two cars and im in the midst of helping my brother in law selling his car. By now you should know that there are dealers pretending to be direct sellers when selling their cars. Their asking price is also very similar to the price displayed by the car dealers. I am sharing my personal experience when i sold my relative's car three weeks ago. It was a September 2008 corolla altis , 2 owners , car very tip top condition with a mileage of 116 000 . If you were to look at the price advertise by these dealers, it ranges from 54 000 to 59 000 but some of the calls i received by the dealers, they are just offering for 47k to 50k only. In fact, they have the cheek to tell me that once the car comes in to their garage , they will spend up to $3k to do up the car which i think is pure nonsense because the most they do is one coat of paintwork that costs around $800 to $1k. And these dealers also will charge admin fee and whatever else to further 'burden' the potential buyer. In another case, a dealer bought in a japanese mpv for 32k and two days later advertise it for over 41k. So ladies and gentlemen, i am just sharing with u as an end user we have to be very careful because the market practice is so bad and most of the time we are at the mercy of these dealers. I am sharing this so that we will be more aware of things and practices that happens around us. I hope there are other forummers who are willing to share your experience.
  24. I came across this site selling all kinds of things. Just like gmarket. Seems like payment is directly to buyer. Unlike gmarket its through gmarket. Am I wrong? Anyone tried ? comments pls. Tks.
  25. Chiongster

    Xforex - Any Bros Tried???

    Any bros tried to make an investment using xforex.com yet??? Any raves, reviews or rant?