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Found 15 results

  1. TL;DR – A Toyota Yaris driver makes a wide turn, ends up on opposing lane upsetting a couple of motorcyclists who made gestures at him. Unhappy, the driver confronts them and even takes out a weapon from his car. This incident happened earlier today (2nd August 2021). A road raging Toyota Yaris driver whips out a weapon from his car in anger and it’s all been recorded on video! Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. What right do you have to be angry sir? At the start of this 94-second video, we see a red Yaris making a wide turn and ending up o
  2. Certis Cisco officer, 42, found dead with gunshot wound at East Coast Park, didn't return weapon after work source: https://mothership.sg/2020/09/certis-cisco-officer-pistol/ [UPDATE at 6:00pm on Sep. 20: This article has been updated to include statements from the Singapore Police Force and Certis Cisco] An auxiliary policeman was found dead at East Coast Park with a gunshot wound to his head on Saturday early morning, Sep. 19. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) had been searching for the 42-year-old male officer after being notified by Certis Cisco at 1:33am on Sep. 1
  3. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/gpgt-who-left-his-matador-roadside-4847204.html Someone misplaced their new year fireworks..... Think they are duds I guess.
  4. The BAC Mono is probably one of the most fun-to-drive track car of recent. It is likely to be one of the fastest too. Fans of Top Gear would especially find it familiar - the car was presented recently and stole the limelight when it propelled itself to the second top spot on the lap times chart. So what is the BAC Mono all about? Built by the Cheshire-born brothers - Neill and Ian Briggs - the BAC Mono was conceived with car enthusiasts in mind. Mono (short for monoposto or single seat) was designed to provide formula race car levels of handling and performance - hence an equivalent
  5. If you got watch Anime, you know sword is more powderful than guns
  6. 5936

    New Police Weapon

    Saw this police car with an extra roof mounted equipment. There are 2 tubes on it. One looked like a CCTV with a mini wiper. The other looked like multi coated optical lens. Anyone else saw or share more on this gadget?
  7. From November, recruits doing Basic Military Training (BMT) will be armed with one more 'weapon' - a handheld touchscreen device such as an iPad - to sharpen their fighting skills. The SAF is believed to be the first military in the region to issue handheld gadgets, such as the iPad, iPod Touch or Samsung Galaxy tablet, to servicemen. Full report in ST
  8. Saw the 6:30pm news telecasted chn 8. How touching that this LBH cried infront of the camera. Must be receiving very good pension until so excited and dropped tears. Really worried that each tears dropped, our reserved also dropped. They are really really desperate liao!!
  9. Hi bros what would you reccomend for the above esp when going up north.
  10. This is so hilarious I just have to post it up here for all to see. Warning : For entertainment purposes only! In no way do we condone using Post-It notes for anything other than boring memos. ------ Original article taken from AsiaOne Motoring. Respect my car space By Fiona Chan In a peaceful little cul-de-sac somewhere in the west of Singapore lives a family that is - almost - like any other. They have a bunch of well-dressed kids, a lovely house and a garage that can hold three cars comfortably. There's just one problem: The household has more than three cars
  11. Wah lau, this is really tok-gong man....no need to c*ck some more.
  12. Not-so-secret weapon: GM's Chinese engines By Ian Austen Tuesday, March 25, 2008 OSHAWA, Ontario: General Motors car engines were once the stuff of American legend. The Beach Boys sang, "nothing can touch my 409," about a powerful Chevy V-8. Oldsmobile owners in 1981 were so angered that their cars had been fitted with Chevrolet engines instead of Oldsmobile "Rockets," subject of another hit song, that they successfully sued GM over the swap. GM has eliminated brand distinctions between its engines, saddling them with names unlikely to inspire songwriters, like Ecotec, Vortec and N
  13. Haha...not Beverly hills cops to nap the rich but a Safe Tuning program campaign by the German TP n some tuning arms to encourage modders to tune it safe n legal. I wasnt aware one needs to be ridicously high powered to be safe! THis monster is Brabus tuned 730BHP V12 Twin Turbocharged.
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