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Found 112 results

  1. How to tell if someone is high or low class? Poll gets interesting replies from Singaporeans What sets the “high class” and “low class” populations apart in Singapore are their jobs and income, housing and education levels, as well as whether they consume brands that are associated with either classes. This was the finding from an opinion poll commissioned by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP). What was "most interesting", researchers said, was that the problem of social inequality, while fretted about by the Government as a cause for concern, was “simply not central to citizens’ views of life in society”, when compared with other countries. One of the study’s researchers, Dr Jennifer Dodgson, said: “While Singaporeans may like or dislike their own place on the social ladder, they do not necessarily see this as a problem inherent in the system itself.” Titled Cars, Condos and Cai Png: Singaporeans’ Perceptions of Class, Wealth and Status, the study had looked at the open-ended responses of around 538 people who had taken part in an online poll in February. It was conducted by Vox Dei, a research start-up based in the National University of Singapore and founded by Dr Dodgson and fellow LKYSPP researcher Pei Junjie. In the questionnaire, respondents were asked to describe a person of high and low social class, as well as to define their own social class that they feel they belong. The results, which were published on Thursday (July 18), showed that around 66 per cent of those polled believed that what determines class identity is income — either from jobs, capital gains, welfare, or the absence of it. Other factors — in the order of how frequently they were mentioned — are: Housing, education, family, car, holidays, language, networks and domestic helpers. For example, one’s family links may be seen as having an effect of adding to one’s wealth or poverty, the study said. Around 9 per cent of respondents identified language as a signpost of class status. Those who speak mainly English are seen as belonging to a higher class, particularly when they have a foreign accent. Researchers also noted that respondents had indicated fluency in a language as a more important characteristic than the language being used, with two respondents saying that the ability to code-switch between English and Singlish is a sign of having a high-class status. BEHAVIOUR LINKED TO CLASS The majority of the respondents — 61 per cent — saw class only in material terms, while 3 per cent saw it only in behavioural terms. The remaining 36 per cent considered both material and behaviour as factors in defining class status, with some drawing a link between personal qualities and material prosperity. One 59-year-old male respondent described someone high class as a “well-to-do business owner, lives in a landed property, appreciates fine arts, is socially respected and responsible for others’ livelihoods”, as well as contributes to societal development. Not everyone had positive sentiments about people who are high class. A 24-year-old male respondent said that such a person is “out of touch and locked within one’s ivory tower”, while a 21-year-old female respondent wrote, “18 year old but has a car. Eats at expensive restaurant. Flex every day on Instagram about their stuff. Generally useless, too.” The researchers noted that even among those who had demonstrated resentment towards the wealthy, “no one took an explicitly ideological view” and few saw the survey as a chance to express “overtly political views” despite its open-ended nature. Instead, there was a tendency among the Singapore respondents to associate the high class with positive traits, and the low class with negative traits, the researchers said. Around 21 per cent of respondents described the high class as having positive behaviours, while about 4 per cent commented on negative behaviours. Conversely, positive traits were used to describe the low class around 8 per cent of the time, while negative traits were used in around 28 per cent of the answers. “It implies a relatively low degree of resentment toward the wealthy, and thus, that the majority of people are broadly content with the ways in which resources are distributed within society,” the Vox Dei researchers said, adding that such a view has important political implications. It was also noteworthy that only two of the 538 respondents referred to foreign workers when asked to define low class, they added. The researchers said: “Their apparent invisibility, despite recent attempts to raise the profile of issues surrounding (foreign workers’) rights and treatment, indicates that they are simply not factored in when most people think about Singapore society.” BRANDS AFFECT PERCEPTION The survey also found that respondents named a number of brands as a marker of class, though certain brands were associated with both high and low class. For example, ride-sharing firm Grab, Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo, as well as luxury fashion houses Louis Vuitton and Gucci were seen as symbols of those who are both high and low class. “The mentions of Louis Vuitton and Gucci would seem to indicate that the prevalence of forgeries on the market has — as the companies themselves feared — contributed to lowering the cachet of the originals,” the study said. As one 30-year-old female respondent put it, the low class are people who have “grown up in small HDB (Housing and Development Board) flats, speak more Chinese or mother tongue language, own tasteless luxury or wannabe brands but fail to look good and put together”. Dr Dodgson said that artificial intelligence was used to skim through the qualitative responses to generate quantitative statistics. The research technology, which is still being patented, would allow large-scale qualitative research to be feasible. The study, which was commissioned by LKYSPP, came about as the researchers were intrigued by the controversy surrounding an social studies guidebook last year, Dr Dodgson said. The unauthorised guidebook had described certain activities as those typically done by people from either low or high socioeconomic status, for instance, a person with a lower economic status would "speak Singlish, play football or basketball, and eat at hawker centres", while those of a higher economic status "speak formal English, play golf or tennis, and only eat at fine restaurants". While Dr Dodgson acknowledged that the sample size was relatively low, with a 4.25 per cent margin of error, she told TODAY that the open-ended nature of the survey “gave greater nuance and accuracy” than multiple-choice questionnaires.
  2. SINGAPORE - Bus driver Saw Cheong Seng did not pay much attention to a bag that a passenger handed to him on Friday morning (May 10) while he was driving service 63. He gave it a quick glance and saw stacks of paper inside, which the 59-year-old thought were betting slips. But after he completed his round at the Eunos Bus Interchange, the senior bus captain was stunned to find the bag had two stacks of $100 and $50 notes, each several centimetres thick. The money in the bag added up to $39,602.10. The passenger, who handed the bag to Mr Saw at around 8.40am at the bus stop across the street from the Outram Park MRT station, had said another passenger had left it behind. Mr Saw gave the bag with the money to the interchange manager. The money was subsequently handed to the police, a spokesman for SBS Transit said, adding that a police report had been made. Mr Saw, a bus driver with the company for 13 years, said he wanted to make sure every cent was returned to its rightful owner. "I would not be able to sleep tonight if I took this sum of money that does not belong to me," he told The Straits Times in Chinese on Friday evening. "I would feel troubled if my passengers are not able to get back their lost items, especially their money." https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/about-40000-left-behind-in-bus-driver-hands-it-to-police
  3. I have this colleague who is quite a nice guy. However, he has this habit of digging his nose whenever the opportunity arises. He is not conscious about it and could dig it right in front of people throughout a group conversation. It affected me as we share the common door knob to exit the workplace. Sometimes, he even touched my mouse to access some data on the computer screen. I am sure our folks here might have encountered people around us with similar habit. How to hint to him without hurting/offending him? He is quite a nice guy though.
  4. Everyone knows how annoying it is to have somebody behind you with his high beam on. It blinds you, forcing you to focus your attention elsewhere especially when traffic is at a stop. When its dark, it screws your night vision, especially if you need to check your side mirrors to filter. This evening around 6+, as i was reaching home, one car came up behind me with his high beam on. We stopped at a red light, and i decided to try something. I flicked off my lights (it was before 7pm, i only had position + tail lights on, so it was only one flick) and back on. To my surprise, it immediately registered with the driver behind what i meant, and he turned off his high beam. Guess he prolly didnt realise he had high beam on, since there are still a fair amount of daylight left. So i just gave a friendly wave to say thanks. I donno if this trick has been used successfully by others before. It was i think my 3rd or 4th time trying it and it worked for the first time. Hopefully others can see if it works for them. But a few safety tips a) Dont try this when both yourself and the car behind are in motion! If you totally switch off your lights in the dark, the car behind will be wondering what you are doing, and so will the cars in front and beside you. This will only create a more dangerous hazard. Only try this at a perfect stop (i.e. junction red light) or really slow moving traffic. b) This will apply more for cases where the driver behind may not be aware that his high beam is on. Some drivers for example do not own the car they are driving at the moment (family car, rental), so they may not realise it. In my case, he came out out of a carpark while there was still a bit of light, so he may have started his journey not knowing his high beam was on. c) If the driver responds and realises what you are trying to signal, give a friendly wave. This ensures it will register in his mind to check to make sure his headbeam isnt on when he switches on his headlights.
  5. Keithchue

    New house kanna splash paint

    hi, sad news to share and ask for advice. I bought a HDB and was going for renovation. door was splashed with paint but no numbers to call back. guess this is the new a long tactic.. I have reported police and going to MP tonight. what else?
  6. Dear all, how do one persuade someone close to you to seek medical help for signs of depression? I've noticed some changes in this person's behaviour and think its good to seek help early but don't wish to hurt or agitate that person by telling him/her to seek psychiatric help. Some of the things mentioned by this person includes; 1) Talking about suicides 2) Referring to suicide articles and saying he/she will do the same 3) Out of the blue saying things like: "Don't push me or I will jump and let you see" 4) Become very emo all of the sudden 5) Look very lost and helpless when alone 6) Starting to depend on everyone for his/her needs as if we should spoonfeed him/her. With those said, its very surprising as this person do not mention all these things at all previously but seems to talk about it every now and then, even when no one agitates him/her. An example is when we went out for dinner. Halfway through the dinner, he/she will say something like: "You all better don't push me to my limits or I will jump". Its really out of the blue when everyone is just eating and not saying anything that will trigger this kind of reaction. Hope to get some advice from all of you on how to persuade or bring this person to seek medical help.
  7. Looking forward to self driving autonomous vehicle in the near future ? Why wait ? You can now remotely hack someone's modern car via your 3G/4G cellnet into the vehicle's CANBUS network. Question is what are you going to do with it when empowered with that remote control. http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2013/07/24/hackers-reveal-nasty-new-car-attacks-with-me-behind-the-wheel-video/
  8. Just wondering if this is a 'normal' or unfair practice. I booked a Cat-A car from a top AD here about 1 mth before, when COE was $67k and the car price reflected as such. During the May 1st bidding, SE says they bidded at 68k, but COE went to 68.6k. Then came May 2nd bid, SE then says they bidded at under 65k instead !?!???? and alas did not get the COE which ended at 66.6k. Thought i paid at a price based on $67k COE, why did the AD shortchange me by bidding lower ?? Is this common?
  9. Photoshop Power!! It was a seemingly harmless request. Like so many tourists before him, Sid Frisjes took a photo near the Eiffel Tower. His attempt to place his finger atop the iconic structure fell short but he posted the photo to Instagram anyway. For reasons unknown he put forth a request to the Internet’s ultimate pranksters—4chan—asking for their help. The anonymous collective gladly obliged, and Internet artists the world over have been getting in on the action ever since. There’s a huge archive of the doctored responses on a Facebook page called mott.pe and a number of sites that have already picked up some of the best. As with so many Internet jokes, the replies get more abstract and bizarre the longer it continues, and ‘Eiffel Tower finger guy’ is no exception. Below you will find 40 images that made me chuckle. [via Mashable, DIY Photography, PetaPixel, Mott.pe on Facebook] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.
  10. This afternoon, I found someone had traded paint with my bonnet. It was greyish white paint and it perfectly matches my neighbour's Touraeg. The spare tyre casing has the standard greyish white with dark blue. I've already took a photo of the damage on my bonnet and I'm wondering if I should confront my neighbour. We are not on bad terms, just not speaking to each other. Hopefully, he haven't gone and touch up his paint... i hate my neighbours. #endrant
  11. https://www.facebook.com/BlackshotGMPheonix/photos/a.304472513042450.1073741827.304446969711671/431665233656510/?type=1&theater no wonder today got open mobilization?
  12. you're been watched, better change the default password
  13. Nonpareil

    Did someone forget something?

    http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/gpgt-who-left-his-matador-roadside-4847204.html Someone misplaced their new year fireworks..... Think they are duds I guess.
  14. There were a lot of argument car is so expensive due to high COE and profit margin by AD/PI. It will be interesting to see how many people who purchase car in recent time paying for their own car OR someone else pay for it. You may stay anonymous without owning up..
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=a6iO3TQjXp4
  16. I have a friend who suspects that one of his family members might be suffering from bipolar disorder or some mental illness. His family members are thinking of sending him to see a mental doctor. However, it might not be so easy to convince him to go to the clinic to seek treatment. Does anyone have any experience?
  17. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest+News/Si...328-336355.html SINGAPORE - A 23-year-old woman who drove without a licence was sentenced to four months' jail for causing the death of an elderly pedestrian. Candy Siow Pei Shan, a waitress, was also banned from driving for 10 years, The Straits Times (ST) reported. Siow, who was driving her boyfriend's car on Feb 12, 2011, lost control of the vehicle at the junction of Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 and Avenue 4, the court heard today. She was driving along Avenue 3 and attempted to make a right turn without stopping at the intersection. She panicked when she saw an oncoming vehicle and her car veered to the left, mounted the kerb and hit 70-year-old Tan Son Seng, who was on the pedestrian walkway, ST reported. Mr Tan was crushed between the car and a traffic light pole, and pronounced dead on the scene. Before the accident which took place in the morning, Siow had also drunk a substantial amount of alcohol between 12am and 5am. She had consumed brandy with her boyfriend at Club Axchange in Tanjong Pagar, and later brandy and beer at a club in the Esplanade. According to ST, Assistant Public Prosecutor Raja Mohan said as Siow had failed her driving test 13 times, she would have known that she was not competent to drive, yet she still chose to do so. Siow, who started sobbing when she was sentenced to jail, was also driving without insurance coverage at that time. WTF 4 months only????? WHAT A JOKE!
  18. saw this on Fb. former PAP MP Othman Wok said he was told 4 hours beforehand by a reporter from Utusan Malayu newpaper that a racial riot will happen; implying that racial riots were plots by Malaysians to create chaos in Singapore. My dad used to tell me the same thing: the racial riots were instigated by UMNO. Who heard this too?
  19. http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-letters/story/my-point-20140212 Some smart alec "defender of justice" suggest silly things to authorities again. It is obvious she^ knows nothing about illegal modifications and assumed fierce car = illegal. Someone with fierce looking car in her neighbourhood must have pissed her off. Waste of space in ST.... Ok maybe cos ST not enough comments to publish liao. ^ The reason I say "she" is cos Chang Pui San has a strong female vibe to it, no self-respecting parents would name their son a girly name as "Pui San".
  20. was in a multi storey carpark at shopping center over the weekend. because of the way the carpark is design, if you want to load and unload your shopping groceries, you have to drive to the end of the level to do so. then after you are done, you have to reverse from the end, bout 4 lots in order to make the right turn to get out of the level. i saw in my rearview mirror a red Lancer at the other end of the level, letting some passengers off. we are talking about at least 10 lots distance here. So i started to do my reverse. the next thing i know, he chiong down the lane and was right behind me, honking at me for reversing. i was like... duh? i was already reversing before your passengers got off your car. So i ended up have to move forward for the bugger to pass before i can do my reverse to get out of the level. i am sure reversing in a carpark to get out of the level is not unique to that one shopping center. if you see some one reversing in the distance, will you let the guy finish his reverse? or chiong in front and insist on right of way?
  21. tanbk

    Someone pooped in the MRT

    From HWZ. Someone pooped in the MRT train!
  22. Is this a sign of a really obnoxious driver???
  23. Hi all, It's kind of complicated. I have this part time housekeeper for a while. She's currently holding an S pass, however as her boss's company wind downing soon, her S pass will be cancelled in a month's time and she will be going back to Myanmar. I have interest in hire her as my full time domestic helper. Wondering if it is even possible? Thanks all.
  24. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...je-4086736.html
  25. Former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng has made a police report on someone who allegedly threatened to kill and burn him for criticising the Workers' Party (WP). NCMP addresses threats, acts of anger seen at by-election Opposition party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam's alleged online threat