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Found 117 results

  1. awhtc

    Termite Attacks

    My two houses got hit by termites recently. Anyone experiencing this as well? The termites are quite tiny and skinny ~5 mm long and 1 mm wide only. They look quite harmless but they are really deadly to my wood furniture.
  2. Just happen to see this product in Lazada from Singapore so for people like me who work in Tuas with Sandblasting, it is very useful. You can check it out from the below link : https://www.lazada.sg/products/v-automatic-movable-car-cover-machinewhole-car-with-remote-control-i292334790-s492336100.html?spm=a2o70.10453684.0.0.18086e40R7KzPs&mp=3
  3. Hi all, anyone has any idea where I can get the Hyundai Elantra 2018 cruise control panel that is supposedly on the steering wheel?
  4. Hi, I wonder if it's only me but twice when I was travelling in the MCE (the stretch under Marina Barrage), my car suddenly applied the brake when approaching the 2 sections with the speed cams. First, my radar cruise control was activated, set to 80 km/h. Lane ahead was clear (and fortunately no cars behind me). But when I approach the 2 spots with the speed camera, my car brake momentary as if it detected a vehicle ahead. I cancelled cruise control in time to resume the drive. On the 2nd occasion, it just continued driving after a pre-collision alert "BRAKE" alert on the screen for 1 second, then cleared as if nothing happens. Does anyone face the same issue? I'm driving a 2018 Toyota Camry with Toyota Safety Sense.
  5. One of my car remote control key got chewed up by my 3 chinchillas early in the morning when we forgottern to close their cage went down to vivocity, basement key kiosk, philipino lady told me the cost is about $800-900 for one key I almost peng san (actually heart attack) isnt it really too expensive for a key when you think about it you can buy a net book for $500-600 with cash to spare how much electronics is there in the key daylight robbery any lobang for replacement key, thanks
  6. Cichildae

    Pest control in car

    Hi All, Need your kind advice. Previously I bought a seat from another owner and once I saw one spider hiding under the seat and I killed it promptly before installing it... However, recently I noticed some webs in my car Anyone got any ideas how can I rid the spiders? I didnt get to see any spiders in e car but I guess it must be hiding around thus explaining the webs.. Any total cleaning service providers? Thanx for the advice!
  7. i hv been looking for Panasonic CR1632 Lithium 3V battery for my car remote control...any idea where to find? tried many shops, incl photo, diy, supermkt still can't find. ..any suggestions? TIA
  8. I've seen some cars has aftermarket audio controls installed to the steering wheel. Where to get this and ard how much does it cost?
  9. Relaxbrother

    Remort control issue

    Hi all bro, Recently after overnight parking have some problem opening car door using remote control next morning. Have to try a few times about 2 to 4 mins then it works. Is it sign of weaken car battery? After driving on this problem seems OK.( Remote works immediately) Last car battery change was September 2013. Battery at car remote is new one.
  10. When was the last time Singapore has its on referendum? http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/mar/0...m-executive-pay
  11. Am dying to add a steering audio control to my Vezel, it feels incomplete without it. So did some calling and managed to find a shop that can install it. I sense a lot of interest among those of you who have just collected or are waiting for your car, so I asked if he could arrange for a group buy and he agreed. So here's the deal agreed with minimum of 10 participants: S$ 580 inclusive of labour The "mah fan" part about this is that they require a $250 deposit to indent the part from Japan and it will take a while to arrive. When this list hits the minimum of 10 people, the deal will be on and I will post details on how to pay the deposit and also help to consolidate your details. Those who want to join this, add your names below. The more the merrier! Finally, if anyone else can get a better deal on this, please share. Thanks! :) 1) poundpuppy 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  12. Hi all, I'm thinking of replacing the current stock audio unit (of my Hyundai Veloster) with Alpine ICS-X8. Problem is - While the switches for the Auto A/C climate is separately located, the "DISPLAY" is integrated into the stock audio head unit :angry: I was trying to find out more, by googling, to over-come this issue but it seems that it's either not an issue or nobody seems to be talking about it. Hence, I was wondering if anyone here encounter similar issue and had overcome it (or had given up) ? Will I be losing the ability to display the Auto A/C Climate if I insist on changing into 3rd party head-unit ? PS: Hyundai Service Center's technician are equally clueless.... Sigh.
  13. Asking for a friend. These lights turned 'ON' after his wife skidded ( but didnt lose control). Now even after resetting ecu and disconnecting battery supply. A shop said his brake accumulator is damaged and need to be changed at a cost of 4ks. Anyone had this problem before? TIA.
  14. Looking forward to self driving autonomous vehicle in the near future ? Why wait ? You can now remotely hack someone's modern car via your 3G/4G cellnet into the vehicle's CANBUS network. Question is what are you going to do with it when empowered with that remote control. http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2013/07/24/hackers-reveal-nasty-new-car-attacks-with-me-behind-the-wheel-video/
  15. If you can’t find your car in a garage or parking lot, place your remote lock against your head to create a stronger signal that extends further.
  16. Camrysfa

    PAP could lose

    ...... nothing last forever theory? http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/pap-could-lose-control-power-over-next-15-25-years SINGAPORE — The People’s Action Party (PAP) could lose the dominance it currently enjoys in Parliament in 15 years, said prominent businessman Ho Kwon Ping yesterday, adding that the party could completely lose power a decade after that if the history of dominant political parties around the world is anything to go by. “This is actually not a radical conclusion — almost everyone I informally surveyed broadly agreed with it, but (differed) only in their estimation as to how many years it would take before the PAP would lose an election and how many terms it would stay out of power before bouncing back,” Mr Ho added. Mr Ho, who is executive chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings and an S R Nathan fellow, raised the scenarios at an Institute of Policy Studies (IPS)-Nathan lecture, where he spoke about politics and governance to an audience comprising about 300 civil servants, students, academics and members of the private sector. In theory, freak election results, splits in the PAP or a massive loss in legitimacy due to corruption are possible factors that can cause the PAP to lose power, said Mr Ho. Other factors that could delay or speed up the process include the level of support from elderly voters, “internal rigidity and intrigues” in the PAP cadre system and possible loss of economic competitiveness. Noting that ruling parties in democracies have “generally floundered” after 50 to 75 years, Mr Ho nonetheless said the PAP is “very likely” to overtake the record of Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party, which lasted 71 years. This is because the PAP has not exhibited signs of moral exhaustion and an onset of decay as seen in other parties by their middle age, he said. There is also no evidence to show that corruption has increased in Singapore’s public life, despite a few scandals involving mid-level bureaucrats, said Mr Ho, arguing that Singapore remains exemplary among its neighbours and counterparts in developed countries for its low level of corruption. Still, the PAP will face considerable challenges after the “very popular” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reaches his 80s, he said. Mr Ho said the Civil Service must develop its own sense of self, ethos and values as elections become more volatile. This is not to distance itself from the ruling party, he added, but to develop a culture and identity that is robust and resilient.
  17. Hi all I opened up my car remote control key and it uses CR1620 battery, I went NTUC and Value$ shop, both no selling leh.. May I know where to buy this battery or must go back to car dealer? Thanks
  18. Went to Autobacs to do a tyre rotation & balancing. The mechanic told me that there is a crack at my front control arms and suggest I change both to an OEM one for $600 incl labour. Though I can't really tell if its cracked or not, can I check if this is a critical component to be changed? I'm driving FD1 (now about 6 yrs old). Wondering if I can use it till COE expire..
  19. Hi, Sorry for noob question, how do I know which 3rd party head unit that can be compatible with my steering wheel control?
  20. LifePro_Tips

    AutoDrift Pte Ltd - Remote Control Cars

    Autodrift Pte Ltd AutoDrift Pte Ltd was established for the purpose of guiding and assisting Radio-Controlled (RC) enthusiasts, both beginners and seasoned players alike get into this ever rewarding hobby. Our vision is to provide RC Players, young and adult from all walks of life with the very best in Radio-Controlled Model Cars and a whole range of associated products. Our main focus will be an emphasis on affordability, as we understand that a majority of our clientele are youths. AutoDrift carries a wide assortment of RC gears which includes car kits, motors, tires and all relevant accessories. AutoDrift will also be the distributor of Yokomo RC Products in Singapore, an internationally recognised brand from Japan that is a favourite among local hobbyists because of its quality and mass appeal.With a strong commitment to the RC Hobby and community at large, we will continue to venture into new ways to promote the hobby to the public while maintaining affordability and quality customer service. The company also actively supports and sponsors to the local public community, and organizes Radio-Control Car related activities for many events in order to serve the community as both individuals and corporate clients. DRIFT PACKAGE DIB DRIFT PACKAGE MR4TC-SD TYPE B B-MAX4F11 WORLD SPEC Autodrift Showroom Business Hours : Monday to Saturday : 12.00pm to 8.30pm Sunday: 1.00pm to 7.30pm ( Parking Free ) Autodrift membership - Instant 10% discounts for almost all items in store How to become a member? - Drop by our store, fill in a form and enjoy with your new purchase. Membership fees? - Autodrift offer free membership schemes - discounts plus reward points. Membership reward points system - All Autodrift members will be rewarded base on their purchases by point systems. How does the reward points works? - The reward points will be added as 1 point per S$1 purchase in our store. How do I use my reward points? - The reward points can be used to offset your subsequent purchases base on per 100points = $5 basis, on any purchase above twice of the rebate amount (That is 50% off!). Membership Categories (updated as at 3 September 2014) - Silver Members (1 - 1,000 points) – 10% discounts + Reward points. - Gold Members (1,001 - 3,000 points)– 15% discounts + Reward points. - Platinum Members (3,001 - 6,000 points) – 20% discounts + reward points. - VVIP Members (6,001 - 10,000 points) – 25% discounts + reward points. - Super VIP Members (10,001 points and above) - 30% discounts + reward points. * Except Special offer items. * Electronics items : maximum discounts - 20%. Membership Referrer Program - First of all - you need to be an existing Autodrift member with purchase records. - Your reward points will be added base on your new referee first purchase. Birthday week discounts - 30% off on all parts & accessories during your birthday week (Sunday to Sunday). * Except Special offer items. * Electronics items : maximum discounts - 20%. Terms & Conditions - The reward points system does not apply to any Special offer and Birthday discounts. - The referrer program still works on all items base on the new referee first purchase. Enjoy your RC Hobby!!! Autodrift Pte Ltd Blk 465 Crawford Lane #01-06, Singapore 190465 Phone: 62994795 Website: www.autodriftrc.co
  21. My vehicle steering wheel audio control used to be able to control the aftermarket Pioneer HU. However, not sure what had happened or since when, it no longer be able to do so. Anyone has any idea what is the root cause or how I can get the control back?
  22. Hi all, Anyone encountering this fault on a Toyota? My Toyota Fielder is occasionally giving this fault code especially when I do high speed driving on the expressway - especially so I noticed when I'm on the NS highway. When I'm back, it's very rarely giving this fault code. The CEL goes on for a while and then goes off. But when I use an ODBII reader, I can still read the stored fault code. So, my question is : should I change the Knock Sensor? I think this is the only serviceable part. I asked my workshop and he says he has not changed this before?
  23. Leepee

    Remote control repeater

    I need a IR remote control repeater. I have only one SVC box in my living room. I have cabled extra line to my bedroom TV. I can't control the SVC box from my bedroom. Please don't ask me to place mirrors to reflect/bounce the IR signals till it reach the SVC box, or ask me to get an extra SVC box, or watch tv in living room, or move the scv box bedroom. What I want is "Where to get a remote control IR repeater in Singapore". Those who knows can recommend please. Thanks.
  24. Great video of a cover version of Bowie's Space Oddity. Really gave the impression of being Still in space.