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Found 35 results

  1. now got thai airways promotion deals, booking nowwww Source: http://www.../explore-thailand/thai-airways-promotion-deals-fly-mastercard-thailand-songkran-2017/
  2. Was informed by my bro that now they put up those pic they took for speeding offenses and put it online for drivers to view. So that we cant deny its not ur car. Lets help each other and post ur speeding pic here, censor ur car license plate of course. In the pic there is a GPS location, take note of it and put it in ur GPS. Once kena, hope second time can avoid. Here is mine : My car's nice rear butt :
  3. Saw this lorry in a huge longkang at Ubi last night. Driver seemed conscious when left in ambulance. I am just guessing the lorry tried to chiong yellow light, its a downhill road from bedok reservoir road. Next morning lorry not there liao, wasted never get to see how they carry, hahah...
  4. from http://sgtalk.org/mybb/Thread-I-can-t-beli...ust-10k-capital
  5. Ahtong

    GPGT: Too chio to get a job

    The below chio bu claims she got tiko'ed by male colleagues and ostracized by insecure female colleagues Full story HERE
  6. Ahtong

    GPGT PIE Accident near Simei

    Apparently there was a fatality. RIP
  7. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...je-4086736.html
  8. Poper

    GPGT - LTA Approved Bicycle??

    Came across this last Sunday near Kaki Bukit Road where lots of construction workers and "foreign talents" dorms are. This motorized cyclist was riding in lane 2 like he is a tax-paying road user.. Worse, he is an obstruction and safey hazzard to drivers. While halted at Eunos Link junction, I saw his bike sign "LTA Approved".. WTF!!! :angry: Either he is trying to smoke drivers or he kanna smoked by others. I've reported this to LTA and TP.
  9. Evolve

    Aleda Salon for Guys...GPGT

    Friend just opened a new salon in Joo Chiat, asked me to come down and take a look. It's a modern vietnamese style salon.The deco is damn nice, and the place is very big but cosy. Their concept is to have a place for guys to hang out and relax while enjoying their "grooming". They have quite a lot of services, hair cut, wash, scalp massage,, hand and foot grooming in the spa area, hair colouring etc. Their specialty is ear cleaning viet style, damn shiok. Prices are super reasonable cause they just opened about a month and a half ago, but the service is top notch! Anyway I took some pics with my phone so you guys can have a look. They also have some good eye candy, their staff are all very friendly. ( must say first, no specials so don't bother asking but the girls are really good) It was an awesome experience. For those who want to come down, I think their opening hours are from 12-9.30pm everyday, address is 260 Joo Chiat Road. ALeDa Salon
  10. Wah seh! i first try it in Hokkaido 2 yrs ago, want to find a place where they served the Hokke Shima nicely grilled.cannot find! i tried ichiban, sushi tei la and some others, no nice and not fresh and very exp in singapore. cannot find until now. it is at liang court basement restaurant! The whole mackerel fish super fleshy, middle got 1 spine , u just need to peel i t off and all u left is flesh! yummy and fresh and juicy! only $12.90!!! unlimited jap rice servings!!! Atka mackerel, Pleurogrammus monopterygius, or shimahokke (shima means stripe in Japanese) is a favorite of Japanese cuisine and is especially known as a delicacy from Hokkaido, with catches of the fish made off the Shiretoko Peninsula in the Sea of Okhotsk in the far north of the island.
  11. KH with church member i think.. last time KH and his wife pictures, look more like pastor,were they kidnapped and replaced by evil impostors KH and Sun picutres last time
  12. Visa Lee's Photos This hand belongs to my 4 years old nephew. We need witnessess from the pushing case that happened yesterday (29/03/12) around 3 odd pm at Ang mo Kio station escalator. We need witnesses to step forward to catch the person who push him down the escalator and lefted the poor boy with his left hand stuck in the escalator! And this little boy is my nephew. He is now having 18 stitches on his small fingers! For your info, he is left-handed. We are worried if he is able to use his left hand again. Imagine the amount of pain inflicted on him, his parents and us. Please help me to share so that witnessess can step forward to contact us. No, I do not earn anything if you are willing to share. I am hereby begging your help to arrest that horrible person who did this to my little nephew. Please.
  13. Puteh83

    Car can climb stairs (GPGT)

    Got it from a friend. Don't konw which MSCP though.
  14. Either wear gloves or sterilize your hands afterwards
  15. piang, too many people log in... down liaoz..
  16. Chengwh492

    GPGT: Money politics

    money politics? see the similarity?
  17. tsk tsk in case anyone wondering how photo taken, was out testing: Manfrotto 241V
  18. lol although not real picture but easier den to type out everything. Basically Car 1 is stationary waiting for me and Car 3 to cross because it was orange. And this idiot Car 2 juz shoot out in front of me without even bothering to check! wth man. seriously brainless. Car 1 is stationary = Oncoming traffic and he comes out with checking going at least 20-30 kph nearly hitting car 3 and causing me to nearly hit him.
  19. due to my poor judegement, my vehicle got orh bak ka liao... any kind soul can help me guage how much it costs to repair??? any recommend workshop in the west???